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Wtathor Forecasta 

VIctorJ* and Vicinity; I.lBht to moi]ar«t« 
wind*. fair with itatlotiary or hlghar 

Lower UalnlanLl: i.i»hi to (T>o<lKr»l« 
wlnd», fair with itallonary or hijhfi- 

Coioniat Tetephonci 

BuBlneea Ott\c» II 

circulation 11 

lob Prlntln* 1»7 

editorial Rooms >0 

ucnTABuaaxn »«u 

VOL evil., NO. 213 



Public Opinion in Botii Coun- 
tries Said to be Aroused by 
Nurrrber of Arrests for Es- 



fa,000,000 atruotar* at Ottawa Bald to 
B« In Sanfar 

Revelations at Trial of Man 

Sentenced to 
■ Eighteen Moi 

between Britain and 0«mM«f^|».tfMii 
to b« lncre«H|ASflr Mitber thCSI "iHMrNub- 
Ing. Arrest* :)ii[M| of iperaoBs acottswl 
of nftnlonage by Uie IHWtMT ttttMHJI' 0$ 

l6n. That Germany Is' watchtt^KMMK' 
movement made by the Brltii3r'''wW' 
offlcf is provttl conclusively by revela- 
tiong made aurinjr the tual of Karl 
Graves, who has just been sentenced to 
eljrhteen months' imprisonment by tho 
Justices of the Scoltisli High Court 
Flttinitf at Kdinhurg^li. Graves laughed 
in the face of his judges and when 
sentenced, remarked: "Well, it 
been a fair trial," 

Setaotlvaa' Slaooverlea. 

Secret ciplier co<Jes, cryptogram ca- 
bles, and notebooks with pages gummed 
together to conceal records, made by 
Graves, were unearthed by the detec- 
tive's who trailed Graves. A few of 
the many notes deciphered after pa- 
tient work, were the following: "Cur- 
rent rumors; present. Incoming, out- 
going; clearing for action. Have low- 
<"red defending nets. Land fortifica- 
tions are ready for action. Protective 
manoeuvres arc being carried out at 
«ea. Coal being carried by rail. Coal 
steamer arrived at town. Prep- 
arations are being made. Remarkable 
lnfl\iK of reservists. Mine fields being 
laid. .Ml Is quiet. Importan' to re- 
port. iJners are appearing. 

There were also the names, with 
code equiptnents, of various classes of 
battleships, cruisers and destroyers, 
such a."* the Orion class, the Dread- 
nought cla.';s, the J..ord Nelson class, 
the I^ion class and the Invincible class. 

"It is an extensU-e code dealing with 
practically the Tv'hole of the British 
navy, including torpedo boats and de- 
stroyers and submarines, mine layers 
and mlne-searcher.s," declared the sol- 
icitor-general for Scotland. "There are 
also cod(> words for Scapaflosv, Moray 
rirth and Cromarty.' 

Torp'Ao Armament 

The torpedo armament of the new 
British warships Is to be increased. 
With the exception of the Dreadnotight 
and three of the invincibles. which have 
five tubes each, all the vessels of the 
Dreadnought class now hprre three 
and the battle cruisers two. It has 
been proposed to place five torpedo 
tubes In the ships of the 1911 pro- 
gramme, while the torpedo armament 
of the destroyers is being increased 
from two tubes to four. 

The reason for the increase is that 
torpedoe.B of the latest types have a 
range almost eritial to that of a gun, 
Trri thousand yards i.«! regarded as 
quite a practicable distance for th? 
Britisli Hardicaatle torpedo. As a 
torpedo carries a much more damaging 
charge than a shell, and strikes a ves- 
sel in its most vital part, great atten- 
tion has been paid to Its dpvlopment. 

German Preadnouerht battle-ships 
carry six tubes earh and battle cruis- 
ers four. The .Tananese battle cruiser 
Kongo, now building at Barrow, will 
have eight tubes. 

Winer's Trafio Saath 

FKRNIE. B. C.. Aug 1 !».— Tiichard 
Hemnro. a Welsh miner, was badly 
mangled and instantly killed in num- 
ber three mine. Coal Treek, this after- 
noon, Just before the slilft came out of 
the mine. Hemoro was a rope boss, 
and the rope broke letting sFveral coal 
e«r» back over him. Hemoro has not" 
been working In the mlnas v.-ry long, 
and leaves a wife who had Just come 
out from Wales to join him. 

OTTAWA. Aug. 19— When Been today 
In regard to the report tliat the Vlc- 
torial memorial museum recently 
completed, at a cost of a couple of 
million dollars Is in danger owing to 
a crack which has apeared in its walls, 
Mr. David Kw«rt, Chief Dominion 
Architect, said that the walls are in 
no,vyorse shape now than they were 
six months ago. He said tlie depart- 
ment of public works engineers ex- 
amined the foundation of the tower In 
which the crack has appeared and u re- 
port will be made shortly. Mr. Kwarl 
is inclined to think that the tower will 
settle no more and that the building 
is safe. 



', Taft Anxious to Sign Bill 
Which Great Britain Says 
Will Violate Hay-Pauncefote 



Oruesome Belios 
LONDON, Ont. Aug .19.— AX|M»ft| ^j 

mif '(i tiii Itr'niillllii KiMlMi'M ii« MHi 

death penalty, ^^/S^"^ <i^ «n4 

tMMf mfmUea t».tb« toat for so mKKr 

fmnu '. ' .li. J I..I , . , ; . 

I* »» itNi 


p^m ft 

FOWr ABTHVB. ^*-.Mm i»<— with 

.^...„.,..., ,,^1^1^' dlscharKed while 
"Iratiftnar' sqtrtrrw tft'^thelr father's farm 
in Mclntyre township, Kay McDevltt Is 
in the hospital In a very critical con- 


Splendid Harvest Is Assur 
and iVIain Problem Now Is 
the Supply of Labor and 
Binder Twine, 

^IWipublic Wants to Give the 
World an Opportunity to Test 



LONDON, Aug. 19.— The con- 
dition of General Booth tonight 
Iti such that the doctors entertain 
little hope of hia recovery. He 
1« much weaker physically, while 
tliei-e is further deciease of nerv- 
ous control reported. His son, 
Bramweil, states that his father 
is barely conscioua of his sur- 
roundings and 1ms lost his ap- 
petite and allliough he had some 
reserve of strength the doctors 
are very doubtful. 

Panama Legislation in m^% „,ova the stranded freighte.- 


Prrtltfittt Tnft rlPHpri ft rtiiiV nf rjthfwr. 

«AOM f^ the Panama canal bHl With a 
apaOtMt^mesaage to cdngress suggttl^ac. 
tb* passage of legislation whlchtl^ptt. 
tiffinit American ships to travil' th«'"f 
49impl toll free and which would ala'> 


XT S. CriUser Denver Endeavoring to 

JKove Stianded Frelgbters 

NCISCO, Cal . Aug 19.— 
cruiser Denver endeavored In 

rj ftpa M iftJ Eponi I'l" in I lis at Cape Baa-lC-it>.*' 
r iaf^^,n,.,^,-,a. bar today, a,c^^ 
to advices received here. The 


Chinese National Assembly 
Asl<s Yuan Shi Kai His Rea- 
sons for Sudden Execution of 



Ottawa ConserTatlves Vraparlng to 
Honor Mr, Borden Vast Mouth 

OTTAWA, «.)nt.. Aug. I»— The home- 
coming bainii'.cst to Premier Borden by 
the Ottawa Conservatlvi, association 
ha* been fixed for September 10 at the 
Chateau Laurier and promises to ue 
an elaborate affair. Ail the • cablnftt 
ministers will be invited, and the 
prime minister is expected to make an 
interesting speech. He will be banquet- 
ted in Montreal on September 21. 

The premier, who is understood to be 
sailing on the thirtieth inst, is expect- 
ed in Ottawa about September 8. 



President Given Thre^ 
Which to, Bfiisi 

ijpiyi^ swi the 

•ent the nrfJMj^ 
leriwbdd to Us aid tonJghV 

REGIXA, Aug. 19.— The following 
crop report has been issued by the 
department of agriculture for S^askatch- 
ewan. Harvesting has now commenced 
in Saskatchewan, and cutting will be 
general over the province early next" 

The question now .uppermost in the 
minds Is that of securing a supply of 
labor*, and binder twine. The -depart- 
ment of agriculture secured a thousand 
men from the first excursion train 
which arrived in Winnipeg on the 16th, 
In addition to 400 local laborer5i. Other 
excursions are due to arrive at Winni- 
pejr Aug. 19, 23, 26, 31 and Sept. 1. A 
good deal of barley and oats and of the 
earlier variety of wheat is already in 
the sheaf. Winter wheat in the Frince 
Albert section has been 6ut, and prom- 
ises a good yield. Seven per cent of 
the whole crop has been harvested at 
Maple Creek, and cutting is also under 

Cnntlnued on Page i. Col. 3. 


r, E. J, Chamberlin Misquoted 
in Saying That Very Little 
Canadian Grain Would Go 
Via Panama Canal. 

alioW foreign nations -to test the legal- 
ity of this provision by suits In the 
United States suprome court 

The president aiscussed the message 
with members of the house and sen- 
ate ana Its workings were decided 
upon at a meeting of the cabinet which 
began at luncheon time and lasted un- 
til late in the. afternoon. The message 
was road in congress soon afterwards, 
and will be taken tomorrow by com- 
mittees of botii houses- 
It was the belief that a determined 
effort would be made to meet the pre- 
sident's wishes, although some leudera, 
particularly in the house, were in- 
clined ti> bell'='ve the message meant no i 
further action in regard to the canal 
at the present session. Mr. Taft ex- 
piulned that he was anxious to sign 
the present bill, but wlshes'To^ assure 
other governments of the spirit of fair- 
ness on the part of the United States. 
The president was told that an act 
of congress would have the effect of 
abrogating any treaty previously 
agreed to, and the decision of the 
supreme court oyer the Chinese ex- 
clusion act ■.•was glVeri as authority for 
ti)e statement. His suggestion to con- 
gress for additional legislation de- 
signed to prevent any -such construc- 
tion as that of the supreme court in 
the Chinese case would allow foreign- 
ers to try 'their case In the United 
States courts. 

The message is drafte.d In language 
thai negatives al;solut£!y any desire on 
the part of congress to repeal the Hay- 
Pauncefote treaty or to violate it.s pro- 
visions by thi.s legislation, and leaves 
open to any person who deems him- 
self aggrieved by the provisions of the 
act an opportunity to appeal to United 
States courts, and the president says: 
America's "Oood Taith" 

"I think the importance of our stand- 
ing before the world and our Hn.xicty 
to give to the world an opportunity to 
test this question in the courts is an 
earnest of our good faith in attempt- 
ing to keep within our treaty oi>liga- 

".^fter full explanation of the treaty 
nnd of the treaty which preceded it, I 
feel confident that the exemption of 
('ontiniied on I'agc 2, Col. 4, 

Otflllalon on Znterooloi 

HALliUX, N. ti , Aug J!).— A 
collison tonight at Halifax between the 
incoming suburban train of the I. C. ft. 
and a shunting engine, badly damaged 
the suburban engine and. inflicted fatal 
injuries to Kngineer Hugli Hale of the 
suburban train. 

SilOI'S iE 

Mr, R, B, Bennett Says British 
Taxpayer Cannot Stand the 
Burden He Is Carrying Much 

MONTRF,\L, Aug. 19— Whether or 
not R. B. Bennett. K. C. M. P., intends 
to contest a seat for the Britls>h House 
of Commons he would not say while 
he wa.s on his way home to Calgary 
from a visit to ICngland. He has been 
over to the old land three times this 
year and will go again shortly. Re- 
forring to the navy question in Great 
Britain, Mr. Bennett said: 

"The situation there is far more 
serious than wc- in Canada 'have Uny 
idea of. The Britis'h taxpayer cannot 
stand the burden he is carrying much 
loiiger. Just what iny observations 
are on the situation between England 
and Germany, I don't care to express 
off-hand. One should think before he 
speaks on such a subject and think" 

Mr. Bennett Inferreid rather frankly 
that he is not altogether in favor of 
the visit to Canada of AVinston 

"I am afraid that some religious and 
sectarian disputes would follow and 
We would have enough of such disputes 
in this country," he declared. 


Oatario Crops Sauagad 

BDE.N'HEI.M. Ont., Aug. 1 ».— A 
rifle rain and thunderatorm passed over 
here at 3 o'clock this morning and 
did considerable damage to crops. 


1 — Anglo-Qerman 8ltu»i!on. Poile of Hon- 
or 1« at iMue, May Impeach Ihe Oov- 
«rnm«nt. Chaic Er)da in Ontlaw'a 

: — Tnlearaphio N«w«. 

I — Katurn* From Old Country, 

4 — 

S— .Saw* of the (^Ity, 

tt .N'«w» of th« Cliy. 

. : — N«w» of th« i;ity, 

I — In Woman'i Realm, 

» — Spnrt, 
to— Additional Sport, 

11 — rirat Convocation Meeti Tomorrow. 
12 — K«a( Eilate Ad\ti.. 
il — Raal Batata Advta. 
U— Marbart Cuthbart ft Co. Advt. 
Jl— Marina. 

M— BulMInt O.T.P. Through tha Roeklai. 
IT — Ob£uratt Ownera Dtlaying Work. 
II— Madlcai Man llaat Hara Tadar 
If— Hlekmaa Tra A«vt, 
t»~Cla*«l(l«4 Advt*. 
Il»-Claaairi«4 A<Svta. 
M--<!lW«"t« A<lvtii 
|l^~«Mil<ark«ta and rinaaetal Hawa. 



VANCOUVER. Aug. 19. — Mr. K. J. 
Chamberlin, president of the G, T. 
railway and the Grand Trunk Paclllc, 
1* still very much annoyed about the 
distortion of his now famous interview 
given nut In Montreal about a month 

When seen by a Coionist representa- 
tive at the Hotel Vancouver last even- 
ing, Mr. Chamberlin said that n"' only 
was he mlsreported on that occasion, 
but on o\ery occasion flnce he has been 
nucstioned about It. "Beyond a, formal 
slatoment which I have written, I have 
nothing to say on the subject." 

"There Is one point not touched on 
In your statement," stated the tnter- 
\lfwer. "nnd that Is In regard to the 
overheating of wheat when passing 
through the tropics. Were you quoted 
correctly In that regard?" 

"1 have nothing to say. I was mls- 
represenied as to that and to all -the 
rest of the article." 

"Well, what Is your real opinion on 
that matter?" 

"I hava nothing to say." 

The written rtatem<»nt follows: 

"My statement that I did not con- 
sider the Canadian rallr.'aya would be 
intarastad in boat lines via the Panama 
canal, is quUa correct, but I remarked 
to tha Montreal reporter that f«r traua- 
cADttnantal rallwaysi to eaMMiali ateam* 
ship Itnea from Halifax or $t' Jehn to 
Vano«uvar or Prince lluj^rt would ba 


Mlnlnter of sauotUon, who baa Juet retamad Drom « vlalt to the Old 

Ltiid; mm who will prteida at the convocation of th* Unlvarattr «t 

Sritlah Colutnbta to ^• bald tomorrow. 

tlon ot Generals C] 
Wei, tho correapondei 
The Dally Telegraph says. 

"It is believed by observers of the 
Biruatlon that Yuan Shi Kai at last 
has managed astutely to ruin Li Yuen 
Hung, the vice-president of the repub- 
lic, who was his one possible rival. 

PEKING, Atig. 19.— The Chinese Na- 
tional aa-sembly, after a stormy meeting 
resolved, by 50 votes against 11, , to 
pre-sent a petition to President Yuan 
Shai Kai for a further explanation of 
the evidence on which General Chang 
Chen Wu and General Feng Wei, who 
were members of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's 
party, were seized and summarily ex- 
ecuted. The petition .sets forth five of 
the charges which the government had 
stated in a manifesto had been proved, 
and then add.s rebutting comment. It 
requests President Yuan to resign 
within three days, and says if his re- 
ply is unsatisfactory the national as- 
sembly wilt summon him to explain in 
person^ If his personal explanation 
should prove unsati.sfactory, then the 
house will impeach Er,^flJidcnt Yuan or 
the whole Chinese government. 


Swisa Aviator Aooompllshea New Xiong 
Slatanca Secord 

BBRLIN, Aug. 19.— Kdmond Aude- 
niais, the Swiss airman, completed to- 
day the first aeroplane trip from Paris 
to Berlin. He arrived at the Johan- 
nlsthral af.Todome at ten minutes to 
seven this evening, having made three 
landings and resting the night. At 
Bochum Audemars started yesterday on 
his trip of 535 miles to the German 
capital from Issy, five miles southwest 
of Paris. He was competing for a prizs 
for the longest distance covered by an 
aeroplane In one . day. It was stated 
that a group of sportsmen had posted 
a prize of twenty thousand dollars for 
the first aviator who flew from Paris 
to Berlin. 


Mr, Walter Long, Now Visiting 
Montreal, Speaks of British 
Politics and Troubles of the 
Asquith Government. 



MONTREAL. Aug. 19— "The suggest- 
ed arrest of Mt. Bonar Law is bom- 
bast and non-tense, and Mr. Churchill 
1« talking through his hat." said the 
Rt. Hon, Walter Hume Long, M. P 
for the Strand division of London and 
ex-chlef Secretary for Ireland, now on 
visit with his family to Canada, in 
the course of an Interview this morn- 

"Mr. Churobill," he ad.led. "Is merely 
advertising himself." 

Continuing Mr. Long said that tho 
TTnlonUts l»ad not Incited the Tllstorlt,-.-* 
to revolt. They had. as a matter. f.f 
fact, warned the government that trfiii- 
Ule would come if they attempted to 
pass the Home Rule bill. 

He de^-lared that It was doubtful If 
the house of commons would pass the 
bin, and If it did the measure would assuredly be thrown out by tho 
Iriuse of lordB. If In the end It was 
forced thrmigh, Ulster would take 
strong steps to make the working of 
the act IrepoBsible. 

The ex-ohlef secretary for Ireland 
pointed out that there waa an noute 
disunion between the various sections 
of the jovemment party, the differ- 
eneea between the Itberala and the la- 
borltea being more and mere noticeable 
daily, while the Natlonal^tb and the 
llberala ware dtamatrteally ofipeaed on 
tba i$Att auaaUon. the former beisf 
for ttt moat putt yyoaouiMod protaa* 
ticMUjkfk, . . 

jr»ta of Twfl^ 


OTT^^-||iijl9.~A' double ^rown- 




icit Ivory Trader, Who Defied 
the British Authority, Is 
Run to Earth in Central 

lP«t ttidir 

', W!^ two 
ItvMi while 

^^wwii^ .w»ntm tathlar Muivtir betora 


n. "■ ' " " " ■ 

.St^r^^pf Hardships, Trials and 
~ '#«%ers Encountered by Sol- 
diers, Before They Located 
Their Qi^arry, 

d«s>|h, wont ""^towft MAMok aaiOsuiiM 

eouia them. *;- '■"' 


''■'HdKOSrro. Ont., Aug. 'iiX~^e 


ances were given tonight In five Tor- 
onto theatres without the aid of 
orchestras, the theatrical managers 
having refused to accede to the de- 
mands of the musicians for higher 

Hon. Dr. Young Attended Uni- 
versity Congress and Visited 
British Colleges — Found the 
Province Popular. 

On the eve of the first formal cere- 
mony that will mark the beginning of 
the University ,of British Columbia, 
Hon. H. E. Young, niinister of educa- 
tion and provincial secretary, returned 
to the city Sunday evening from a 
visit to pome of the leading British 
universities and from meeting with 
those engaged in educational matters 
the Empire over. Dr. Young has been 
away for two months and for all the 
tirns has been traveling, attending meet- 
ing's or; visiting universities. Outside 
this the only visit he had time to make 
was to the medical school in ISdinUurgh, 
where there is a celebrated museum. 

The minister left here at the invita- 
tion of the British government to rep- 
•rcsiint the University of British Co- 
lumbia at the Imperal University con- 
gress. This gathering, held under the 
auspices of the government, had been 
in view for two years and the prepara- 
tions had 'been very carefully made. 
Representatives of flfty-three universi- 
ties in the Empire were present in the 
Imperial Institute, London, during the 
sessions of the congress, and a-niong 
these every Institutoln of higher learn- 
ing in Canada v.-as numbered. The plana 
for the congress -Included not only the 
holding of the meetings In London but, 
a tour of several of the chief colleges 
of the old land. 

Oongreas a Suooaas 

.Speaklnij <. ! the ccngres.s and of his 
visit generally to a representative of 
The Colonist yesterday, Dr. Young said: 

"The co.igress was a marked success 
in every way and I would not have 
missed It or the opportunity to meet 
so many of the Empire's leaders In 
university work ^or a great deal. Not 
only were the meetings, which were 
held, most enlightening and interesting, 
but the itinerary which had been ar- 
ranged for us afterwards enabled us to 
see at first hand what is being done 
In the colleges of the motherland and 
how they are doing It. There were two 
sessions each day during the six days 
the congress lasted In London, each 
under the guidance of some distinguish- 
ed man. The first was opened by Lord 
Kosebery, and other chairmen were 
Lord Curzon, Lord Rayletgh, Rt. Hon. 
Arthur Balfour, Lord Strathcona and 

Continued on t>age S, Col. S. 

I^^POW. ii\ 


SMtlih soldiers in the depths of 
jtmfl^s of Central Africa, where 
many yenrs. In defiance of all author- 
ity, he had pursued the career of an 
Illicit Ivory trader, James Ward Rog- 
ers, an American, died on the eve of 
his capture. He was shot down, ac- 
cording to hi» own statement, by a lit- 
tle force of troops which had been sent 
into the wilderness in pursuit with 
orders not to return without the out- 
law, dead or alive- News of Rogers' 
death came formally today to the Bri- 
tish colonial office from Captain C. V. 
Fox, Inspector of Monalla province, 
who commanded the expedition. Al- 
though told in an official report, the 
story revealed is one of the most dra- 
matic in colonial annals. 

For years Rogers had carried on his 
lawless trade, which poiiular opinion 
credited with netting him a fortune. 
The remote regions along the Lado 
Enclave and Congo boundaries were- 
the scenes of his operations. Time 
after time brother officials of the 
Sultan had tried in vain to trap him. 
It was this defiance ot years which de- 
teriTiined -the government to crush the 

(."aptain Fox's reports show that in 
his long operations Rogers had dtne 
more than had been dreamed of by the 
ccionial office. He had established e.n 
organized administration over the 
wild, trackless country, and among the 
natl\-es was a virtual. If uncrowned, 
king. The success of the outlaw in 
handling his "subjects" and In the pur- 
suit of his trade drew from Captain 
Fox. in his report, the tribute that 
Rogers' work was worthy of a better 
Dramatic Pursuit. 

Not since the explorer. Henry M. 
Stanle.v. pierced the jungles in 1S71 
and found Dr- Livingstone has such a 
tale of hardships, ■trials and dangers 
come out of Africa. For the I'Urpose 
of tracking the outlaw the English 
commander was given a non-com- 
missioned subordinate, and six So\i- 
danese carriers and mules for the 
transportation of supplies were part of 
his equipment. His instructions were 
plain — not to return until the outlaw 
was cap'tured, 

With a soldier's disregard for red 
tape. Captain Fox, in his report, falls 
to mention dates In describing the 
man hunt. Ajiparently the denouement 
of the jungle dr.ania came three months 
ago. The •.lursuers then had spent< 
weeks ])liinglng through the jungle that 
almost defied passage, Roger.s cunning- 
ly leading them through the densest 
of swamps, forests and across deep 
streams. Before the outlaw was over- 
taken he had crossed the Nile into the 
Belgian Congo. 

Creeping up the Uganda bank of the 
Nile, the expedition pushed forward 
for six weeks before the quarry was 
located. Fox and his men- had worn 
their clothes to tattern. and their sup- 
plies were exhausted, leaving them 
I facing starvation in the wilderness. 

The Death of Sogara 

The last 12 hours of the pursuit was 
particularly trying. The chase led 
over a mountain, with Rogers' men a 
short distance in advance. As they 
fled, the ape-like native companions of 
the outlaw sent back taunts and jeers 
at their piirsuers. Dramatic in the ex- 
treme is Captain Fox's explanation of 
the death of Rogers- In the jungle 
into which they had descended from 
the .mountain his party came sudden- 
ly upon a camjl. A native approached 
the English officer and said: 

"The commander wants you to come 
In. He is sick and cannot come out." 

Continued on Page t) Col. 8. 

Fifty Years Ago Today 

tFr-'im Tho ColoniBt of Aug. 20, 1862.) 

Aft-r .\ii (,iri((> — Tlip lawyerR. having hercimp poisofn^d with the belief th»t 
rill oiif ,■«„ lilsi'^arico il,,- <|iinf-H (if town riprk hulf bo «pII nii a IpboI Kentlemajfc 
(in- Bftpr that offli't- In strong force. No losn tlmri thren card* nrp published by 
Inwyers -dll dollcriOrg, viz.: Hietiirn. Courtney, DcniieH and KJiihop. "Don't th»y all 
wisli they may K'"t It." 

(■iinnlnitliorn'>i f'lHim— Twn wftokt ago on Monday la»t. In the evenlnj, Curtnlng- 
hnTn'B claim on WIIIlBin'a prp,>k oleaneil up for one day'a work, firty-one pounds, or 
jin.2(in worth nr «o«rie gold. This li •utheittlc, the st«tement being reCAlved from 
H rnilaiiip |)«riv rtfrect r,orn thp claim. 

Win T;.kp the Oath Today—The alJt 
office bpforp Clilpf .luHtlcp Cameron at 1 

Sworn In — Thomn Hnrrli, B»q, 
Chief .Ju»tlr> Cam-,rrrn. 

Arrival of the ETiterprUe— Th« Rumered Murders— Tho »4«*m1>o»t SatMSHKM, 
with forty panaengeri and $10,000 la »re«»ure, came down from New WettllMMMv 
ye»terday. The rumor with r«rar4 to the finding ot th« bodlea of B«HJ*mnr,rtah, 
Victor Dur»n4 and a Chinaman n»*r Bcavar lak« ta r«»anerte4. Itlwy «*r« MI 
murderad (It la aaid^ by hlfhwayman for their money, twd ibe rMifillW «h«i '«tt. 
covered In th« buahei wera In an edvanead at^t* «f d«««M|»««ft(Mk V** 
man raportod mtirderad U aald to b« AlaXMdM* WMlJliW(<*» ««• •! 1^1 ' 
Barnard'* Sxpran, whosa horae It Slid te l|»vf -«iiiU4 nMr " ' 
Williams laka. Bleed was found on the wMkllll SMA' me. 
appaarad at la teat 4ataa. Th^ tttny was «ni«tiinr MHfVM #t 
whan tha anuryrlae left 

councillors alact will taka tha oAth M 
o'clock today. 

our mayor alect, wae^eaterdar IWom in hy 

tV8» 1 



-^V^^' b 





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Facslmfie of niumlnated address 
which was presented to Mr. Charlet 
Weller and Mr. Otto Weller the Other 
evening by their former employees, on 
the occa«ilon of their formal severance 
of all connection Wttli the longr-estab- 
llfhed business Jtnown a« WciScr Eros. 

The text of the aclilress reads: 
•We. your present employees, are de- 
sirous of ahowins our esteem and re- 
sppct for you on your retiring from 
the activities of busineBS. Many of us 
have labored with you for a number of 


years, and cannot help regretting the 
severance of those associations that 
have formed so much of our .dally life 
in the p4st. 

"We all hope that you may long en- 
Joy the fruits of your labors in health 
and happiness. 

"(Signed) H. Currle, A. T. Kirkpat- 
rick. J. G. Hilton, J. W- Cherry, John 
O'Drew. F. W. Jenkins, M. Churton, R. 
John, .1. Dlnsmore. J. Phillips. F. Mc- 
Connell. J. H. Tlerney, H. Amos. G. J. 

Grimason, W. M. Sallaway. B. J- 
Townsley, George W. Knox. G. X>. Case, 
George A. Walker. Ernest MlUlngton, 
H. J. Morrison, a A. Thome. J, M. 
Coates, H. H. Slatford, S. J. Curry, C. 
F. Oliver, Adeline Blakeway, J. J- Gal- 
braith. A. Hodnett, W. C Thompson, 
R. Cattorall. R. J. Martin. C. E. Cope- 
land, Robert Sangster. Royland Tubb, 
W. T. Baker, John F. Findlay, A. H. 
Cox, A- F. Cullin, F. M. Russell, Alfred 
Soule, Ernest Waites." 

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..' " Agents for the famous 


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Continuwl From I'ttfCe i. 

way at Alamed^, Keystone. Jansen. 
Dana. North Battlcford, Lloydmlnster, 
niroh Hill, Craik and Zealandla. 

The past fortnlsriu has been generally 
cool and cloudy with Intermediate 
showers. Sunny weather to hasten the 
ripening of a well-fnied head, Is now 
r-niitred. sWck rust has been reported 
In a few spots, but the crop is too well 
advanced for this disease to materially 
affect either the yield or quality. Saw- 
fly has done some damage, but as the 
wheat h^ads are well filled, the ma- 
chine should catch most of them. Hall 
fell south of Moose mountains on Julj 
.inth. across I-ast Motmtaln lake nn.l 
In the neighborhood of Zealandia, on 
the Gonne Take llne^ on the nth. The 
first mentioned was the moat severe. 



Continued From Page 1. 

you into trouble, doctor. ♦■Well, I bad 
my good times as well .ts bad. I can't 
stand religious people. If you have 
religions, just live up to them." 

His words were not pl.-iin on account 
of a rattle in his throat. 

"■Say, did you hear that?" he ex- 
claimed. "That's the death rattle. We 
heard It many times." This proved 
correc-t, for those were his last words. 
Throughout hi.s talk with Captain Fox, 
Rogers .shielded his white companion 
and did not reveal his identity. 

Captain Fox's raport Is also singu- 
larly silent on this point, aa he says 
he did not know the doctor- It is 
thought likely, however, thit this was 
dnne to protect the man- 



states emba.s8y received today a reply 
from the British foreign office to Pre- 
sident Taffs invitation to the British 
government to participate in the Pan- 
ama-Pacific exposition- The foreign 
office Is disposed to accept the Invita- 
tion on principle, but its final decision 
would be influenced partly by the pos- 
sibility of arriving at a satisfactory 
settlement with the exposition authori- 
ties in regard to the accommodation to 
be provided for exhibitors- Xo 
hint is given in the reply In respect to 
other possible Influences which may 
affect the British decision, but it Is 
evident that a loophole has been left 
for British refusal of the Invitation rn 
account of possible unfavorable can.Tl 


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Continued From r»Ke 1. 



618 Tatee St. 

Ssiliilmalt Bead 


119 and 13* 

Entering the hut, Cnptaln Fox found 
himself Hn a room dimly lighted by a 
candle. .K white man was l.\lng on a 
couch, and leslde him .<>at a cump^n 
Ion, -also white. Knr a time there was 
a dead silence, Paptaln Fox believing 
he ha,d be*n led Into a trap. Then he 

"Which I? Mr. Rogers "■' 
Mr. Rogers has been shot," replied 
the outlaw's companion. 

"Yes," Interrupted Rogers, "and by 
your men. 

•'Come, stand right here, ao I can 
look at you," Rogers continued. His 
eyes w«^re- blazing, and from beneath a 
blanket he drew a revolveir and pointed 
it at the officer. 

'1 am a d.vlng man. I guess-." he said- 
"I did rtot think they o^uld kill old 
Rogers, but thoy got Him this time. 
Weil, you are Ih 'Relglan territory, and 
you stand more chance for arrest than 
I rto." 

■hUldeA WMte OompenloB 

Fearing that the revolver which 
menaced him might be diipharged at 
any time. Captain Fox argued with the 
outlaw to gain time. Finally, Rogers 
turned to hl» companion, whom ^» »'t* 
dretised as doctor, bnd aald: 

"I want you to witness what I iay, 
doctor. Captain Fox, I am a dying 
man. lo would not like lo ll« about 
■tnythlng. Thla waa my ahtrw and all 
my werk- I «m afraid I bava kIWtiffat 

the coastwise vessels of the T'nited 
Slates from t"ll.''. the plnclng of tolls 
on all vessels enga.^ed In the foreign 
trnde, is not a violation of the Hay- 
Pauncefote tre?it.v. But distinRuishod 
lawyers In the house and senate differ 
from this construction, and the secre- 
tary of state has received ,Tn inrormal 
protest from the British government 
that the contemplated legl-'latlon is In 
violation of her treaty rights. 

"T am sure that it Is not the Inten- 
tion of to violate the Hay- 
Fa iincefote •treaty or to enact anything 
Inron-iistent with Its provl.slons, and 
that It certainly Is not its purpose to 
repeal, by subsef|UP"l enactment, the 
treaty.- In so far as It represents the 
law of the land- It Is of the highest 
Importance, however, that this attitude 
should be made clearly known to the 
nations of the world and that we 
should avoid any apparent Justifica- 
tion for crltlci.'^m-" 

This message, after being read In the 
house, was referred to the interstate 
commerce commiealon on the motion of 
Democratic I-eader Underwood- That 
committee has adjourned for the sea- 
slon, and Chairman Underwood sought 
to have the bill left on the speaker'! 
table, hut the house Immediately voted 

"It'B gone to bed ao far as the house 
Is concerned," was Mr. Adameon'a re- 

Thefe le no disposition on the part 
of tl^e leaders so far as they would 
Indicate tonight that an attempt to 
press a resolution of the character of 
that recommandad by the -pr««lden. 
Btl«aU •»« BMpoMtlom 
LONDON, Aog. !».— Tha Unltad 

Conttnnrd From Taite 1. 

simply putting on linen to compete with 
the all-rail lines across the continent. 
This explanation you will note is not 
corrected in the Montreal reports, 
rurtherroorc, 1 did not say that In my 
opinion, very little grain wotild go vlii 
the Pacific coast- On the whole. I did 
say that I thought a very large amount 
of grain would go via that route, but 
before such an .Trrang^ment could bo 
broiight abo\it. there wotild have to be 
a radical change In the manner of 
handling the grnln from the prairies. 
"This was given more as a warning 
to the farmers who have the handling 
of the grain in hand." 


TORONTO. Ont., Aug, 19.— Betting on 
the races la given as the cause of the 
wrecking of the career of two Toronto 
bank clerkK. Rolami Harris, asslstajit 
clearing house teller of the Standard 
Rank, who has to answer to he charge 
of misappropriating about $7100 from 
the bank funds, while Arthur Richmond, 
paying teller of the Elm street branch 
of the Bank of Toronto ilea at death's 
door at 6t. Michael's hoapltal following 
two attempts at suicide after he had 
stolen I.SOOO or more of the funds of 
the bank. According to the confesHlona 
large bets on "sure things," which did 
not fuini expectations and their efforts 
to receup their losses were In vain. The 
exact amount of .^shorta je la not known 
but alrtW'ty.oVer %Wi^%f* been account- 
ed for. While It Is blill*ved that the 
losses will tan In the neighborhood «f 

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Continued From I*n|[e 1. 

' *"^ " ^'iiy ^fii^-lWifii^ *hm TthMiL 



Yonl ii yfej 

5n Out .r.'.S^ ."^^1 

only have to turn a valve and '-""**^" =="'*"^ 

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Lord Kenyon, who look the place of 
Viscount Haldane. unfortunately detain- 
ed by official dutlfed. 

"There ivus a wUle variety In the 
paper* Avhlch wt;re read, dealing with 
the numo:*ous of university life, 
and tl\e diacUBuions on these were all 
exceedingly Interesting and upetul. 
There wau a very free interchan.Ke of 
Ideas on unlverjiity niiinaBemcnt, cur- 
riculum, extension worli^ the residen- 
tial system, and other iiuestions of Im- 
portance to those engaged in higher 
education. An effort was made throuRli- 
out the congreas to reach a cpmnion 
basis for general university worlf In 
all parts of the Kmpire, One matter 
that was dealt wltli pretty fully was 
the Value of the residential system as 
compared witli the systei^n so general 
In our country and other of the over- 
seas dominions Q^ the students board- 
ing in lodsiiig houses and hotels. 

Beaidanoe Syataia 
"It was the aJmo^t yuainlnious opln- 
iop that the best system was that of 
the students being an residence and 
thus being- under the direct supervision 
Of their preceptors all the time. In con- 
junction with the tutorial system the 
student Is by this means more clc(«ely 
In touch with the university life, and 
im are greater and mor^ 
the case of, those who 
e. Of courso -in 
theri; would b« 
*XiWiiitBt», J>at 

[tP "• '" T"tt%' 


schools, which I ho]>e never to see In 

ihla country. 

•'Returning to London I attended the 
second congi'ess, thij Imperial' Congress 
of Teachers, iiekl undtr the auspices of 
the Empire League, at which there were 
teachers present from ■every part of the 
Empire. I had an opportunity of ad- 
dressing the congress twicb and had 
tne honor of responding to the 
to Canada at the bamjuet wliich was 
hold. 1 found that the same problems 
existed in the older-eslabllahed schools 
as In tliose in the newer parts of the 
Kmplre, but In a different way, as 
would be expected from the varying en- 
vironments. The government expends an 
'enormous amount on educational mat- 
ters, but the universities receive very 
little state aid. Tliey arn dependent on 
their investments and on benuests. 
There Is much that we can learn from 
thnlr loiu experience, but tiiere Is much 
also that It would not be, wise for us 
to adopt In a new country." 
Trend in Xotherland 

'■The trip ViAi been a very profitable 
one to me," said ?Jr. Young in conclu- 
sion, "especially when taken in connec- 
tion with the other trip i made just 
before, when I visited th<- Canjdian and 
American universities Wlierever I have 
been I have been Impiebsed more and 
more with the fact that' earh univer- 
sity has to work out its own problems, 
although, of course, the experience of 

Witt old, but w* have 


of not being hampered bl 
precedent. What strudc" tne ' 
. ........ Jy'»"'°"« 'he Brlti.ih unlv| 

.^'t^jf^f*^ tMi|>t they are trying t^tl 

r*l?-^<:it will be 

RtMf always been experienced 
In the obtaining of inforinatloEu aa It 
meant that Individual institutions liave 
to be written to and much time is con- 
sumed before the Information desired 
can be secured. The bureau will be a 
sort of clearing house on university 
matters,, and will be In charge of a 
permanent secretary. It will be man- 
aged by a board consisting of seven 
men , from the home universities and 
seven from those of the over-seas uni- 
versities. A provisional committee ha.s 
been appointed and a start will be made 
Immediately. To us here In -British Co- 
lumbia this bureau will be very valu- 
able. If iVe want to find out Jiow some 
faculty is being conducted elsewhere, 
what the record of some teacher Is, 
or how certain plans of one kind or 
another arc progressing we can obtain 
the Information by writing to the sec- 
retary of the bureau Instead of having 
to correspond with several college au- 
thorities at distaat point.^. The. expenses 
will be met by a small contribution 
from each university. , ■- 

Problems Are the Same 
"I had the pleasure of vlslling. with 
the delegates, the univorsllies at Lon- 
don, O-xford, Cambridge, Birmingham. 
Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Wo were 
greatly interested by all we saw. We 
found that the universities over there 
have the same problems that we have 
to meet in the newer countries, even 
though their environment is different. 
The dominant note in all the colleges 
there. In the oldest as in the newest, 
Is that they need greater pliability, that 
they are not meeting the new condi- 
tions of the changing years as they 
should '10. While that is so all desire 
the "preservation ot the classics and 
the hLmnhitles, for the teaching of 
which tl-.e older universities have been 
noted. Ox ior.l and Cambridge are reach- 
ing, ou- along the lines of university 
extension work, taking education to the 
Pfcopie, £.nd the buildings and staff are 
being utilized in summer, while the reg- 
ular c!«Kse« are off, for summer classes 
for those who cannot afford to take a 
university course but at the same time 
desire to follow some particular line 
of university study. Leading special- 
ists are invited to lecture during these 

"Newer universities have grown up of 
later years, like Birmingham, Leeds, 
Liverpool and Manchester, and these have 
probably developed more along practi- 
cal lines. In Birmingham I had a v*ry 
good opportunity of learning this. Sir 
Oliver Lodge gave me every chance to 
become actjualnted with their system, 
was kindness itself and devoted a whole 
day to me. I alsp had the opportunity 
of visiting several of their board 
schools, ft school for the feeblc-mlndBd, 
and what they call their ragged 

, ... .^ V <,, ,^wi, xi-v, iveraity Alone. The 
jHSMlttlttnt* 1b -swtnj^t:^ more and more 
now to the idea of efCectlveness of the 
teaching staff and a recognlton of the 
.qrbwlng demand a<^iongst the people for 
a greater dli^j^firtiinatlon of knowledge 
and greater facilities for the acquisi- 
tlon of this knowledge. 

"Thi.,* Is showi. more particularly in 
the poIytechnlPi and trade schools in 
the ol. country. I had the good fortune 
to be able to visit one or two In Lon- 
don and, they certainly seem to be the 
last word along the lines of technical 
education^ They work In conjunction 
with the people, they are visited by 
committees from different unions and 
are working in groat harmony. From 
what I could find out the results they 
are obtaining from those who have 
taken the course has been surprising.'' 
Zntorsst In British Columbia 
The Interest taken in the Dominion 
as a whole and in this province waa 
very pleasing to he minister, who 
found that Canadians were everywhere 
bfiog treated with the greatest consid- 
eration a^'l that everything Canadian 
was of "ine utnic-st interest to the peo- 
ple, of the old lanr. 

"BriLisli Columbia is very much to 
the .rore," said Dr. Young In this con- 
necti'on "You hear British Columbia 
spoken of wherever you go. Well, 
I must say that this province is 
very fortunate indeed In having such a 
splendid official In charge of its af- 
fairs over thtre a.s the Hon. Mr. Tur- 
ner. His cfRco Is thronged from morn- 
inr: to richt anc: he has day after day 
a great mass of correspondence to ans- 
wer. Information regarding <hls prov- 
ince Is esked for from every part of 
the Unltcl Kingdom and from the ends 
of the Empire. The word.s 'Canada' and 
'British Columbia' are ones to conjure 
with at this time. The credit of the 
province Is certainly of the •very best 
and amor, g hundreds Of people whom I 
met It Pt-emed as If all had been read- 
ing up on British Columbia. They ere 
desirous of securing Information re- 
garding Its resources and the opportuni- 
ties In various enterprLse.**, agricultural 
and others, and It Is a healhty sign of 
the Interest we have aroused~among all 
classes In the motherland. 

"I am glad to be back. While I have 
seen some very Interesting things, Vic- 
toria, in the words of the west, . looks 
very goo 1 to me." 

The minister found a deal of work 
awaiting his attention and looks for- 
ward to an exceptionally busy time for 
the next couple of weeks. In addition 
tc^ the regular routine of the two de- 
partments Qt education and of the pro- 
vincial secretary there is a large 
amount of work demanding attention 
at the present time in connection with 
the inauguration of the university. To- 
morrow Dr. YounK will preside at the 
opening of the first meeting of convooa- 
ton, an occasion that will he historic 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd, 1008-10 Gooemment Street 

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Regular $4.00 for $2.25 

Regular $4.50 for $2.90 

t € 



<ace Coat Collars, in e< 

||||lid dresses. Prices up from ^ 


t the long reveres. 

f,tiit.i>.T ti ,« I 

,t J, I, t, ,1 ,t li.tti^ji.ji.i ,» « ,t ■ iOip 





Bxoluslve agents tot 
Iiadies' Burberry*. 

Aak to aa« 

dren'a coata. 

tha OUl- 

und In repord to which he personally 
feels Intense pride, the whole matter 
of a provincial university having been 
carried out during his tenure of the of- 
fice of minister of education. 

Mrs. Young accompanied Dr. Young 
0.1 his trip. 


Monthly Meeting — The nnonthly business 
meeting ot the A>5uU BlblO CiB»« federa- 
tion, Victoria <lliitrict, win be held tomor- 
rom at S p.m. ai the "y. M. C. A. building. 
A full attendance 6t all class representa- 
tives Is rcQuestcd. 

Flying l>jtlon — The Victoria CllUens 
vommlttee having In hand arrangrenients 
for the visit oC the Flying l.K-fflon will hold 
meetings thl» afternoon anrl on Thursday 
afternoon at the offices In the MacGregor 
block. * 

J>lcnlc At Gorge — The Normal school girls 
of the last session wll! hold a picnic at the 
Gorge this afternoon. Although short 
notice has been given, it Is hoped that all 
who can will come. The party will leave 
town on the 2 o'clock car. 

Basket ricnlc — On Thursday nfternoo.n 
the W. C. T. U, will hold a basket picnic 
at the Gorge. Members are asked to meet 
at the gardens at 3 p.m., and it 
Is proposed to hold a meeting bijfore ten 
Is served. All those attending arc asked to 
bring their own biiskote. 

Y. M. I. MeetlDg — On Friday evening. In 
the Y. M. 1. riftoniB, Institute hall. View St., 
Grand Medical Examiner, Dr. Ryan, and 
Grand Organiser Jafnes Brown, of Moncton, 
N. U., of the Catholic Mutual Benefit as- 
sociation, will address an open meeting. 
The C. M. B. A. Is one of the leading 
Catholic fraternal Insurance companies 
doing business In Canada. Its rates are on 
the level rate plan; that Is, th6y are not 
raised during the lifetime ot a member. 
T'lB membership of the order Is very large, 
and It has a n'.iervo fund of over J600.000. 
Dr. Ryan, whose headquprters are at King- 
ston, Ont., Is noted an a brilliant orator, 
consequently It Is hoped that the visit of 
himself and the grand organiser will prove 
nf benefit to the order In this city. 





Alderman Cuthbert's Resolution 
to Appoint Engineer Water 
Commissioner Laid Over for 
Further Consideration. 

G-ermany'a Flrat 'Waterplana 

BEF.LIN, Aug. IS — The first airship 
to belong to the Gorman navy is to 
bo a /5cppelln which is to be completed 
and taken over by October first. It \s. 
to be stationed at the Johannisthral 
aerodrome in the vicinity of Berlin. 

Shooting Aooldaat 

PRINCE RUPERT, Aug. 19— .T. Johii- 
son and J. Wiget, Indians were acci- 
dentally shot on Smith's Island near 
here. Wlgct Is In a critical condition. 
With a companion they were going up 
a hlll.'ildo with the rear man carrying 
a gun. The police are Investigating. 

That the exigencies of the local water 
situation and the growing importance 
of the financial department of the 
city require that each department be 
placed under a separate head, was urg- 
ed upon the city council last evening 
by Alderman Cuthbert. He submitted 
a resolution to the effect that City 
Engineer Rust be appointed water com- 
missioner, but on the suggestion of 
.Mderman Beard the matter waa tabled 
for two weeks in order to give full op- 
portunity to the council to consider the 

In urging his resolution, Alderman 
Cuthbert declared he iiid so with re-' 
liictaiice, as Mr. Raymur has been head 
of that department for twenty-five 
years. But it should not be 
forgotten that the growth of the 
city has been such that today one of- 
ficial should not be expected to hold 
both offices of water commissioner and 
city comptroller. Today there are 8000 
water services outside those In Oak 
Buy and Victoria West, and the prob- 
Um of an adequate water supply for 
the city has become acute. Early In 
the year the council committee which 
investigated the working of the various 
city departments had recommended 
that Mr. Raymur be placed in charge 
of the financial operations of the city 
while a competent waterworks engineer 
be appointed water commissioner. 

Alderman Cuthbert declared that he 
had always favored securing an expert 
engineer from outside to superintend 
the waterworks deptirtment, though 
the council early In the year had de- 
cided to wait until the arrival of Mr. 
Rust before the recommendation bf the 
Invcstl'Ratlng committee should be 
adopted. Mr. Rust waa now hero, and 
the time had arrived for a complete re- 

organization of the department. There 
was no doubt that if Mr. Rust were ap- 
pointed he would make some drastic 
but very necessary changes. The people 
arc demanding that the work be taken 
over by an experienced engineer. 

Alderman Cuthbert declared that his 
only object was to secure the best re- 
sults for the city. The necessity of 
closer supervision of the city's fin- 
ances waa indicated by the fact that 
tho sewer fund of $450,000 has been 
spent before it was known the limit 
had been reached. 

Alderman Stewart asserted that the 
council could make no mistake in .ap- 
pointing Mr. Rust, and thus following 
out the recommendation of the Invest- 
igating committee. Mr. Rust has had 
wide experience in waterworks matters 
in Toronto and his experience would, 
prove most valuable here. 

Mayor Beckwith pointed out that 
under the bylaw fixing the duties of 
officers Mr. Rust Is already water 
works engineer, having been given the 
necessary powers more than a year 
ago. Cuthbert admitted that 
such might be the case so far as con- 
struction work is concerned, but Mr. 
Rust has no voice in formulating a 
pcllcy for the Improvement of tho 

Alderman Okell agreed with Alder- 
mnn Cuthbert's resolution, but he 
doubted If the time were opportune to 
put Mr. Raymur out of the position 
just when the arbitration proceedings 
In regard to the Sooke lake scheme are 
underway, proceedings which have been 
conducted from the start by Mr. Hay- 

"If you wait until the Sooke lake 
nork l.s finished, you will wait a long 
time," declared Alderman Cuthbert, 
who, however, was not averse to the 
two weeks' hoist proposed for his mo- 
tion, and this step was decided upon. 

'Wl&nlpag' Olrl'a Bnlold* 

WINNIPEXJ, Man., Aug. 19.-.^ary 
Silver, a Winnipeg girl, aged 15, 
showed deliberation In her method of 
committing suicide. After dlpplnt the 
ends of matches in a basin of water, 
she drank the solution, and when found 
several hours later, waa In great agony. 
She refused to take an emetic, aiid 
had to be forced to submit to the 
stomach pump. She drank the poison 
on Sunday and died at the St. Boniface 
hospital today. No raason is known 
for the raah act 

Large Shipment 




This is the finest type of Victrola or Gram- 
ophone manufactured. The filing system of 
record albums in this Victrola is the most 
modern. The tone quahty is full, rich and 
absolutely true. to nature. 

Just Arrived! 

-Hornless Gramophones at all prices and 
finisl^es. One for each purse, and each the 
best in its class. From 

$20 UP TO $250 

You can be sure of Victor quality if you 
see the dog on every gramophone and record 
you buy. 

Ask to hear Style XVI. * 






809 GOV*T ST. 

» A» 

iiiil| jM.| i , i|||li| | jili ; <i|ii , llii 








Tuciday, August 2C, 1912 

Mt i8ails (Jjolxrntel, 


Colonial Printing anl PubU«hto« 
Companv, Limited Lmbnity. 
1111- IIU Broad StrceU Victoria. B. C. 

J. 8. H. MATSON. 


Bubtcrlptlon R8l«» Pfcyfchle Iti Advanc* 

D«ni«red by Carrier at 





Bubacrlption Rmtea br Mail 
Canada and Great Brltali^ 


Hal .'-yearly 

Ouarlarly .t 

' Unltad Statea of Amarlca 

Tearly I«.0« 

Half-yearly « 0* 

Quartarljr 1.1* 

Tu»»d«y, August 20, 1912 








peraonneJ of the Army. Now a eoldler 
after his service ha« expired, has not 
very much to look forward to. His 
tralnliiB does not Oi him for civil «»m- 
ployment, and he cannot «ave up enough 
itioney lo help him lowardB a new 
start In life. Hence the army Is not 
as attractive as It cpuld he made tp 
yotiiiff men, of whom there are iPns of 
thousands In tUtt L'nlUd Kingdom, 
whose outlook In life is not very good. 
In the second place It would be only 
a proper reward lo men who voluntler 
fur the defence of the country, If they 
could be assured of » «rood prospect 
of earning a living when their time of 
service had expired. In the third place 
It w»uld be the infcans of securing for 
the over-seas Dominions a large num- 
ber of very desirable settler.s. 

We venture to suggest that here Is 
a sphere ot activity In which there 
mlg^it be very valuable co-operation 
between the .<iove.ral governments 'Within 
the Empire; but of n«weBBity the 

' The reception which the provincial 
fjrn^ernment will extend on Wednesday 
♦ vfnlng next at the ParMament BulW- 

i Irvgs to the members of the Convo<!«dM|,'! ^fWJf^^9^^^, ^'^"^^^JUS^^^il! ' ' 
■ . r the T-niverslty of BrtM.h <3f3£^ *"' ' ' titZT^^^MSSSL . 

\s .U be a function of vety^l^lhlf'r 
'^^g|(( no doub^ Vi|,t ihe pfojul* 
r Victoria wlU tH» jHr^Mdt !« I*rt» 
Hinl?ejc;j, to mw* »WHfir aiq^MeUtlMl . iMf ^ 
4l«fM>r«uit rMttt |« Ike •Att'^ ' 
>y of-tba vrewtAew. \ 
tton to the ottlMiw Ui fMi* 
It wilt h« obaerved that «venliiv 

bmtle« of such a system. We have 
before now had a mayor who did not 
represent the votes of a majority of 
the olUiena, and It might well be tnat 
Ihe rfsult of a vote for commlssUm- 
ers might be the election t>f tho«e of- 
Hcers by a minority. l'"'"" example, if 
there were three candidates for f&..h 
ofUce, it might be that the candidate 
receiving the highest number of votes 
would be far whorl of having a' ma- 
Jurlly of uU Ihe votes polled. He says 
that if we are going lo adopt the Am- 
erican system "f government. vl 
ought also to adovt the AmerU-an sys- 
tem of ivrimarles. so as to ensure 
Umlted number of candidate.?, 
same objection applies to the election 
of aldermen st large; a small and solid 
PHrty might easily elect all of them, if 
there werv mO*a than double the num- 
hf^r of aldermen to be elected In the 
field as candidates. ■ 

warm approval. If the British K-iplre 
Is to be a world power. It cannot abdi- 
cate naval supremacy anywhere. 




Varlfylaff Watsr. 

Sir,— In your Issue oT this morning 
I notice, .under an item "A CJood I'oUit- 
er," ih.M I am quoted as saying vha". 
'the ronjeily -for tainted water is 
t ■ pii'. a small ipece of copper sulphate 
In the water." I had no Idea 1 was u 
hf> quoted, or, when sp •?lkin^^ -.vouid 
ha\e emphaf-ired the amount •.■ec|ulretl, 
uhicli I stilled at the lime a.^ h-:liitj 
a Of (cntage of one In five hin.lrj'i 
thi'usann or a million. 

I loa.N .stale that the above Is Iho 
result of experiments made by the 
Ijubllc health department. Washl.igior.. 
1>. C 


.\ugust 17, 1912. 


ticipate that' as tBaagr-frKMot »■ oaO' 
malic It convenient to drew tor the oc- 
caslon will do BO, Tta« cItlBeav «f tkrf* 

opportti^'^ AIJM^C thfllr appfwtii^''- 
tion of the Inauguration of thla great 

Act- waa piii8a«d In May. IMS. but ^1 
miniatere o£ .the church were sl,vfa 
«a(l( Attdtct M tA \iM^W t)t«^W«», 


Tvo ituttftrod atid ftfty,. »«fttjii wco 
ntst^«Mnff«|iy no Um than two tl|««», 
MM* mptwtMnt intnutem in Kniifjia 
ntvo «i^ tholr benefices rather Ihaa 
•libMrtbe to the Act of Uattoroaty. 
,The 4a^, therefore, came to-be knawn 
M "Blaiok Bujrtbolomew," It *»ei»i« Bfc 
Berthnlnino»'e rtajf Thf UntfgnntH, 

There is nothing at all aurprising in 
tlie news of the discovery' of gold near 
Xltlnat Lake, nor stiall we be at all 
.•- irprlsed to hear of further discover- 
ies. At the same time we think it well 
to caution people agaiinst being in 
tco great a hurry to conclude thai wo 
are about to witness the opening up of 
an Island Eldorado. There are yet 
many persons In the city who recall 
the Leach River gold excitement, which 
had a fairly substantial basis, and the 
. xistence of gold-bearing gravels along 
the shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuoa 
Is very well known. A hydraulic plant 
has been Installed in the neighborhood 
of the Sombrio river, but with what 
Miccess wo ure not in a position Just 
now lo say. One of. t*ie oldest resl- 
.; ru.'; of that part of the Island said 
recently to the Colonist that in every 
jan of gravel from the beach you 
'■could find a color of gold, u tnie 
: precious metal comes from has long 
been a matter of surmise. Some per- 
.soas have suggested that it was wash- 
ed up from the sea, the idea being that 
pold-bearing sands from the Fraaer 
Imd in years gone by been deposited 
mere. The elevation of the . aurlfirous 
pravels above the sea and- their pres- 
ence far Inland seem to dispose of that 
suggestion. Another eolutlpn auggc*t- 
ed. has been that somewhere south of 
Cowlchan Lake there are gold-bearing 
rocks In place. The reported discovery 
from .Nltlnat tendis to confirm this sug- 
gesllon. The country Is an exceeding- 
ly difncult ori6 to" prospect. " So den«c 
13 the vegetation that a man might be 
walking over untold wealth of yellow 
metal and never know it. Further de- 
velopments will be watched with great 

Lie Devoir, Mr. Bouraosa's paper, says 
The Montreal Star 1b the agent, con- 

eBQue way of »iWpj|f'^|iW^?^'''«'^'* 

oi*i*t AM the public men; gt^^j^ 
tHi^ »«»r«pftP«r«; ^*«»t *» *« •i* 
Btit Mek mroM U iQntjM^r yet. and 
•very «m wanti t^ imow te if ^ 
uke a holiday tw'ftkp -WS** *« iiit^' 
and let the f«Mta*r» psrt !*• wheat in 
Mfkly. \, " - ''. 

«-■ '■ "X . 1' U^ ' ^ 

fi' p llf Hrp- B e M» Wwntn ii tnn , I m 

uud i f tiii » w iiU Bi M. ,*h y » < ^ 

of t^ 'ii«lto*'«»w«* TtitniMr to, AhTfOr- 
Green, in his Hl8tor> of the English 
People, says: "The rectors and 'vicars 
nho were driven out were the most 
learned and the most active of thfir 
order. The bulk of the great livings 
throughout the country were in their 
hands. They stood at the head of the 
London clergy, as the l^ondon clergy 
stood In general repute at the head of 
their class throughout England. They 
occupied the higher pOsts at the two 
universities." Hte elsewhere say." of 
them that they were "men whose zeal 
and labor bad diffused throughout the 
country a greater appearance of piffty 
and^ religious zeal than it hnd ever 
displayed before." 

The new law was enforced with 
great vigor. BiUKtrsss eredtcd for 
purposes of wors-hlp by the Non- 
couformlats, were destroyed and tlio.'.- 
who w-orshlpped In them were fre- 
quently impri8one<l. Many qf the per- 
secuted people fled to Holland; others 
sought refuge In Ameriga. Indeed It 
seemed at one time that civil war was 
lmminent.v and Charles 11. even went 
so far as to invite the assistance of 
France if he found it neceasary to com" 
pel the Nonconformists by force to 
submit. To secure this aid Dunkirk 
was given up to P'rance. The suf- 
ferings ot the dissenting clergy acem 
almost incredible at this day They 
were hooted in the streets, imprison- 
ed for trifling cause*, arid bo ill- 
treated that many of them died in 
gaol. Many hundreds of them hart 
neither homes nor bread for their 
wives and children. They fell that 
their ■ vows compelled ^them to preach 
the. Gospel, and tlicy. did 80 ■^\^ 
they could, using barns, cO*-P'^^ 
the open fields for that purpose. It 
Is difficult to believe that the country 
where these things took place can be 
ilic England of today. 

Oakland. O^Ufornta. told ft JiWleo J^^SOi*^ jt. 
thftt her bu«b«n4 h«d • rtshi'to bot«*^> 
wtatR h«»^ If h* waiil^ to. Thero «*• 

miu»- IB not i hit« '^iA* HftniViMMMlk 

The Case of Ulster 

Sir.— It la a pitv that we cannot all 
spp eye to eye with your esteemed 
contributor, .Mr. T T. Kennedy, re- 
garding the opera -bouffo warriors who j 
are at present in. iking thcmscU es so 
conspicuous over the Home Rule for 
Ireland (jucstlon. Having never had 
the honor of coming under the do;,.^^^.^^ 
Edward i "arson's hypnotlC'. "iHslK 
e, I am not presump-tuouiji; 
,a lance with Mr« /T*. '^ 
am simply e?qJi*piS||»|r ,^ 
tJpTrtloirs as a man "In 1iiltlMtmfi*A , 
There will be no cMl >^ tni~fMNlr» 
and ^i¥^JIMi^k'1mm.Mrm^' M t^^ 

tMt ^^^t^mt^jj^-'t^tm&tA -to 

Of the hialorlc towns of Europe, 
some few stand out supreme above all 
others by reason of their plcturesqu i 
setting, their compelling archltectun , 
and the glories of their pasts. it 
would be invidious to attempt arbi- 
trarily to select from thla ll.'^t. limited 
thouKh it may be, those deserv-, 
Ing of comment. Every rhan and wo- 
man, however, hais his individual pri*- 
ferences in the field of history and 
sentiment, and with tihls premise as 
apology for an injection of Individual 
taste, otherwise unpardonable, we may 
proceed to analyze the charms of pome 
few that deserve a position all by 
themselves in the itinerary of any 
traveller who would see Europe most 
thoroughly — moat thoroughly, that is. 
from the viewpoint of one wiio *ould 
see that part of Europe existing today 
w'-'lch most accurately mirror.s the 
Europe of the past ages, of' the days 
of the mediaeval chroniclers, of ■'The 
RomauPt d« Rose." of "Aucassin :I'nd 
Xlcolette," of Ohaiicer anU of ''-oi-'- 

Let UB then, by preference, sele< t n.s 
an Ideal list of mediaeval modem 

the gem of Scot- 
gland too, for that 
onne, the stately. 
ovules Will 
t. He 

towns, Edinburgh, 
land, and ot.fiii,, 
Inatter; and' ' 

ftti leift'^iAroir- iwte^aHMit ... .,, 
«f^ It 1* that 'tjb^th* '^mmm^- 

^ Burope. He will' »|ipf«!elit«. tMh 
that «trang« old world — that "period 
«4iMM»te4 fnutt us, of today by more 

v m ut thf'imu i ' Umi irf ' ywMr> " » > i > * 

which the walled town was built, 
formed a strategic point of vantage 
from prehistoric times. The Romans 
occupied it and entrenched it ir-o'-'i than 
a century before the Christian era: 
from 440 ti> 701 A. D., it wan in the 
hands of the Visigoths, then for r.O 
years It owned the sway of the Sara- 
cen Invaders, marking almost the apex 
of the Mohammedan wave that surgeJ 
over the Pyrenees from fipaln. From 
769 until 1209 It owned the sway of a 
suocession of mfdiacval barons. all 
nobles of puissant power, feudatories 
Qf well-nigh complete imlppendence, 
whose Impregnable pocHlon enabled 
them to disregard the commands of 
their overlords whenever they saw fit. 
It was here at Carcassonne that the 
heresy of the Alblgenses recelve\l its 
most strenuous support, from Ray- 
mond, Count of Toulouse; and It we 
here at Carcassonne that Raymond and 
his people were solemnly banned by 
the Pope's legate and excommunicated 
from the Faith. A hugo crusading 
army, raised for' the Pope by Simon de 
Montfort marched against it. ravish- 
ing the territory of the heretics that 
it pa.-jsed over; and in the end. after 
a siege never forgotten in mediaeval 
history, Carcassonne le Tncroyable eur- 
rendered to the fierce Montfort. Most 
of the garrison and inhabitants, the 
l,>gend Bays. «Wg^^f* . ^r.i^ ,?^1 
nient through f '|R«li|jMf(MM|i^ 
leaving some Ot* h«M»^ «|- #% igp 


Immigrants into Canada between 
.January 1. 1B07. to January 1. 19i:i, 
brought with tiiem into Canada money 
a.n<l goods as follows: 
Brought cash from Britain.. $ 37,546.000 
Brought cash from f. S. .; .167,260.000 
U. S. settlers' efT-ects. value 110,982.000 
British settlere' effects, value 18.77S,obi) 

Total $324. .161.000 

The Boston Xews Bureau says that 
invmlgrants from the United SUtes will 
.contribute^$l'J6.0(M).000 to the wealth of 
Canada this year. 

Whatever may have been the merits 
of the suggestion of a certain VlctorLtn 
that a fund might be raised among the 
citizens to meet the flnancial exigencies 
arl.ilng In the city out of the unwill- 
ingness of the. civic authorities to sell 
tlie municipal bonds at too low a fig- 
ure., we are unable to see .why It should 
e\-oUe anything like ' an attempt at 
ridicule. The gentleman, who made the 
siipgostion, is one of the 6ldeet -resi- 
dents of the city and has very large 
property Interests liere. Of his good]ilp and progressive spirit there 
never has been any doubt. 



We are favored with a letter from a 
correspondent who Is too modest to 
take the credit for the following mem- 

1. When a pleasure boat capsizes, 
the occupants have a fair chance of 
escape, as the boat floats so steadily 
and it does not drift very quickly. 

2. When a oanoe turns turtle it Is 
different; it supports very little, and 
drifts away at a great rate. 

3. Therefore, nil canoes for hire (at 
least) should be provided with cush- 
ions stuffed with reeds, cork or rein- 
deer hair. A regular life belt could be 
folded under an ordinary cushion. 
There are not many accidents here 
when all is considered, but I am sure 
you must remember that In the old 
days they were almost unknown. Why 

Whtil seems to l)e , "u official an- 
nouncement of the attitude of the 
Liberal party toT^-ards the naval qufs- 
tlon Ims been made public. It may be, 
defined as a wialtlng policy. They 
hold themselves in readiness to adopt 
a better plan than that of the Laurler 
government. If one Is prorosed, but 
decline at' present to make any further 
statement than that they adhere to 
their own programme for the present. 
We do not know that any very serious 
objection can be taken to this, nl- 
tbough we do not think the party 
would have shown itself any the les.s 
patriotic if some one, speaking on Its 
behalf, had declared Its readlnoss to 
meet any requirements that have de- 
veloped out of recent events In Eur- 
ope. II may be quite impossible m 
tnkfi the question of a Canadian navy 

An Ottawa telegram says: "It Is con- 
sidered probable here that Premier Bor- 
den wilf confer with the Imperial au- 
thorities in Britain before leaving for 
Canada, regarding the United States 
senate's action in connection with the 
Panama canal bill. The parliament of 
Canada last session declared itself on 
the subject, and voiced the opinion that 
any discrimination In favor of Ameri- 
can shipping would be a distinct viola- 
tion of the Hay-I'auncefote treaty." The 
same telegram says- that the determina- 
tion of British Columbia to borcott the 
Panama exhibition has aroused great in- 
terest at the Domlnicn capital. We are 
not aware that British Columbia had so 
determined. ■*' 

rjiglf0ft Would be careful %o preqerVe 
'silence of wladom,^ and nol„;tl tt J^U^ 
d rave as do the gentle ^l^^00$> i- 
who provoke Ulster i^rangr^ltieB fo 
\ Isions of fury and blood. Bjit their 
incentives are not the less objection- 
able ana disloyal on thai <«ccount. It 
\$ never patriotic, it is always un- 
pardonable, to play with sedition. But 
this late outburst of rebellious rodo- 
montade has had one good effect. It 
has shown the people. of Great Britain 
who are the true loyalists in, Ireland. 
Nothing has done so much to dis- 
credit the Ulster cause !n the minds 
of law-abiding Englishmen as these 
wild outbursts of threats to resist the 
decision of parliament. We In this 
country cannot help oontra.stlng Dub- 
lin and Belfast, and the contrast Is 
complimentary to Dublin. There we 
see people proceeding towards the 
achievement of their desires by the 
process of constitutional movement. 
We see them welcoming the' prime 
minister and rejoicing to do honor to 
him who brings them the message that 
the old feuds are forgotten and bright 
days of sunny friendship between Ire- 
land and Eti^land are begun, to the 
great benefit, not of one country only, 
hut to both. Ireland under Home .Rule 
will at once become really united to 
Great Britain and devoted to the peace, 
progress and prosperity of the empire 
of which we are all parts. 

A'lctoria. A ug. 17, lSfl2. 

Sir,— Re your note In Saturday's is- 
sue on roomac roads: if the city en- 
gineer likes to make enquiries of the 
road authorities round New York, he 
will find that 80 miles of rocmac roads 
have been laid there this ."iummer. This 
ought to be sufficient advertisement, 
as I don't suppose the Yankees would 
adopt an English svotcm without care- 
ful consideration 

i-HEi>. STREET. 

tliM irlit«h.Vjgll«« ■^^xiB 4 INNI;#' Or- 
,%tktm, Ik -9hi«k^ mi(M» iS»* ^Mrmsum of 

., B^lii»gtiyu mflst t mUiiH i i i i \.to Am. 

^ J9«fht 
WowriS*' t^"'i^'^'tJMI^ ""W imress 
train. Of course, before visiting It, 
one has taken the delightful trouble 
to burrow through tomes of Sir Wal- 
ter Scott, forgotten since childhood, 
and to resume acquaintance with the 
classics of Robert Louis Stevenson. 
Even more than Scott may Stevenson 
claim Identity with Ediburgh as Its 
laureate In prosp, if not In verse. His 
delightful Hlescrlptlons of the town In 
all its phases and moods, of its vari- 
ous quarters and aspects, of its tra- 
ditions and stories, possess a touching 
reverence, which puts one in the fit- 
ting mental attitude for personal in- 

Edinburgh's Sitnatloa 

their yojing lort.i-»W«f^. "ISdWt 

ilbffff) .. I m i I I lull # ii | l ^ 



0[ t,Tii«%^-- oro;p Vbtkt 

*'' ' afiSi Journal of the C*will»» ««*•»»• 

«MO<liation sw's:— "A .f^«l!||i« «fM9i»% 

to a bank; offidal stiktmlf , <» *he 

'f^lfio ooast serves •« • M^lnde* at 

l i MOVIr, mw *" \n »i m W h i* <* h .* '' ^" 


Tentatlvs Programme Arrsnged 
Exhibition During Du1:b of 
Connanglit'B Visit 


'^ ' "' ^ , , „, .,,,„ i out of politics, but It ought not to be 

We hope that young people will take | .... . ^ 

a note of these thing.-;. It Is quite true 

that there are more drowning acci- 
dents at the Gorge than there used to 
he, and we do not think it is explained 
so much by the increase of the popula- 
tion as by the Increase of carelessness. 

aox.DxaBS Aino tks x.a»d 

The proposal, that soldiers of the 
British Army, whose time has expired, 
should be provided with homes in the 
over-sea* Dominions, Is one that com- 
mends itself to us. with what seems 
to be a necessary qualification, namely 
that they should receive previous in- 
iiipuctlon, so that they .wlU understand 
at lesst the rudiments of practical ag- 
riculture before they are placed upon 
the land. We think we see In this a 
plan H«^«^ni«^'have a far-reaching and 
blfhl^««>Wn«»cMil effect in several d\- 
rations, in ti* «"*- P'»«* '* woul^ 
puteifiaiiy aih» to Iha «trenKth and 

Impossible for both parties to approach 
the other aspect of the case from the 
samf stnndr^lnt. Possibly this l.t 
>vliiii wo are tn understand the Llb- 
erol.s are ready to do. If when Mr. 
Borden makes known his Inlenllonp 
they are based upon such require- 
ments. We etncerely hope that there 
will be no partisan dlvlnion upon that 
subject, however the pftrtles may dif- 
fer upon the purely Canadian phase 
of the question. 

We regret having been misled by a 
paragrapli In the .\lbernl Advocate in- 
to printing In the Colonist of the 13th 
Inst, a statement calculated to convey 
llij impression thai I'ue trains of the 
i;. ,*.- N. RnlUA-ay do not stop nt the 
town of Albernl. hut proceed directly 
to Port Albernl. What the Colonist 
published did not. say this In so many 
words, but this Is the conclusion that 
would be drawn from It Such a cpn- 
cluslon wo., Id ht very, unfair both to 
.Vlberni ana the railway company. 
Thfte Is a station platform and freight 
shed at Alherni and all trains stop 
there. The ( ". P. R. management un- 
derstandb itfv business too well to glv« 
Murii nn Inpoitnnv' centre 
11'. go \-\. , 

uvmxoxTAj, ooTHKaracBXT 


There l« some tl^lk of commleaion 
government, and we suppose that be- 
fore the Royal Commission gets 
through with Its work we wlU hear a 
»r«fct deal more of it. It may he well 
to say . In p<ts«lng that no system of 
government Is any better than the men 
J wiio Sdmlntster it. A correspondent 
I directs attention to one of the possl- 


Thf i>ttn\Mi Journal -•lays 
roe doctrine, which orl^iclnated with a 
British Prime minister, carries no men- 
ace to British Interests. Great Britain 
covets no more territory In the new 
world. She has no wish to add to her 
world-wide responsibilities. She has no 
.ipsloiiny of American naval power; In 
fii'l she would welcome American 
naval hegemony In Pari fir waters, as a 
counterpoise to China and Jnpan. Canada 
shares these senllmfnts. particularly 
British Columbia; Australia and New 
Zealand even more fervently. .Ml t"' 
white communltfes faclns; the Pacific 
Ocean have this bond of unity — the 
obaession of the yellow peril. The Mon- 
roe doctrine was first erected as a ram- 
part against continental P^urope. It is 
now a bulwark against the Orient also." 
We hardly think that thV government 
of the United Klngdoni is cuntent to 
see the United S'aies assume the< naval 
control of the Psclflc, nor 40 we think 
that AustrslJa and Western Cs*i*«a 
would vii'w turh s ronswmmatlon «itb 

Oh the occasion of the visit of the 
Duke of Connaught to Victoria the 
Vancouver centre of the St. John's 
Ambulance association v.lU enter in- 
to competition with teams represent- 
ing the Victoria police force, the Van- 
couver fire department, the 18th Field 
Ambulance, the Y. M. C. A., the B. C. 
Kleetrlc railway. Normal school grad- 
uates and others. A prominent Van- 
couver offers hand.«>ome indi- 
vidual prizes for the members of the 
winning team. 

The following is the jirovislrinsii 
programme drawn up: 

No. 1 — Police contest — Four ot-ii aiTM 

No. 2 — <rhlllan conteat — Four men 
and subject. 

No. 3 — Miners' contest — Four men 
and subject. 

No. 4— Ladles' Kirat Aid — Teams of 
four snd stibjpct, application of Es- 
mareh bandage and examination. 

No. .^—-Ladies' Home Nursing — 

Teams of two and subject; roller 

No. 6 — Carrying compptit 'nn, open — 
Two men and one subject. 

Xo. 7 — Obstacle comp^'titinn, open — 
Teams of four "i*=-n ai'.d .-.ubjict, flfot 
aid. ' 

Xo. 8 — V. 1'. i-nmpotillon. open, for 
The Mon- men — One man and .«<uhject. 

No. io — -Lire saving competition, 
open — Recuse I tat Ion. 

as Albernl 

Situated, a.s it Is, under the frown- 
ing shadow of Arthur's Seat, with the 
Castle Hill at one end ahd the Calton 
Hill at the other, built over a series 
of ridges and valleys, it would be im- 
possible to Imagine anything more 
grandly arrogant than Edinburgh. 
Originally, the place consisted only 
of the huge fortr^.<<s on the castle 
rock, buUt there by Edwin of North- 
umbrle, and hence known as Edwin's 
Burgh. But gradually there grew up 
a long stragg'lng town, a mile or so 
In length, that wended along the rocky 
.^addle-backed ridge which was the only 
approach to the castlo entrance. In 
the twelfth century, Holyrood Palace 
was built at the foot of this long 
street, which has been variously 
known in history as "The Royal Mile" 
or "The Cockpit of Scotland." In, the 
vernacular of the town during the 
middle ages, though. It was alwayi re- 
ferred to as "The Causeway." 

Traditions of Mary, the Ul-fAted 
queen; of Rlzzlo, whose blood, legend 
says, still stains the wooden flodr of 
the tiny chamber 'n Holyrood whero 
lie sank beneath the daggers of his 
assassins; of the .xtern, proud Dou- 
glas, whose ambition led them to 
hope to us-irn the Scottish; or 
iron John Knox and Jenny Qeddes, who 
threw her stool at Dean Hanna — one 
Is sure Jenny would be a suffragette 
today, and a militant, at that; of th«. 
great Montrose, of Bonnie Prince 
Charley, and cf all the other principal 
figures In Scotih history, rise up be- 
fore one. A t( wn more than ordin- 
arily wortih v'ti:;ina:. 

Carcassonne, the incroyablr. th s 
everlasting, like Rome, an Eternal city. 
It would seem, is very different frotn 
Edinburgh. Superfli lally, one mU'lit 
say there '•^ not' ng between the two. 
Yet. stay a mon fnt. A litle Ht.Mi', a 
little reflection and examination of the 
t'vn will .serve, to convince that, not- 
withstflndlng the long leagues between 
them, the difference in rlime and tem- 
perament and race, and even In out- 
ward architecture, Edlnhurgb and Car- 
cassonne are somewhat akin. I'nder 
the .shadoV of the i'ar-flung Pyrenees, 
the towers and battlements of Carcas- 
sonne loom across the sky like nn 
echo of the past. When you stand at 
a distance and look at the city before 
you. it seems as if cavalcades of 
knlghtK must Is.sue from its Kates, as 
If the people met must wear the cos- 
tumes of the fo\irteenth century, Car- 
ca««onnp lollll forms a fitting potting 
for monks and iibhot-! astride ambling 
m\il'->s. for m^n-nl-arm!" in clishlni: 
harncns; and bpniiteous dnm.<!pls In tho 
hlgh-peakPd headgp^r worn by ladies 
of the Vnlois courts. 

mii^M«r to «tpd 9A"*4emP ot pM with 
a Hshtcd"' oiliAie;' tf* .ttaxA .p»,9 'JEMi ; 
but lost his hair and eyettmnrf. How-' 
e ven jfeithw of the |trtfl^»to«P. to 

curtS*iitepf4tty. «t1te iha*-**teh 

1 1MI|il|pli a Clncinnatti colored 

man, wbo"liaving found an old 20 
pound shell of the kind used In the 
war which liberated his southern 
bretlhern from slavery placed It in the 
fire to find out if It was loaded. It 
was loaded. When the hollow sphere 
of iron burst into pieces, the colored 
man, who had sat down before the fire 
to await the remilt, went across the 
room and through the wall, fortunately 
head first, and the noise of his experi- 
ment aroused the , neighborhood and 
compelled the fire deiiartment to turn 

out. [ 

"The Clncinnatti colored man, like 
the English and Canadian bankers, was 
not killed. After the explosion he 
claimed to know where there wa.s 
another shell, but he seems to Tiave 
betrayed a sad lack of interest in 
finding out whether it was loaded. 
Perhaps the bank officials referred to 
know where there is another eacape of 
gajs, but We are not told that tlipy 
have gone In quest thereof with 
another naked light. 

"Both the white and ci},lored race 
can be relied upon for occasional con- 
tributions to the crop that never fails 
— children and fools." 

We have been told in the cables that 
Australia Is a little Jealous of the 'suc- 
c-ess which Canada is obtalnln;;; in se- 
curing the t>eRi class of Immlgrani.s 
and that It Is doing its utmost to 
secure population by any and every 
possible means; but It comes as a sur- 
prise to be told, as we are In a letter 
from Sydney, that the Commonw<;«llh 
guvernment la going further In U»e di- 
rection of the encouragement of popu- 
latlon-getllns than any other country 
In the world. It le not only seriously 
considering the giving of a bonus of 
'flv€ pounds for every child born In the 
Commonwealth, but It Is proposed to re- 
verse tne hitherto considered programme 
and, instead of giving pensions for old 
age, to grant pensions for youth — at the 
rate of five shillings per week up to 
15 years — in other words that the en- 
couragement of youth shall be cultivat- 
ed even If It takes millions of pounds 
to do it. 

One peculiarity of the programme is 
that no stipulation is made that the 
children to be bonused must be legiti- 
mate", and it is already reported that 
the orphans' homes and other charitable 
''ttiBtitutlons are contemplating a general 
raijd upon the govern<ment to secure the 
bonus of children born hitherto, regard- 
less altoaifi|hAr AjC l^e conditions under 
.whloh tbf|»r'>'«^iii«S9#i>. One cynic, dis- 
cus8ln«r im »i*«!l!^^ the 

.oU»r rOita. «it lip|\lt .^cnri Bou- 
nm«. wanted to-'dljijlj^^j'jttc Krench- 
idABadian inRumcfUHWUFitliA Empire he 
might mrnknse fdr some ' French-Cana- 
dian f»niQM« to CO out to Au«ir«iUir> 
lU e i ' B muUima iiw ilwmUUn 'tin i ft t m 
thay •«• aote4. ."FAttttt** 4t «iiywi^iii^>^ 

i^m fif tesift to t^«Aii;r-flv* «t« <1M , 
cpmmoA'^tiVltMt irvvtace of Quebec and, 

It is estimated that, wil^.:lfH'the pen- 
sion and other schemes wh'ch are now 
under contemplation by the Common- 
wealth government; the tax levy will be 
eight pounds per capita of the popula- 
tion; but this Is probably an exagg«j'a- 
tlon. It is certafh, however, that Aus- 
tralia will get white people at any cost, 
and will regard .such expenditure as a 
sort of national insurance for -the years 
to come. 


Xobbexy of Princess 

IXiNI'ON, Aug. in — A Clue has been 
furnished the police with rpffard to thp 
mlsSln-K dresalnK bag brlonglng to 
Princess Eredprlck C-harles of Hp."5s. 
which disappeared with Its contents 
from the Princess' luggage on Satur- 
day last. A leather gilder,, stat'-s that 
n well dressed man broutclit somo hags 
similar to the on» helonclng to the 
princpSB to his e."(tabli«thmpnt on Tues- 
day and nskPd if the engraved crown 
and monogram covild be al'ercd. Tt 
could not he done, owing to an attempt 
having already been made to obliter- 
ate the crown. The my«t«riou« visitor 
then left. 

Objeet to roll Tax 

CALOARY, Alta.. Aug, 19— Hundreds 
of laborers employM in the C. P. R. 
shops at Ogden were served with a 
poll tax notice on Ssturdayv -much to 
their chs.frln. Some of the meri may 
pay at once who coll Calgary home, 
hut many, judging by their remarks, 
will esk liie cliy to pusii the demand 

Plfty Oompleta Towers 
Here stnnd complete all of Its fifty 
towers, from the Tower of th Visi- 
goth to the Tower of the Inqu'sit'on. 
their connecting walls, hattleini^nt!!. 
hn'tion-s. barblcnns and th" mB:^"lvc«. 
central kcpp. nt.''hop"s Palace and pvpry 
structure exactly as It was after the 
last great memorable siege. Nowher-? 
In Europe will you find s more perfect 
f:pprim«n of mediaeval fortlfloatlon In 
.mich absolute presei'vntlon, this last 
due to the delicate restorative touchc;^ 
of the French engineers. vVhn have 
gone over It stone by stone from the 
f>arly works of the Roman leglonarl«^s, 
the foundations Of the whole, to tho 
brick work of the Visigoths, the clover 
substratum bracing up the ^ Roman 
walls, devised by Philippe le Hard!, and 
the IVnal regular stretches decreed by 
St. Louis, when he was making the 
town one of bis choicest for tresaes. . 

8o miich history- -has trrnispirrd nt 
Careaseonna thatK would be hope- 
less to even sketch 
narrow scope. The 
stanAInc «i«wlo«ical 

Its outline In n 
eoUine, or U'|»- 
formatloB upon 

Mr. .lohn Inch of Edmonton, is at 
the Empress. 

Mrs. Gordon Henderson of Vancou- 
ver. Is at the Empress. 

Col. A. D- Macrae, of Vancouver, is a 
guest at the Empress. 

Mrs. A. E. Grcenus and Miss Irene 
Greenus, of Seattle, are registered al 
f he King Edward hotel. 

Mr. F. W. Peters, the new divisional 
superintendent of {.he Canadian Pacific 
railway at Vancouver, Is In the city, 
and is staying at the Empress. 

Miss Hope Morgan, the well-known 
pianist, of Toronto, is at the Empress, 
In company with her father, Hon. Judge 
Morgan. ■i 

Winnipeg arrivals at the Empress 
include Mr. J. S. W. Girdlestone, Mr. 
Adam Beid, Mr.^ J. W. Good, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. .1. H. Hill and Mr. and -Mrs. A M. 

Mr. C. H. Hutchin-son. aj*sistant 
manager of C P. R. hotels in the 
west, accompanied by Mrs. Hutchinson, 
returned to ^'ancouver last evening 
after a short visit to this city. 

A quiet wedding took place yester- 
day when Mr. Ew«rt Blrl, of this city, 
and Miss Hilda Heard, late of Corn- 
wall, England, were unltde in marrla^p> 
Rev. Joseph McClay, M. A. performing 
the ceremony. . The bride wore a 
travelling costume of dark blue broad- 
cloth, with picture hat to matcli. On 
their return from their bridal trip 
they will b'e In residence at 7S7 Van- 
couver street, this city. 

The Misses Theresa ,ind Vlol"t 
Me.sher entertained a number of friends 
Monda>- afternoon last, in honor of 
Miss Marguerite Rickaby, Miss Mary 
Sutherland and Miss Pansy Robsoii, 
three September brides. The deicor- 
at\on« were carried 'out in pink and 
white. The tea table was very 
dnlntib' arranged with swppt peas and 
tiny garlands of marguerites and white 
r;insles. Among those present wer*: 
Mrs. T. Johnston, Misses Helen and 
Emma Gonnasnn, Miss Raymond, Mls.>i 
Olive Vincent. Mls.ies T'^lna nnd M<ina 
Illckaby, Misses Winnie and Marjorio 
(Jreig, Miss M. Hall, Ml.i.«t iMiyllls 
Burrel, Pattison nnd Miss Emily 

At Clirtst Church cathedral Satur- 
day morning a pretty we<ldlng. nt- 
tended by a large number of the Y. W. 
C. A. glrl.'< and others, took place at 
11 o'clock. when Vcn. Aivbdeacon 
Scrlven united In marriage Mias Mablp 
Sadgrove, for the greater part of th" 
last two years a resident at the Y. W. 
c. \.. and .Mr. Phllllr Dork, of thl.s 
city. Miss Bradshaw, spcrftary of thc 
Y. W. C A». attended the bride, who 
looked unusually protty and girlish In 
a graveful drefs of white marriulsette 
and wearing a long veil and wreatli of 
orange Tilossonis. Bradshaw wore 
a gown of resedH silk, which was very 
becoming. After the ceremony the 
young couple and a number of their 
friends adjourned to the Kmrircs" 
h.itel. where a wedAIng breakfast was 
-served. Mr. ani) .Mrs. Dark, who will 
?make 'their home in Victoria on th ilr 
Wum, leaving for a trip over tbo 
island, which wUl extend over the next 
'ten AS/s. 

Sir George Reid, the high com- 
missioner for the commonwealth of 
Australia, who Is now In Ottawa con- 
ferring with Hon. G. E. Foster, our 
minister of trad^ and commerce, is 
one of the most o.istlnguished .'Jtates- 
nien of the empire. Born In Scotland, 
he went to Australia in 1852 and eoon 
becamt: interested In politics and was 
elected to the legislative assembly of 
New .South Wales as a free tradT in 
1880. He at onco won a high repu- 
tation ^nd was chosen by the late Sir 
Honry Parkes as one of his colleague.", 
being asalgued the jiortfollo it pobli"; 
i.i.-*f.li4 t.'on. which he held u'llll Sir 
Henry retired from office after his de- 
feat by Sir George Dlbbs. Later, when 
Sir George fell from power, Mr. Reid 
was cail^d as premier, and, with the 
chlnf oVfice associated that of treas- 
urer, in which office ho was a great 
succee."', despite Ms free trade princi- 
ples, res"torlng the finances to a 
healthy condition. At one time he was 
a strong opponent of federation, u<pon 
the ground that the proposals did not 
sufficiently sffcyuard the Interests of 
New Soath W&les. Finally, however, 
he accepf^d the amended terms of 
urion and was one of the mem- 
bers elected to the commonwealth par- 
liament from Now South Wales. Ho 
wa."! at once elected leader of the op- 
position, and when the labor govern- 
ment was defeated In 1S9< he was 
called upon to form a ministry and 
held the premiership for three years. 
Since he has been high commlsioner In 
London lie has taken a place In London i 
second only to that held by Lord ^ 
Stralhcona, and he Is everywhere re- 
garded as ihe mouthpi--!3e of not only 
federated At.stralia but of the various 
states of the commonwealth as well. 
Just before coming to Canada, Sir 
George visited Germany and created an 
excellent Impression there, which may 
lead to the development of better trado 
relatlon« bitween that empire and the 

Is there any possibility that the 
colonial secretary will disallow the 
trade agreement T\'.hlch Hon. G. E. 
Foster has registered between Canada 
and Bpvpti nf the West Tndlps colonies? ' 
This seoms a startling question, but It 
Is put quite seriously by the London 
orrespondent of The Montreal Star, 
who is well posted on political matters 
In Enjrland. He says that the Llberal.s 
ar'p as.-sertlng that the agreement, if 
ratified, will make the West Indian 
negro pay more for the npcessarics of 
hl.i life In order that the sugar planter 
may not lose his preference in the 
Canadian market, and they add; "Tt 
;)HS,«es com.prehenslon how thl* ex- 
ploitation of the ., West Indian negro 
ran be rpe*iided as a triumph of the 
imperial idea." .\nd stress is also 
laid upon the fac» that ni«;re are five 
of the West Indian Islands which are 
not parties to the agreomenl. It be- 
ing argued that "Its effect must be to 
divide the West Indies Into two camps 
and HO obstruct the prospect of a West 
Indian federation." But sight is lost 
of the fact that Mr. Foster was care- 
ful to extend the trade preference to 
the five non-assenting colonics for a 
period of three years, so as to give 
them time for consideration and par- 
ticlpation m the compact; It Is Im- 
posKlblp to imagine that any colonial 
secretary would Interfere , with the 
self-government of the D6mInlon of 
Canada In such a way as hinted si. 
especially fo good a Libers! M Right 
lion. Lewis Harcourt. who is Of the 
school which hellovps In giving, -thl 
self-governing dominions all the lati- 
tude pftsslhle in the development of 
their own dostlnles. The story Is prot 
bably what the French ca'l a ballon 
rt'fssaV to find out CHnadlan opinion 
on the suggestion. If that be the casi, 
It will certslnly succeed In priOdii«>ii||( 
a vigorous protest from OMMiiiillt oC 
both polUloal sartJea. 



Tuenday, August 20, 191» 

'ff'"<^--'^_ ri 

''We iiKikc ijour feet (jUkV* 




Arc n o w in slock. 
Bring the "kiddies" 
and have them filtcd — 
"we know ho\\'." 






< l l 




Why a0t reduce the dr^4geyy o | wa^May to ivm »s low 

irklriiiiium as possible} ¥ou can inake this day just as easy 

Tor ZiAttor Say — The committee from 
the Trades and L^bor Council liavinu 
1-1 hand the preparntlon of a pro- 
t:rammo have arranged for a ■erleu of 
athletic events at Beacon hlU on Mon- 
day. September 2. The grameg will com- 
mence at 1.30 p.m. sharp. Unions who 
have not donated to the prize list will 
do so at tile next •peclal meeting of 
the general committee on Thursday 
B\enlnK next the 22nd Inst., at Labor 
hall. All union delegates are requested 
to be in atten.lunce. 

Donflaa Stract Pariar — Mr. A. T, 
0<nvai(l, local nianaKcr of the B. C 
lOiectrlc Railway, hua written to the 
city urglnff upon it the necessity of 
pushing ahead the paving work on 
r>ouglus street before the ivet weather 
arrives as thai line carries a great dea 
of trafflc, and unless It Is in a position 
to be operated on a full schedule <liir- 
ins tht winter great Inconvenience will 
result. The communication wn.s referred 
to tlie city engineer. 

Th« Gorgr« Concart — The gacrwi 
i:oii!-oii K'ivca on .Sunday evening- "jnder 
the auspices of thn VnliHrlan church 
oi' the ;;Uy, was much appreciated by 
tht- large number ol' people who attend- 
ed in spite of the threatening weather. 
Tht musical selections of tlu pro- 

, gramme vrcre well rendeied under the 
direction of Benedict Banily, by the 

^orchestra specially engaged for the con- 
Cfti. During the concert two hymns 

'*»!» Bung by'iM^i^illence. Mr. l,lnd- 
«miW. jpiye aai.tlaialiMn, wlitch 'naa llst- 
ipjMai; ^^.Wlth great attention on the pai t 

lOxirtUA to MoaUamr-^Pi 
K«cDo«i«l<t »tyf«^;^WT_ 
th* i>roiniiM, iiM^i^MMi 
to «et a* «. iaa|» «^^ 

11 . .„. ^ ^„^ ^ 

as any other day in the week by the aid of modern assistants- 
washing^ machine and clothes wringer. ||||n^trf^<'|bMe 
"assistants," to be of any material aid, ^"^t i||^P[^l^|^i^e 

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take possess!"!!, paying the balance like rent. 



Clarence Building 

Capital $1,000,000 
Head ( Jffice, Victoria, B. C. 

FINCH & FINCH, Ladies' Outfitters 
"The Shrine of Fashion" 

Gowns, Suits, Coats 
and Millinery 

From the Continental Markets 

Ar^ jii.Hl to hand. Our foreign agents have proven to u.s that our 
confidence ha.^ not been misplaced, for they have forwarded crea- 
tions beyond our exjjectation. Our showing should prove most in- 
teresting to ladies who are desiro'u.s of viewing only llie exclusive, 
such as our noted house is famous for. 



Yates and Douglas Streets 

What Ails You} 

Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have he«d- 
•chet, coated toniJuc, bitter or bad taste in mornin)(, 
"heart-burn," bclchin;{ of ((as, acid risings in throat after 
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells, 
poor or variable appetite, nausea at times end kindrec' 
•ymptoms P 

If you have •nr oonaidernble number of th* 
■bore symptoms you are sufferinU from bilioitf 
nesa, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia. 
Dr. PierooN Golden Medical Discovery is made 
up of the most valuable medicinal principles 
known to medical science for the permanent 
cure of such abnormal conditions. It i« ■ moat 
efficient hver invigorator, atomaoh tonio, bowel 
reinlator and nerve strengthener. 

'^*„"9.°'***" Medical Discovery" is not a patent roedicrne or sreret oosfraiil, 
a fiill list of Its mgrcdicnts being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested 
under oath. A <lancc at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm- 
ful habit-formink drugs. It is a flJTd extract made with pure, triple-refined 
glycerine, of proper strength, from the roots of native American medical, 
forest olants. World's Dispensary Medical Associatioil. Prooi.^ Bjuffalo. N. Y. 

Chickering, Broad wood, Haynes 
. The New Art Bell 

Even as the PlahT>-4sthe chief Ingtrument In thi» interpretation of 
musrc, HO^do the CHICKriTiTr.VO;, BRDADWOOD. HAYXKR and THE NEW 
ART BELL dominate all othrr Pianos. 

.N'o nanipn Imve linrl no great an Innucnrp. or have meani »n nuifh In 
the production of the Piano. If It were po.'sibl*. to well better Pianos, 

we would be. sclUn? them. 


Montelius Piano House 

Pianos to Rent. J. T. OAXXiIlBT, H»r, pianb Tiinln*. 

1104 Ooyernmaat atroet, Oor. of Fort Streat. 

wxItlDg ta himMi. 
tbftt. J»in; i»iA» '^^' 

i ^n g oeltty tte;<iH|..*< 

cIash9«'wUh that held In Vl0|^lilB|^!^. 
fensor MarI»onald wHl be unabtfl "to ac- 

' «. pi tr\i iin il.ition. 

Matter for Police— The complaint of 
owner.s on the upper part of Flaguard 
street, who appealed to the city coun- 
cil for protection against the nuisance 
occasioned by the nightly howling of 
dogs ownuil by a resident of that neigh- 
borhood, will be r<'ferred to the police. 
The council first referred the matter 
to the sanitary inspector who reported 
that he had inyeBilgated the sanitary 
condition of the dog kennel and found 
it good, but he was at a loss to know 
why he had been asked to report upon 
the matter of the disturbance of the 
slumbers of residents in that section. 
That did not come within his Jurisdic- 
tion, but was a matter for the police. 

A Motor Mishap— Shortly before two 
o'clock yesterday afternoon, two motor 
cArs ciime Into serious collisfor. at tUo 
corner of J-.lnden and Rockland avenues. 
One car, in which were Mr. Garret B. 
Hughes, whp was driving, andMr. Des- 
pard Twigg. wa.<! proceeding down 
Rockland, when the other, driven by 
Mr. J, Untermeyer. who was accom- 
panied by three '.vomen, put In such 
sudden and unjieralded appearance that 
a collision was unavoidable. The oc- 
cupants Of the latter car were hurled 
out with considerable force, and one of 
tlid women rendered unconscious, i ho 
car was wrecked. but Mr. Hughes- 
motor did not suffer such serloua in- 

Ooa. To Solicitor— The claim of 
Mes.srs. Nagano and company. Japanps*-- 
merchijnta at thu corner of Cormorant 
and Government streets, for damagps 
to the amount of »218 for goods al- 
leged to h., ,1 ruined by reason of 
defective woik i^y city workmen in In- 
stalling cluster lights in the sidewalk 
at that point will he referred to the 
city solicitor. The city contends that 
dr-fpntR In the foundation of the build- 
ing permitted water standing In the ex- 
cavation in the walk to drain Into the 
basement. The goods alleged to have 
been destroyed were disposed of by the 
owners before belns: seen by the city, 
some of the articles for which a claim 
is put In being: .seaweed which, Aider- 
man Dllworth declares, can he secured 
by the pailful on the beach. 

City Wot Liable- The city will admit 
no llablltiy for any damage or incon- 
venience which may liave been occa- 
sioned liy reason of the shortage of 
water during the prPHont summer. 
Some time ago Messrs. Crease & 
Crease wrote the city complaining of 
the low pressure of the wnter supply 
In the Pemberton iilock and urging upon 
the city the hecesHlty of a letter hup- 
ply, at the same time pointing out that 
should any 111 results follow the scar- 
city the city would be held liable. At 
last night's meeting of the council the 
firm wrote again, complaining that no 
answer had been vouch.-jnfed to Its first 
communication. Messrs. Crease & 
Crease will be informed that the city 
ailmltR no llflbliltv. 

A Legal Point — Whetlier the rlty can 
legally I10I.J the cheque of |2,230 put 
up iiy the ■\\>str!imlte Paving company 
when that concern successfully bid for 
the paving work on Vancouver street. 
in addition to holding back fifteen pei- 
cenf of the contract price hk a guaran- 
tee of the s\iccessful coinpletlon of the 
work and its repair and maintenance 
for five years Is a que.ttlon wl-.lcii Cify 
Solicitor Robert.oon will advise the 
council upon. The company, through 
Its Vancouver solicitors, is seeking to 
have the cheque returned as well ns the 
hold-back amounting tn H.Onn, the 
company to give in lieu thereof a lx)nd 
of some satisfactory bonding company 
for M.OOO. the bond to be for ten years. 
The company claims that in any event 
the chenup should be returned as it 
was only put up to guarantee that the 
company. If awarded the contract, would 
enter into the same. 

Tha moral Tlalt— As the programme 
for the visit of ills Royal Highness 
the Duke of Connuught and parly to 
the city on September 27 next will be 
arranged by Lieutenant-Governor Pat- 
eraon, the task of the city In entertain- 
ing the nv-.a: party will consist chiefly 
In decern' rg the stieels and urging 
upon of downtown buildinga 
10 do llktwisf. Alderman Gieiaon. at 
last night's meeting of the counell. urg- 
ed thatatapd be taken ai once to ar- 
range for the reception to bs tendered 
His Hl»hnes8. Mayor Deckwith at&t«d 



Daintiest of Evening 
Semi-Evening Gowns 

nsiderable portion of this new stock 
IH^kr as ever with a more ^^ ' ^ 

^^.^iliclancy silks ar« w«H wares' 

i4<| fittetwaoU The c^llcctii^i^ 


'0 Chene 


i>v fab- 

^_^..^^,^.^ . ft<?t coni- 


Above previous pr'(>| 
so low a fig-ure, tire 


Never before has theit^'come to us at 
easing such extraordinary merit. They 
are silk and lace trimmed, high and low neck effects, the serge be- 
ing of a fine .soft quality. They are direct from the best Paris 
makers. Specially priced from $20.00, 

Millinery Showing 
Is Unique 

Trimmed Hats, semi-trimmed, also newest untrimmed shapes are specially arranged, and will reveal the 
position we have always maintained of being the leaders in the correct modes of the moment. 

A lovely line in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear English Fur Felts and \clours, in navv, brown, tans, greens, 
Copenhagen, purple and black, trimmed wings and fancy cords. Specially priced at $7.50 to $4.00. 

New ^'ovelty White Stitched Kid Hats, with colored facings, specially priced at $5.00. 

The store closes each night at 5 .-30 p. m., with the exception of Saturday. Remember early morning shop- 
ping is the best. 



B. C. 

ttv iic ha-A had several interviews with 
tiie iit-utcnant-governor and Premier 
McBrldo, an.l there will be a month 
within wnlch to prepare the decorations. 
T'lO i^ohume ct decorations will be work- 
ed out In a few days when work on 
eri^r.tlr..? arclies, etc., can be under- 

Oontraota Awarded — Two small con- 
tracts have been awarded by the min- 
ister of ; wor':;s. The contract 
for the building of a lock-up at Sllvcr- 
lon ; as been let to Mr. 1-;. H. Pole. 
Nakusp, the price being 12.090. The 
contract for the erection of a school 
at rn-nyiin <:ity goes to Mr. George 
Menden. whose ftgure was 12,378. 

Ii«avM for »aTalBtok»— Hon. Thomas 
Ta.vlor, minister of public works, left 
last evening for lievelBtoke, where lie 
will olflcljtc at ti-e laying of the cor- 
ner-stone -r "11= r,€w wing of the Vic- 
toria ho.-ipit il a*-'! at the turning of 
the first sod of tlie scenic road to the 
lop of T.Iof.nt Rc\elstoke. Mr. it. I''. 
Green. M. P.. In whose constituency 
tiie city Is. accompanied the mlnl.ster. 

Mr. Petara Kera — Mr. K. W. Peters. 

ilic new auperinlc:ndent of tlie western 
linls-luii of the i.'nnadian Pacific, la in 
the ( itj but' lie. denies that he Is dii- 
ins anything more than looking over 
tlio city of Victoria, which he lias not 
seen for many years. He Is amazed 
at the city's progre*.*", and Is convinced 
that there is a great future for Victor- 
la's place of residence and business op- 

Old Xtdar of tta* Vlaias — Among the 
\ IS lor.^ to Victoria yesterday wan Col. 
Merchmer, for many years chief com- 
missioner of tht rtoyal North AVeat 
'.lounled Police, who. is , now resting 
at Vancouver, after many years' pub- 
lic fiiij on the plain*. Tlie colonel 
cri-rit.. his years well and i« as cn- 
t.-.n«ih*tic for King and Empire, as he 
was in the old days when he was In 
charge of the red riders of the plains 
and maintained the sovereignty of 
"Good old Queen Victoria." 

Xllk OnBualMie»— The members of 
the commlasion appointed by the pro- 
milk supply of the province and the 
Ilk aupply of the province and the 
condition of the dairies and places 
where milk is kept, will hold their 
nist publis stttlnf tonifht In the city 
halt. Ttsterday lb* eommissloners 
started their work by vlslttns stveral 
of the dslrl .3 in the city, taking tho 
'Mdsncs of -I « dairrmva »nd ths vend- 
ers. Any yriitatn who wish**' to hi 
h.f«rd 'By tli« cjitniBissisilb kft' to tho 
milk sa^iiily m aay ph«Mt ef it will 
bt. UttMttd to f)' tht commiaMoaars at 

32 Victoria merchants have found business increasing since 

they gave us their advertising. The cost is small and is 

invariably saved many times over. 


Advertising service in every department. Newspaper and majgaitne 
8d writing, space biiylng. contract making. Successful campaigns run- 
ning now throughout Canada. In India and parts of United States; 
booklets (samples on request); company prospectuses (legality guar- 
anteed): form letters, follow-up systems that pull results; special 
mailing lists; circulars and folders, multlgraph work, "filling in" and 
mailing; bird's eye maps and all advertising art work. 

Ksoogntssd hr Oan*aian FrssS Assoelatloa 

Call and see our system or write for free descriptive booklet 


PO BOX 980- 

PhONE" 5255 


5? 418 419GeriTRAL E>L0- vfcTORT/VB.C- 

the session tnl« evening. The members 
of tlie comnl«8lon ave Dr. A. P. 
Knight and Mr. V. J. Coulthard. A 
fitting will be lield at Duncan on Fri- 
day evening, in the interval the com- 
tnlaaloners will visit the dairies 'In 
country districts. 

iro Salarr Xasrsasss— Nr. further in- 
creases In salaries of the city hall 
staff will he made this year by t^i* 
city council. t)n the recommendniJon 
of the finance committee, adopted last 
evening, the Increase of $2$ pir month 
in the salary of Mr. Wittlcombe. hea.: 
timekeeper, recommended by City i;ii- 
glneer Rust, will not be granted an.l 
the reeommendalion that n<. f jrihc in- 
crsases be made this yetir approved of. 

»tr—t WlAnatng Olalma— rurth«r 
settlements of claims preferred by 
owners for land taken by the city for 
street 'widening purpotiea w«r* «snc- 
tloned by the city oounoU last evening 
as foltovrs: Pandora aveniie, |2t00 to 
Messrs,. F. O. Wyatt and R. E. AuU, 
for damavn to lot 21; claim fll«d, 
$4lf<: asaesaor'B estimate, $1011. Hill- 
side ^Idenln*: |I0«^ to Mr. D. H. Rtddtll 
fw Aamare to lot t>, ••«•. 4: elaim filed. 
IfIT; aaaesaor's eatimats, |4U. t>«ft> 
lo^^trMt: flfOO to Mtsu Marion gwan 

Gordon Head 

Se. this beautiful -elevated hompslte -f two and one half acres in 
orchard and clover, with 4-roomed -ottage. barns, chicken house, etc. 
This will appeal to the car^-fiil inves'^or or the homeseeker 

rmiCB, rom qvzox bax.!, f6o<»o. ow bast rmmmm. 

Let us show you this. 

British Columbia investments. Ltd. 

Pkoas SSM. 

•M Ttaw mrsst. 

for lot 22, block 70; assessor's estim- 
ate, 11431. Bank street wldenin(: |44S 
to Mr. W. .V. Winsby for "Wo 1 of lots 
It and 1». and |17»7 to Mr. J. Rldd«ll. 
port of lot 1. 

C. r. S. ToS»»nt»lw— Mr. B. ». Jsn- 
kliw, the western superintendent of the 
C. P. R. Telegrapha. who was In Vic- 
torla yesterday, bad nothln* to toil 
but a story oit contlquad i^rofreM aad 
prosperity for his company Althouirh 
It hs« alroady twsnty wiros fvom 
Winning Oaitwand and t>rok*ra' w«ie 

from MMitroal to Wlanlsos, aad ai* i^«l»4 Victor^ 

though It had carried out plana of 
development which would hav« soemod 
Impowslhle of f rultltlon In Are y«ar*, 
a few years sgo. It has now found 
that Ave months' extension has already 
taxed the company's faelHtiM. Aa 
a result, further wirso ar« bMnc 
•tretohed across ths oAntlnent, aikd ti 
will be only a vsrr ftw moattui b«(i#|r« 
tber* will k>» ten or tboro wiM« aMt- 
tlonal from Montreal to tha coaatf ''W' 
well as a direct brokofdf' 
'Montreal and Kow Y*rfE<)||^^ 

i «v. 


I uaWiay. Augutt 20,. jlU2.. 


Here are some of the very best acreage buys around^ 

57 Acres, covered with oak trees, very clioice for sub- 
dividing. High and dry. Price, per acre $1,500 
35 Acres, all under cultivation, per acre. . . .$1,400 
50 Acres on the 3V2 mile circle. Price for immediate 

sale only, per acre $1,150 

200 Acres, near Elk Lake, per acre $300 

288 Acres, over 100 of which arc in hig-h state of cul- 
tivation. Per acre $425 

Very easy t^rms on all the above. 


Memb«r6 Victoria R«sa 1M«Hi lMiait|^ 
Corner Oov«rntiietet wid, ^ydu^^toa ^tr««ia. ' - • J^JoaeJUfl* 



,,j«,,.j^§i;pULD BE IN 

EveryBody's Mouth 

And it will be, when the people of 
Victoria realize what we offer them 
in service, in lionest work, in cour- 
teous treatment and Jn lasting sat- 
isfactory results. Tou need have no 
fear when you contemplate a vl^it to 
our most completely equippe^d of- 
fices. Our known skill and wide ex- 
perience are your assurarnie of jsOOi 
work. Our written undertaking to 
see that our work stays perfect Is 
your assurance of lasting results. 
Our careful estimate of the cost, toe- 
fore we undertake the work at all, 
Is your assurance of belag charged 
just that figure, and no more. Call 
and consult us today. 

PHONE 3845 




1214 Government Street 




We have a few second-hand Marine Gas Engines 
for heavy duty. For prices and particulars, apply 
to Mr. F. Adams. 



1203 Wharf Street 

Phone 15 


AT 749 rOBT 




ST., Z.ONDOir 






Monthri of careful, discriminating planning and buy- 
ing, bring the world's millinery productR to the iHadfleld 
Showroom for your choosing. (")ur preparation days are 
nearly ended — yours are juut beginning. From now on this 
■will be A centre of artistic attraction for the ladles of 
Victoria. We wouldn't tell you today of all that is com- 
1 ven If we could. We want the surprise to be as 

complete as it will be entirely pleasant. Wn shall content 
ourselvea now by a mere m<"ntlon of some altogether 
eharmlog and unique 

Which we particularly want you to #«e. Call today. 



TM roH mtnt, 

rU*d ror Mv—Aing — W. N. CNeiU 
was fined $.'0 in the city police court 
ye«terday for epeedlng a motor car at 
;i greater rale than ten miles an hovir. 

ProMoutor Batarna — .Mr. C. L. Har- 
rison, city prosecutor, who has been 
Hway from Uie police court for two 
"•ecks on a vacation, returned to duty 
yesterday. Mr. H. C. L.owe has been 
acting during his absence. 

rifhtiutr oo^ Str««t — Walter Burden, 
who wa.s found enaaged in a flgllt on 
.lolmsiju street on Sunday night, was 
LJiargcd with fighting on tlie public 
street in the police court yetslerday, 
HUd was fined ten dollars. 

Por Kew Hoapltal — The Woman's 
.Ui.xiliary, I'rovim ial Hoyal Jubilee 
liuypltal, acknowledge with thanks the 
following donations towards the build- 
ing fund for a new hospital: B. C. I^^and 
InveHtnient Co., $500.; Dr. Home (lat 
donation), $10; Mr. Schraltt. $5; Mra. 
lloice, 125. Further contributlonH will 
be gratefully received by the president, 
Mrs. Chas. Rhodes, Terrace avenue, or 
hy the secretary-treaBurer, Mrs. J. S. 
Ballantlne, Oak Bay P.O? 

Por BtOftUag' Bicycle — Archibald 

Jackson and Dougla* Stmnk, arrested 

•Mity- Petect|yi^ii|ii|py .and.'Maiuion the 

•^:*«taar«fo of ASBpirlm M93f<rt\ wpre re- 

mOIM tM. the Ursfe «tat«reei a- |>lea m 

itHwr«^t» iA'UHtn* to 6txta^ 

tmfl Kttur tiro flMmift Tftfy W^n 
flfted fZB to the «ltir PtlOo^ «n*rtTp|r 
t««i!»y on tMlay oMiviet«4 «f wlu^0&f 
titmrn. awt*.*ttl«^ the ohftTfe, one 

«u|bair tWit" ■^"'■--'■^•'- - *--- ' — 

,'lie w«« not Ktaomxtig oj>fti«i, JuJd tBflf 
:ft%ther mW that b« had «one to the 

L jlLn'^ISmwj^l^'nT nt - -l hl-m. The 
detectives testified that he was engag- 
ed in smoking when they entered. 

Assaxtlting Officer — As the outcome 
of a disturbance on Discovery street on 
Sunday evening, five arrests were 
made. P. Earnest -was charged with 
assaulting police officer Sutton, when 
in execution of his duty, and L. John, 
with obstructing an ofHcer, and P. Tony 
and William and Victor Tally were 
charged with Hghtlng. The arrests 

were made by Acting Sergt. Webb wUh 
Constable Sutton. Shawyer. Hcatly 
and Baxter. All were remanded until 
il)i.s morning. 

Centennial Reopening— The services 
at the Centennial Methodist church, on 
Gorge road, -were of a Bpeclal nature 
last Sunday. The occasion -was the re- 
opening of the church auditorium after 
the complete renovation which It '-tts 
been undergoing during the past few 
weeks. • Rev. Dr. Scott, of the Metro- 
politan church, preached In the morn- 
ing and Rev. T. Green, the pastor, con- 
ducted the evening service. During the 
day a special collection was taken to 
defray the expenses of renovation and 
almost n.OOO In cash was ralaed. 

Ooes worth — Sister Mary Margaret, 
Superior of the Sisters of St. Ann, 
left Victoria on Friday. Tor Doug;la« 
Island, Alaska, where she will take 
charge of the hospital and school which 
is under the same order there. Sister 
Mary Margaret, who has been In charge 
of the convent here for the past three 
years, has been succeeded by Sister 
Leopoldine, of Lachine, Montreal, who 
arrived In Victoria on Sunday evening, 
accompanied by several sisters, who 
will probably be stationed here. She 
was formerly Superior of the convent 
of St. Remle, In the province of Que- 

Bemembered Here — Many of the old 
residents of Victoria will remember 
the late Mrs. Issftc (.njprnheimer, whose 
diath has Just occurred at Hamburg, 
Germany. Mrs. Oppenheimer leaves a 
host of friends who will mourn her 
death with sincere regret, for she was 
one of the pioneers. aivJ by cjulet acts 
of kindness in charitable and philan- 
thropic work she built up an enviable 
reputation. She came to British Co- 
lumbia 35 years ago. remaining in the 
province until 1901. She resided In 
Victoria, Yale and during the latter 
years In Vancouver. She leaves, be- 
Pides her husbahd, three sons and ft 
daughter. Miss Flora Oppenheimer, 
her niece, daughter of the late ex- 
Mayor Oppenheimer, If living in New 

Jjote of Work In B. 0. — That British 
Columbia offer.s plenty of work for 
every man who wants to work and that 
harvest rates from this province to 
the prairie would result only In vaca- 
tion seekers going east, was the ex- 
pressed belief of C.P.R. officlnlfi at a 
conference at Vancouver with Mayor 
Flndlay and Messrs. Thomas Angus 
and John Present at the 
conference were Mr. F. W. Peters, gen- 
eral auperinten-dent of the Briti.svh 
Columbia division of the railroad, 
and Mr. H. W. Brodie, general passen- 
ger a Rent of the company. British Co- 
lumbia, it was pointed out by the rail- 
way men, need43 thousands of laborers, 
particularly on the new railway con- 
struction work, on the Canadian North- 
ern, in the Okenagan district, the Ket- 
tle Valley line and on the Cirand Trunk. 
Baok rrom Convention — Mr. W. E. 
Scott, deputy minister for agriculture, 
who returned to the city yesterday aft- 
er attending the irrigation convention 
at Keiowna, stated in an Interview with 
a representative of The Colonist that 
tile convention had been a most suc- 
cessful one and by far the best attend- 
ed of any of tlio kind held cither in 
this province or on the prairies. The 
outstanding feature was the address of 
Sir "\^Mlliam Willcockn. KCMO., per- 
haps the greatest living authority on 
Irrigation and the construction of Ir- 
rigation works In the world. Sir Will- 
iam designed the Assouan dam and adds 
to his scientific knowledge the most 
consummate knowledge of the countries 
he has lived In, coupled with a com- 
mand of language which delighted all 
who heard Ms, speech. It waa decided 
to hold the convention, of n.«)xt . year, «tt 
Leth bridge and a apeclal Brltiah. Co- 
lumbian convention on the same auhject 
Will be held In Victoria during U>»a 
month of December. * 

Sew Boliool— Mr. C. E. Watkinii. 
school architect, is calling for tender-s 
for the •rection of the six-roomed 
school which will be erected at the cor- 
ner of Cecilia street »nQ Oliver avenue, 
bids to be in by 4 p.m. on Tuesday next. 

Used Bad tangniaga— Mary Macdon- 
ald, who hati been up on other chargeB, 
was convicted of using obscene lang- 
uage. When on Johnston street, before 
Messrs. Northcott and Daiby, Juatiees 
of vhe peace, in the police court yes- 
terday. She was lined ten dollars with 
option of .'to days Imprisonment. 

Oity Kail Clock — For tome time 
the city hall clock has been Bhowing 
uiiinlslakeable bUub of dlBtress, its Ir- 
regular Hounding of tlie hours and half- 
hours having indit-ated the immediate 
nooesBlty of attention. Yesterday the 
process of bringing the official liine- 
piece back tf) its normal condition wan 

Oliartered Accountants — Word has 
been received by the secretary of the 
British Columbia Institute of the Do- 
minion Aasoclallon of Chartered Ac- 
euunlaiits that the annual meeting of 
the association will be held in Toronto 
on September 24 and 35. Members of 
the seven provincial Institutes will at- 

Zilme Street — The city liaa been afik- 
ed by the minister of public ■works to 
delay proceeding with the asphalt pa'V* 
Ingr of Lime street as the plan :^i.i 
iorv^W ICn^i^ Reserve provM 

.tyortlon of ttmt 

... _ . 


of hOB 
tWf two 

_^, .^ ^^ amle ovitt^ 

J^\ ^e" Bwlne owned by 

Hop Sing and Tun 

.■^ i'i'..« % » 

Motor Car Idoanoea — Despite the 
large number of motor car licences Is- 
sued this year by the provincial police 
department, the demand shows no 
slackening and daily several applica- 
tions for licences are dealt Tyith. The 
number of licences Issued to date is 
approximately 4400, or about 900 more 
than last year. ' Among licences is- 
sued yesterday were four to David 
Spencer, Limited, for motor delivery 
wagons, and the same firm will take 
out eight more licences when the 
vehicles are on hand. 

Covered a Hydrant — The Canadian 
Mineral Rubber company had a Une of 
ten dollars levied against It in the 
city poMce court yesterday. Fire Ohlef 
Davis charged the company with hav- 
ing blocked access to the .hydrant at 
the corner of Douglas and Flsguard 
streets by covering It with a. heap 
of gravel. Mr. II, A. McLean, K. C, 
for the company, said that when the 
company was notified by the chief steeps 
were taken at once to remove the ma- 
terial from the hydrant and tho com- 
l-any "would be more careful in future. 

Building l»rogxe«a — ^Building permits 
were iasur-d yesterday by the building 
Inspector to Mr. R. Brown, for a dwell- 
ing on George street, to cost $2500; to 
Mr. Norman Murray, dwelling on As- 
quitii street, $1800; to Mr. John Mowat, 
dwelling on Oscar street, $2600; to Mr. 
R. Ksrmode. dwelling on Amphion 
street. $2460; to William Kendrew, 
dwelling on Garden street, $1800; to 
Messrs. Harrison and Henderson, dwell- 
in«.,on Duche.ts street, $2200; to Mr. W. 
J Anderson, dwelling on Burlelth street, 
$."'200; to Mr. G. H. Pledger, temporary 
store on King's rood, $750; to Messrs. 
Barber and Holdcroft, warehouse on 
Walnut street. $200. 

Many School Permits- — Next Monday 
tho public sctiool.s of the city will open 
for the fall term, and Judging from 
the number of parents seeking permits 
for their children who will commence 
.schooling the attendance at the open- 
ing will be large. Parents desiring to 
stnd their children to school must first 
secure permits from the superintendent 
of schools. So far permits have been 
Issued to the number of 205, as fol- 
lows: Boys' Central, 19; Girls' Central, 
19; South Park, 10; North Ward, 30; 
George Jay, 23; Sir James Douglas, 30; 
Kingston street, 13; Spring Ridge, 21; 
Victoria West, 9; Bank street, 16; Hill- 
side, 7; Rock Bay. 4; Fisguard. 4. 

Bona for the Brigade — In conso- 
nutnce of the method adopted of stop- 
ping a stovepipe hole In one of tlie 
rooms at the Victoria private hospital, 
Rockland avenue, excitement was oc- 
casioned at that institution on Sunday 
morning. In papering the walls of tho 
rooms the hole was papered over in- 
stead of a regular metal stopper being 
uHed. and when a fire wa.s started In 
the furnace, the heat sot the paper 
ablaze. The brigade was summoned 
but no damage was done. A grass fire 
at Beacon Hill park yesterday gave 
the brigade from the Fairfield avenue 
hall a run. 

Special Sale of 


Made of good English wash- 
ing print, in all si/.es. 
Well worth $i.oo. Sale 
l)rice 85^ 

H.\tra good (luality Print 
Blouses at $1.35 

G. A. Richardson *Co. 

Victoria House, 63S Vates Street. 
Agents for Butteric'i Pattern- 


Meteorological ofrica. Victoria, B. C, at 
8 p.m.. AUKimt I9th, 1912. 

Tho. pronure In hlRh over British Col- 
umbia and In Washington and Oregon, aiil 
rompamtlvel.v low In California unci -n-d nf 
Thp RorklPB. With the exception of iihotttn 
«t Mlnnedo»iB the weather lian bpen fair 
with Hettsonabl« temperatures both on tli'^' 
I'Bi-.Ifio iilope anr] throughout thp prnhl'! 


MIn. .Mux. 

Victoria R4 88 

Vanrouver 6(1 7i) 

Kamloop» jo 7j 

Markcrvlllo 44 Si 

I'rlnco Uuprrt 04 5g 

AtUn 48 m 

Calgary, Alta 46 "n 

Winnipeg. Man B4 70 

Portland, Ore (4 7$ 

San Franrlsco, Cal 52 66 


Highest fiii 

I>OWBIlt 51 

Av«7agfi 57 

Hrlght tunshlne 4 hours and C Tnlnutes. 

Bal* of l^nnoli 

The well-known la^inch "Florence," 
owned by Mr. W. L. ChaJloner, has 
be«n sold thro«»h the acency of Betd 
4. Spencer, 73S Fort «treett to «, Cal- 
gary (entlamaa. • 

Balmoral Hot«I. eom«r r>ougias and 
Fort dlrcwtoi, l(obrtir«nlent to 'Wary- 
ibiikitli Vlctwle'i Meal Sfttri. iiWly 
r«novat«4 throughout. T«l«phon« In 
•vary room. Bp«cl«l aocommodaUona 
tor tamlllM at mpa«rat« tmimm * 

September bridegrooms are now 
busily engagpd making prepara- 
tions for the coming event We 
especially solicit their attention 
to the fact that now is the op- 
portune tim», to select their gifts 
for the bride, bridesmaid, best 
man, flower girl or > usher. By 
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Remember, that while the grade 
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Every flay our autos are kept mighty 
busy taking people out to TRX'TNE PLACE, 
the new subdivision just beyond Mt, Tolmie 

[)ost office. 

Our passengers have long ago realized 
that a property like IRVINE PLACE, close 
to church and schooIs,_and right in thfe track 

of the Aiifeea^enftfe will be worth a^ 

Prjlfie present rsttiN 


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a Idt on our very ea^y ttrmi, is indeed a 

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payments which you'll hardly fee! at all. 

^•^^S^rt probably rtNi$, at a very hand- 
soiill^iSBiling before your last payment 
is due. 

Come in this evening and let us drive you 
out to look at IRVINE PLACE. It's a 
pleasant drive and you won't be pressed to 

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Silver Plated Vases 


Plain in style, bright silver finish. They make exquisite gifts. 
In six sizes. Regular prices, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, 
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2.65 and 93.00 

Redfern & Son 

The Diamond Merchants Established 1862- 

121I-13 Douglas Street, Victoria, B. C. 

To Builders and 

Before ordering material 
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Holt, Renfrew & Co., 
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Experienced Fur Cutters 
Experienced Fur Finiehere 
Experienced Fur Saieeiadiea 
Experienced Fur Sejaemen 
A«sist«nt For«man for Factory 


6 Acree, all Improved and fenced. 
1 60 apple trees and email fruits. 
Goats and chickens. 4-ro<nn«d 
house and furniture. .Close to 
E. & N. railway. EsqulnuiU 
water. |1600 oaah, balance ar- 
range. Price ....HMO 


Member of the Vlctoris Real 

Estate Sxohanie 
Boom 815 Ceatral BMff. XoL OMl 

Stop and Listen 

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Tuacdty. August ^0. 191t 



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Extra Special Blanket 


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An extra heavy close-woven, all-wool Blanket, 
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Hinton Electric Co,, Ltd. 

Government Street 

Victor^, B. C. 

Waterproof Coats and 






Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street. Duck Block. 

Worthy of 

10* AcnuBs rom f eooo 

Cash 11500, bftlnnce 1, L' and 3 
years. Property 1» situate S inllp'< 
from Koenlur"' Station, Vancouver 
Island, and has liitlt' iiiiU- iinninKi' 
on Koksllah River, 49 ncrpa koixI 
farming land with balant-e In pas- 
turage. This Is one of several 
really food UstinRs we hold (n 

Our City lota, «li*o houiie prop- 
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The blade when heated to a cer- 
tanl dei^ree Is plungred Into cold 
water, making It as hard aa flint. 
The temper Is then drawn to 
bring It to the proper degree ot 

70<, 7B<, 86^, 95^ uA f 1 

R. A. Brown & Co. 

<r«L ana. 

laoa oemi*k it. 


Varmlt ZMaad— A building, permit 
waa Issued by th«s Oak Bay uulhorltli-» 
yssterday to Mr. Waller GaBklll tor 
the erection of a six-roomed house on 
Beach Dilve at a coat of %2,-iOQ. 

Vaw Otaoroli Bdlftca — Good progress 
In being made with thti vk-ork on the 
new German Lutheran chun-h at the 
comer of Princess avenue and Cham- 
ber* street. 

Spring Sldga Bchool — The Spring 
Ridge Dchoolhovse has received a good 
coat of gray paint and is being fresh- 
ened Inside. It ihii playground were 
enlarged the building would, for eonie 
time to come, be suitable for a primary 
school In thli! very populous district. 

Woman's Council — Crease, presi- 
dent of the women's council, occupied 
the chair at a brief but Important 
meeting of the executive yesterday 
afternoon Among the new member.'j 
was Mis. Gee, representative of the 
Metropolitan Ladles' Aid. 

Blaoted Baoratary — Mr. H. V. Keid, 
secretary of the Victoria Poultry As- 
sociation has been elected aecretary of 
the Provincial Poultry Show to be 
held here In January next, and Mr. .T. 
J. Devlne, of Revelstoke, as suporin- 

0<Mtl«nUl DaU* firlaa — Commencing to- 
day, there will be two dally deliveries 
in Oaklands, inste«id of one as 
j*)'-'^ Postmaster Shakespeare has 
ftuthorlty from Ottawa to put 
titlt^")illlff9 \tUw Cftrriera on the atafC, 
^j|ri|^i^#lU greatly relieve the strain and 
tMRMMllKtely benefit Oaklands 

Kafflon — The A'lctoria Citl- 
tla^PSBlttee having lu hand the 
4Q*tMi^ w the entertainpnent ot Afya 

lirtag lumm ,^'vve- ^e'^i'iC 

:,-|^tttiy. -Jt^ mmm g of 'the 
i»otemitt«» 'tlr^wJield .this at 

«t 6 o'oloc]|,„j^^^|||^' Offices, 


sitf mM'tnnmi^BiT Kdi 

#f/f^{g[}mperial war office, is on his 
*iy 1*r British Columbia to vloit his 
son. He was in charge of the com* 
mlssariat arrangements in the South 
African war and won high encomiums 
for his perfection of syvstem there, 
irideed the late G. W. Steevens, of the 
London Dally MaII, described Jiim aa 
"tlie best supply officer since'' 
Successful Exhibitor — In regard to 
the poultry shown at the Vancouver 
Ffilr, Mr. J. S. Terry of the departm nt 
of agriculture, reports that though tho 
number of exhibits was Jess than in 
the previous year, the quality of the 
birds was good, ihouffh no uressed 
poultry 1/1 eggs* were exhibited. A "rc-vy- 
successful exhibitor from the Island 
was Mr. F. Garland of Cobble Hill With 
his brorwn Lieg-horns. 

Poultry Association — During the l''air 
Wink at V'ani-ouver the B. C. Poultry 
As.'^ocialion held ^ general meeting in 
connection with thft revision of thi'lr 
constitution and by-laws end at a meet" 
Ing of tlie directors. Mr. P. Nachtrib's 
resignation as a vice-president was ac- 
cepted and Mr. Miller Higgs appointed 
to fill the vacancy. Mr. Hlggs is 
president of tiie Sooke Poultry Associa- 
tion and before coming out to this 
country was assistant to Mr. P. Har- 
rower, the superintendent of fhe great 
International Crystal Palace Poultry 

Xilbaral XiaadSr Her^— Among the ar- 
rivals at the Empress last night was 
Mr. C. M. Bowman, the Liberal M. P. P. 
for North Bruce in the Ontario legisla- 
ture, and the chief whip of the party 
in the assembly In which Sir James 
Whitney has such an overwhelming 
majority. It Is said that Mr. Bowman, 
who is In close touch with Mr. Parde'.', 
tlie chief Liberal whip In the House of 
Commons, Is here to lay out plans for a 
tour of the west by Sir Wilfrid Laurier; 
but he denies that statement, and says 
that he la here \ipon merely personal 

Distinguished Tialtor — A diistlngulsh- 
ed visitor to Victoria yesterday "Xvas 
Sir William Howell Davles. the Liberal 
M. P. for Bristol, who, came to the 
city last week and left at onoe on a 
trip to Alliernl. Sir William, who Is 
a typical combination of the British 
business men and politician, is a great 
believer In the future of British Co- 
lumbia and Is convinced that the open- 
ing of the Panama canal will, no mat- 
ter whAl restrlrtlons are placed upon 
its operation by the United States, be 
of enormous value to the Pacific coor.t 
of British North Amt-rica. On the naval 
question, Sir WilUatn is openly In fa- 
vor of a contribution by CaJiaOn. 

Kaw Thaatra Projaot — A moving pic- 
ture and vaudeville house on Fort, be- 
tween Blanchard and Dougliw streets. 
Is projected. The designs, on which 
Mr. L. R. Hazel tine Is engaged, show 
a seating capacity of 600, with special 
provision for the emptying of the 
hotise in the event of an alarm. In ad- 
dition to the precautions for safety 
required by provincial and municipal 
authorities — an alley with a fireproof 
wall on either side running the length 
of tho building Into which the niidlcncj 
can he turned, lrres.pectlve of the en- 
tra.nce, the gallery floor lielnc served 
by a mezzaminp floor and stair Into 
this alley, which la open at bocii enda^ 
The approximate cost of this house 
will bo between |15,000 and 120,000. 

■Waa a Pioneer — The late Mr. H. 
Dodgson, who died sudocnly on Fri- 
day at the home of hln son In South 
Vancouver was a pionfer of this prov- 
ince. Bom in Yorks'hlrp, Kngland, 78 
years ago ha went out to Australia as 
a yo\ing man and remained there for 
several years. lie arrived In British 
ColumilMa in the early seventit-,'? and 
was criKaged for .some time on the 
conatructlon work near Tale for the 
C. P. R. Shortly afterwards he came 
to Victoria which he made his per- 
manent home. He married Miss Fran- 
cea Musgrave, sister of Governor Mua- 
grave. who predeceased him eome 
years ago. In 1909 he left Victoria 
to viait hla old home In Yorkshire, af- 
ter an absence of fVfty-seven years. 
Exttclly a year ago yeaterday he re- 
turned to British Columbia .and took 
up htfl realdence with his aon in South 
Vgjicouver where ha paaaed away. Ha 
i^, alao '"aift-vlved by a daufhter-ln-law 
k46 twM> grandchildren, a brother at 
Bii/rnaby and two Btvter* In Ung- 
i , 1M4. 

0. ». B. XagMtM Xtr*— Colobal A. 
V- Macrae, of Vaacouvar. the chief ra- 
preaentative of the Mackansla and Mann 
Int*ira8t8 in British Columbia, waa In 
thn city lust night, hla visit being co- 
incident with th,at of Mr. T. G. Holt, 
the extcullve manager In A'ancouver. 

Billiard Bxpart — Efforts are being 
made to arranse for a public exhibi- 
tion of hla skill by Mr. John Roberta, 
the famous billiard player, who will 
visit the city next week. He is accom- 
panied by Mr. John Newmon, a boy 
I rofesslonal billlardist, and they will 
give private exhibitions at the Union 
and Pociflc clubs. 

Tracking Say Btraat— ^he B. C. . 
Electric railway con>pany, is energet- 
ically pushing the double-treoking on 
liay street. The rails aru laid, bonded 
and levelled from the temporary 
switch, where ihore Is only tha con- 
necting rail to be Inserted, to about 
one hundred yards from the tracks at 
tlie Rock Bay bridge. A cement mixer 
and miniature dump cars are In opera- 
tion from the centre of operations. 

An Old Judge Bars — (Jne of the old- 
est menibeis of the Canadian Judiciary 
is In Victoria today la the person of 
Hon. Edward Morgan, who has been 
junior judge of the county of York, 
Ontario, since 1885. 'The Judge Is white 
haired, but he Is still full of enthusiasm 
for the development of Canada, and he 
is as keen after a good Investment as if 
he were fifty, Instead of being well 

from > iCngland, communicating 

with tiK' %<Liicouver IaliM|r|| Sttjrelopment 
League, though vcrgt|iia{^i|^|| y«ars of 
age, wishes to C01119 .jj^ft^M with his 
wife and three da^ilHW^'''!i9|^h«a made 

M-JoHt-n return \H"Wim^ ItkHnil 

■'"^"M«**^»<^''^ '"'"»'"» 

mUS^iif^M. R« wfatw tWdt 'Ire can car- 
jyenter, is In good health and a better 
pedestrian than many men ten years 
his junior. 

Xiooka aood to Him — A letter to Sec- 
retary McOaffey, of the Vancouver Is- 
land Developn.ent League, from an -M- 
bertan town, reads: "Kindly send me 
maps and literature on Vancouver 
Island as the Pacific Coast looks good 
to me. We have a Victorian here and 
he preaches up the wonderful posalhlll- 
tles of the world-famed Panama canal, 
and I am about to sell out 'my busi- 
ness here and am on the look out for 
a more congeniaT clinlate to Invest In 
iiiiil 1 cslde." 

This Man'B from "Mlasourl" — The fol- 
lowing e.xtract fi'oni a letter received 
y««Bterday bj^ the Island Development 
League hints at a distrus^ of informa- 
tion ncquired by the writer frotn other 
sources previously: "I want full and 
tmvatniahed Information, coupled with 
facts only, about the prices and terms' 
that can be offeiH-d to an Intending lo- 
cator. 1 do not want a bolstered up 
newspaper epitome, or a colored or plain 
poster-bill that will not prove as di- 
gestive as a portion of the Psalrns of 

Ziooking Over the X>and — Mr. J, A. 

Mocdonaid, nf Londun, lOng., the rupre- 
sentatlve of the Alberta Lands company 
of London. Is In the city on his way 
back from Prince Rupert, with Mr. 
W. H. Greenwood, the editor of The 
Toronto World, and the brother of the 
iinder-secretary to the first lord of th? 
Admiralty. Mr. Macdonald Is tho re- 
presentative of the British Columbia 
company of New Westminster, and Is 
here to see for himself w.,at oppor- 
tunities Victoria offers as a harbor of 
refuge, as well as for a point of in- 
vestment for his British capitalists. 

Miniiters' Viatis — Approximate dates 
have been^'flxed for the forthcoming 
visits to Vlctorla-'of Hon. F. D. Monk, 
minister of public works, and Hon. 
George E. Foster, minister of trade and 
commorcc. The former has telsgraphod 
that he will leave Ottawa for the west 
about September 20, and expects to 
reach Victoria by the end of the month. 
Hon. Mr. I'oster has written that he 
will be In Victoria some time in Feb- 
ruary on his way to Australia, where 
it is expected that his visit to that 
Island will result In the development of 
closer trade relations between Canada 
and the Australian federation. 

Kr. Manaon Hera — Mr. William Man- 
son, M.l'.P., arrived from Prince Ru- 
pert yesterday and Is a guest at the 
Empress hotel. Mr. Manson came south 
by the steamer Princess May to at- 
tend the first convocation of the ITnl- 
versity of British Columbia tomorrow. 
Mr. Manson s.iid that great interest 
was being displa.ved at Prince Rupert 
in the forthcoming sale of lots there 
by the British Columbia government, 
which will be held on August 28th, and 
many Intending investors were arriving 
on every steamer to look over the 

Indiana Prapara— Arrivals from the 
north report that the Metlakatla Indians 
have purchased a set of 31 musical In- 
struments to equip the Indian band In 
readiness for the expected visit of H. 
R.H. tho Duke of Cnnnaught, govern- 
or-general, to the northern roast, The 
now Instruments are to be tiseri for the 
first time to greet the royal visitor. 
Tho set, bought In Toronto, was .<»hlpped 
north on the last trip of the Princess 
May, tho cost, <1.600, being provided 
from the fund credited to the Metla- 
katla tribe from the proceeds of tha 
sale of thalr land to the G.T.P. 

A Bnaij^ Pcy — No les.-'. than twpnt.v- 
one rail* v\ « re made j-esHerday at tho 
offices of the Vancouver Island Develop- 
ment League by persons seeking Infor- 
nintton. and the mall both from the 
Dominion. England end tho ITnlted 
.Stntes WHS exceptionally heavy. It in- 
cluded letters frotn a 'mining firm in 
Quebec, nn agricultural implement 
maker In Ontario, and a maker of, motor 
boats riving In the same province, tha 
last writer states that many of the 
boats being shipped to this coast ara 
made by hWn. A Montreal resident da- 
alres fiill Information as to a farm 
which he could purchase with |1 5.000, 
and another enquirer from Saskatche- 
wan states that the writer la in "me- 
dium elrcumetancea," being only poa- 
seaaed of |60.00«, whoih ha -wlahaa to 
Invest here. A Twickenham chaifilst 
wlahes to brinf his fftmlly out here tq 
five them a hatter chanpe antf anqulre^ 
the pro'eadura of «uallfyla« aa a. tfrttg^. 
tlgt bar*. 

a««l«T Vraaa*«tta»--Afi lataraatlng 
deal in real estate waa put througli 
yeaterday, when 30 feat on Corn\orant 
street, b-ilween Government and Store 
atreats, sold at 17 GO per foot. 

OvUt Xalamd Trtppars — A large num- 
ber of Victorians and vlaltors to the 
city on Sunday made the round trip to 
the Gulf Islands on the steamer Joan, 
which made a special run for the oc- 
casion. The weather being good, the 
trip waa thoroughly enjoyable. 

XatropoUa Block — The big block now 
l.'i course of conatruction on Yatrs 
atreet, adjoining the Clarence hotevl, is 
to ba known as the Metropolis block, 
and Is being constructed by the Metro- 
polis Building company. It will he 
one of the largest office buildings in 
the city. 

Invltatioaa Zsaacrl — The president 
and members of the Camosun Club have 
issued Invitations to a large number of 
people to attena on the occasion of the 
opening of the club's new premises, 
Central building, tomorrow. The re- 
■ •nptlon will be held from 3 to 6 p. m. 
The club's new quarters have been very 
hanrlsomely furnished. 

Clearing tha «ita — Good pronre.'iH in 
being made in tlie work of clearing the 
site at the corner of Broughton and 
Blanchard streets on which the new 
theatre for the Victoria Opera House 
Company. Ltd., will be erected. The 
old Aberdeen House has been razed, and 
the Job of digging- the excavations 
should h* well in, hand in the course 
of a few days. The board of directors 
are determined to push the enterprlze 
With all possible speed, and the con- 
^Pj^jMf the superstructure should l|| 

■ ■■■■■•>aaaaait>a<i 


u - 



are M >, e^iii^' in^tta-^rtSdr^t^S;; 

will undoubtedly be several named 
ahcrtly. a puollc meeting of the rate- 
P'nerh has been called for Friday 
evening In the Soldiers' and Sailors' 
Home, on the corner of Admiral', and 
K^quimalt roads, when the committee. 
xM.lch represented the ratepayers In 
the negotiations with the government 
AMll report the successful outcome qf 
the application and the affairs of the 
municipality will be dl.,cussed gener^ 

lohn^HT/'^".'"""'^'"'' ""' '"^ '«te Mr. 
John Hake Webber, which arrived 
here on Saturday from Cobble Hm 
Imve been embalmed and will be 
shipped to Santa Barbara for nter! 
ment on Wednesday by the B. S. Uma- 

16 h inst. at Cobble Hill wa« 76 years 
old and a farmer by occi^patlon. He 
had been m Canada one year, and was 
a native of hoinersetahlre, England. 

Dawson—The death occurred on Sun- 
day evening at the family residence, 
S13 Cook street, after a short Illness, 
of Miss T-hiliis Daw*on, daughter of 
Mrs, Donald Daw.son, aged .10 vears 
■The deceased was born m Scarborough' 
Kngland, and had lived In Canada on 
and Off for eight year.s, coming to 
Victoria a little over two years ago. 
The funeral will take place tomorrow 
«i 2:30 p. m. from the above residence. 
Rev. William Stevenson ofHclatlng. 

Dodgson— The funeral of the late 
Mr. H. Dodgson will take place this 
afternoon, service being held in the 
Reformed Episcopal church at 2:30 
Rev. Dr. Reld and Rev, Dr. Campbell 
will offlclate. 

Graham— The funeral of William 
Graham took place yesterday afternoon 
from 1327 Walnut street, Rev. Dr. 
Camivbell offlciating. The deceased 
was the son of Mr. Thomas Graham, 
who resides In Vancouver. 

MacLean— Murdoch MacLean. the 
flve-days old son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Samuel MacLean, of Grifnth etreet, 
Victoria W.?st, died In the city yester- 
day. The funeral will take place thi..- 
afternoon at 2:30. 

Wyndham — The funeral of Ronald 
James Wyndham, Infant son of Mr. 
and Mrs. .Herbert James Wyndham, took 
place on Sunday afternoon' from Work 
Point Barracks to St. Paul's church, 
Rev. and Hon. T. R. Heneage offlejat- 
Ing. Tho remains werr afterw.ards In- 
terred in the military cemetery at Es- 

Cook — The funeral of the late Mr. 
Hubert John Cock took place on Sun- 
day afternoon from the family resi- 
dence. 337 Catherine street to St. Sav- 
iour's chvirch. Rev. R. Conneli officiat- 
ing. A number of friends of the de- 
ceased were In attcndflnce. Including 
several old timers. Many beautiful 
floral trlb tes covered the bier. Th« 
pallbearers were Messrs. J. A. O'Brien, 
L. McNutt. W. Atkins, J. Sw^ell, G. 
Montleth and E. G. Kermode. , 

Dulvey — The death occurred in the 
Jubilee hospital on Saturday wrenlng. 
of Artihur Dulvey, the slx-months-old 
son of Mr, and Mrs. Dulvey, of 823 
North Park street. Tho funeral which 
WAS private took, place yesterday morn- 
ing from the Victoria I^ndertaklng par- 
lors. Rev. Dr. Campbell ofliciatlng. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


KKPDT-r,U8»E — On Aujufif l"th Inat., at 
the r»«l<lence of Rev. Li>»tle Clay. Alfred, 
the »')n of Mr. and Mrn. W. Keddy, 
Victoria, fo Maude Rvelyn. the eldeit 
dfturhter of Mr. and Mrs. J. ],ua«e. of 
Ced ar Hlll._ 


DODOSON — The death occurred auddeniy 

rtf H. Ondgaon, at the home of hic »on. 

in Pounth Vancouver, Friday Jnornlna. 

The funeral will take plact from the 

B. ('. Funeral Undartaking parlori today, 

at % p m. 

la O. Oa F. 


TiM mam^ra o( CoIumbtf^jMadSB 
K». y I. 0. O. r., «r« tirfcntly r*- 
^uwl*4 to «.ttMi4 tih*; next r«fuUr 
monthly mMtin* 9a Wa4A«|wiiiy. tha 
|l«t Inst In»pfrt«at lnifl1|lM» to b* 
kroMfht Mfera 'ih* I«<lf«. ^ 

1^' «Mw of th« St. O^ 

The beautiful Toronto Exposition 
types of Gerhard Heintzman Player 
Pianos that have just been unpacked 
and placed on exhibition in our show- 
rooms, have caused the niost favorable 
comment in the East. This is their 
first showing here. If you admire ex- 


actioh, you will see them now while the 
^selection is complete. Examples in 
Circassian Walnut, San Domingo Ma- 
hogany, Mission Oak. and Fumed Oak. 

Prices no more than are asked for many 

inferior makes. See this striking 

exhibit today. 

Handsome booklet presented, free on 

Western Canada's Largest Music House 
1251 Government Strcet + + + Victoria. B.C. 

We have for Saturday 12 NEW VARIETIES OF FANCY 
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High Class Confectioners and Bakers, Fort Street and Yates 

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Let the Builders' Bargain House Save 
Money for You 




11.20 ■?• 

Oar doori are nuAe ot 
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a;ircial yrlcn on ail 
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«o« Rai 


Yoa ret from lit ercry- 
thlnr needed to build 
houacorbam. Standard 
85c per 100 fti bam 
boards and Icnclnr. 95c 
per 100 it. Send for 
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Hotbed Sash 

You can reduce the cost of all your material for 
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ment. Foryearj 
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known tbroufbout tbe 
Northweit • • tbe 
"BoUden* B*tc>1b 
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any tniN or «Mod<> 
tlen and thouModa of 
boiae tmildett Lnt 
found n>ir lirr fKtory 
pricea tbdr hmft pro- 
tootioa acalait tbe 
klib ptioM nnuUjr 
Mked tjr dmlen. 
Write tor cMalof of 




to iize. 
Owinr to 
our fTca: 
ire the 

BalMan' tatftlm Hom* 

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riata. Comei c»»ff- 
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dle (Um in carload 


One block from Saanich car line, 2V2 miles 
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Tuvad^y, August 20, 191% 

How Can We See 

Is naturally the first question that will cnrne to the minds of 
tourists visiting this city. Of course, when they ask them- 
•^clves this question, they mean "How can we see Victoria as 
r Mivcniently and comfortably as possible and at the same time 
M^e everything that is worth seeing?" 'Che answer is: 


To tourists not having to catch an afternoon boat this trip 
i^ of especial benefit, as it occupies the time that most tourists 
will have the most leisure. The Auto Tally- Ho has seats in- 
clined 'Similar to the seats of a theatre, thus everybody can see, 
no matter where they sit. A competent annoujicer accom- 
panies each trip. , r> 1 c. 

This drive starts .from the corner of \ ates and Broad btreets 
every afternoon. Tickets $1 at all leading stores. 

You will miss one bf Victoria's big features if you don't take 
in the 4.30 Auto Tally-Ho Drive. 


■" '" <-'? 

Foul Bay hiis pav«id,dtr«et8, scwera and city water. 

We oiUt for a few days only at the followiog prices and ^t 
-=----"- easy terms: , 


B!<KJk bl four large WiiteHrdttt Lpti, on mosy ^^^g^g*gj jHg 
of Foul Bay, at the pHce/en Woe, of .......... .^l^,tiw 

^ — A Most B e autiful. ; 

F« s^i 


'^ V"'^'- 

The tj 

ided Lots on Wildwood Avehue at, each 

WM^ • .....,....?1800 

Four Lots on Irving Road, good builder's proposition, for^ 
, . each ..?1^75 

^ I Single Waterfront Lot on Hollywood Crescent. Can 3'^" ^'|^ 
this for • ..-...^aSSO 

F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd. 

Bafcr to Tot* 

Mrs. Crertrudo A."lherton 1b eager to 
cast 'her vote In the presWentlo.! elec- 
tion. Thl.s accojwrUlshed woman has 
Klvcn up a visit to Miinlich antl travel- 
led from Xow Yorlc to California to 
register her vote for Dr. AVIIboii. She 
apeaks of him as a man of dignity, 
brains and manners, and thinks ho tvIU 
make a worthy and dignified president. 
There are many xvom«'n, it Is said, who 
win make their home's In California In 
order that they may ^njoy the rlffht to 
vote. They arc widows or single wo- 
man of Independent means who can 
choose their place of residence. Tlils 
ts a curious ,and pnobably unexpected 
rc.'siilt of the action of the California 
legislature In giving the franchise to 
women. ,and Is evidence that the privi- 
lege Is valued very higiily by a class 
whose Influence Is large, and who will 
make an inteUJgent use of the power 
they have gained. 

service a« formers and leaders of pub- 
lic opinion had devoted their fcbUlty 
to fcelflih *ndB. their families ould 
have been richer, but Canada would 
not, today, occupy her proud poaltlon 
In the council* of the emr^re. 

Xme Patslotlmn 

ivv^^Mt^in these days of loyalty 

'|||||P«bpvn, but aeldom^ }» 9,, 

This IfiH^^ptS^'^i^^ ot Mr. 

t tlMij^iRlU^ ttw CMnriM* «10l». It Will 

^ Hl^ «#»V ttw" m Itvtoif. fbr tmt'm 
e«Hiatnr Ut ,t«t Unn» It - . 
' "i 40 npl mpiMHtiat e*«3r hrtr* -wtotelr 
'ttXk» «' flWfi ^itM^ aod doe» very Ilttie: 
nor «o I mimk ^t i»*r«m-mtoae4 

Tbe Man's MlsslOB 

No one can talk, even for a f*'^ 
minutes, to the busy matron of the 
Mttfi's mission on Store street without 
feeling that she la doing a good work. 
We have a prosperous city and work 
1b plentiful here and In the surround- 
ing country. Bui tliere are very few 
who realise liow much the men who 
come to Victoria alone sometimes need 
u.'s^-'stance and kindly sympatuy. Miss 
Dorinan Is one of the few. She Is 
ready to welcome the stranger who, 
having left his family behind him In 
-the old land, arrives In Victoria with- 
out more money than will keep him 
a few days. She and her asslatantB will 
help him to find work and make a 
home for him till he Is In a position 
to 'Pay for a house of his own or se- 
cure lodgings In a comfortable board- 
ing hous<^ If he should leave the 
city to find work. Miss Porman sees 
that his mall Is sent to him rrjrularly 
and answers any enquiries he may 
make. The miner and lumberman not 
infrequently seek out th^ mission on 
,',j their fltst arrlvel In the city, and the 
j?f^atron is i-ntrusted with money that 

iHbV« iiv«d iiarslMHIp' 
atM to th« '^^l^fCM 

Sands & Fulton 

Bssldsao* mnaral rarlors 
Where your requirements will be 
attended to with care and cour- 

Lady Attendant 

rtaoao 3306. isin Qaadra Bt. 

St. George's School 
For Girls 

A Boarding and Day School. 

Xmas term opens Tuesday, Sep- 
tember 3. 

Principal. Mrs. W. W. Suttie. 


Beacnn Hill Park. Victoria, B. C. 

Beleui Hlgh-Grade Day and Boardlns 
College tor lioyi of 7 to 1« years. nefliie- 
menti of well-appointed genilpnien's home 
In lovely Be&con Hill Park. -Number limit- 
ed. Outdoor spartB. Prep«r.?d for Buslnemi 
Life or Professional Examliiatlona. Voct 
Inclualve and strictly moderate. Seven 
vacancies. Autumn term. Sept. 3rd. 

Frinolpal, J. W. CHURCH. M'..4. 

Exclusive Agents 
I0I2 Broad Street, Pemberton Pilock. 

Phon« 381 


Thousands of people chew Chiclets who would not use 
any other chewing gum. Dainty morsels of the finest chew- 
ing gum, crisply coated with the pearly peppermint. Not 
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Can6g €oate6 

Chiclets for Smokers.— A man finds that he en- 
joys his cigar, cigarette or pipe more keenly after 
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relieve huskiness — prevent excessive smoking. The 
refinement of chewing gum for people of refinement. 

Look for the Bird Cards in the packets. You will find on« beautiful 
bird picture in each packet of Chiclets. Send us any fifty of these pic- 
tures with ten cents in stamps and we will send you— fr«c— our splendid 
Bird Album. 

For sale at all the Better Sort of Stores, 5c. the Ounce 
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Cheer Up! 

You won't be bothered by the 
blues if you keep your liver active, 
your bc-wels regular, and your 
stomach in good tone by timely 
use of the time-tested, beneficent, 
and always effective family remedy 


■ ■■■■■lllWIilill l lll l,, 

pWiM*- MA' 4U»Ulce 6t1i«r e9«n>t'M«> • 
lov* whlcih eaimot^s«e 't))»i venulae 
KtfeeUoB. b« It for|» panon.^ or tor a 
imnBe. or for dae'a eonniry, oolr tlim 


"No, 1 do not mean»thl8 sort of love, 
I mean somethlnK far bigger and 
deeper, a love which Is always ready 
to give, and which, without heBltatlon. 
puts rrlvate and petfsonal Interests 
aiJlde, at the call of public duty *or 
til.- ' - ' ': e -of others.- .•.■.. 

;. have not fallert In thla re- 
spect in the pa.<!t; they have sent their 
men to war without flinching, they 
have urged, them on to countless flee<ls 
of self-sacrlflCB for the common good, 
but I do not Tjelleve we have yet 
reached the heights we are capable of 
attaining, there are many peaks still 
to rllmb, and^wc are as yet only on the 
foothills. • 

"In Canada, especially, our thoughts 
turn naturally, to the UuJted Empire 
Loyalists;- those women were ready, to 
face every danger and privation for 
the sake of an Ideal. If I could have 
cho.sen my ancestry T would like to 
have been a descendant of one of that 
splendid band. 

"It lies with us, what Ideals we sur- 
round our children with, It rests en- 
tirely In our hand.i. whether we up- 
hold honor, and self-le.ssness In public 
and In pTivnte. In our homes, as well 
as in our dealings with our fellows. 
After all, we women, as mothers, wives, 
as sisters, as friends, can Imprea n 
our men and on our children whaltever 
we choose. The responsibility Is al- 
mo.'it overwhelming. 

"A great Frenchman, Rousseau, once 
wrote: "Men will alwaj's be what wo- 
men make them; If therefore you 
would have men great and virtuous. 
Impress' upon the mlndw of women 
what greatness and virtue are." 

"Kupeclally is this true In connection 
with the rising generation. 

"YouAall know what the .Tesults, the 
great educationalists of tho middle 
ages, fcald: "If we have a child, till 
he Is 7, we do not care what becomes 
of him afterwards.' 

"I am a trained kindergarten teacher 
and have, therefore, had aomo experi- 
ence in training and educating children. 
One of the' things I was taught was 
the physiological fact that mental im- 
pressions actually make deflnate 
grooves on the brain of a child. 
Reptltlon deepens the groove until the 
child literally has trails all over his 
brain. It in extremely difficult to 
substitute other Impressionfl for the 
first ones In after years." So you see 
the paramount Importance that the trails across the marvellous un- 
explo?l^rl country, a child's mind, 
shouM be the right ones. 

"It lies entirely wtih us women what 
sort of trails those arp going to be. 

"Believing as we do that British 
Ideals of citizenship and freedom ero 
the highest yet conceived, wc desire 
to see those Ideals pr*?domlnati1ng 
wherever... the union js/Ck files, hut they 
need to be flung still higher and to ho 
strenglhenfrt by tho. absolutely self- 
less devotion of every Individual. Our 
public- lifeiought to be cleaner and 
purer than It is. tjiere is room for Im- 
provement everywhere. I We women of 
the Ovor»ra.s Club (ill over the world 
might do a great deal to keep the pub- 
lic life on a high and disinterested 

"Again I say we can do so. but there 
Is an 'if;' If we choose and If we are 
sufficiently , in earnest. 

"You know even better than T do 
the need there Is in this direction, I 
am sure. I will give you one Instance: 
"The other day, I was talking to a 
girl in a town In one of the prslrle 
provinces.' We were talking about 
politics and she said: 'My brother is 
not at all Interested In politics, he 
says there Is no money In them." 

"Now such a remark should not b« 
possible. It reveals a deplorable and 
degrading point of view and If such 
Ideals — If one cafi call them such — 
prevail, if money-making Is to be the 
sole aim of existence, Canada will 
never bo a truly great country. 

"Nature has surely done her share 
for this wonderful Dominion. Man has 
got to do his shfcre too. and be worthy 
of his great heritage and glorious op- 

Stichj- teaching as this Is needed In 
these days when we are In danger of 
worshipping prosperity. In Canada 
today we are suferlng from the false 
tea^hlnit thit public men act from 
selfish Wiotltes. If the »reat men who 
In the j>a»t have guided the dmtlnlet 
of Cin»d#i,t>r who h*v« worked te^||er 

tlsA tliiemselveB pl#»' 

elef*4 V> theiQ. As lony 
a dMtif* to man) t» ^ ., 
Is extended to thtm. Ij^- 
urtah in. «, rnvmatit ol , " 
igTifarti I niffltfflf I iJinrtiiillUl 


Day and Boardlna School lorGirls 


1^, The Course of bluflv ii.i mdes all EngUah 

'•; aubjectt, modem languages, Latin, book- 
keeping, drawing^ painting, pianoforte, 
'''-■MhiUkiL ^MMlllNKt' ^oallsthenica Can- 
^-.^....^^ ^S^fMKWBjt liil examinatlona 

in, t|t«« n««)Mris^ -«»•#■» .^•,-l|flJ#iw* 
Mllof'. WHO shours MM «i*t tttt iNWltent 
need despair. From th« mjnilon men 

«0 out to ttf»f4fMl»|(MM!ijPJ»(,#B4.^i»» 

of its matron 'vitL '^ nflsslon V>ar«, 
families are TtMtlmft> ' ^e" have to be 
sent away when they show that, 
humanly speaking, they are Incapable 
of reform. But for one such there are 
hundreds who are helped on the road 
to a better life. Miss Dorman, who 
has spent many years of her life In 
settlement and mission work in Eng- 
land, Is a believer in human nature. 
She says that It Is not often any man 
falls to respond to kind treatment. 
Those who receive temporary help, In 
the great majority of cases, repay 
their indebtedness, and letters from 
grsteful men In distant parts of the 
province who have prospered. We 
have. In Victoria, no other Institution 
where men discharged from the hospi- 
tals can be cared for till they tire 
strong enough to go to work. The 
matron . of the mission Is a trained 
ntirse and knows when good food and 
rest and such attendance as a nurse 
understand* how to give are necessary- 
No doubt there are hundreds of kind 
women who care for their boarders or 
roomers vin this way. But there ere 
many others who have neither the time 
nor the inclination to give services 
which arfe not paid for. 

It must not he thought that re- 
ligious, social and educational work Is 
neglected. Meetings are held regu- 
larly at which all are welcome. But 
It Is the Individual work, the m.nking of 
a home where sympathy and kindness 
can be shown in many ways and at nil 
times, that Is of the greatest Im- 
portance. For this the present build- 
ing Is not wen adapted. It Is not 
larffe enough and there are few con- 
veniences. It Is not a small thing that 
men, who will In all probability spend 
the rest of their lives in this province, 
shall receive aid In time of need and be 
surrounded by good InfUiencss. The 
work done hy Miss Dorman and ths 
men and women associated with her. 
commends itself to all good citizens 
and is worthy of their support. While 
the great need is for a new huildlng. 
the matron would establish n library 
If she had the books and would llko 
flowers to brighten the rooms. These 
wants could he easily s\ipplled without 
muoh self-denial by thoughtful house- 
holders. Ti.a Men's mission Is worthy 
of the support of benevolent people of 
ell creeds. 

S. P. C. A. cases or CT^ieity. Phons 
Inspector Russell. l»2l .«eoretary's 
phone L-1733. 




I carry 
pairs of 
size 36. 

Suits with two 
bloomers, up to 




Clothes must give you com- 
plete satisfaction. 


Sam Scott 

Boys' Clothes Specialist 

736 Yates St., Opp. Gordon's 

Medical College 

In affiliation with Manitoba 
University. Session commences 
October i, 19^2. Five years' 
coqrse. Excellent clinical facili- 
ties. For fall information, ap- 
ply to the Reffistrar, 

Medical College. Winnipcf 

<>'M4i^ 'tB.^tiMMf Wmtke 

^^ 49«lallty and 'price) snarantaed. 


Corner Quadra and Johnson 
Phone 106 

Mr, H. G. E. Pocock 

English Wool Taffeta Shirts 

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t^$lt¥mk, grey» also white. 

[tow. x«7 Hastings St- 3 
T.nnlr fhr Tlrtl "Airn»vr fHAy^ 

6i4,yatea St., Victor. W7 Hwtjngs St-,W!e«t. Vmsmi 



Royal ».>!lege 

of Music, 


For terms apply 1003 Carberry Gardens 
Phone L,3088 

Canton Linens 

Importers ot Chinese and Japanese 
Silks of every dpterlptlon. Call ani 
see our stoclc before purchasing else- 

Quong Man Fung & Co. 

IT IB (iovrrnmrnt Strprt 







Victoria Day School 

1S42 ll.ARRISON ST. 
ReoperiK Tueods.v, Si-d September, 1012. 
PHONK I,»077. . 


1811 Stanlej Ave. 

Winter term romm<>ni-.»» Wednefd*j"> 
September 4th. Mlsn Gulland will be fr«^ 
to IntTvlAW- p«rf.nti« or (fuardlans lii'tw^t'n 
thi> hourK of 10 a.m. and Ti p.m. on Tuesflaj-. 
.September 13th. at ISU Stanley Ave. 
Private address, 6 iS Cornwall St. 

A Neat Woman 

Knows the value and 
importance of a gooc? 
fitting suit. All our 
Tailored Suits are guar- 
anteed to fit. 

Grocers' Annual 


At Goldstream, Thursday, Aug. 22 


9 a.m., 10.30 a.m., 1.30 p.m... 6.05 p.m., 6.45 p.4|g|^ 

3.30 p.m., 7.30 p.m.- 10.30 p.m. -'"''^^-s?'^" 

Tickets at All Grocers and from Committee Members 




A new .sidewalk has been laid all the way from the station 

to the picnic grounds. 

Please shop early on Wednesday,- as our store will be closed 
all day Thursday. 

West End Grocery Co., Ltd. 


Phones 28—88—1761. 






and Gents* Tailor 
Government Street 
ricntal Importing Co. 

TJniversit^^ School for Boys 

Kount Tolmle • Vletorla, B. O. 

Warden. R. V. Harvey, M.A. 
term begins September 11 

Headmaster, J. C. Barnacle, Esq. Xmaa 
For Prospectus apply to The Bursar. 

// gou get it at PLIMLE TS ^^'^ ^" right 










Anv Kirmer owner will tell you a talc of satisfactory cycling service. This machine, made at 
the hub of the world's cvcling industry, Coventry. England, is a marvel of solid mechanism and 
orettv design at a price which is the lowest at which any real bicycle can be sold. Frames 22. 24 
or 26 inches best Weldless steel tubing, finished four coats black enamel and colored lines. Steel 
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spokes, fifiglish fr<;e wh<tel. with two rim brakes, or coaster brake to order. Equipped with tool 
bag, tools;- pump, bell and trouser clips. 

VM rat«w 8trMt 



7n to iu *—- tp gj. 


Tu«»day, August 20, Iflif 



Free-Hitting Game Won by the 
Visitors at the Ball Park Yes- 
terday Afternoon — Same 
Teams Meet Today,- 

Portland, 12; Victoria, 9 

Spokane, 4: Seattle, 
Bnuday's Kvsulta 

^'Ictorla, a; Tacoma.^ 1. 
Victoria, 3; Tacoma, i. 
Spokane, 9; Portland. 0, 
Spokane. 3; Portland. 
Sea;.tle, i; Vaacouver, 
Vancouver, 7; Seattle. 
Xientrue StKiidlnff 


Spokane ^ 69 

Vancouver 69 

Seattle 68 

PortlanJ . 

fa tlt«'8aa 
ms' Colts 

gle with 

Portland In the 'opening: iJonteat 
ball vard jesterday a,fternoon« 
a purzla #\.^«* flJIj^gllh ^-: ' 

ttiore care to 
of the blngles. There woa ft «u: 

of work with the -willow to satisfy any- 
one, but the enemy did tho most and 
won by a score nt twelve to nine — en- 
ough scoring- to wear a furrow around 
the diamond. 

McDowell be«:an the ill treatment of 
the Bees. After Kaufmann had set 
Hausman on tho inltlr.l" bag by the 
process of connecting the ball and hl.s 
oplne. McDowell lifted the pill over the 
palings for a home run, and this meant 
two runs. With this lead In the open- 
ing stanza the foemcn were never 
headed. The Bees tried hard in their 
half of the open-lng stanza, but this 
ramo McDowell person added to the 
fliscomfort of tho electorate by making 
a star one-hand catch of Weed's drive 
-ivlth both Rawllngs and Meek on the 

Until the fourth frame the fielding 
wa.s fast and the asBembled mul^tt^^c 
hoped. Then the foemcn tallied two 
more. Speas beat a b-unt, and McDowell 
hit into what seemed like an easy dou- 
huo, but the pellet bounced, bad over 
Fvawllng.s. Williams hit to Weed, and 
Spcas scored when he hesitated about 
picking, up the pill. Then Mahoney 
drove a linet to Keller, and McDowell, 
scored when the second baseman fail- 
ed to hold the ball. 

Some fancy pegging finished this 

Crulckshank hit to BawlSngs, -who 
hurlPd to the plate to stop Williams, 
who hurried back to third when he 
found he couldn't beat the peg. Meek 
nailed him at third, however, and as 
tho other runners had advanced, Tohe 
pegged to Brooks, who returned the 
ball quick, and caught Birch sliding 
The third was the Interesting part 
of the Bees' performance. With Meek 
gone, he lost a wheel and couldn't roll 
into in time to beat his hit. Wood 
hit to the fence. Clemontson d'ld like- 
wise, and when Keller hit to Hausman 
and Wood beat him to third, the sacks 
were all populated. Kennedy hit to 
McDowell and Keller was tagged at 
second. Wood scoring meanwhile. Ken- 
nedy stode, and, when Birch pegged, lie 
collided with the second baseman and 
rolled in safe, while Clementson reachrd 
home. Then Kennedy added a third 
run by scoring from ."iecond on Kauff- 
man's hit to left. 

Hits by Haqsman and Fries, and 
fumbles by Keller and Meek gave the 
•.Isltors another In the fifth, and a 
two-bagger by Meol; after liawllngs got 
a walk, scored one for the Beos In their 
half. A few hits and some errors gave 
the foemen three more In the sixth. 
The seore was four to tlic bad when 
the seventh opened. Tlin fifies gathered 
a couple then. Clementson hit the ball 
over the fence for a home run wltlt 
Brooks on. This made the score eight 
to six. with the long end held by th'S 
fof>. They added 6ne, however. In their 
pnrt of the frame when Speas hit and 
drove In Fries, and In the eighth they 
made it twelve. Mahoney made a hom<» 
run and scored Birch In front, and 
Fries hit, following Crulkshonk's slngl<i 
and scored him. 

Brooks went In to pitch In the eighth. 
One run was scored from hl« twlrlintr. 
With the score twclvB to six, tite 
Bees started what might have been a 
garrlj^on finish, had the handicap b.<.en 
smaller. , Brook* scratched safe. Week 
hit for two baga. and Weed hit the pill 
to the pallftgs and scored Brooks. Then 
Meek scored on a passed ball and Weed 
scored on Kennedy's long fly out to 
left — but that -was all. 

The same teams play at the Royal 
Athletic grouniJa this afternoon at 4 
p. m. James Toman was tho umpire 
and did good -w^ork, although his d?c"i- 
Blons were not always popular with th« 

Tha Bcore: 

tPortland— AB R H PO A B 

Maimeman, Sb 6 2 2 3 l 

F^les. r.f 6 1 2 5 

Speas, 8.S. . : e 1 2 3 h 

MoDoT^e!!, 2b 4 2 2 1 ? 1 

Winiams. lb. 4 1 10 

BtTch. c. 4 2 2 3 

Mahoney, c.f 6 2 2 4 1 

Crulckshank, I.f « 2 2 1 

Olrot, p 5 1 1 

Heavy Sale of Seats for the 
Bayley-Scott Exhibition at 
the Arena Rink Tonight — 
Mitchell to Referee, ■ 

Upti'MoDowell. MahMBMr. titmh^AiJ 

The Bayley-Scott contest at the 
Arena rink tonight promises to be one 
(iC the greatest drawing cards put on 
in this city. The sale of seats yester- 
day reached $7C00, the amount taken in 
yesterday by tlie '•Icket sellers being 
IH500. The attendance will be by far 
the largest at any similar event In this 
city. An order for* 250 scats arrived 
from Seattle' yesterday, and big con- 
tingents are expected not only from the 
Sound cities, but also from Vancouver, 
New AVestmlwster and Nanaimo. An 
otfort was bflng made yesterday lit 
Seattle to charter a Bpecial steamer to 
bring over the fans from that city. 
Fat ycott, with his manager, Dan 
It, and their retinuo, arrived on Sun- 
Iky, and were mot by Morris Condon, 
■who proinoted the *»Jfalr. The SeatMe 
boy and bis associates visited Joe Bay- 
ley'a training quarters at the Arena 
ifinK and yesterday afternoon tV^ci.s- 
took place to settle upon a it-f- 
Several names were su.?K-'»ued 
a compromiBo VM rS»:!U§4 ."n 

wmt double Play- 
y4ii6 to BrookV 


Totals 48 12 16 27 12 S 

Victoria— AB R H T^ A E 

Vohe. 8b. 5 

FUiwlingra. ».• 4 1 

Bfc)okB, lb. and p. .. .4 t 

Meek, c 4 1 

Weed, rf. 5 2 

Clementson. cf s 3 

Kellas, 2b 6 

Ketmedy, 1^ I 1 

2 2 

1 1 2 
0, 15 
S 4 





'Wb^l^>^|-|-Ji^ ^ 'Kaufmaxl 


hlU 15. 


off Gftrol 2; struck out— by KaufirtRn 
3, by Glrot 3; hit "by pitched ball- 
Kennedy by Girot, Hauseman and 
Burch by Kaufman; - wild pitch — l 
Girot; time of same — 1:50; umpire—-^ 

MC m OF 

KKET mil! 

All Matches Played to Definite 
Conclusion-^Serious Injury 
to Victoria Club's Captain — 
Interesting Play, 



Sue. Fui tUnU C C. 


ird tnan.^) 
'^'^'IK^IftltoheU la 
rM 'die art and h« 



SPOKANE, Aug. 19.— Altman's bat- 
ting defeated Seattle today. ' He hit 
safely three times ahd drove in three 
runs f%r the locals. Cadreau was hit 
freely, but was invincible in the pinch- 
es until the ninth, when Chick and 
Moran were sent to bat and both 
scored. Poor base running by Spokane, 
lost them several runs. Score: 

Spokane— AB R H PO 

Myers, lb .5 

Cooney, s.s 3 

Powell, i.f. 4 

Melchoir, r.f 4 

Devogt, c. . 
Cart Wright, i 
Altman, 2b- 
Cadreau, p. 

b. . 
















Totals .33 4 12 27 15 


Shavi', 3b- 

Jackson, lb. .; 

Fullerton, 2b. 5 

Strait, I.f. ., 
Wilson, r.f. 
Mann, c.f. . . 
Raymond, a.s 
AVhaling, c- . 
Gordon, p. . . 

xChick 1 

xxMoran l 

.\B R H PO A 












Bful record, l^"?^^ 
^active boxer, and haj an tX 

i^«lr|||Mf^7|«putatlon as a refill ee. 
Both Confident 

Both of the contestants oxprewa con- 
fidence In their ability to win and es 
the last contest between tno two at 
Prince Rupert, a fast bout la looked 
fcr. Boyley needs no introduction to 
Victoria fans. lie is a homo product, 
and his career until the tlmo he won 
the Canadia^i lightweight champienshli) 
ficm Allen at Bassano some time (iso, 
hais been watt'hed with interest. I'at 
Scott, although he haiv's now from Se- 
attle, Is also a Canadian, his formor 
rfsldence having been at Chatha n, 

There will he three preliminaries, the 
first to be staged at 8.15. Among 
those, -who take part in the prelimin- 
aries will be Parker, formerly of i-yd- 
ney, Australia, where he won tho :xtns- 



Totals 38 2 11 24 11 

-vBatted -for Raymond in tho ninth. 

xxiBatted for Gordon in the ninth. 

Score by innings: 

Spokane 1 1 1 1 x — i 

Seattle 000 0000 2—2 

Summary: Two-base hits — Moran. 
Altman (2), Myers: sacrifice hits — 
Whaling, Cooney, Zimmerman; stolen 
bases — Myers, Whaling; bases on balls 
— off Gordon 2, off Cadreau 3; struck 
out — by Gordon 1, by Cadreau 3; time 
— 1:45; umpire — Moran. • 



'Vera ITaaT* EstabUabas 
for Mile Open Swim 


ST. HBLIERS, N. .)., Aug. IQ.—MisH 
Vera Neave established a new \voi1d 
record for a mile open svvim today 
when .slie .swam tl)e distance in thirty- 
one minutes and 41 4-5 seconds. The 
prevloiis record was held by Miss An- 
nette Kellerman, the Australian swim- 
mer, who.«<e time was 32 minutes, 41 
second.s. Miss Nenvo Is the holder of 
the 300 metres record for women. 

tear championship; Charlie Gordon, a 
-well-known local man; an unknown 
named Doble, who is said to be fast; 
and Wheeler, who -was ftiinteu- light- 
weight champion of the v/cst of Eng- 
land;- _ ' 

mama hotel i 

The police uuthoritieK o] 
are making special arrange 
the adequate policing of 
rink, and last night the commlsBlon ^r, 
Mr. Noble, Inspected the premises and 
assigned positions to the force of con- 
stables who will be on duty there. The 
expenses of this extra dsmund on the 
police force will be borne by the i>ian- 
agement of the exhibition. 

The B. C. Electric Batlway company 
has arranged for a special street, car 
service. The sale of tickets will open 
at 6 p.m. at the rink. 


Finals Schednled for Today at Cadboro 
Bay Boad Orounds 

V Seattle 
Bay ley in 
rink tonight 


boxer who will meet .Joe 
a IB-round bout at the Arena 

The finals in the croquet tournament 
will be played today.and it is expected 
that all games will be over about 6 
o'clock. The following will take part: 

10 o'clock — Cour^ 1, Mrs. Gore and 
J. D. Virtue vs. Mrs. Martin and D. 
Martin; court 2, J. Wade vs. winner of 
Mrs. Willoughby Brown and Miss Rob- 

12 o'clock — Court 1, Mrs. Galletly vs. 
Mrs. Lindsay; court 2, Mrs. Bowker and 
W. F. Burton vs. winner of Mrs. Gore 
and J. D. Virtue vs. Mrs. and Mr. D. 

2 o'clock — Court 1, Mrs. U'illoughby- 
Brown vs. winner of Mrs, Galletly and 
Mrs. Lindsay. 

4 o'clock — Court 1, final of open sin- 

The results of yesterday's games were 
as follows: 

Open Slnglss 

T>. Martin beat J. S. Bowker. 

Mrs. MacFarland beat Miss Lelght- 
Spencor, ' 

D. Martin beat Mr.i. M:u-Farland. 
Xiadiaa' Handicap Singles 

Mrs. Gfilletly beat Mrs. Bowker. 

Mrs. Willoughby-Brown beat Miss 

Mrs. Li'ndaa.v beat Mr.s. .Mnrtin. 
Man's Handicap Singles 

J. S. Bowker beat B. H. T. Drake (by 

J. S. Bowker beat J. D. Virtue in tho 

Xixed Boublas 

Mrs. Gore and J. D. Virtue beat Mrs. 
Wllloughby-Brown and J. Wade. 

Mrs. Bowker and W. F, Burton beat 
Mrs. Kirk and O. A. Kirk. 

Ziadies' Hasdlcap Boublas 

Mrs. Bowker and Mrs. Lindsay heat 

Mrs. MacFarland and Miss Robertson. 
Mrs. L'Mton and Mrs. Kirk beat Mrs. 

Wllloughby-Brown and Mrs. Dnimmoml. 

A champlon.ship bfib-eball match will 
be played on Saturday iiftornoon next 
at the Royal Athletic park between tho 
Beacon Hills and the Hawks— the lat- 
ter being a fast colored team, which 
has defeated all the crack colored 
tenms on the other .side of the line. 

Tho opening day of the annual tourna- 
meiu of tho Pacific Coast Cricket associa- 
tion producod aomfi very Inlcreatlng cricket, 
particularly the inalcheii between Vancou- 
ver and Cowlchan at Jubilee ho»ptt»l and 
I'ortlanii and Oak Bay at Oak Bay. Tha 
balance were ca»y wln» tor the r^»pecllvo 
victors, viz.; Victoria, and Albion at Beacon 
Hill, Burrard &nd Hlsqulmalt at canteen, 
and l.'niverslty Master* and Saanlch at the 
University srounds. 

At Beacon Hill an untoriunnte accident 
occurred In Albion's second Innings which 
practically puts h. S. V. York, captain o£ 
the Victoria teahi, out of business for the 
balance ol the week. He was fl«ldlng deep 
square, le^ and In endeavoring to catch a 
big hit by v. M. Grant, tor which York 
had run quite a distance, the ball hH ti>e 
top or the Index finger of his left hand 
and spill the hand an Inch down the .joint 
between that and tjie next linger. Hecre- 
l.ary Wheeler took hla place on the field 
Captain Idlens, of the Alblons, took J H 
Gillespie's place whlie the latter took Capt 
York to a doctor, who had to put a stitch 
In the hand. The accident 1> particular!} 
hard on Victoria and may hava an impor. 
tant bearing on their showing during the 

< Olorlous weather prevailed and the bast 
of good feeling among the players. Today 
the toUowlBc ar* thf flxtiires: 

Morton's B.C. Drill Steel 


Used by all the largest mines, collieries and smelters 

in the province. 

E. G. PRIOR & Co., Ltd. Ly. 

Sole agents for B. C. 
Corner Government and Johnson Streets 

ilu at JtiUlee. _ Albion *» 
{asters at Mount f olmte. 

Dtiiaton B 

Bn VB, Oiak Bay at Work Point 
Vancouver v».. Portland at Beacon 
Sbwichan not playing. 
HtaodlniT of TeaniR 

P. W. L. Pts, 

Victoria C. C. 1 , 1 2 

Burrard C. C 1 1 2 

University Master* C. C. .. 1 1 2 

Vancouver C. C 1 l 2 

Oak Bay C. C. l 1 2 

Albion C. C 1 u 1 

Ii:Bqulmalt C. C i 1 

Saanlch C. C 1 1 

Cowlchan C. C. 1 1 

Portland e. C 1 1 

Garrison C. C 

Vcsterday'a Results 

Victoria C. C. defeated Albion C. C. 
Burrard C. C. defeated Ksqulmalt C. 
University Masters defeated Saanlch C. 
Vancouver C. C. defeated Cowlchan C. 
Oak Bay C. C. defeated Portland C. 
Garrison C. C. not playing. 

Vsncor ^r vs. Cowlchan 

This was perhaps the myst interesting 
game In yesterday's schedule. The Jubilee 
ground was allotted for the game, Victoria 
being away at Beacon Hill, end a l<irge 
crowii was on the ground all day. Van- 
couver won a most Interesting match. The 

Vancouver. 1st Innings 
J. M. Armttage, c Taylor, b Sullivan. . 11 

R. S. Clayton, b Curgenven 16 

R. D. Hodgson, c Hilton, b Sullivan .. 6 

W. M. Banbury, b Curgenven S 

C. A. L. Payne, c Martin, b Brooke- 

F. J. Peers, c Drake, b Murphy ...... 

J .C. Peel, b Curgenven 

W. E. Hodges, Hilton, b Curgenven 

N. B. Peters. )bw, b Curgenven 

J. B. Caldwell, c Hilton, b Curgenven.. 
W. A. Crossfleld, not out 








Extras j. ju 

Total 1B2 

Cowlchan, 1st Innings 

F. C. Drake, c Payne, b Peers 1 < 

O. H. Townend, b Arinltaga i!" 

P. W. Taylor. Ibw, Crossfleld . A 

G. Curgenven, c Peers, b Peters H 

H. C. Martin, b Peers 22 

V. V. Murphy, c Payho. b Peers ...... 16 

K. C. Brooko-Smlth, Ibw, b Peer* ... 

J. F. Murphy, not out 13 

H. n. S. .■3uIllvHn. h Pcc.-s 

H. B. Hjyward, run out 

B. W. C. Hilton, c and b Peers 2 

Extras j j 

Total , 122 

Vancouver, 2nd Innings 

R. S. Clayton, c Hilton, b Curgenven .. 
J. H. Armltage, c Hayward, b Curgenven 

R. D. Hodgson, b Curgenven 

W. M, Banbury, h Brooke-Smith 

C. A. Q. Payne, c Curgenven, h Taylor 

F. J. Peers, c and b Murphy 

J. C. Peel, c Townend, b Taylor 

W". B. Hodges, not out 

W. H. Crossfleld, c Hayward/ b Curgen- 
ven , 

J. B. Caldii'ell, c Hayward, b Murphy 

N. B, Peters, b curgenVen 






Total 103 

Bowling AnaUraU 
Vancouver 1st Innings 
O. M. 

B. C. Brooke-Smith l« 5 

\V. R. S. Sullivan u .3 

G. Curgenven 12 3 

V. V. Murphy s y 

Cowlrhnn. 1st Innings 

o M. 
\y. H. Crossfleld IS 4 

F. J. Peers 16.2 4 

N. A. I^eters 5 j 

J. M, Arnillage 4 

Vancouver, 2nd Innings 

G. Curgenven n 1 

W. H. S. Hulllvan ] 3 

E. C. Brnokc-.Smllh 10 .3 

D. W. Tn.vlor g j 

V. V. Murphy g ; 

KNqiilmalt r», Biirrnrd 

Jiurr.ird won their mnich against Esqui- 
mau at the canteen grounds by an Innings 
and BS runs. Tho score: 

Esquimau, 1st lanlngs 

\ T[!'"",1"' "■ ^- "• ^'"'l''- b Twynam 8 

Rothwpll. c Beatson, b Twynam j 

A. Darke, run out ' ^ j 

Brain, c and b Twyrjani . J) 






























R. a. Hcrton, b Twynam .....,.'.." 

8. C. Thompson, b Ivamy . . t-i 

W. Baker, b Ivamy i 

R. H. Pooloy, b Ivamy , 

W. L. Hodykln. h Ivamy ...'.'..'.'.'.'.'.','. 4 

not out !.]'!'* 12 

b Ivamy .!!.].]! 

J. Welch. 

O. Shaw. 






*V^VJ il -AiE CRJCt^ff TOURNAMbNi 

.Mr.. It- ,SvV..;^ork batting at Beicon Hill for, Victoria 

^gajnyt .AJbJon 


Burrard, Ist Innings 

Beeoham, c Thomson, b -Welch 16 

«r « Wod. Thomas, b Welch . . 1 

= „"""•"• " ""'■'on. b Baker . .'.' 2 

8; Heataon. c Pooley. b Baker ... 44 

B F Smith, c Thom«on. b Welch . " J 

W. Ivamy, b Welch en . . . 

U T. Dwelley, not »ul . . . . !j 

A. J. Klllick. )bw, Thomson ■.■;■■■'■■■ 'j 

T. n. Smith, b Rothwell .. g 

D. R. Alexander, b Roth well 1 

Extras ' 



Esquimau, fna Innlttga 

R. Thomoa, b Ivatjiy .... 2 

. Rothwell. c Ivamy. b lie^ttori ".'.'. t 

A. Darke, b B»Bt»on ij 

C. Thomson. Ibw, b Real son ...,..'. IB 

. Baker, b Bcataon i 

Welch, c BucJtam, b Best'i'bn ' ! ' ! ! '. 8 

H. Pootey, b Ivamy .•..:..,.'....... 1 

Brain, not out *" | 

a. Morton, h Ivamv .....'. 1 

. U Hod»Ieln. c Kllllok, b Bsstidn';; I 

•new, b Ivamy « 



. Total g, 

Bewltaw Aa«Iy«ls 
Bsqutmajt, '1st Iimia«s - 

..... , , ' *■ ■ .J, ,0, is. 

-Twynam ....i.. «........, n j' 

•ir***^ « 1 

VUo* 4 1 

Cesflawi •• tmf M, CM, I. 

?« « 

M i 
1! i 

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920 Government St. Phone 817. P. O. Box 170. 

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Cotitlnnrd from Page 9. 

H. F, Hewett, b Lawr'nce 
A S. I.rfixvreace, b Kenwick 


3nd InnlnKs 


(> .M 










tVelcli 13 

Poolry i 

Hothwell 4 1 

llodfklns ' 6 1 

'I'huinpaon J 1 *> 1 

Saanloh ts. rnlrcrslty Mastern 
L'Plverslty Masiers had un trouble defeat- 
1 g Saanlch at the Uiilveisity School 
grounds by 146 runs. 

tiaanicli, Isl Innings 
.Staff Paymaster Jinkin, Ibw, b Finlay- 

BuH'lIng AiiKl.TitlH 

Uak lla>, let Innings 

O, M. 

2S.3 3 

19 2 

3 . . 






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below Fort street. Here we will carry the most com 
plete. most up-to-date and most desirable stock of 
boy b' goods in Victoria. The clothes w'i44 be made b}- 
the manufacturer who makes our "Proper Clothes" for 
men, the most popular men's clothes in A'icloria. Boys, 
read the conditions of the contest and then get busy. 
The time is short, but the task is easy, and remember, 
these prizes are well M^orth winning. 


Genuine Eastman Kodak, 
world-standard for excel- 
lence. No lA FoldlnK 
Pocket Kodak, takes a won- 
flerfully clear picture 2 1-2 
X 4 1-4 inches. Takes 12 
picture.'^ without reloadlntr. 
Goes In pocket banrlily 
ThiH will last for years. It 
cost us 912 anil was hnuKht 
of J. Sotnm«T8 & Sons. 

The prizes will i)c awarded for the best 
composition.s on the subject assigned on 
the following conditions : (i) Tlic subject 
-•^liall I'c. "The Kind of Clothes 1 Like 
Best"'; (2) the comjMjsition sliall l)e about 
200 words in lengtli : {3J each comptjsi- 
tion must bear the full name and correct 
adflress of tiic writer: (4) each composi- 
tion must be signed by at least one parent 
or guardian: (5) compositions inust be 
mailed or delivered to our store not later than 6 p.m. of August 31 
next ; (6) this contest is open to boys from 6 to t6 years of age. 

The prize winners will be announced in the newspapers. 
Compositions will he jiulged by: 

Mr. C. H. LUGRIX Editor. Victoria Colonist 

Mr. H. B. McLE.W Princk)al. Oeorge lay School 

THE HUTCH ARM CO General Advertising Agents 

See the Prizes in Our Window 

Any further information at our .^tore. or from the Htrtcharm Co., 
phone 3233. Now, boys, three fellows are going to win. Why not be 

among them.-' 

Second Prize 

Boy's fine silver watoli, 
fitted with same movement 
as (?old watch in l.S-ruby 
jewel. Is also double-Ruar- 
anteerl to give perfect sat- 
isfaction. Ca^p of beauti- 
fully flnl.«<hed coin .silver, 
and will wear a lifetime. 
This, like the first prize, 
was bought of .«?horit. Hill 
& Duncan, Ltd., leading 
Victoria jewelers. It cost us 


J. Horton, not out 

H. Allen, hi wlit. b Tracey ... 
Marten', b 'i'rai.ey 

D. Colon, run out 

E. Shepperson, c .and b Trncey 
V. I'earce, c Gillespie, b Tracey 
A- Nicholson, lliw. I) Soaiks ... 

J . Maquire, b ."^pirks ^ 
Thomas, U Tracej 

Mtile, lh», b Tracey 

&&« run 

Total . .. ^ 

University Masters 
A bpurks, b Horion 






n Ji lledd, c ilaquhe, b Marten 
Weninan. c and b ^Mfan '!•>*» 
cane, b Coton ,1 i H'f V*^'* " ' ' " 


n.^Wmkmit0Hm ^ 

B. 94nll^y#oti. »»t out .,.. f 

A. G. Tracey, o AII«R, b fihepperaon. . . It 

Bxtraa ., if ..•..•»• >• ••'■ » 


tt a; in ci«>M«; B 'c > i»i Bwrwr»'q«»g*»H>--««- 

B. J. MMpM^ •* «»«*• »> Tracey .... 88 

i'. Themao. 'aot out ...,.> ij 

H. Little, ta Tracey »... » 

Extras ,••«. ' 



Tracpy . . 

Gillespie . 

TnlKW . . 

■>!•■■ Ill '. . . 

iia'.-y .» 

■ '•'if^miikf 


Saanloli. Ist InnlnM 
O. -M 


7.5 1 

4 '2 

2nd Innings 



n. w. 

38 1 






Tarlltijn 2 

fjreaves bowled 1 no ball. 

Tarlton bowled I wide. 

Portland, let Inrlnurs 

.M. ThomHS, b Speak 

V. MfKlllfp, 1) Si>.-«k . 
U, riittull". St. b Hpe.ik 

W. n. Smith, b HpoaU 7 

H. C. Nklvolsoii. b Sp'-ak ft 

H. K. Tarlltori. b Speak f' 

t,'. S. Greaves, c lllnndy, b Speak. 

C. B. GJedsted, b Ppenk ., 

C. I/!nvrenre, r Yeoman, b &peak . " 

K. Fenwb?k. not out 1 

(i. Khlple>-. run out 1 

Extras ; 7 

Total 1-7 

Bowllnft Analysln 

PnitUnd. 1st Innlnii;* 

O. M. 

."rhwRnifers 14.8 3 

Rp-qif .18 2 

flreenhlll . . 7 2 

Yeomin ' . . . . 8 . . 

OHk Bay. 2nd ItinlnRs 
.T. James, b l.Awrence 

"W. Bpeak, b Tenwlck 

H. A Yoriman, c Tnrllton, b I>awrence * 

W. F I- niklnKton, b Kenwlck .. 8 

C P W Koliwengers. b Tnrllton II 

T.' Uarclav. b Tsniton SI 

« OmiUu h OnmvM ... 
In Ttflltoii ...^.i..,..^ I 
t: niw^, « KMhalKmi. H Grmv«i.. it 
h; T. W*«*ett. o rnnwlek, b FoRVtek .. » 
A. B. lAwrcna*. not out <<.,. i 

ICvlras .»J.-.f « 





^iJ^i£ J 

• m:n 




BowUnc AmOrttM 
. ONlll 9*sr. XtiA ImHanrft 
"' ' ' O. M. 

.Ifenwlekr ,.,....,,..., 14.4 4 

f jaw**neo ■ 1* > 

MUsmntp I »• 

" tllw KUW ' nj I I I Lr i i I'll Mni * " i if 




— 4ki 



i, ,. - PorttantI, SnA Innl|i|W 

iJt. INittnUfi, h Gr**nhlU .«.*.... '4 

.K f* Tarinmi. b OMOnUm m '< 

i^ | K qyaata^. .t» «ra»n1tm .,.....,....> 1» 

' B. T, ' l*'enwicit,' not oai .!......'.. . . « . .' '* 

SI. Thoma», not ot»t • 

TntftI ''* 

McK111|t>. finr.Uh. >"lrho1son nreaves, taw- 
rencp, .ind g>^|>|i*!iJ9W not l>nt 

ijnd Tnnlnps 
O M 

Aren't You 


For a homesite that has 
charm of location, trans- 
portation facilities, de- 
sirable .surroundings and 
sound investment value. 
at just half the price you 
are asked to pay for 
most of the lots you 


'"* . . 
"it S 

n . . . 











Vlcloria TS. Albion 
This match wss played on Beacon Hill 
find won by Victoria by SO runs. Tlie only 
vciuury of the day was scored by Grant, 
of the Alblons, in the second Innings. ah« 

Albion, l«t innings 

HA. Ismay, b W. Tork » 

K. P. Ward, b W. York 

n. J.-i'"'!), b Xa, Tork • ■ 

1; FAi,'.-, b U York 

1). M, Grant, b W. York 

K. W. Ismay, b I>. York .. •_••■,•• 

II. n. I'egler, e Leonard, b ■V\. lorK . 

.1.' Idlens, b W. York ••••,•■" 

I, B. Trimen. c Leonard, b U. York . 

(; ' Wilson, not out... 

H. '). Klikham, b W. York .......... 

Extras >••••• 


.1 H. GUI-snIe.c Wilson. '> E. W. Ismay 
K.J. Marshall, b F, w i-nmy ........ 

A r. B. Oray. b K W Ismay ....... 

i IF Major, <: Kirkham ,b B. W, lamay 
.1 \V. D. York, c Ward, h Trimwn . .. . 

1,. S V. Tork. ruti*. out . , 

:-. iiniesple. h Pegler 

r i: t.r-oniird. Ibw. b Ismay ••• 

1; 11. (Irani, b Pegler 

11 AriiMir, b Wilson 

U. A, Qoward, not out 

Extras •• _ 

Tol!\l ;.. . 

Albion. 2na Innings 

H. A. Ismay. r W. York, b S. Gillespie 

a TVllson, c Grant, b Major 

n. Jepson, b S. Gillespie X •■■■ 

D. M. Grant, not out' 

n. Foofe. b Leonard 

H H. Fegler, b Grant 















Pneik ■* 

GreenhlH '' 

Sehwenger.^ .■• ■.... " 

MenV Own t». T. M. C A. 

Thl* mafli WAS Plnvpd on Sa»urd->y 
afternnon on the frrnund of the former, 
situated nn DnUas ro^rt. and ended In a 
wf" fo"- tVv'-m bv p hands'i.nie m"rp1n. 

The T. M. C. A, batte'i flrs^ nnd mnde « 
verv dl5n»>t'-r,nK •fnrt. loslnsr tbelr ^)r»t five 
n.|rk'->K with e"!'- 5even runs "n *be hoard. 
.\t tbl" riolnt .Tnn'>i« <*nd A H<irrls h"r.BTne 
i.«i.ncir.ted. and bv rood cricket carried the 
urore to ?R. when "TrW wa« «e.n» bf<-k by 
, ,.rt«d ""y rmm '=..-,,-f«; Tb* reiTmi"<1'"- 
did not tr|v« Tn""b •roiihl". »nd 'he Innlnri 
rimed for S'. "^cnrf" bowled well tViroiiitV.. 
out nn'' flni-*'"! "•'♦'' the fine nna'-el* c 
ft for 12. Thr fcllowlng Is the detall'd 
score: ' 


f.^ltv. b Pcarfo " 

"iiirner. b "crfn " 

I'nTrlcksoh. c .Tr<me«. b Attwell ....... •' 

't>«i»T<-e, b Attwel' ■'..:..'...; . 1 

Wn-trff t. c .Tames, b Scarfe ... - . . . ..... " 

.Tor-", "."t o"t ^ 

^. trqrrf*. b 'cnrf • . . , 1'' 

V. TTnrris. run ou*- /. . . . -f^. .......■■ " 

T staiil»v "^p'^.. ^ .**twe1t " 

.r"„ris, c Txl*. b Scarfe 

f-'iih., b Scsrfe ...........••.••■••••• • " 

Extras ■, • " 






F. W. 



not out 13 

Total for 5 wickets.. ^5'' 

Vlctorlrt, 2na Innings 

T R. Leonard, b Wilson J 

A I'. B. Grant, b Grant '^ 

.-^. GllleTle. b H. A. Ismny " 

F. .T. Marshall, b Grnnt ] 

.T W. n. York, not out 2 

.L n. Glllpsple, not out " 

Extras , ^ 

Total for 4 wicket <■ 

Bowling .\nnlynls 
Albion. Ul Innings 

L. York H 

W. York H 

and Innings 


Major " 

.«5. Gillespie ' 

Onward •' 

Gray 3 

I.eon.irrt * 

Marshall < 

Grant • ^ 

Victoria. 1st Innings 

O. M. 

F.. W Tsmny 24.4 R 

.lepson 1" - 

Wilson ' ' 

Trlmen ^ ' 

I'egler < « 

2n(! Innlnga 










R. W. 
3rt 1 

IS 2 






















K. W. Ismny 

Wilson ^ 

Topson ' 

H A. Tsmay ^ 

iv Grsnt " 

Oak nay vs. Tort land 
Oak Bny wnn the tnm niiil elected to hat 
first Thf Innlnits started fJilrly wen, the. 
first wlrket fulling for 22 runs. PlIklnKtr'n 
wsB unfortunately lb« to Fennlck. Barclay 
WBS rniight by Smith imrV Speak wss out 
lo a lirllllnnl oafrb by Nicholsi.n fit point. 
Six wickets wr-re down rr>r 4» runs when 
Yeoman lolned Schwrngers nut;, llirs^ f.v.i 
ninde a splendid stand. Yeoman bclnff run 
put f'-r a well played 87. and Schwen;,-'''^ 
carried his but for 41. Fenwlck made 
very fine ratrh at covar. Total for 
Innings. 18S. 

The bnnllnjt nnd fleld'nr of (be vlxltors 
was rxrellent Portland rn mm en red ba'.tlmt 
after luiK-h. MrKlllIp and Pntlull.) miking 
a very fine inmblnatlon. plgylnx exoellenl 
rrlcicet, giving nn chsnces s#l scoring verv 
fast, moving, respectively. 4S and 41. The 
only other one to make doublo flB-urcs was 
Grenves, with 18. Total score, 127. 

The fpsturf of the gsme was wlihnn' 
donbt Bpesk's bowling for Oak Bay. He 
took 9 wiekets tor S9 runs, ami was backed 
up by very keen fielding. 

The serond Innings Osk Bay realised 
P8 runs. Srhwengers ayaln batted extreme- 
ly well, making 11. assisted by a very fine 
lilsplar of Barclay, with 31. 

Portland with only half an hotlr to pisy 
and reoulr(ltirtt ,1*0 runs' to win the match, 
hy quick sehrtlrfg on b*hs1f of Tarlton. 2 4, 
and OJsted. 1*. maile 8* before time was 

Result. Oak Bay won by 8 runt on first 

Oak Bay, 1st Innlnga 
W Spaak. p NIcholaon. b Lawrence 
W. r. U rHKIngtoB. Ibw. b y^nwlck 
T. Barclay, c Smith, b Fenwirk ^.. 

<•. P. W. Bahwenyera, npt out 

J. .James, c FenWIck, *» Lawrenca . 
C. f. Tunnard, 1)"r»n«I(k •■.'.\i,.,. 

J. A. ar««nhlll. b rwiwlcfc . .. 

B- *. f aonian. run out 

C ^,. BiMidr. «, * raowick ...... 

Total .'. 

Man's Own 

Pcarfe. c and b X. Harrla . . . 

Ferris, b X. Harris 

.tames, b N. Harris ......... 

Meirns. s Hewlec, c Harris .. 

Attwell, b Erlckson' 

Norman, c and b A. HaYrls . . 

Harris, b A. Harris 

Ilartlett. b A. Harris 

Talt, not out ■ 

Savage, b A. Harris 

LIddlard. h A. Harris 

Extras .... ■ • . • • • 

Total . ..: ■•■■•■: "'' 


Bohedula for Today 

The followlni? is the programme for 
fhls afternoon's play in the lawn ten- 
nis tournament at the club grounds. A 
list of the Uandlcapa will be found in 
the club house; 

St30 p. m. — I^adlea' SlneT^ea 

Court 1. — Miss Gillfsple vh. Miss 

Court 2. — Mrs. Robertson vt?. Mrs. 

Court 3. — Mrs Leemlng vs. Mrs. 

Court 4. — Miss McCallum vs. Mrs. C. 

Court 6. — Mis.s Dodwell vs. Mrs. 

4 p. xtL- — Man'a Slngrlea 

Court 1. — J. T. Leeming vs. Bains. ^ 

Court 2. — Shedden vs. McCallum. 

Court 8.— Moore vs. Robertson. 

Court 4. — Eberts vs. Bone. 

Court 5. — ateadman vs. Hart ' 
5 p. m. — ^Maa'g Slngleis 

Court 1. — Dickson vs. Garrett. 

Court 2. — Maclachlan vs. Bains. 

Court 3, — ^Virtue vs. ArnoM. 

Court 4. — Poulkes vs. Mlllli?an. 

Court 5.— T. H. Leeming vs. Tebutt. 

Court 6. — Forrest vs. Uyliinds. 
6 p. m. . 

Men's Singles — Williams vs. Coddard. 

Men's Douhles — Maelachlan and Rome 
\.>». Nesbltt and Barber. Hart and Vir- 
tue vs. Dickson and Moore. 

. 13 
. 11 

ZSntrlCB In Sivimmlng' Oo&t«sta 

Mr. J. McXelU. of thiB rlty ,who won 
the 220 and the 100 yards, beside ser- 
ond place In the half mile swimming 
contests In the British Columbia 
matches at the Gorge on Saturday, has 
mterpti for the quaftrr mile and th'i 
titile swimming race 'n Vnncoiiver on 
Saturday next. Mr. McNeill is not sat- 
Isfliad that the best swimmer won on 
Satutday, pointing out, that when Mr. 
T Falle.v of Vancouver won the half 
mile, he was quite fre^li, u being h!<; 
fivst ci'.though the last Item on the pro- 
gr.imme. Mr McXelll had already par- 
tlcip.tte-'. ill lour events, two of whicli 
ho von anc" had. owing to tho distance 
t-. hist dr*s».lni(; tent, to stand around 
In hlH wet bathing suit between events, 
.getting badly chilled before the trying 
;h4Jf mile swim across the .itl-ong and 
•cnllly tide, but even then ha a 
good second., ' 

Taxpayers Hold Mee^tlng. — There 

will b» a meeting of ratepaye'rn of TCr- 

.(iulm«4-t district in the Sailors' and 

Isoldier'a^Howc at 8 o'clock Krlday 

(evenlnf, for the purpose of dlacnssing 

(nunldpal affair*. — ^A. B. EUHi, Sacre- 

Herc*s just the latypu 
want, cleared ois^^d, 
]evel» itiSk most ^!^^Sl^' 
district 'that .is develop- 
ing rapidly, gn tbft ntiV( 

subjirbsiii electric lfe;^fp 
nearer town than Estfui- 

improvea streets, at halt 
the usual price. 


Conlains ihc most desir- 
able, most beautiful 
homesite lots anywhere 
around Victoria. Quar- 
ter-acres, ample room 
for fine home and gar- 
den, and the prices arc 


Oh terms of $50 cash 

and balance at rate of 

$15 a month. 

Marigold street, which 
passes right through 
this property, has al- 
ready been passed for 
turnpiking and grading. 
Those who have bought 
in "Garden City Park" 
at opening prices, have 
made a splendid invest- 

You have a chance to 
make the same invest- 
ment if you act quickly.- 

Motors to the property 
every day. 

McPherson & 
Fullerton Bros. 

616 View St., Central 


'•"■'■ '-'"'■ 

.L..A^.Ui J.^..A. . r 

Tuaaday, August 20, 1912 



-f— *- 




'i r 

ir^^ ' 


\ AXCOUX KR STREET, near Bay street, 2 good 
lots, 50x120. Splendid investment or would make 
nice homesitc. Terms, one-fourth cash, balance 
6, 12, 18 months. Price, each $2,500 

COWICHAN STREET, . Richmond Park, * tot 

I'^i^lh/high, dry and level, one of the tot t«iy& In. 

' Rlchmand Park. One-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 

months. Price ^1,250 

WANTED — Listings in Oak Bay. li yon have any 
houses or lots in this district send in your lowest 
< {trices and terms for quick sale. 

t Oiu 111 

Sayward Block Phone 1.494 

Branch Office, 431 Homer St., Vancouver, B. C. 
Agents Pacific .i^iQiipt Ifire Insurance Co, ' 





A i: Ai -VKW 


The trade if? invited to caK ana Inspect our new 'patabUshmept, as well 
as to view our ciiic and pffective styles in eai-ly 7AZiXi SATB> 

It is our aim to ije distinctive Jnssti'leB, In aervlce and In prices. 


rormerly of Finob Sc X'luoli 




Metchosin Street — 50x125 to a lane. Terms, one- 
third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. Price $1,450 

Brighton Road— -47x104 to a lane. Terms, one-third 
.cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price. .$1,400 

Cranmore Road — 50x103, lane at side. Terms, one- 
third cash, balapce 6, 12, 18 months. Price $1,525 

Olympia Avenue — 52x104, trees. Terms, one-third 
cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. Price $1,300 

Wildwood — 50x100, close to sea and car, paved street. 
Terms, one-third cash, balance 6> 12, 18 montlis. 
Price , $1,500 

Robertson Street — 50x112, close to car. Terms, one- 
third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. Price $1,700 

Take One of These and 

You Will Make Money 

In the Fail 

1 201 Broad Street Comer of View 

Large Attendance of Members 
of University Body Is Ex- 
pected—Public Reception at 
Parliament Buildings. 

•VI ten o't'lofk tomorrow mornlnK, in 
the aSBfnibly liuli of the South Park 
school, the meeting of the convo- 
cation of the University of Brlilsh Co- 
lumbia will open. There are eight 
hundred and fifty members of the lirist 
convQcallMi, this body consisting of 
graduates of any university In the em- 
pire who have been residing In the 
province for two years and -who ha\e 
legist'Jred, together with twcnt>-tlvu 
appointed by the lleutenant-governor- 

io-'coui);pu»>ttunt .^mjcpeMi^ .j»ui 

the xttstA\t^'m,i^jtm_'im*Smi9^ 

and au p«rso]Mfii%lii|ir« mm^ 9K^ 

Tib* mSttUUHT <dr «4uoation. Hot), if. 
n Tonne, will -V^MMUIb over ^ ff»tlU 
erlng until it Iwa orcuMftftd. B^«t V>0^ 
en havit -been (Comlaf ta fwr^Wfr alec* 
tlon of a chancellor and fifteen ioem« 
bera of the unlyeralty aenate, and It la 
expected thitt a tar»« 9«i«eiit4i«a of 
the nrat electorate Will r*eord tlMrtr 
vote*, altboufh tl^era la, ^jatontlly at 
thia time of tha^<y«at %. WtimX. many of 
them away. Ttie attendaaea ~ ta Itkely 
to hn Tuimfrflwia. 

In the evenloc tliera wlU bfi a re> 
ception tendered to the convocation by 
H»a Honor Lleutenant-aovernor Pater- 
aon. Sir Riobard IMbrfde <uid th<i 

TBe mae ni o f " t tta aaaeutlya ' euuuell o f 
fhe province. The recejttlQn will tak4 
plaea tn the leglaiativ chamber, and H 
la the detilre o^ his Hoi>or and of th* 
Preinier ^^'i'^MJlillilSLM^^ citiaens 
of Vlctorllf'JiiflftrW^ do 

ments «ml<'tfca;-iMn«a'<- w: inv.''i«liBMPi» 
that being the only place available ow- 
ing to the building operatlone which 
are going on. 

The elective ' officers of the convoca- 
tion arc to be a aecretary, a treasurer 
and an executive council of Ave mem' 
bera, all of whom are to be elected ajl- 
nuallx- The chairman Is to iio tiie 
chancellor. This dignitary Is ^^^jjiiiM'i 
■elected fty the -^jonvocatlon and |f^|B^'^ 
hold office for three years or TAntltntf 
successor, is elected. The functions of 
tSe convocation will be otiiefly elective, 
but it will be f-on'nietent for the body 
to consider ai: ns affecting the 

■well-being and ,.i .,.-,, trity of the uni- 
versity, and to make representations 
from time to time to tliC aenate on 
aiicli (juestlons. 

Bfn."»tr and Ckiveniore. 
The flttpf-n ■ii'inher* of the ser\ate' who. . 
are to br »■' ii, like the other mem- 

ber* or i!-., be •Ii'.ntf"! , foi' three 

years. Tlie senate ib to Lt>r>«i»i of the min- 
ister of education, the chancellor or the 
untver»l'^' the- pre»iaent of the untvemlty, 
wlm wi: •' chairman, the deans and 

t>rotM»o ach of the faculties, the 

•uperlnleudeni of edticatlon, the prlncljials 
of the normal BChoolB, three members to 
ht! appolniea by the lleiitenant-governor-ln- 
cniincll, ont- member eleuted toy the High 
Ki !mo) prlndpalB and assistants ?»ho are 
nrnially er.ffaged In teachlnB. one member 
I'U-cted by the Provincial Teachers' insti- 
tute, one member to be «l«ct«d by the goy- 
y^nln|f body of o:very affiliated cdllene or 
school In the province, and the fifteen 
members mentioned. The aenate will at- 
tend to the pur-sly scholastic portion of the 
university work. , 

On the board of governors will devolve, 
the manRRement of what mljfht be called 
the temporalities ot the university— -the 
erection and maintenance of the bulldlncs, 
the fl.xinn' of the amount of fees, arrange- 
ments with affiliated colleges, and so 
forth. The board win also have the ap- 
pointment and removal of the teachlni? 
muff, on >');> nomination or' recommendation 

Ml" ,,, . -;.:.n:. ;iii,i :;ip appointment :^nd 
ii : ^.v ■ .ii: . iiu.;..>L'es. Its members 

tvi'.l b.' llir. chancKllor, who will be the 
chairman, the president, and nine persons 
appointed by the lleutenant-governor-in- 
. Miiiii ji. nr the first appointed members. 
ilii.o shall hold office for two years, three 
for four years and three for aU years. 
Thereaftei* they shall hold office for six 
years. Xo member of the executive council 
durlns: his terms of office, no employee ••. 
the service of the" education deplrtment, 
and no principal or other teacher In any 
hiKh school shall be ellRlble to be a' mem- 
ber of the board. Women may be members 
of the board and the senate. 


Entrleg Conilng In Tast for Event at 
Sockcllffe Ranges 

OTTA.\V.\, Aug. 19 — Wih the Dom- 
inion rifle matches to be held at Rock- 
liffe only a week away, already a large 
numb<»r of entries have been received- 
From now on the entries will come 
.swarming In fnstcr and faster, and 
though a record of 700 entries was es- 
tablLihed last year, it is expet-ted that 
this will be broken again this year. 
Among the entries already received is 
that of a full team of li! from H. M. 
C. S. Xlobe. 

Vancouver llnrse Show 

The rcpnitii of the \'anrouvei- Ilnise 
Show do not Uo Juslh-e to the cxhlbltoi(> 
from Victoria. Mr. K. Henderson wss suc- 
cc.isful In winning Ist officers chargo]. 
'■Madieiilii;' Ist thiee-yenr-oUl tliorouRh- 
iircd filly, ".Mndreuiita ;" lat nvo-year-uld 
lliori.njRhbred. "Satala;" tsl yearling flllv. 
"Kllen Terry;" special by B. C. Hlocli- 
hreedtMs' association for best two colts 
bred In B. ('. ; Isl t wn-year-otd loiidstpr, 
"SatnlH;" Und thorouffhhred stallinn, "r;rfrn 
Onods;" 3r(l lailles burners. •'.Madrcslla;" 
3rd ladies' saddle liornc, "Witrwlck Ijltly;" 
1st and three 2ndn Shetland pony, ■•Ecil))- 
BCtte." Mr. P. Clark's .Mn|iy gecui-ed second 
in polo pony class. 

The c'lmprlltlnn hctwp.en the Victoria 
and Vanconvcr Hunt clubs did not take 
place. DWins to the fact that the Vancomer 
(hint chih did not fulfill the condillons 
which called for niomber.i nf hunt ( lubs to 
ride Inntead of this they sent Ihclr team 
|r. compete with Rrooni and stable-hands up. 
Tlie Victoria teav.i, amonttsi which was 
Mrs. fn.x, very properly refused to ride. 


Party From 
The East 

Ileprepentlng clients with capital 
would like to hear front anyone 
hnvlnn property f(?r aale. MUST 

Dsax oxmaoT trxTx omnuM 

Addi^eSif ': 
■ox i7a7 ooxtOHiax 


YOU BUY— Our Sale Offers You Opportunities in 

Every Line 

Bon-Bon Dishes 

These are .siher plaied. \Mtliout Iiaiullc-. Sides are 
pierced in neat pattern. Regular price, 1*/^^^ 
each, 75c. Sale price, each OUO 

■ 4 ' " ' 



^ ^^*l!'^!|*^ w^^ ' 

Tea Sets 

Tn an Uncommon Pattern 

' f f^"^ pieces, teapot with ebony handle, and sugar and 
cream, gold lined Tlie-^c arc a plain hut prettv 

fhi* f^ double ojrsiCf;"lll'eII design, i^tMed to hold 
' twicr kinds <A preserves at once. 'Kett frcMted 

fflass Hnic^ and silver plated spoons. 

It^tr 1f^v» 9(^a5> S«l« price, . ^i'. 


II i> <iWH rt isn *«»s»»<niif>i|— >Miw>^>niw» 

'im iiii ir'm 

■liiiwi Btucnit-Jai!: 

t'hJls is of pliiin clear gflass, with a silver plated top 

,1 ' ind cover. Useful and easily kept clean. In two 

designs, r . 

^.xx^^l Regolfir^ price $8.3$. ^,,,^^^_ _. . 
,,,.>/;; •'vxyw j^i0 pride .••.**.*<>*•«'*••'•««.*•«..•' 

Saw-^|iiii#i(v-< 4 ^d« ■ V 

Butter Dish 

Low Tub Shape 
Silver plated, with knife and cover and ^\hitc .class 
tub. Very dainty. Regular price ^Q Of!' 
^3/5' ^^^e price ; ^itaii«09 

Individual Egg Cup 

Thi.s is in a silver ])laled stand, with I)lue j^ias.s .salt 
cellar and salt spoon and egg spoon. P.ntli spootT^ 
and the cup are gold lined. Regular ^A /ff Cf 
price $3.50. Sale price ...... ^iS«\)el 

"■f '^.r*^?!?? 

Egg Stand 

•C, fcjjSs* 

This stand is fur iDur. iiaving that number of cups 
and spoons. These cups are of a plain pierced 
pattern. Regular price $9.00, Sale 



Two other styles tji 4-cnp frames arc marked at- 
Regular price 810.00. ^T CL€^ 

Sale price ^ / •dil 

Regular price $6.00. ^>| fZ(\ 

Sale price ^tI^vU 

Toast Racic 

Large size. sc\'cn liars, plain, useful shape. ReffSTifiP 
price $5.50. ^m ^ /" 

Sale price t^^» JLv 

Children's Mugs 

Silver Plated. Gold Lined 
Regular prices. .$5.00. $4.00, $3.50, '^^■Z},. .''^3.00. 
Sale prices, 3.75, $3.00, $2.65, " ^ftA tfk^ 

S2.45 and ^MmMO 

Syrup Jug and Plate 



,^ft Wt**rfft>|M*P^^'^( 

llgh^ «i»de WfmW^mm^' The style Of 
ttiiiB Is pl«n, hut iHMl sievere Hegular pnce. per 
\iel,$37»so. Sf le pH«e,%«l' ^ — 

ffC*^»Tti^ « # • • iiiiTT<^^j^^^7<^^^f^i^^^ 



With Hot Water Kettle 

This is the Queen Anne pattern, English silver 
plate, and wc 'consider it 9, very q-ood \ahic 
Regular price, per set, $48.25. ^Q^ On 

Sale price, per set ^00«iU\f 

Queen Anne Tray 

To match the above set. This is a 24 inch tray, per- 
fectly plain finish. Regular price ^AA ff/| 
$30.00. Sale price ^iy*ri«vU 

Oil and Vinegar Bottles 

In Silver Plated Stand 

These are two separate bottles in a neat stand. 

Regular price $8.50. ^€t /I A 

: aA to>rice ' . . . ^Owfftir 

— ' , ' 1 • ' " '' . -« . 

Sugar and Cream 

In Stand 

These are very neat, .silver plated and rrold lined. 
Regular price, set, $8.00. '^Ct A A 

Sale price, set , . ^0«vf \f 

Pickle Jar 

New Style 

This is of ver> clear white glass, standing in a sil- 

. A-er plated frame and with a silver plated spoon. 

Regular price SG.75. 4^C "i A 

Sale price <^0«i V 

Marmalade Jar 

Plain Silver Plated 
Regular price, set $6.50. 
Sale price, set 


Afternoon Tea Spoons 

Silver Plated 
These are in Rcdfern plate, a very high grade. 
Regular price, per doz.. .$5.00: 1-2 do?;.. S2.50. 
Sale price, per doz, $3.75; 

1-2 dozen 


Crystal Glass, in Silver Plated Stand 

This also is altogether new. It-^h^s a silver plated 
top and spoon. Regular price $2.00. 
Sale price 


Breakfast Cruet 

This hrs 4 pieces, salt and spuini. pe])per, mustard 
and vinegar bottle, all in a neat silver plated 
stand. Regular price $10.00. ^Wt /"A 

Sale price ^ / •vU 

Bon-Bon Dish 

Small size, with handle, p'crced .sides. 
Regular price $1.00. Sale price .... 


QUALITY — Has always been our aim, but during 
our Anniversary Sale we are making PRICE a 
very great consideration 





v/ -' - 

1211-13 Opusrlas Street 

■m*>* *■ 

'11"^? ^ "^ ' J ' ^ ' •"* 



^ <i>-7 f 1 il"»ifc.i 

Sayward Block, Victoria, B.a 

•.'.■■■ ■,>tii'j»-' .'• '£Aa'Sfeii4i8a'''.ii,.>.&ii'i 



Tuesday, Auguat 20, Ittt 




One acre of ground with two large clwe!llns« producing Kood 
revenue. Could be aubdivlded to advantage. One-lhlrd 
cash, balanca 1 and 2 years. Price for the whole. .WO.OOO 

19 Acres at Albert Head 

Close to sea and with excellent view. One-third cash, balaiu-o 
arranged at 7 per cent. Price, per acre fl50 

Hillside Ave. Car Line 

Beaview, lots 60x120, near Hillside Avenue car line. View is 
magnificent. One-third cash, balance easy. Price, per 
lot •!««» 

James Bay 

^outh Turner Street, corner lot 46x120, with 7-room dwell- 
ing. On«-thtr^ OiBh. Price $7500 

Cook Street Corner 

120x180 on Cook Street, suitable for apartment house site. 
Easy terms. Price , . .lpia,000 

B. C. Land and Investment Ageiij^ Limited 

PHONE 125 


Will cut "into 12 good lots, with street already mad^^fthe sideof the prop- 
erty Partly cultivated and with good trees on the balai^*^: 
The price of this has been reduced $2,ooo for quick sale. 



Terms over 3 years at 6 per cent. 


A Few Fairfield Lots 

OLIVH Sr.— High and dry. FAIRFIELD TF lili ACE— }<cdr 

Price $1 .600 iMoss. Price $2,500 

(:IIAP}L\\ .ST.— Close to Lin- LLXDEX .IV/:.— Close to the 

den. Priee $1,600 sea. Price $2,500 

WELLINOrON AVE. — Near LINDEN AVL\— Close to Fair- 
Faithful. Price $1,900 field. Price .......... $3,500 


:''f<ii'^'.'A':'^hMv*.:.-:; ■'^.; ....... .■;:-■■ -. ■,•■■■.;■-■;■'■,■'■'■-.:,■ ., 

, . ', . ^ Mli,MlMi ' \ ^^ '--*'■" 'I : ,. ' ' ^^ I .- ^ fto' ^ W 

R. BRO WN * 

lhii2 BroadI 




T mcnt ot cood wsterfroni ftt 

at '.t'.'pkt 

B acre farma at Gitnsea, partly 
|ii;lce, per acre, |l5n 

Write for particulars about 
that farm or aumnier home. 

Gavin C. Mouat 



604 ueiiirai t xuk. 

Property ll8te<i with 60 of the 
most reliable rtal estate f Irme, 
who are our subscribers. 

V. T. TATLOW, Mftr. PhW^ 3220 


This district, on account of Its unique position aa the close-in resi- 
dential section of the city, has seen more .bulKUng and development during 
the past two years than any other section. Seml-buslness property on th« 
:nain thoroughfare of this district will shortly all be required for stores 
and apartment buildings. We can offer 2OTft frontage on the best cor- 
ner on the street for $16,000, and make very easy terms of purchase. 
Don't delay, but see us now. 


Phone 2559. 310 Pemberton Bldg. Open Evenings 7 to 8 


Below Value 

McKENZIE STREET, 50x124 ^2100 

Don't Overlook This Snap 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
Bajwara Block, Oronad rioo». 

Fbona 39S4. 


To Loan 



A. W. Bridgman 

1007 Oovernment Street 



«»17 D»««laa Ht. 

Dnubi« comrr. Qii«*n« ani] Cook tt.t slie 
IMvlll. Prlc«i I».00^ 

iitHRH In MJ^A H«l ^f.ilr ^. ..,tr.t/ With UH. 

rhcua hMtt. 

So Cheap 

St. Patrick street— Lot. close 
to McNeil ave., has sever- 
al fruit tree?. 

PRICE ?1425 

Terms, 1-3 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 
and 18 


841 Fort Phone 1741 

Extra Special 


Hillside Avenue, next to 
Corner Prior 

Lot, 67 X 145 

And a well-built 7-roomcd 

house, 5 rooms finished 

ON— ?6,500— TER] 

Absolutely the best buy on 
Hillside today 


Exclusively by 

Heinekey & Shaw 

"The Home Finders" 
319-330 Sayward Bnlldlnh 


cmAjJKv Tmojfommoittm 

B acres or more of Tery pic- 
turesque scenery In HAPPT VALf- 
L,KT district. A combination of 
rock, stream, meadow and timber. 

A. Toller & Go. 

604 Yates Street. 

Some Good 


Vancouver Street — Lot 45X 
180, and two houses. On 
terms ?7,a00 

Oak Bay — Five-room mod- 
ern house, just completed. 
Terms ?4,000 

Oak Bay— Milton Street, z 
fine building lots. The 
2 on tcrm.s ?2,800 

Securities Co. 

Phone 2828 1316 Douglas 

Oak Bay 

The Cheapest in This District 
Madison Street, Richmond Park— 50x125, for 
Musgrave Street, near Uplaridsr— 50x120, for . 

On Good Terms 

. . ^1350 

For Sale by 

A. von Girsewald 

Real Estate, Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

Phone 2926 Box 900 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Shoal Bay Waterfront 

Two lots on nearly one-third acre each, no nock. 
Price, on terms over 2 years, each $3,500 


118-119 Pemberton Block. 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

Shoal Bay 

Two beautiful larre waterfront 
lots, masnlficent building site. 


Or can be sold separately. 

A. 0. G. Crawford 

Tel. saat. 317 OMitral Bldr. 

Charming Residence in Oak Bay 

ElKht-roomed, modern bungalotv, stone foundation, nil Improvement p; 
half acre of well laid out grounds; garage. Price, on good terms $18,000 

C. F. de Salis, Roberts & Co., Ltd. 

Haynes Block, Fort Street Phone 856 

^Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Cheapest Buy on Hollywood 
Crescent, Facing the Sea 

Three magninoent lota, between Uobprtson and Beni-hwood, ouch h-.h- 
feet frontage. If. has been many months nince af low a value as this ha.s 
been ofrer«d. Don't fall to Investlgat*'. The termf" are easy and the 
prices will certainly astonish you when you hear them. ' 


Member Victoria Re^ Estate ^ixcliimgc 

Phone 304. 

r*-} Fort Street. 




i ij ' jy 'i|j,..,i.jj.^ij ! ?ii. 



- - ^# ww^H^B^W 4^^^Mjr ^WwW ^^^^w^w ^^fc 

loBtMto^ iti«t at, ■tttmtmM, toxsm. 

rUi com Wi 


Dallas and Linden, G3xl30. Third 
cash, 6. 13 and 18. Price .. ,»6,000 

Chatham and Douglas, near comer. 
120x180. Cash I15.OC0, balance 3 
years. Price $74,000 


Cobble Hill, near Mill Bay, 41 aoreii, 
16 acres cleared, Houae, i rooms, 
stable, etc. Good trout stream 
runs through property. 11,260 ca»h. 

balance 1. !. a years. Price J5.500 

OtiYfi utrctfc fltfmuft 

- . ._,^._.i '^-— [,yg^ "welt "hunt and 


f- li^»l l > ill ! lila^no stinting. When 
street paving Is finished (contract 
now let), value will be sure to in- 
crease 1500. We are owners and 

P»ICB, ){;3,})50 — EAB-7 TSBM8 

Why not see ua for fnU 

Ward Investment Co. 


Phone 874. 606 Sayward Bldf. 

%^v ■, 



! And best acreage in 

-_. Alberni District 


Frank & Debruyne 

P. O. Box 68. Alberni, B. C. 

A Few Lots at Very 
Unusual Prices 


Sunset Avenue. Shoal Say. Couldn't have a 
better view. Two lots, each .S.'lxiao. Only 
J350 ca«h, balance '6, 12, IS and 24 months. 
Price, each ^1600 

Also two lots, near these, which are heauti- 
fully treed, 84x175. One-third cash, balance 
6, 12 and IS months. Price 93000 

Brubaker & Meharey 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Phone 3.308. Merchants' Bank Building. 

Salt Spring Island 


Sixteen Acres within fifty yards of Vesuvius Ray Wharf, two 
acres of orchard, 300 yards frontage on main road, abund- 
ance o^ good water, beautiful view, joins property that sold 
for $100 per acre. Terms : $1,200 cash, balance at 7 per cent. 
Price ' $3,000 


Fhone 1381. 

101-9 Fambarton Block. 


60x120, Durban strpet. . . . 93,000 
60x120, Carnsew street.. $2,000 
,t0x120. .Toseph street.... 91,350 
.=i1xl48, Uamley street.... $1,760 

.'i(txl20. Busby street 91i<100 

•!Sxl20, OeorKe street.... $1,650 

.S0xl25, Moas street $1,900 

.iiJxl 25, Walton street .... $1,675 
50x120, Linden avenue.... $a,B00 

.10x190, .May -treet $1,360 

32x1. lO, Clover street $1,B76 

50x120, Olive street $1,600 

.50x140, .Stannard avenue. $1,375 
Terms: 1-3 cash, 6, 12, 18 

fi ia«re» on 3-mlle circle, reaxly 
for subdivision. At this price 
for ft short time only. 1-3 
rash, 1, 2 and 3 years. Price 
only «B,aOO 


Fhsne fSS4 




On a good corner in Oak 
Bay. Only $700 cash, bal- 
ance $20 per month and in- 

Grubb k Letts 

205 and 206 Central Building 




TudSday, Ai<ii»ti 20, 1012 


. tiih. 

Saanich Arm Wat erfro nts 

Large piece <»i i^ropcriy, with over a mile and a half walerfrontage uii 
Saanich Arm and L'nion Bay, subdivided into l"ts of one acre each. 

Old Bradley-Dyne farm now on the markei. Good prices and moderaic 
terms of interest at 6 per cent, h'ive (5) per cent allowed off purchase price for 
cash, also ten (lo) per cent off to purchasers who erect dwellings costing not les.-, 
than $2,000, within one mmt from making purchase.. 

Plans arid prices may be seen at our office. 


il l' 

620 Fort Street 
itate Ej 


Acres iii/CS^pi' ,, 

- ♦ ,. •« 1 ' 

:; ^;iicd on tie, J^»terirok Sl»aU h<m^,\hmmmm^nf> 
I v^zttk fruft trecl, etc. tfee view can't be exc^4. J^ ^ 

■ ask 19'^ ?^t as take you out there in our motor, to-. jtto^^^ 
1 «^tiyi»e'i|>|>^eciated. Price $11,750- U^e-tnir^ cash, bal- 

an<!« Pit« and two years. 


Phone 845 

Victoria Real Estate^ Exchange 

405 Central Building 

Richmond Avenue 

I'our splendid grassy lots, each 50x106, close to 
c^r line and only two blocks from sea. 

PRICE, $1,600 EACH 
Terms, one-third cash, balance 6, 1 2, 18 months at 

7 per cent. 

For a few days onTfy'^ 





We offer a new seven-fbom semi-bungalow, with full size 
basement, piped for furnace, and up-to-date in every detail. 
The house is situated in the Fairfield district, ntstputsidc 
the mile circle, $2,000 cash, balance easy. Price Sti5,75U 

R.V. Winch & Co, Ltd. 

521- Fort Street I'lit)ne 145 


4V2 Acres at a Bargain 

This is an excellent piece of property for the money. Only 
seven miles from Government and Fort Streets. B.C. Elec- 
tric car -line runs right through property. Would subdivide 
nicely into half-acre tracts. Terms: One-third cash, balance 
to suit. I'rice • • ?3,500 


Members Victoria- Real Estate Exchange 
Phone ioc»4. 302 Pemberton Bldg. 



Three lots, each SOxiOo, nii-eiy treed. 

will sell separately at each $1750 

Or en bloc at 


One-third cash, bal 

anco «. 12 and 58. 

This Is only good vuitil Saturday, so you had better hurry. 


VhOD'* 3415. 

1219 X.&ii8rl«7 8tr«ct. 






1 lot In Oak Bay, 1-3 cash. $1,060 
1 lot on Prideau, near Burnslde, 

.".0 X 186. with tent and about 

This lot on Grahame Street nt 

I.SO worth of fixtures to ko 

with lot. $400 ca.'^h $1,050 

91SM) Is $200 bolow \alup. Size 

In i)0xl20. Terms can be arrangred 

1 lot on View street, with 6- 

roomed house, rents $40 per 

to suit purchaser. 

month. 60 x 120. 1-3 cash, 

balance 8. 12, 18, 24 months, 


Cameron Investment 

& Securities Co.. Ltd. 


•4S Pandora Btraat. 

Frlnto 0»..rRe Hdiel BlocTk,' ' ' 

T«l, S7*0. 6iC Tronnso Aw. 

t Fh«a« 3/41. 

Htw ten -nkmtS :Hous«* 
mx}\ every modern r<7n- 

Sta^*»ii^ ^^;m f school 

will pfod<i<:.r Mv^ie $50 
per month. A few ,a^j4 
only .....$1J 



tn-)s.i:io. nnly one block from Outer Wharf and new break- 
water, clo- ,ir Hiif. Si)lendid business possibilities, with 
pvery advantage of position and outlet. As an investment or 
a building- proposition this price is most attractive. 




Agreements for Sale DiscQifljg^, Owners Only. ; > ***' 

, V ; > llMibars Vletovte $tMi)K mminm - ' ■* : 

Heisterman, For- 
man & Co. 

1 21 J Broad St. Phone 55 

Money to Loan 

Fire, Life and Accident 




" I ? " ■ r' »' I " 1, 'J'l ! J ,1 




. __^ 1- ■ — — 

— I 


ROSS ST.— 2 lots overlooking the water. 
Price each $1400 

BEACHWOOD AVE.— Plxccptionally nice 
lot. Price $1400 

LINDEN AVE.— Price $2100 

sGftnt & Lineham 

Money to Loan.- , 633 Yates street. 


i »i i ' ii i i f i n m I ii i i ii \^miiimmm»mmmm0mimmmi^^m 


)i ii 


I iii i II ii 

• I f ii i iiiij»i i iii 11 . II I ( I I IIII I I I II II II m i ll ' i i ii i i m i j i | i Jl" ' ' ' "J" ' "* ' ' " * }« 1 ) 11 




n ii "*i i ' | I ii'i^i' 1 1 c i i >ii» M i r'i'i i I ii | i i« w> ' '" ' j' I l ' " ' '3W § lSW ^' 

''■'v"i W'h 


itetfi^ With Dctoi#»|l 

Paiwtiiars and !%te^' 

s. For Full 

Rents Collected 
Estates Managed 
1205 Broad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance A^ent 
Manager Branch Of/ice Great West Life 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 55 

Snaps in 
Real Estate 

Musgrave St., within 50 ft 
of Uplands. Price $1500, 

over 4 ycnrs. 

McPhenson Ave... close to 
the car line. Price $1800. 

Laurel St., close to the cor. 
of Central. Price $1250. 

< )liver St.— -i lot. Price 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 


Corner Beechwood 

And LUllan Av«nue, 81650. ■ 

Inslile lota are scUing for $]600 
In this vJclnlty. 

B. C. Business Men's 

Clearing House and 


I'iionc 3S04 
Bank of Montreal Chambers 


Good sea frontage. Im- 
proved farms. Acreage. 

Robert F. Hickey 

Parksville, V. I. 


To sen/re the nlci>.«( 6-room">l 
hotise nn Prior Strt^t. high ami 
dry with a ."plemlltl 'lew of the 
city. This liou.'se x^an built by 
the ownor for his homei quite 
rec('ntly. and Is V'prv well built 
Hfifl rtnlshf.'d. I can offer this 
for a feW dnys onlVI Rt f47S6 

■trkwberrr ▼•!• 6-Acr* rarm for 

Eric W. Hardie 

npal KxtatP Ttl. 888, InjiuiBncn. 
laoo J^nglmf UU, Op. Conn Hoas* 

M O N E ^ 

^- low rate of interest on approved .security. City 
property preferred. 


^vlcmhers of the Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

VlctorlEi, B. O. 

1003 Broad Str*«t. 

A Great Big Bargain 


Interior extra well finished, fitted for furnace, large 
cement'basement, strictly modern. In a good loca- 
tion, close in. 

PRICE, $4,000— TERMS, $750 CASH 

Balance monthly payments'. 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

Phone iS88. 

618 View St., Central Bldg. 

Tenders for Break- 
water Called For 

HlUt block from Ogd^n Point, be- 
tween St. liBWrenre niul Monlrcal, 
30x136, with modern, o-room hunifs- 
low, piped tor furnace. This is a 
moneymaker al *8,000. Third cash, 
balance arranKed. 

Gordon Burdick 

020 BroUK'i'"" '*'■ 
I'honr JftOH. rembcrton Blork. 

All klndfi I'f Insuranco wiliipu 

Johnson Street 

30 feet adjoining the Queens 
liotel. Announcement regarillnitr 
the ncVi bridge at the foot oC 
.Johnson street, expected in a few- 

Price, $1,860 per front foot, on 
good terms. 


Jtoom 10, MAhOB Blr>Qk 
p. O. Box 786. Pnon« iii!>. 


Choice- Stuff on Cook Street, ii8 x 120 




INSURANCE— Fire, Life and Accident 
'ms 5-7-9-1 r Mahon Building Victoria, B.C. 

Phone 1462 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Florence Street — Close to Fort Street, lot Oo x 120. Price 
on terms $1,250 

Bay and Empire — Two lots, 98 x 125. Price $5,250 

Hampton Road— Large lots, 50 x 171. Price, each ..$750 

Burleith— Two lots. Price, each $1,750 

Saanich — 100 acres, eight miles from City Hall. B.C. FJectric 
Railway runs through property. Price, per acre . . .$250 

City Land Co., Ltd. 

120 Pemberton Building. . 


Phone 1675. 


New, modern 7-roomed house, full hasement, piped for furnace and 
heater, ml-ssion finished throughout, built-in buffets, one niinutp from 
car. Owner built this for a home, but la forced to sell, bis misfortune 
your opportunity. 


Caah 91960, Bala&oa Arranffsa to Suit. 


Phon« 1400. 

Booma 11 and 12 Promla Blk., 1006 OoTanunaat St. 


Why Pay 


\\ lien you can buy a new 4- 
roomed bungalow, witli 
open fireplace, mantel, etc., 
inside i i--J mile circle, for 
.S2050. $450 cash, bal. ^2(1 
jicr month, including in- 
1 ere si? 

If liii.s property is npt sold 
before .Aug. 22, price will 
positively advance. For 
further particulars, talk with 



852 Yates St. Phone hm- 

Richmond Ave. 

Three lots on Ulchmond Avenu«i, cor- 
ns: Onrdon Street. 175 terl froniSB" 

126 fppt depth. Price f3,0()0 

Third caih. 

$2,500 to I.onn — On Im'provert city 
proppily. njirpni rates. 

Murray & Erb 

.\Kents .Viairara Detroit Under- 
writers f'lrs Insurance. 
Tel. aosa. 4ie Csatral Bldff. 


aonaaUa XUl. Contains 1 1-3 
a«re«, with unKurpnssed view of 
sea and islands. Price. .. .97 ,C30 

Rxclusive Airents 

Dalby & Lawson 

eis rOKT BTaaiiT 

Fort George Acreage 

Two-acre lots close to the townsite, low price and easy 
terms. Cood thing to get in on if you want to make a little 
money quickly. 

The Ncchaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

620 Broughton Street Victoria, B. C 

Reference— The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B. C 

■ ■ ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■ -11^. I.. 

^ , I mf 

Hindoo Realty and Investment Co. 


Corner of Burntlde and Brma \ft. Sin* •Jzll*. Prtot "fiSfiff' 

Two lot« on Fifth at,. n*«r Hlllnlde At*. Mm ••XIM fail- Frl««, ••«» •i^9t 

We got sxriualve, corner Pembrok* and Quadra. •!•.. iH^ASi. ThJrB ^^M^^jjit ^„ 

lon« term*. Price 1' ' V." * Vk* '>5"MI*''t '»' 

("orn«r Quadra and Princeaa, ISOxlZV. Third cash, balanc* •, , 1«^ »• #3 

__mon.h...JPr.c e ■ .t.^^^^^,, >,f^^^,„^ 


— . — ^ m- ^ ) ' kM *y fel 



mu..i^,^..^:„^^,:^ ■. ..^..w^....... ^,...... .- 


. A:^-t»Ai^-AM^'"u-'f.i ■ 





Tu««dayi Aufutt 20, 1912 

The Canadian North- 
ern Railway will 
bring ^'RIVERSIDE" 
within three-fourths 
of an hour of Victoria 





The Canadian North- 
ern Railw^ay will 
bring ''RIVERSIDE" 
within three-fourths 
of an hour of Victoria 


We wlH place on the mari«^^ 

ii^s of U^^ one 

fcres the 



mt Along the line of the Canadian Northern Railway and 

just one block from Sooke River Bridge 

Of all, the districts around Victoria, there is not one that has been so neglected as that of Sooke.. 
advent of the Railway will make probably a bigger change in this district than in any other. 


The Canadian Northern Rail- 
way compan3^'s station for 
Sooke.'Rivcr is located at "River- 
side." It is close to Sooke River 
and to the main Sooke River 
road. It will be the nearest sta- 
tion to Ctto Point, Muir Creek 
and Jordan River. All the busi- 
ness for these points should be 
done at Riverside. There is an 
excellent -new hotel at Sooke 
River. Riverside acre blocks 
should prove an excellent in- 

How lo jHirchase these lots: 
Make your .selection, j)ay your 
deposit and we will return it, if, 
after inspection, you are not 


Is one of the most beautiful spots on Vancouver 
Island, and there are many in Victoria who believe 
that Sooke Harbor and Sooke River combined will be 
instrumental in making Sooke the most popular Sum- 
mer Resort near this city. 

The Climate of Sooke is magnificent, the summers 

being especially delightful, while the winters are very 

mild. Anything and everything will grow in Sooke. 




The Canadian Northern Rail- 
way company's station for 
Sooke River is located at "River- 
side." It is close to Sooke River 
and lo the main Sooke River 
road. It will be the nearest sta- 
tion to Otto Point, Muir Creek 
and Jordan Ri\ er. All the busi- 
ness for these points should be 
done at Riverside. There is aTi 
excellent new hotel at Sooke 
River. Riverside acre blocks 
should prove an excellent in- 

We will make up parties to 
inspect the property, or there is 
a daily stage at $3.00 the round 
trip. Fare refunded to pur- 

The waterfrontage on the River is extremely 
picturesque and is all cleared. These pieces are ideal 
'or Bungalows or Summer Homes. We expect few 
of these will be unsold after the first few days' sale. 


STATION GROUNDS is all of the finest quality and not hard to clear. 

Opposite the Railway Station offer a 
splendid investment. Only a few of 
these will be sold at present prices. Remember those who buy first in our new subdivision aYe always 
buying at the lowest prices and have the best chance of making money. Low prices from $400 Up. 

The one acre blocks at $450 each 

Herbert Cuthbert & Company 


Terms: One- 
quarter cash, 
balance 9, IS 
and 24 months 


T-'osday. August 20, 




IE mnm 

Canadian-Australian Liner Will 
Dock at the Outer Wharf 
This Morning From Sydney 
and Way Ports. 



Panama Maru Will Reach Port 
iat Noon . Tom'orrow From 
Yokohama — IVIonteagle Ex- 
pected on Friday. 

The steamer ^MjAljM^^^ ,(!>« Cana- 
dtan-Australlan^^^^PBQfTiili)tO& at the 
outer wharf cilt|||t-,|JM)i tacrtiQ^ trom 
the AAtiPOdeA «w|3X«lf «anHMi«ers, in- 

cluM;'jl||iMiil^.4f><^n tbe ealoon. The 

^ptMlM carg«. of whieb 9S toBS of 
'nozfen mutton, butter^ etftn %ni be 
landed here. About SO of the passeo-^ 
sor« are baiwd to San Wtuotlaco and 
will await iMre until tbe ateamer C^ns' 
-'UUa aalla tomorrow for the .Ctolden 
liftti. TBe. Ili^iUra ielt gyJney ' oki 
■iiuy 29th, i^^land oil -mw^ Snd. 
.Suva four di^'a later aq^^Jibe '«ailed 
from Honolulji,on M9ndm'|ia9t 

The steamera TarianMJyfjJiartll,, Ktf tlHt, 
UScika Shosen kaisha, Kim),'tll'* jjtottt^' . 
eagle of the C. P. R. la||ki«HMl %Mn(^ 
the Orient, have boeii ' Titf»HM\l^'- 
-airelpss. The Japanese steamer i.- 
ports to the local agents, Messrs. iX. 
P. Rlthet & do., that she win reaci» 
the outer wharf at rioon tomorrow. 
The Monteagle was 1480 miles away on 
Sunday night, and is expected to reach 
port on Friday. The 'Panama Maru 
has 400 tons of general merchandise 

A f«w> dayiUpoilrlralUr bodies were 
Wa8)i44 Ai^i^W an^iksDverad. Before 
the at^m#i|^«lkfpPort]and •the cook 

*'*M jrto ^;,i^ mtea jUtwot^ ftn» 

and 125 steerage passengers, mostly 
''hineee, for this )iort. 

Big' Outward Cargo 

The steamer Teucer, of the Blue 
Funnel line, is expected to begin load- 
ing a large amount of w-hale oil, lum- 
Iier and canned salmon at the outer 
wharf today, and tomorrow the steam- 
er Tacoma Maru, of the Osaka Shosen 
Itaisha, is to sail for the Orient with a 
big cargo of general merchandise. The 
steamer, like ail other transpacific 
steamers, will have Mg shipments of 
^\■heat and flour for Japan and China. 
Bemand for O-rala 

There is a good demand for wheat 
and flour from Japan. and Hongkong 
for nearby shipment, but millers are 
experiencing some difficulty in secur- 
ing .space in the regular line steaniers, 
while outside tramp tonnage Is scarce 
and held at high rates. ^Vhile the tar- 
iff rale on flour Is $3.50 Japan, $4.30 
Jlongkong and J5.00 Manila, the line 
managers are asking and being paid 
$1.00 per ton premium for space. These 
are- the minimum rates. The individ- 
ual lines may. If they elect, charge 
higher rates, and in all probability 
some of the lines will take such action 
on accoun't of the extreme scarcity <jf 
steam tonnage and the heavy offer- 
ings for the fall and winter months. 
This increase in the flour rate Is indi- 
cative of the general world improve- 
ment in shipping condiMons. 
Oues to Portl»na 

Tile steamer Hercules, under charter 
to the Waterhouse line, passed out on 
Sunday en route to Portland to begin 
loading outward. The Hercules will 
be the last steamer to load in the 
regular service of this line out of Port- 
land. The Waterhouse company have 
notified interested parties that after 
the sailing of their .steamer Hercules in 
August they will no longer run steam- 
ers from Portland. Ore., to Oriental 
points under a regular schedule. They 
will, however, load steamers in Port- 
land as opportunity warrants, and are 
reported to have chartered the Fiti:- 
clarcnce, and the Ockley for September 
and October respectively. The Fltz- 
elarence is a recharter from the Robert 
Dollar company, and the rate she re- 
ceives is Ss per ton per month, witli 
delivery in Portland and redelivery 
Hongkong. The Ockley has been sub- 
chartered from '.Messrs. MacXear, San 
Francisco,! at Gs, for a transpacific 
round voyage, with delivery and re- 
delivery Puget Sound. 

Iiaige Silk Shipment 

-Vdvlces received by Dodwell .t Co. 
«ay the steamer Titrm, of the Blue I'\in- 
nel fleet, will reach here the last of the 
month with 2765 bales of raw silk, val- 
ued at $1.3&2,500. This Is the largest 
shipment of silk ever brought to the 
Sound from the Orient. The Teucer, 
of the same line, now on the Sound, 
1-irought 22,i0 bales, valued at Jl,126,- 

the -li|i^ mqfi «i|fmpte«l to s«im 

•TMSlCifli; "One- of the l^aen was picked 
I ita h3r%. titAierma.u near Kalama attd 

t nnccl over to the custody of A. A. 
(.'arniue, sheriff of Columbia county. 
The other was arrested soon after- 
wards by the same officer, and he 
comnixinlcated with ImmigratJon In- 
spector Barbour, who had the men 
brought to Portland. 

They were deported on the Hokuto 
Maru, which Is laden with about 1,- 
SOO.OOO feet of lumber w'hlch Is being 
shipped by the China import and Ex- 
port Ijumbpr company. 



steamer Which Stranded Ziaet Thursday 

Kear Ketchikan Reached Seattle 

on Sunday 

The Pacific <^oast Steam.ihip com- 
pany's steamship (.'Ity of Seattle, ("apt. 
Thomas John.son, reached Seattle on 
Sunday, brlngliiK the story of her 
stranding on t'han'oil Point, near Ket- 
chikan, early last Thursday niornlnR. 
Passengers arriving nn the Seattle say 
that so gently did she strike the shore 
that none of them realized It. The 
liasaeng»re, apleep at the time, felt not 
the slightest Jar. and It was not until 
several hours afterwards that they 
learned that the engines had stopped 
and that the vessel was high and dry 
on shore. 

The City of Seattle left Skarway fOr 
SeHttle August 13 with !»3 first class 
and 27 second cla.'is passengers aboard. 
Heavy fogs were cn*;ountered and the 
Meamshlp wan obliged to proceed 'at 
half speed. 

Because itl the dense fog.i and run- 
ning at half speed It was ImposBtble to 
J>id«tf'' thr. extttt iocstlon of the ship. 
ai.d iki o o*clf,ck, A.iir<U't 1^. the »te(im- 

shlp went aground on Charcoal Point. 
The engines hud been stopped before 
the vessel struck. The steamer simply 
shoved its i)ri>w Into the mud and gent- 
ly came to a atop. -N'o shook was felt 
at all. 

Owing to the lov, speed of the fcoat 
the 120 passengers aboard did not no- 
tice that the enfe'lneti had ceased throl>- 
Idng. When the passengers came on 
dei'k In the morning to ehjoy the re- 
freshing air they found that the 
steamship was high and dry. 

At high tide on the same day the 
steamship was floated and again start- 
ed on its southward journey. N'o dam- 
age was done to the vessel, and it was 
not even thought necessary to place 
the steamship in the dry dock yester- 
day to examine the hull. 


Fortland Immigration Men Kept Cloee 

Watch on Japanese Trnnip Which 

Zieft With Iiumber Cargo 

PORTLAND, orie... Aug. 19.— When 
the Japaiiese steamship Hol<jUto ^aru 
left for Shanghai, Charles Alisky, liead 
watchman In 'the United States IjiHnU- 
gratlon service, was aboard '^glliWji 
the trip on her as far as AstonKr'WiPv 
Ins an eye on any of the wily ifetle 

reaches thj» «nm.' ' This «l|mi. fmeau* 
tion was taken by Immti^fcl9a In* 
spector J. H. Barbqtur bQ«%u«e ot tho 
. determined effortt^idtgt forth brrfonr of 
the RteftOKHT'a csmw t^ twvt th4» vessel 
on the way up thf river, resnltthi; In 
the death of tvr?^ by drowniaf aqfl the 
capture of the oth«i^. 

sWhen the Stokuta Maru was comtncr 
VP tbe river to IPojrfland, two Japaneae 
stowaways, handcuffed totatber, leapod 
overboard a^4 lialM': to- swim ashore. 

The flshintt schooper i'sabel May, 
Capl. H.eatff, return. -1 on .Suiiuay tiL-n. 
another fishiog cruise off the west 
coast of Vancouver Island. S^e sailed 
back to port with h«r engine broken 
down, bringing 20,000 pounds of hali- 
but and 10,000 pounds of cod. Soon after 
leaving Victoria tha gasoline engine 
■broke down and the schooner com- 
pleted her c,rulao under sail. She will - 
be t^ed up, and Capt. Heater will transr 
f (I^WfewltU his crew to the schooner Jes- 
•fm^e* when that vessel has been englnod 
*and Is ready for aea aiiout a'w«ek hence, 
ilNS JGMtli&.ttfUbdbftltiiJt98Jine ,.a^4t# 

M (iiM> ^4|Miff iaras tpjAll'^tb beat oat 
«ir kfSl^ hsvbors after^«iil^sr bait undar 
cAavttJL Thl* handicapped th* mdH^mnta, 
and the catch was low In, coass^^esoe,' 
Qood weather wa« experienced on tbe 
flsblns crounds. biiit heavy weather waa 
enoountei^d on- the homeward trip, a 
very strong breeze with high sea being 
encountered oft Capo Beale pn Friday 




Land Killing on the Seal Islands 
Arranged for Five Years In- 
stead of Ten as the Senate 

Seal killing' will be suspended for 
five years, not ten, as was proVldeu by 
the United States senate, as a result of 
a (jompromise reached betw'een the 
congress and senate at- Washington. 
The .lolnt committees of the' two houses 
agreed to a bill yesterday to bring the 
fur sealing treaty of December last be- 
tween Canada, United States, Russia 
and Japan into effect, and a report was 
presenttd to the senate and adopted 
without comment; Under the terms of 
the seals killed by the government of- 
110,000 a year to Canada in lieu of the 
share of 15 per cent, of the value of 
the treaty the United States is to nay 
flcials on the northern island. With a 
complete cessation of Iciiling by land 
and sea "for five years, there will be a 
very great increase In the .herds, and 
when killing is resumed the amount 
secured by Canada each year will be 
very large. 



Puree Seiners off Cape TTuable to Work 

Close to Vancouver Island This 

Tear, Report Poor Season 

Tho efncloncy of the fishery protec- 
tion patrol by the steamers Xewlngton, 
Xaidd and Gunhlld off the nntrunce to 
the Strait, is evidenced by • the reports 
Oi tho seine fishing fleet which worked 
with such success off the entrance to 
ihfc Strait last yc»r when the schools 
of sa.'iuon won followed along the Van- 
couver island coast. T'lla year the Hah- 
cnoen were forced to Vtep outside the 
linu. and i)oor catches resulted. Ad- 
vices from the Sound nlate that re- 
turning fishermen of the purse seine 
fleet aie anything but enthuela.StIo over 
t'l f ;erult of the »'-»i sor't: work. So 
si!c.-p«.sful was the f*a.'*on last year thnt 
many of the fisherman wiiosc work net- 
ted a large sum, !nv».«<tf.'d in new fish- 
ing craft, aud theli* comparatively poor 
liicK thl? .'•■•fi.^'"ji ha.' hii fiome of them 

Miiny of the flshcr.riien of I'uget Sound 
I'orta hr.lU large a.-'d expenHtvc power 
I'Oals for Ihi.': .year's f:.'>hing, ami ninonK 
i:i»se are tt;e heavW^r losers. Between 
71 nid it) boats Icf: Tacoma at the 
beglnnfntr of the season, snd as th-e 
ci»«;ng is earlier, thrn usual, many pf 
then ar • eitected 1m .< wlthlri the next 
10 diivi. 

It 1-: .«ald that >)ii» Gig Harbor boat 
(-leared about J23no on the si'^son, 
nhifh •.< IfUeverl to be the highest. 
Dtliers ran a.s low as $100. One owner 
of a large boat .'snys he believes that 
.smaller crnft cnn be handled easier at 
the r.«hlnR bnnl<^. as mont i, the work 
Is »t close In shore. One Gig Harbor 
crow cxperlen'-iid a mishap which pre- 
\ent-od a nice cleanup on the season*- 
rhe., were hauling in their flet" WJth 
about 2000 fis*-. when )t caugTil on th<^ 
rocks snd .was torn, releasing the catch. 

Ysabel May Handicapped by 
Breaking Down of Her En- 
gine — Tug Dreadful Fright- 
ened Some Poachers. 

mer, mp svafjpite; 

9fa i^j.'^ai' 

Belle of Bootland Bold 

The British steamer Helle of Scot- 
land, well known at this port, has been 
sold to the Hogarth Shipping com- 
pany, of Glasgow, for, J260,0,00.. -, .41he 
bus Vieen renamed Baron Tweedmouth? 
.'^he was bulit In Glasgow in 1907 

«d tljSti; bo JI^CTUtso made "''*' '^' 
the n»w*'ttttf-lb'i^«adful aroun 
Island "they Interrupted a number of 
American poaching vessels. Speaking ot 
the incident laat night they said: When 
wo were off Cape Cook on our way froni 
Quatsino we sighted three fishing ves- 
sels at work inside the three-mile limit. 
The tug Dreadful, on which we were 
cruising la painted white, and they evi- 
dently thought she w«s< a fishery pro- 
tection vessel, to judge by the way 
they cut their, gear and hurried out to 
sea. When we went by we saw tliem re- 
turning to pick up their lines. The way 
they got their dories on, board was won- 
derful. Ttiey lost little time In getting 


Mari!)osa Struck Shoal Instead of Sunk- 
en Wreckage as Plrst Seported 

The United States government wiU 
order a new survey of Sumner strait as 
a result of the recent ix;>.ii.iiii- of 
the steamer Mariposa. In.^i' a'l oT .strik- 
ing submerged wreckage, as first re- 
ported, Capt. Thomas Moore, master of 
the steamer, reported that she struck 
unchartered shoals. The Mariposa had 
rounded Point Baker when the vessel 
was shaken froin stem to stern as If 
she had scraped sorhe submerged ob- 
struction. Capt Moore was on the 
course followed by vessels for many 
years in passing through Sumner straits 
and was at a loss to know the cause of 
the shock. 

He is now of the. opinion that the 
long run out of the tide has developed a 
shoal spot and that there is not as 
niuch water off Point Baker as indi- 
cated In the charts. Following the re- 
port of his experience, R. R Plerson, 
superintendent of the Alaska Steam- 
ship cornpany, yesterday Issued a cir- 
cular to masters of all vessels of the 
company changing the course followed 
to Southwestern Alaska via the inside 
passage. The course followed in the 
past has been between Helm rock and 
Point Baker, and now all masters of 
tho Alaska Steamship company have 
been instructed to pass between Strait 
island and Helm rock. 

Capt. Moore in his report gives the 
location , of this- line ha rted shoals as 
magnetic. Point feaker, south by, south- 
west. B>ack rock northeast of Point 
Baker, etst by southeast. 

'I'olnt Baker Is on the northwestern 
end of I'rince of Wales island, and the 
point where the uncharted shoals are 
located has oeen passed over by the 
laige vessels of the Alaska Steamship 
company en route to Prince William 
sound for years. 

Officers of the United ytatBS coast 
and geodetic survey have asketi Capt. 
Moore to, appear befora theni and ex- 
plain hia experience oft Point Baker, 
and will probably order a rerfurvey of 
Sumner straits at this -point. 


By Oovemment Wireless 
a ».ni. 

Point Grey — Cloudy; calm; SO.O.'j; 55; 
thick seaward. 

Cape f>a7.o — Cloudy; calm; Sfi.lV; 56; 
light .><well. 

Tatoosh — Cloudy; \V.. 7 miles; 30.20. 
54; smooth. Out, Triverton, 5 a.m.; In, 
Burkman, 5.50 a.m.; o«t, two-mii?to'l 
steamer, yellow stack, 7.20 a.m. 

Pachena — Overcast; calm; .in.Oo: 6."); 

Kstevan — FogRy; calm; 2S,8T; 55; 
liRht swell; spoke Panama Maru, posi- 
tion, p.m.. 49.43 N., 141. .TO W.; spoke 
Makura, 8 p.m., 44. SI N.. 131.48 W. 

Triangle — Foggy; raining light; 

2P.f.7; 65; d^nae; spoko Humboldt, 7.45 
a.m.. MilbanU Sound, northbound; 
Quad. a at Forlt Ba.v, Gunlioat Pass; 
spoke Ortiric. 8 p.m., 26.1 miles fruiu 
Port Townsend; spoke Chclohsln off 
Pine Island. 8.80 p.m.. northbound; 
spoke Princess Sophia entering Queen 
Charlotte Sound, 'nortl4)ound, 8.56 iVni.; 
; fffdke Bnipress ot.JH(»ftij. J.IS a.m.. mid- 
ilifht, position 1445 mile* from Vic- 
tcrlk; reports Moriteagle, midnight, po- 
altlon 1480 mllas from Victoria, spoke 
4.20 a.m.; Siberia, 8 p.m., 2585 miles 
from San Francisco. i 

Prince Rupert — Foggj- ; raining; 31.00; 
52; t+iick seaward; Ueebro at Marine 
nepot, 9.10 a.m. 
~.v ■-"T^r'i.-n-- '.,'Tsr;:<jj|^ij;5g • , - 

i Fount Grey— Cloudj-; IS., light: 30.1«. 

$1; hazy aeaward: out, Wm. JeUtffe, 
J. 15 a.m.; out, Rome, 11.15 a.m. 

Cape Lazo — Cloudy; c^lm; 30.16; 66; 
thick seaward. 

Tatoosh — Cloudy; light, B., S miles; 
3020; 62. 

Paclifiui — Fo/.;gy, si;, light; 30.05; 
3i>; smooth. 

Triangle — l''0Kgy; W.; 29.82; 67; 
dense. Princess Mary. 10.15 a.m.. off 
Swindell Point, southbound. 

Prince Rupert — Foggy; raining; 8. 
W,; 30.10; 54; p.'.iooth. Leebro left, 7 
a.m., southbound; out, Prince Rupert, 
9.15 a.m. 

Estevan — Clear; calm. 29.76; 61; 

Ikeda — Clear; cnlni; 30.08; 6; smooth. 

I)ead Tree Point — Misty caJm; 

6 p.m. 

Tatoosh — Foggy; X. W.; 30.16; 52; in, 
Steamer President, 2 p.m. 

Point Grey — Cloudy; calm; 3(i.l2i 69; 
hazy seaward. Prince George passedJn, 
2.15 p.m. ■; 

Cape Lazo — Cloudy; N.W,; 80.15; 68; 
smooth. Humboldt abeam, 12.50 p.m., 

Estevan — Hazy; calm; 29,70; 58; 
smooth. Spoke to Makura, 1 p.m., po- 
sllloa at noon 47.27 N., 127 W.. 172 
miles from VlctM^ eMt^gjmjL. 


lUflit: amobtiir '^INtode 'y«6» «t OHde. 

^rtWp*^ Rupert— Clear; calm; »♦.*«: 
$t', ,«a>o<rth. In, Cetrlana, I P^; 
«qrwK» Frtnceaa, 9oplila. due Prtw* .Bu- 
inert;, t |t,in. 

. «rt«nf i»~is«ftr: i^.w: 99.90-. as: 
d«fli«e: spofte JMs rTatooab. Sfiia WaaA, 
6,«30 p.m., atoribboand. 

Pmt^mtm-roggyi K. W.; SO.OI; S«; 
BBKWItllii I ...I . I " I II 

'-jnktM«ji^.lQadtnK ni 

"board yesterday. 

rrom Skagway 

Steamer Princess May of the C, P. 
R. win arrive this ihornlng from Skng- 
way with a good compliment of paa- 
eengers. The steamer reached Van- 
couver yesterday afternoon from Lynn 
canal and way por.ts. > 



Prince George Crossed Bows of 
State of California When 
Leaving Prince Rupert — G. 
T. P. Officials Go North. 

. The steamer Prince George, Capt., of the G. T. 1\, which 
reached port on Sunday from Stewart 
and Prince Rupert with a good com- 
plement of passengers; la reported by 
the passengers to have had a narrow 
escape from collision Vith the steam- 
er State of California when leaving 
Prince Rupert last Thursday morning 
noi^hbound to Stewart. Capt. Mac- 
kenzie, and his officers say they did 
not consider the Incident us danger- 
ous as tho passengers made out. It 
was true they were close to the Pacific 
coast steamer In the fog, but Capt. 
Mackenzie' said there was never any 
danger of the vessels coming together- 
The Prince George crossed the bows 
of I he State of California, and the p^.^- 
ri-nger.s said the vessels were within 
15 feet of each other when the O. T. P. 
liner cleared. Both steamers were go- 
ing at a low rate of sped. 

Among the passengers booked f"r 
tho northbound trip of tlie steamer 
were: President E. J. Chamberlln, of 
the G. T. P.; Mr. A. W. Smithers, 
chairman of the board of directors of 
the G. T. R. and G. T. P. and party, 
who embarked at Vancouver on a tour 
of inspection of the line from Prince 
Rupert. Included In the party are M. 
Donaldson, vice-president and general 
manager of the G. T. P.; H. Deer, as- 
sistant secretary of the London board; 
Dr. J, A. Hutchln.son, chief medical of- 
ficer of the G. T. R and O. T. P.; C. E. 
Dewey, general freight agent of the 
G. T. P.;. W. P. Hlnton, general pas- 
senger agent of the companies; Wal- 
dron Smithers, son of A. \V. Smithers.* 
The ladies of the party are Miss Eya 
Smithers and Mrs. E. .1. Chambcrlin. 
Those who emlmfked here Included: 
Miss Piatt, Mrs. W. M. Piatt, Mr. and 
-Mrs. L. C White, Mr. and Mrs. C- V. 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. I#. C. Rattray, 
-Mrs W. McKay and H. X. Ross. The 
Prince George took out 100 tons of 
freight with her. 



.'^(•(onil engineer J. Strachan of Hie 
steamer Gray, of the Canadian North- 
ern Fisheries company, which ^each^^d 
the outer wharf on Saturday with a. 
fiirgo of whale oil from the company's 
atatlonSi had a narroW escape from 
drowning when boarding the steamer 
on Sun<lay afternoon. He was clam- 
bering ujv ihc ladder between the 
wharf and steamer when he missed 
his footing and fell, his head striking 
the slde^ of the vessel as he went 
down. Several members of th" crew 
of tbe Gray were Kl.TndlriK on iilw 
dock and two deckhands at once Jump- 
ed over to his a5«lsf/)nce. whll> some 
of those q*x the wharf ijulckly got a 
lifebuoy and ropa and. throw *t to 
them. The anKlneer was hoisted on 
board, and Was taKen to the hospital. 
He wa« rt«t serlotiSly injured. 


Hon, Sydney Peel Reaches the 
City — Is Distinguished Son 
of Former Famous Speaker 
of Imperial House 

"I am here to find out for myself 
and for my clients the actual con- 
ditions in Canada. I have ^earned 
much since I left Montreal., and 1 will 
probabljt learn more before 1 get back 
there and before I reach England 
again. But until that time my opinions 
arc my own and those of my clients." 

So says Hon. Sydney Peel, "son of 
the famous former speaker of the 
house of commons at Westminster. 
Mr. Peel Is here today and may stay 
for a few 'days. He Is on a tour of 
Inspection of Canada in the lntere«*t8 
of the Trust and L<oan Company of 
Canada, of which he is the president 
This is Mr. Peel's second visit to 
western Canada, and he is delighted 
with tho progress which has been 
made; -^U|* like all financiers he is 
anxi(|^|/W|(ti9-w uj>on >what haslA this 

SSnSli&S^ riyTe>42i?$' 
a boom. ' '' ; 

I^ut while inspired with tbAv^litj^ural 
«M)|iiervati0ra of the BrltlsK' f^pipBMter. 
ti(i* te/ alsp muoh tammMMwd ijidN^ .tlie 
wrlflt nf ftnttmlititijin.lfft iwmflit^ 



MIsai If ,Bo» ifK^'-^^-^*^^ '-■ 


,j.*nd <««» 'alt«W»t tb i^PVtnjn 
,, _, >:^0/k realises the difficulty of 
^'l^rttbg ' but the Ideas of the man on 
the spot with that of the man or wo- 
man who seeks arf Investment in Can- 
ada; and he says that he will try to 
play an even game between the two. 

Mr. Peel Is a son of Lord Peel, the 
predecessor of Mr. Lowther as speaker 
of the British house, and a grand- 
son of the great Sir Robert Peel. He 
is a man of great ver.satillty, being 
soldier, ■);inai>cl*r, scholar and author. 
A fallow of Trinity college, he was 
lecturer in the unlvcr.sity in 1894-95. 
This position he resigned to become 
secretary of the royal commission on 
the liquor licensing laws, which office 
ho held till the commission made its 
report In 1809. 

As a writer he is well known. ^ One 
of his works — a treatise on practical 
licensing reform published soon after 
he concluded his labors on the com- 
mission — Is thought to have appreci- 
ably influenced recent legislation In 
Britain. > " 

As a soldier, he served in the Boer 
war, as 'captain of the Bedforshlre' 
Yoomanry. «nd has three clasps to 
his medal. 

He is a director of the National and 
Agricultural Banks of Eg>-pt, and Is 
considered an authority on the finan- 
cial and commercial affairs of the de- 
pendency. His work on "The Bind- 
ing Of the Nile and the New Soudan" 
waa th« result of long .acquaintance 
with conditions in northeast Africa. 

Mr. Peel ha.s been associated with 
the Trust and Loan Company of Can- 
ada since its formation. He became 
Its president a year ago. 



Was Ziaden Heavily With Bock and 

Turned Turtle, Oanslng Disaster 

to Two Small Craft 

Two launches were sunk and several 
small boats damaged as a result of 
a acow laden with rook turning turtle 
In James Bay yesterday morning. The 
scow was loaded heavily with rock ex- 
cavated from the foundation made tof 
*he P.oriaon building near the corner 
of Wharf anil Government street, and 
bc^came waterlogged. When It filled 
the rod; slid to or> side and the scow 
went over, sinking two of the Em- 
press launches owned by Kohse broth- 
ers of the Empress iboathouse, close by. 
as It went over. .Some other' boats al?o 
sustained damage. The ovortumlhg of 
the scow caused a big wave which 
rocked all the nearby boathouses. 

You can deposit your money at 4 per 
cent. Interest with the B. C. Permanent 
Loan company and be able to withdraw 
tho total amount or any portion tliereof 
without notice. Cheques are supplied 
to each depositor. Paid up capital over 
tLOOMAO, assata ^o>i».r IMOO OOU. Brajich 
of'flce. iJtO (Jovernment etriset, Victoria. 
B. 0. ♦ 

rrelgbt Bates Adranoe 

Recent charters show that the up- 
ward trend of freight rates 9s continu- 
ing. The schooner Wlnslow, which is 
now at Tacoma loading lumber for 
San Pedro, has been fixed by iComyn, 
.Mackall & Co. to load on the <'olumbla 
river for two ports In Peru at fi.'i shil- 
lings. The same firm has also char- 
tered another vessel, name not an- 
nounced, to load lumber on Puget 
Sound or the ('olumbla river for New 
Zealand ports at 6'5 shillings. 

The German ship Elfrleda has been 
chartered to load wheat on the Colum- 
bia river or Puget .Sound foj^ the 
ITnlted Kingdom at 41 shillings. The 
vessel Is now at Iqulque. where .?he ar- 
rived from .Australia. The British bark 
.Metropolis is also uf.der charter to 
load wheat at a North Pacific port for 
the United Kingdom, and Is reported 
leaving l^uenos Ayres .Vugust 9. The 
Russian ship Clan MacFarlane Is on 
her way to the North Pacific from 
Gatico, which port she loft Aug\ist 10. 
She Is well known here as the former 
British ship Clan MacFarlane. . 



From Victoria t ».m. every Wedneeday. 
S. B. UMATILI^A or PITY "^ PlIKHl,A, end 
10 a.m. every Frldny f-om 8«fttlle, S. 8. 

For Souttiffiuitorn Al»»k«, AUf. H, J4, 10, 
B. fl. STAT« t^F CAiaFORNIA or CITY 
OF SBATTLE leavei Seattle at 9 p.m. 

Ocean Attd ra.1) tickets to New York and 
all other cities via Ben Francisco. 

Freight aad Ticket Offices, 1117 Wharf 

K% mTRKT ft rO., 0«»M*1 Atmts/ 

CLAVDB A. KOI.T.V. raWM>avrr A««iit, tee* 

Oovenoieai Street. 




Six Days, Only $48.00 

Including N^ls and Berth 

a. ■. "pmnrox oaosox" 

Xondaye, 10 a.m. 

To Vancouver. Prince Rupert 
and Stewart (The Alaska Coast) 

a. B. "PBurOB mursBT" 

Thursdays 10 a.m. 

To Vancouver and Prinos 


Round Trip Bxcurslon Fares to Eastern Canada and I'nited States 
via Grand Trunk System. Choice of Boutes. Liberal Stopover Prlr- 



City Passr. and Ticket Agent. 


Dock and Freight Agent 



"The Stampede" 

EMBER 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. 



-.^^Selling dates, Augiiisi|f^ 
' *^' J^liilji T«turn limit; 


>'fl^jp.» rticutar ^,j _^, 
Street, ../-'^{iJH •~r^ 



i2 Government 

L. D. CHETHAM, City Passenger Agent. 


Reirular Ballings to and from Hritlsh Columbia ports and Mexico carrying 
cargo to and from European points. Montreal,- St. John, N. ]3., Hallftuc and New 
York, via Tehuantepec route, on through hills of ladlnB. 

Next Hailing, .S. S. Lonsdale, September ISth. 
Three Balllngi monthly from Ulverpool. ono from Glasgou-, two from London, 
four from Hamburg, and direct rejrular sailings from French and Modlterranean 

.lOHN BARNST.EY, Agenl. 1003 Oovl. St. 


<■ — 


Oriental Limited 

"Built for Comfort" 

A modem, high class train through to Chicago, affording 
unusually good service. In addition to Day Coaches, 
Standa.rd Sleeping Car and Dining Cars this train carries a 

Compartment-Observation Car 

containing four private state rooms and large observation 

parlor, furnished wth easy chairs and the latest magazines. 

Meals in Dining Car on popular "Great Northern" pay-only- 

for-what-you-ordcr plan. 

Electric lighted, vacuum cleaned, news bulletins and telephones. 


Two other electric lighted daily trains. The Southeast Express 
to Kansas City anrl St. Louis. The Fast Mail to St. Paul, 
Minneapolis, Duluth and Superior. 

laoo Doug'las Street 
Victoria, B. C. 

W. B. SAI.E 

aanaral A^rent 





The Largest Steamer in the World 



SEPT. 7 

SEPT 28. OCT. If), NOV. 9, 
NOV. 3«. 

American Line 

Pl.vmonth — C'UerboiirK — Southampton 

Atlantic Transport Line 

Nrw York — London Direct 

Red Star Line 

New Viiik — Dover — .Vntwerp — Parii^ 

White Star Line 

New York — QHeennioxvn — Liverpool 

New Vork — Plrmouth — CherhourK— 


White Star-Dominion 

M ont real — t) uebec — LI verpool 


Largest and Finest Pteamera on Bt 
Ijawront-p noutn ' 

Only Four Days at Sea 

Twin .Serew H..S. "CaniMln" and 

ONE Cr>A.S.S (Il.» ("AlilX SERVtCH 

THTRi> cr.Ass cLW^F-n nooMa 

Banffage rher.ked throtifrh t" 

Boston— QiieenM own— LlTerpool In Bond. Embark nlitht 

before salllnK. No hotel or trnnRfer 

New York nnd Boston — Meclitermneiin expense. 


Compnn.VR Offlee, Room "B" Hnllr.v Building. Second nnd Cherry .Streets, Senttle 


Secure an OLD AGE OF COM- 
FORT and HAPPINESS by pur- 

Apply to your Postmaster, or to th* 
Superintendent 6f Annuities, Ottawa, tor 
Infotmatlon as to the cost. 


The oldest loaarance Office ««» *2^?d^^^ 
Home Omcsi London, ENOftANOt 

C3M«4l«n AraacWSttii 


Jb8<m. Vktori* 

UkuEaLk > .... ^ > . aJ . SA,... . ' 1... 

S&^'i^^^^mm fk nl^jn g ^-i gi n i ii 







Tu«aday, Auflwt 20, 1913 


This will -when completed be a very handsome addition to the many fine business structures which are 
Fort street. The Jones building Is closely adjacent to the Campbell block, on the corner of I>ou 

and Fort streets. jS?i41ffi; 

ing up on 



m THE G. T. P. 

Contractors Now Entering 
Upon Most Difficult Part of 
Tasl<— Building West of the 

EDMONTON, Alta., Aug. 19.— "Kinks 
J3>f Nature Made Straight "While You 
Walt," iB not the legend over the doors 
of the enKlneers' log shacks in the 
Rocky Mountain country, west of Ed- 
monton, but it might be, as that is what 
they are doing on the Grand Trunk Pa- 
cific- and the Canadian Northern trans- 
continental systems, which are rushing 
.fc-rades and laying steel to the Pacific . . 

Four thoUsad laborers are at worlt 
f.mbering, tunneling, grading and pre- 
paring for th<> TR'As on the first-named 
line. In addition, forty steam shovels, 
.two river boat.s and hundreds of horses, 
dump-carts, scrapers, cranes, track- 
laying machines and all sorts of tackle 
are employed on the last leg of the 
ocean-to-ocean road. Knglneers are 
confident that the golden spike will 
be driven about twelve months hence. 
midway between Edmonton and the 
coasti but the contractors, who have 
charge of the actual work, say the Job 
cannot be completed earlier than the 
fall of 1914 and possibly not before the 
middle Of IfllO. 

Graders are now entering the most 
difficult part o£ the task, the final 
stretch of 210 lailAs, all of which is 
along steep side hills . copipo.sed of 
.slippery mica clay. TUe englncTs, 
v.ho planned the route tiirough the 
Yfellowhead pass wh'.cii iniikes other 
transcontinental grades appear as if 
tliey were blunders, are now running a 
constituent that defies practically overy 
• Ifiw known to railroad science, and will 
keep the rtliovels busy for two years 
after all tlie steel is laid. 

Engineering Frobl«tas 
The nature of tlio jffounil between 
the rail head and Fort Geot-ge presents 
numerous problems In engineering. The 
nilca clay slides ea.sily: In fact, in 
scores of instances It has been ncce.s- 
Knry to dig out tlio same place two or 
tt.rec. tlme.<i. With a mountain of this 
Jilly-llke mixture needinn only a llRht 
rainfall to start it shifting, the Grand 
Trunk Pacific has a problem in railroad- 
ing not encountered elsewhere In the 
v.'estcrn country. feetween Pocahontas 
nr.d Tete .leunc Cache mountains rise 
to heights of from 6000 to 10,000 feet. 
The highest peak is Mount Rohson. 
13,700 feet from base to apex. 

Mile 53, the present head of steel, 
five miles below Tete Jeune, is th« 
busiest place on the line. Two stcam- 
erfc, the Constructor and Conveyor, 
were built lost spring hy Foley, "Welch 
and Stewart, to transpoi;t supplies down 
the swift running Fra.«er river. The 
boats are of the stern-paddle type, 150 
feet in lengt- , with Z4-foot beam, 
driven by 150 horse-power engines. The 
boats are of green sp/uce timber, saw- 
ed on the spot and, erinsiderlng the ma- 
terial, they are remarkably good craft. 
However, on account of drawing too 
much water, the boats can bo used only 
when the stream Is at its highest point. 
So far, only half of the aupRlles have 
been forwarded, and as the season is 
nearing its close, there will be delays. 

Five Bteam shovels an-J several hun- 
dred cars of equipment and material 
Are piled up at the head of steel and 
thtre Is so much other apparatus com- 
Jnp up every day that one wonders how 
' the contractors can send even a frac- 
tion of It down tha Fraser river before 
navtssition olosea. The lighter supplies 
will ffo tofrn In scows, wbleh are built 
at th« head of steel and abandoned 
Hfter conveylnt the earffo to the can- 
yon, 100 mllea bolow Sutherland. Four 
experienced men with 20-foot sweeps, 
fet bow and stem are necMsary to 
navinrte one of thase aoowa. 
I ' MM#MrMM Wovk' * 

porting it down a swift river is a Job 
that -iwould^j give even a .seasoned 
sailor some un-raslness. The shovel is 
run over a temporary track to an open 
scow, forty feet in length and twenty 
feet In width, lowered into the bottom 
and lashed to the nose of the conveyor. 
When tlie craft swings Into the current 
and heads down stream the workmen 
hold tlTelr breath, and the owners be- 
gin to figure the probable loss. Two 
shovels have be«n taken down that 
way — Just turned loo.'so and allowed to 
drift, so far without mishap. The Fraser 
river, however, has already claimed 
fifteen human lives, mostly by acci- 
dents with rude crafts, handled by in- 
experienced workmen. There are num- 
erous s\rtrling eddies in the stream, 
against which even the strongest swim- 
mfir has little or no chance. 

At intervals along the route between 
Edmonton and the head of steel arc 
vacant store houses and other buildings 
of log walls and tent roofs which were 
once occupied by builders and gi-adlng 
gangs: broken shovels. remains of 
wornout machinery, discard'ed clothing 
and footwear, and heaps of tin cans 
are rusting and decaying in the varied 
changes of climate, and here and there 
a lettered stone tells that th* work of 
railroad construction, which draws its 
materials from the whole civilized 
world, must also take Its toll of human 

Steel Bridges 

Thirty-two large and small steel^ 
bridges will be constructed between 
Resplendant and Fort George. After 
leaving Tete Jeune Cache the road will 
cross the Fraser river four times be- 
fore rea<!hlng the fort. The first of 
these bridges is 47 miles below the 
present railhead. At the canyon, 65 
miles farther west, the Bur\''ey crosses 
the river twice within a few miles, rc- 
crosslng It at the canyon. There is 
also a bridge at Resplendent, making 
five .spans over th* Fraser river. A 
long bridge will cross the Shuswap 
river and one must be built over the 

Ghost river before trains are run into 
Fort George. 

The principal contractors below steol 
head are: Carlton and Company, 25 
miles, with seven shovels; Crlffln and 
Company, 25 miles, with four shovels 
on the ground; Burns and Jordan, 43 
miles, with a battery of digger*; Spend 
and Company, 25 miles, with five ma- 
chines; and Siiiireons and Company, the 
last 60 mil'e.s of the grade to Fort 
George. This outfit has six of the 
largest shovels in western Canada. 

Saafaess Cannot be CureA 

By local applications, as they cannot 
reach the diseased portion of the ear. 
There Is only one way to cure deaf- 
ness, and that is by constitutional 
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an 
inflamed condition of the mucous lin- 
ing of the Eustachian Tube. When 
this tube is Inflamed you Jiave a rumb- 
ling sound or Imperfect hearing, and 
when It is entirely closed. Deafness Is 
the result, and unless the inflamma- 
tion can l>c taken out and this tube 
restoreti to Its normal condition, hear- 
ing will be destroyed forever: nine 
case."! out of ten are caused by Catarrh, 
which Is nothing but an Inflamed con- 
dition of thfe mucous surfaces. 

We will give One Hundred Dollars 

for any case of Deafne«8 (caused by 

catarrh that cannot be cured by Ildli's 

Catarrh Cure. .Send for circulars, free- 

F. J. CHENl-OY & CO,. Toledo, O. 

Sold hy Druggists, 75c. 

Take Hall's Family r\Us for consti- 

Mai^stic Theatre 

Big SperlBl Programme .Monday and Tues- 

"A Page In Canadian Hliitory"-.-A Bl;; 
CBnartlan Feature. 

"Man's T,n«t for Gold" — Western film. 

"Pathe Weekly." 

"Any or Clothes" — Alive With I^-aughs. 

"Under the Union Jack" — British Fea- 

"l>eftp Year Proposal" — A Big Chunk of 

"Advertlsinc 1* to business whet steem Is 
to machinery" 

Bitabllshed I80S 


We write advertisements 

We do designing 

We do color work 

We do publicity of all kinds. 

Newton Advertising Agency. Western Art Co. 

403-404 Time* Bulldtn*. Phone 191B. 


Now Is the Time and Fort Frasef la the Place 

If you are looking for a safe and sound .investment that will 
net you a iair profit. 

Fort Fraser is situated -bn the direct line of the new Grand 
Trunk Pacific Railway, in the heart of the Nechaco district, 
and is surrounded on three sides by the magnificent Nechaco 
river. A more advantageous situation for a new city could 
not be found. Fort Fraser is surrounded by rich, fertile soil 
that will produce the best of vegetables, small, frfiits and grain. 

•Settlers and industries always follow the railway. The 
G. T. P. is now grading less than ninety miles from Fort 
Fraser, and farmers and settlers are ^ist waiting for its com- 
pletion, when they will rush to this new land of promise. 

$200 today buys a lot in Fort Fraser. This price will treble 
in a very short time. It's the man who invests today that will 
reap the profit. - ' 

Write now for our free booklet. This is opportunity knock- 
ing at your door — at least open the door and sec what she has 
to offer. . 1 - * 

m i f i. l 


C. B. Armstrong & Son 

Here Are the New Fall Designs 

ta-Homc Eurniture 

l^giimmg things 'mmmheen s j a m a pifc j^^^^ll styles is to bring'iliii^ftltf cliaracter 
"^^Traiige of reasonable prices. In this wMMMMlMf^^^ believe, and we are, therefore, proud of 
the results. The new fall things are charming— beautiful sets— ?mgle pieces for every room m the home- 
designs that emphasize the natural beauty of the wood and finish— they demonstrate, beyond question, that 
dependable furniture need be no more costly than furniture of indifferent wood and doubtful finish. 

The Best HammocKs at the Prices of 

the Cheapest 

iVe are watching our hammock stock diminish day by day. 
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Baby Hammocks from ^1.50 

This Store Holds Out the 
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Summer goods are going fast. If you 
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Porch Furniture, Ice-cream Freezers, Re- 
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Folding Sulkies from l^i.50 

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Folding Wicker Go-Baskets from 

« ...... .».«.. .Ipl2.00 






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«0t 9i««i«l Wi«., VJMMtat a. 4» 

The Vtrton or L«v«l{n«t« 
With th« Form OJvliM 

A KcriMd MmIMI Act 

In 'NtAlr t«ti«lutbt« PlftrlM 

■ '»im-' VKim«i^ttM tlm »'<!/ 

We«k Commenrlnc 9Iond»r. Anr. IMh 

Princess Theatre 

Formerly A. p. U.; W^ Ki^U. , corn«r, )»Uijfi|^. 
PnMnta ConM )Doyl«'t ' l(i^ttrt>l«<i* 

"Sherlock Holmes 



\ iondon, Tr«MlAv««; A ll«d«klll'* App«kl. 

' #«ti>«, utwmnh ?*• wH«c»t w«il Vit*cr».p)t 


me**: lOe., tOo.. knd tOe. Itottii** Wm- 
nM<l«r •n<l'«»»«M«T» l«c; MAIS*. Vi»,f 

OurtKin M0mTi»M|k«9Shll|Mlli««»'«.4«.>'JI».t 
MTvaA CMU on Ml* 

F\ »J •'., 

t. m 

vMHra 00., 

Victoria Theatre 

mm ora wane 

Auf. 19 to 84. wltlk«p«o1«l TUTiHaii i»a 
Saturday, Aof. M. 


And tb« AUan Play«i» 

"The Squaw Matt 

Ihftetfii SOo. IBob May. 
dnni'lio. Aii Mat» 


!f" ... ' 







\\'e have the pick erf the 
world's five best maker* In 
XMAS CARDS. Call and see 
samples, or telephone No. 6, and 
our rfepresentath'c will call upon 

Have your Cards printed right 
here in \'lctorla, where our quo- 
tations are lower and where you 
ar* sure of no misprints and de- 

Victoria Printing & 
Pub. Co 

The itidividual e9c<>cu!tor is. 
freqijtetitl:^ tieitW tdmpets 
ent Bor ii[:c.nKfflflibter 

* ' Consttlt the officers of 
%t3|^ foittjpiuiy before draw- 

Dominion Trust 

Company, Ltd. 

oon Government Street 

Local Manager. ■ 




*' *77 t" '^^'iWTff -^^^f * 1* 


turn JMNrmMbliif • 

We are ijulldlng- fifty clilckes 
ranches at 


In order to a-dv»rti8e the ->llslrlc:t. 
CHICKEN- HOUSE, together witli 
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Act quickly, as only a limited 
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TheWestcrn Farming 

& Colonization Co., 


Gtr.cral Officas: S -Wlnoh Bldr. 
.Vancouver, B. C. 


521 Saynard Blork 

The Valley of 


For the Investor 

Comox Valley, Vancouver 
Where the C. r. R., C. N. R., 
Canadian Gollieries (Duns- 
mui'r'.'^, Ltd.), and the Cana- 
dian Western Lmnber Co. 
are spending millions in de- 
veloping tlic natural resour- 
ces of the district. 

It will mean big money to 
you to invest here now. 

W rite us now for full par- 

Cameron & Allan 

Comox Valley Specialists 
Courtenay, V. I., B. C. 


Go together in suits that are 

m.-iflr hv U.S. 

Ah Hoy 

Ladlfft' and Gents' Tailor. 

1428 Government St., 

11 1,11 III ml V 



rm m 

KoumU '^ 



Sol Due Hot Springs 

In the heart of the Olympics. The 
great nrw henrth and pleaniiro 

resort of the Xortlnvest. 

Steamer Sol i:>iic leaves \'lctorla 
for Port AnKeiea Tiicaclavfi and 
Saturdaya. Round trip tickets, 
Victoria to Sol Duo, Including boat 
and auto fare, ?n.30. 

Mountain cllmhlng;. flslilna and 
varied amuaemeniF. .-Mtltude 

J, 760 feet. Hotel conducted on 
Amer!-an plan. Rates J3.00 per 
day and up. 

For deBcrlptive literature «1- 
dr?»« Dr. WM. W. EARLE.'. 
Medical Superintendent, Sol Due, 

Are you one of those to whom 
every meal is another source of 
suffering ? 

Na-Dru-Co Dyvpepsta Tablets 

vlU help your disordered stomach to 
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Limited. ISO 




Announce the Opening of 
Their New Store at 


AUG. 21 

^^'e carry a large variety 
of fine Society Stationery. 
^^'riting Tablets. Office Sup- 


Geary Street, above Uaion Square 
European Plan $1.60 a day up 
American Plan $3.00 a day up 
New steel and brick Strueture. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high class hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center of theatre and 
retail district. On car lines trans- 
f erring to al 1 parts of city. Electric 
omnibus j&eeti all traint and 


O. T. T. ateamers to Seattle. Sunday* 

and WBdnwfdays: to' Vat>«r''t-ef,"=M<W-'^ 
(layji and Thursday*. SalHnsa, 10 a. m.. 

Telephone Company Holds City 
Responsible for Any Delay in 
Work of Installing Under- 
ground Distribution System 

Despite the assurance given by the 
city at a recent confereirce with of- 
ficials of the B. C. Telephone company 
that it would proceed at once to secure 
the neces.oary right-of-way into down- 
to'.vn blocks in order that the company 
niiKlu complete its worlt of runnlnR 
its laterals from the muln underground, 
conduits Installed for the underground 
system of the company, the company 
is meeting with strong objection from 
some ownera of buildings who object 
to the attaching of any wires to such 
structures. The city was empowered 
by the legislature to expropriate such 
rights-of-^ay in cases, where an 
amicable arrangement with owners 
could not be arrived nt. The conipany 
proceeded to Instnl ii.s distribution 
.''y.'Jtem, but In cases where tiroublo 
was met with they. _urg?d upon the 
city the necessity of acting und.-r 
the power conferred upon the city. 
l''or months the city delayed until' 
finally the company notified the city 
that unless the rights-of-way were ee- 
oured the company would bring aj> 
action for damages because of the 
delay. .The city passed a by-lay by 
the terms of which, the company avers, 
the latter Was virtually constituted 
contractors for the city In the work 
of Installing the distribution system 
into the various blocks, and while the 
company has been waiting for the city 
to act it Is probable that to avoid 
further delay It will proceed In the; 
capacity of agents for the city and 
prosecute the work, any damages 
claimed by owners of proi)erty to be 
paid by the city, as the company, as 
the city's agent, would disclaim any 

An Instance in point is the objection 
taken by the owner of the 'Wilson 
building lying immediately north of 
Trounce .\lley on Glvernment street. 
The company contemplates running its 
main feed line from the new Union 
Bank building across Trounce alley to 
he attached to the Wilson building and 
thence to premises of other teloiihonc 
users In the block bounded by View, 
OJovernment, Yates and Broad streets. 
The owner.'i of the Wilson l>lock, it is 
said, refuse to permit of the wire be- 
ing strung across to their premises 
unles.n their claim of $l,onn for the 
privilege Is first settled. As the com- 
pany disclaims liability, should the 
company a.n contractors for the city 

• iStiiim tot eoinptfA|Ml.i^oa "on the ptttt 
«f' the ovnxtn of the iulldlnir, , ^ 

i ^Xheiie dtfttenltlea in seourlns 4lik^,; 
,|(j|i the verloua blocks as, the 
[alms, the reason why the 
(und telephone system, towards 
tpense of which the ratepayers 
two years ago authorized the city to 
raise (100.000 as a loan ^o the company, 
has not -been proceeded with and a 
start made upon removing the un- 
sightly poles from the etreets covered 
by tlie arrangement. 


The Empress Tliea>tTe — Mile la 
Doodlma. a Parisian beauty, offers a 
series of new and striking poses with 
brlUlaJit lighting effect.s and accessor- 
ies as the leading feature of the bill 
imvlded for patrons of the Empress 
theatre this week. The act Is staged 
with a wealth of detail and will no 
doubt assume the position of one of 
the most popular acts on this week's 
programme. The playlet is entltU'd 
"The Green >lnusc." and Is excellently 
iiiiiio'ed l>y two well known players. 
Robert l^ogcrs and Uouise Mackintosh. 
It la a farcical sketch by Edward 
liocke, aulhiir of "The Climax" and 
"The Case of Becky.". Both players, 
who are Mr. and Mrs. Roger.-! in pri- 
vate life, have been here before as 
rrwembers of legitimate companies. 
Miss Lina antzer offers a wire walking 
act which vies with any of thlsclas."! 
of entertainment. She Is a marvel on 
the wire and offers some daring feats. 
Bert Daniel.H and Lester Conrad have 
a musical act that ranks hig*!!. One 
plays the piano and the other the vio- 
lin. The violinist offer's some amus- 
ing ragtime features. Harry Holdon 
and Lucy Harron t,le for honors with 
the musical act. They sing and dance 
well, and Include much comedy. The 
Empres.scope shows some excellent 

Crystal Theatre — The pictures fhan.:.e 
tomorrow, so that this is the last day 
to .see this excellent programme. "A 
.Sawmill Hero." by the Kalem company. 
Is a typical sawmill story with all the 
settings in and around a sawmill. "Lon- 
don, l':ngland" is an excellent travelogue 
and many of you will see familiar 
scones and sights. "A Redskin's Appeal" 
Is considered by critics to be one of 
the nneet Indian pictures ever released. 
"The Wildcat Well" Is a Vltagraph 
drama with oil well settings and taken 
in the oil country. This picture liss 
many Intense situations and will appeal 
to every one. "The Mystified Pierrot" 
Is a com*dy by the Pijthe company, and 
is considered a scream from the start. 
The vaudeville acts are all that has 
been predicted of them, Walter Belle, 
the Cr-llegn comedian, has a new line 
of talk and songs that are refreshing. 
Clyde and Bertie Edwards hove a com- 
edy singing, talking and rtajiclng act 
that Is v-cry clever and which Is mjnt- 
ing with much approval. • 

||»i*r prtt' inim^'"kA»\ prthttifitift Kit 
i^l|t)!t kt^'inif 'Vietotin theatre before « 

fconslaten et IWMI'»>» , , 

appearance with success, and verbal 
bouquets were extended him by his 
many friends Miss Felton. in playing 
Xat-u-Rltch gave It a distinction, mak- 
ing It a» little gem that stood out dis- 
tinctly and perfectly in the multicolored 
picture tlie ploy produced. Baby Adel- 
aide, the Indian child, Is a Victoria girl 
who made her first appearance last 
night. Byron Kagan was a handsome 
and very Eflgllsh Sir John Applegate, 
Mr. Conners was a bluff old Big Bill, 
good: hearted and facetious and not 
overdone. Mr. Clapp, as the Indian chief, 
and .Mr. Stokes as a cowboy were duly 
appreicated, and Mr. Kenck as the bad 
man was a real bad individual. The 
ladies of the company were seen in 
parts that suited them well, Mrs. Allen 
making a stately Lady Kerhlll and Miss 
Hudars tjiilte a charming IJiana. 

Frlnoesa Theatre — Sherlock Holmes, 
thf> greattst story ever writ- 
ten, wa.<j the attraction list evening 
at the Princess theatre. And it held 
the Intense interest of the large au- 
dience through the entire performance. 
The plot revolves around a package of 
letters, sought for by several parties, 
all wanting them for entirely differ- 
ent purposes. The parties Interested 
are Alice Faulkner, Sherlock Holme.s, 
Lanabee and wife, and Morlarlty. The 
strong .«iympathy of the audience goes 
out to Alice I'^aulkner, later to Sher- 
lock Holmes, and the play ends in a 
most unexpected manner. Richard 

Lonsdale, in the leading role, evidently 
took his conception of the part from 
the book Itself. In his idle moments 
when he was not unravelling fiom* 
mystery, he was slow and languid, 
both in speech and movement; but as 
soon as he engaged in active work, 
his energy awoke and he was tireless, 
until his object was accomplished, 
when he would sink back into indiffer- 
ence again. Mr. Lons<iale gave a fin- 
ished realistic presentation of tho 
great detective. Morlarity, the king 
of criminals, wjio is a man of acute 
perception, and at times outwits oven 
Sherlock Holmes, was done most eat- 
Isfactorily by Dave Williams. No one 
who had ever seen the genial comedian 
play a comedy part, would Imagine he 
could assume the role of an unscrup- 
ulous vilUan so capitally. The inter- 
est and sympathy aroused by the part 
of Alice Faulkner was most intense 
and Mlsa Pa'ge gave to the part of the 
young girl a firmness and character 
which made it most adm!rai)le. Miss 
Hallie MltOhell and .\rthur Bclasco 
OS -Mr. and Mrs. Lanabee made both 
parts stand out very strongly. Howard 
Foster a.s Forman, Byron Xldem as 
Pr. Watson, and Wm. Heator, as Sid 
Prince were all excellent. The part of 
Billy played ' by a local boy, Robert 
Tnot'm. was well done. 

'> ^ 

Tf you could purchase 
shares in a well established 
company, managed by well 
known Victoria and Vancou- 
ver business men/ with an 
assurance ^ of a 10 per cent 
J dividend and a steady in- 
crease in the value of your 
shares, caused by the build- 
ing up of a substantial re- 
serve, and could purchase 
them either for cash or ^n 



i\ 1.. 


fi,^," ^'A 

i'^...> 1^^^- 

r^-> ; 

'■^-'v-^'t-,'^-: 't' .■i>'^'-.~ 

^. - I- '*. 'J?^\<f^^ 



THE FIRST RESIDENCE FOR "UPLANDS' lorai interest attaches to the 
news that the flrst residence In the 
Uplands district Is now in course of 
construction. The builder Is Mr. Alex- 
ander McDermott, the well known citi- 
zen so prominently Mentlfled with ship- 
ping Interests. Several other residences 
sre to be tak^n in hand shortly. En- 
(|utrt<B from outside points continue to 
come to the office of the agents for 
the property, prominent Edmonton and 
jCslirary fwtnple havnla expressed a de- 
; ter(nla>.ti(ni'.to brulld^hoATsa In tb« near 
' future. 

"Mr. McDermott's residence la b«ln* 
erected on lot 1, block 1., The exterior 
!j. Vlrflnla Colonial. A. half-open, h«lf- 
covered brick paved terrace facing the 
water is l«ft. wide by 51ft. long.' Ths 
main buildlnc Is Bi't, lona. greatest 
width 4«n. The hall, breakfast room, 
messantne and southeast bedroom are 
flnlshed In white, thi breakfast room 
having an Adams' plaster celling. The 
hall Is ;t,wo atoreya with a aecond floor 
gsllery; < the balusters,, flraplacM and 
>« sinscotttnar belnt In white. The din- 

ing and drawing rooms will be In slash- 
ed irraln flr, stiles and rails as well as 

Many advanceA Ideas have been In- 
corporated In the building. The cell- 
liiRs are lew. Side wall brackets are In 
all rooms, except the dining room, 
where the only drop light will be uset*. 
A unique heating system will b« In- 
stalled. ,• . 

With .t«rai« aJTil eitQlosure the buMd- 
ings <^< 111, cost about |S8,06o. Mr. Craw- 
ford ^.Coates Is the krohitete, 


Tfmt Builders 
Shares al |I.15 

400 shMMolders in 
this company, and some 
140,000 shares have been 
subscribed, though the com- 
pany is less than one year 

A 10 per cent dividend will 
be paid in September. 


Brnest Ken.nsdy, Managing Director 

Third Floor, Sayward Bldg., and Ground 

Floor, Central Bldg. 

Phones 1030 and 3231 

London Office: 2 Harewoor Place, 

Hanover Square 



Liverpool, England. 

91 ISO, 95.75 monthly, buys lOf 

"BUIZiDEKf; p&orzTs 




A Royal 

" KJn^ George I\r' 


The link which binds all subjects of the 
King by land and sea. It is a spirit of 
exceptional quality, delightful flavour, and is 
the favourite brand throughout the Dominion. 

One of the principal brand* of 

The Distillers Company Ltd.. Edinburgh, scoiUnd. 

Largett DUtUlen of Scotch WhUlcy in the World. Ajencies in all Counirie*. 

tfaptlal amployad ore ' iS8,000,000. 

Agtnl—^ P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., ViCTOaiA, B.C 




Dtirlng the summer monfha wa 
will allow A discount of S per 
cent, on orders of two tons and 
over for cash only. 

Hall & Walkec 

Richmond Ave. 

K\x Boowm — Fully modern, artlttl- 
callv rt#«igned and beautifully d*- 

■corn'ted, hntf block sooth of Osk 
Bar a\(>nu<> car line. It la nvartv 
completed, and the price only Ml 
Cash 11.000, balance to arrange, 

Bristol Broft. 


1S41 fMl 9t, 






TuMda/i Aufuct 30t Itli 





Bottled at the sprlnj;*. D«Uver«<) In any amount. 
Vhont 3S07. T«««or»nr OfdMi MS ••yirKrd BoUAUMr. 

A Beautiful Country 
Home in 3-Mile Circle 



ou would search for manv a 

i > it s w Sf^ ■': •';":*:,'■: .■' i'XSiM. u ' 

Can't we show you thi 

McDonald Realty Co. 

610 Pandora Street. Telephone 3211, 



5 Acre Tracts on 

These blocks are selling at 
$1,200 to $1,875 each. Th-y .ire 
situate on the V. & S. railway, 8 
miles from Victoria, within a few 
minutes' walk of Elk Lake sta- 

The soil is good — }0U caa 
grow anything. 

$350 cash will handle any of 
these blocks, and you can pay 
the balance in one, two and 
tlirec years at (^ per cent. This 
property is selling considerably 
under market, and should double 

in value before second payment 
becomes due. Let us take you 
out in our autos — it takes exactly 
thirty minutes. 

Thirteenth Annual Convention 
of the British Columbia As- 
sociation—Delegates From 
Whole Province. 

The thlrteenlli annual roeetin* of the 
British Colunxbla Medical »»aoclatt<»n 
will open at the Y.M.C.A. buUdln* to- 
day, and a lar»e number of d*ctora 
from ail parta of the province hav« ar- 
rlverl to attend. The meetln* will beftn 
at 10 a.m. today and the aeealona will 
continue until tomorrow afternoon. 
Many interesting papers on m«dlcal aub- 
jects will be read. In order that the 
vKsitlns medical men may an op- 
portunity to attend the ttrsi convoca- 
tion of the l?nlver8lty of British Co- 
lumbia, to be held tomorrow mornlnj 
at South Park «chool, no session will 
be held tomorrow mornln« Tins ifter- 
noon the loial medical men will act aa 
hosts and will take the visitors and 
their wives on a motor trip to the In- 
tereatlng parta of the clay and environs. 

7?it« officers of the association are: 

It. Dr. J.<®^|l|lmclten. Victoria; 

- ^wttTlpi^a'C. Hart. VIC 

^.Wmimm'P^' -B- I>ol.«rty. 

, IflW WMMbrter; «eretary, Dr. A. 8. 
"! t^1lfc*ft*'*'t Vancouver, executive commlt- 
i; '"lilr-l^. O. M. -JoMS, Victoria; Dr. \V. 

A'-'lMttl, V««0<Hirtr; Dr. U, J. Waason, 

BSS^^^*S5?Mll^|Kor. Dr. 

ig^aQt: credentials, Dr. R. t. Fraaer. 

otfr. H. M. Robertaon. Dr. A. C. Sinclair; 

entertainment, Dr. B. U Fraaer, Dr. u. 

B. Holden, Ur. E. C. Hart, Dr. H- M. 
Robertson and Dr. Georgt: Hall. 

At the opening session the reports of 
the committee and general business 
will be disposed of and the first paper 
will be read at 10.30 a.m. by Dr. J. A. 
i\lc.\rthur of Victoria, on •'The Karly 
Recognition of Grtstrlc Carcinoma." The 
discussion on this paper will ba opened 
by Dr. O. M. Jones of Victoria, Dr. fat. 
E. Ridewood of Victoria will read a 
paper on "Some -Abdominal Conditions 
Simulating ilecurring j\ttacks of Ap- 
pendicitis," and the discussion will be 
opened by Dr. R. i>. Fraser of Vlciorls. 
Dr. K. A. Smith of Vancouver will read 
a paper on "The Solid Carbon Dioxide 
Treatment of Naevus." Dr. Ernest Hall 
will then read a paper, on which the 
discussion will be opened by Dr. Dallas 
I'erry of Vancouver. Fleet Surgeon W. 
iC. Homo of E.'uuimull will treat of 
the diagnosis of at nnUjUUU the dincue- 
sion being opened WtSt^^'- '^' U"'*^'"' 
hill of Vancouver. '=""""-""- 

This afternoon the programme will 
be as follows; 1. "Can We Lessen the 
Failures of Vaccine Treatment?"— Dr. 

C. S. McKee, Vancouver. 2, "The Value 
of Bismuth In the Diagnosis of Surgi- 
cal Diseases of the Abdomen." — Dr. H. 
W. Riggs. Vancouver. Discussion opened 
by Dr. H K- Nelson, Victoria. 3, "The 
Diagnostic Significance of Uall" — Dr. 
Frederick Brodie, Vancouver. Dlscus- 
Blon opened by Dr. Geo. Hall, Victoria. 
4, "Obaervationa on Operi/tlve Treat- 
ment of Fractures" — Dr. Jas. A. Gil- 
lespie, Vancouver. A summary of ob- 
servations and experiences regarding 
the open method of treatment of simple 
and compound fractures based largely 
on cases treated In Cumberland hospital 
during the last ten years. Discussion 
oiiened by Dr- R. E. McKechnie, Van- 

The programme tonight Is as fol- 
lows; 1. "The Thyroid and Para Thyroid 
Problem" — Dr. J. Halpenny. Winnipeg. 
Discussion opened by I>r. K. McKechnie. 
Vancouver. 2, "Exoptlialmic Goitre 
with Delusior.s— a report on two cases 
with operation. Dr. H. Robertson. Vic- 
toria. Discussion opened by Dr. 0. H. 
Manchester, New Westminster. 3, 
"Radium-Therapy" — Dr. F. D. de Ver- 
leull, Vancouver. Discussion opened 
by Dr. H. *R. Nelson, Victoria. 

The president. Dr. J. D. Helmcken 
will deliver his address tomorrow after- 
noon. Tttia will be followed with a 
paper by Dr. G. S. Gordon, of Vancou. 
ver, with discussion by Drs. J. A. Camp- 
bell and A. W. Hunter, of Vancouver 
and H. Robertson, of Victoria. The 
other papers will be as follows: 

"Tuberculor Peritonitis" — Dr. G. S- 
Seldon, Vancouver. Discussion opened 
by Dr, J. W- Mcintosh, Vancouver. 
"Some Observations on AppendlcltU" — 
Dr. R. V. Dolbey, Vancouver. Discus- 
sion opened by Dr. H. TC. Ridewood, 
Victoria. Dr. H. H. Mcintosh. Subject 
to be announced. 

Following the papers, the reports of 
the secretary, treasurer and standing 
committees will be received, and the 
election of officers and other Ijuslneet 
will be completed tonight. 

Cadboro Bay 
Hotel Opening 

The Auto Tally-Ho will leave 
the corner of Yaten and Broad 
Streets for Cadboro Bay at the 
following houre on Wedneeday, 
the 31st iBst: 

T 9'm., 8 »■«• *>< *•■»• 

and leium 

11.30 P-a^ 19.80 

9.xa. aad 

li^fifmmmmm \\ ii i . i m mi i ri , ' |" 


Oueate wlghtnc dinnar are klnd- 
<y reaucated to ac^ts ou 
the 7 o'clock ear. Saatg can i»« re* 
aerved b/ phani* ta 

Wm. J. Taylor 

TA nit. 4ir 

PleAaa rcaawa •• quldUy' (|li 

Itn n« MMi WM^ 

I ii ^ I ■ I1 1 f^ ii . i i i ; j| ii i|| 

You can sit on your verandah, sheltered 
and cosy, and sweep the lovely landscape 
from Cordova Bay to Esquimalt Harbor. 

Residents in "Stamford Park," the remarkable new seenie subdivision, only two 
miles from eity hall, on the Cedar Hill road, will have some of the most entranemg 
views obtainable anvwhere in Victoria. Imagine being able to command a pan- 
orama like that described above! And yet, owing to the gentle slope of the property, 
these lots are reached by a grade that is hardly noticeable. 

'Stargife^#lriWkrti«iifc)n sight. The property is in a most desirable neighbor- 
bought at our prices last week have aln 

had coo4 
teiNo risk in buying this propey^y, 

Some Good Lots Left at Ofigmal Prices 

$500 to $700 

One-fifth dowm. balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months at 7 per cent. 


The office will be open this evening. 


632 Yates Street, Victoria, B.C. 

Phone 627 





No normal person can live in constant view of broad stretches of water, of tow- 
ering mountains and lovel^landscapes without benefitting. 

When the last waterfront lot in "Olympic View Park" is sold, there will b^ no 
more rockless waterfront available on Cadboro Bay. A few^ lots remam at our on^ 
fiinal prices Every lot, either w^aterfront or inside, is large and cleared, save for 
shade or fruit trees. Inside lots have direct communication by two broad roads with 
beautiful beach. Full view of sea and mountains, also shore'of Uplands. Car ime 
assured, fifteen minutes' walk distant. Golf Club near by. 



Why not see the property rigM away? Office open evenings. 7 to 8. 

k Sf uiRGESS & GO. 

310 pMDbertoo Block, Victoria, B.C. 

Phone 2559. Evening R3 167 





. ^v^.^i^-.j^iiA..-CGl-.U»*i.^x 

'^^^F^ The lastinft qiianw or Ithe Hardware we sell is alone sufficient reason for you to trade at a hii^b-i^rade Hardware s 

athinff^ yo g jS^MJIP ilway s buy wiUi ayiew toward its dependabililv, for your woirk^i 

*f* — °— "^ — : i ' >^f^ffn — 'fegjlt. — ^ " ^«f 

il i » llWi | il W li > ' ii w — ^ ^ 

m i l i | iiii , i g|(iin ii i iiii n i n ■ 

i^yon employ. ■-■I^.HICKMAN-T^HARDWARE CO.. LT|g||^ 



(r I 

' <* 


Screen Door 

Screen Door Hinges 

ii ^ iiiiii \ i T i ri i Ji i iiri i T ii in 

„^»VB, J 

. «-« , „ .•».<!. 

^If # l >i i1^| i n i|i|> t ' ppm i ^i > iiliiii l ii ( III l inn pj j hiij)| l p ^tn 

U' I ' ^li L I" ' ■ 'V • *■ -t, i, if j,^ ^„ 

m I III i rfil^ ^i iii |i iiiii w < i iii»i^iw^i%iii4i)UA^ 

ii . iip %mimifmiaiimfM$mm$mt*imimS^^ 

' »*.»lt' 

Painting Time Is NOW 

if there's any woodwork about the house, outside or in, which looks 
shabby. Don't think you are " economizing " by putting it off. 
Every cent's worth of M-L Pure Paint adds value to anything it 
covers. Whether you do the job yourself or have a painter do it, 

Be Sure 

You Get 


If you want to bo eurf/ of a good job. Figure that M-L Paint Made in forty- 

will protect and beautify the aurface it covers just about twice j"/^"'-'" '=°'''" "<* 

—- --'Hs *!: ar:r ota";r psist you csi fcuy. It will— because ot of paim, in.ide or 

the apeclal Ingredient \rhiz\i vrc Jinite with other pure materials °'"- '"' ' "'""■1.'' 

. . , . . .. V«rai«li& Color Co. 

to give it unuBual wearing quality. ^--^ Limited. Toronto. 


The up-to-date way to 
decorate your walla 
and ceilings is with 
COLORS and stencil 
deaigns. Most artistic, 
ianitary, durable, and 
are Tcry economical. 
Sixteen shades. 








We carry full lines of the above in all 
reputable makes 






So Hard tajTix 


Deep Well Force Punip^ 

Low Down Force Pumps 

Turret Force Pumps 

Semi-Rotary Pumps 

Hand Spray Pumps 

Barrel Spray Pumps 

Knapsack Spray Pumps 

Hydraulic Rams 

As "Sterling" Is to Silver 
So Is "Atkins" to Savvs 

A poor tool is a poor bargain at any price. It won't do the work. For only a LITTLE 
more than you pay for a cheap saw you could buy an "ATKINS" SAW. 

We carry tlie following ATtClNS saws: Cross Cut Saws, Falling Saws, Hand S'aws, Band 
Saws, also "AAA" Axes. 

Carborundum Sharpening Stones 

Carborundum Wheels, all sizes. 1 1 Carborundum Foot-power Grinders. 

Carborundum Hand-power Grinders. 1 1 Carborundum Carpenters' Hones 

Carborundum Axe Stones, etc., etc. 





544-46 Yates 

ic. . 1 . 

i i 

H ' 

i ': i i i "i i 'Mjp i ) ijjvr)ij|,;.^) i p ii w-B j(ii(iiii - iii i i ; i r iii r tii<iiiii>iii t n i m i 

it Mii»e!m >aammi M ti T im m imipi i Mn mmTmi t m i mmimm r» 

'i«m t ^ > tmm ' ! ' ^^ i fi >* ^ \t^f ^i'^^ 

:,vW^yr^^f^!i^^>^; J9f^,W.i^ , 





Tuaaday, Aufluat 20, 1912 


Oik: ceiii a w.iid each lna<~rUoii, It) per 
leni discount (ur alx ur toure conaeoutlva 
Inaenlona — <r«»h with order. No «dvortt»o- 
niem ai'icincd for !»■»» than 2& ccnia. 

XuMlneHs and I'riii.'miiiiiial i'i»iid»--of tour 
lines ni uni'n-r— Jl.UU per week. 

No advurllsenieiit ohargi^d og account (or 
lP6» l imn ^2^t0. Phone NcT. II. 


V»T (Jlaaa— A. F. Itoy. ower thirty ye«r»' 
rxiH^'rlenoe In an Klaan U-adod llitht* 
for churohfB, achi)iil» and pi-fvate dwellinm. 
Work* and alore, K16 l';indi»ra Biri-ei. next 
JO Mflhodisi ihurrh. I'hone &U4, 

VTTENTIUN — Have your Ihouue cleaned 
hy the Sanitary Vacuunt (.Ifanlnic l-'o., 
..'ISO Fori Bircri: phone Rl&oe. 

VT'l"KNT10N~'ro ensure thoroushneaa 
and promptitude, iihone lUiaS:;. The 1»- 
lillid Window Cleaning Co., 731 rrlncuaa 
menu?, tor window cleanlne^and Janitor 


UTO VACbCM cleaner; phowe L,275T. 


.VQGAOB Delivery — VIctorItt Tranater 
fu . Ltd. Tal. 129. 

BiJOKBlNDEHS — The Colonist in the best 
hookblndory in tho province; lilie resuU 
■1 equal in proportion. 

BOTTLES — All kinaa of bottJos wanted. 
Good prices paltj. Victoria Junk? Agency. 
1<I20 Storo str eet. Phone 1336. 

BI..UE Printing — Electric 'Blue Rrlnt and 
Map Co.. :14 Central hutldlrag:, View 
street. Blue printing, maps, draughting; 
dealers in surveyor's Instrunients and dratv- 
iiig offlco supplies. Phone 16.^4. . ^ 

BUir.,DER— Ernest G. Cooper/ estimates 
free; details carefully followed; work 
on percentage or contract; 25 years practi- 
cal experience: Specials, BungiKlows, Interior 
finish, staircase work, oountrv « luk. G. f. 
O.. Victoria, U. C. KeaJcJeni 3, Lftke 

Hill Park. 

/ ^.Mt|»|B»TX>R-^«l>tul Carpaatar *wfi Jab^ 
^ blttiltaetory. Alfrad Jfltoaa, >iilldat mA 
contractor. SstlmatM' flyaa on ail vlMMf 
of structurw, Bhop sctUifik ate. IM* Tatii 
street, omea Phana tMSh Raa. BlOQt, ^^ 

i-^ARHIA** Md W«»M pa^lara-^ITBii, 
tTrawiBot ba batw far HUUMP 


i H i ii0 ■ ««!. " r uwm it nr 

OttlMSrtBV SweepoMoird. Chteoajr Swaap. 
Phone P3183. . ^ „ 


etwe »ti 


305. CrusliMi'tWHi; »''s)i'-d a»it(l»wt iimM) 
deiiveicd 1^ taimi at bunkexa. «r an,«oo«a 
.It (luarry and gravel pU at Royal Bay. \_ 

^OAL— Hall & Walker, Wellington Col- 

^ lleiles coal,- Comox anthracite coal. 

Macksmith's aiid nut coal specially pre- 
pared. Phone 88. 123:' " -iment. 


RA\'MAN— Joseph 1' office at 66 

Wharf street. Phouc 171. 


It A V. MEN — Victoria Truck &' Bjay Co., 
Ltd. l^hone 18. 

DYE Works — ^Paul's Steam Dye Works, 
318 Fort street. We clean, press and 
repair ladies' and gentlemen's garments 
..j' to new. Phone it*. 



Carter ft-,, McKenzie, 
practical electricians and contractors. 
I'lione 710; Kes. Phones L2270. R-.'667. Tele- 
phono and motor work a specially. 1319 
T.road street. ' 

ELECTRICIANS — Foot and Tuson, elec- 
trical contractors. Motor boats, easollne 
engines. Phone A114G. 73!> Fort street. 

EMl'LOyMENT Bureau — Wing On, 1709 
Gove rnment stre et. Phone 38. 

f^ ARUENER — Landscape gardener, James 
vT s!m.pson, 611 Superior street, phono 
L3964, expert nurseryman, florist and seeds- 
man, also goods and. work of best Quality; 
a large staff of good trien kept; orders re- 
ceive Immediate at;tention. Note ne'w ad- 
dress.. ,. 

GLASS and Glazing — Every description of 
glass, plate, sheet, prismatic, oruamen- 
iHl, leaded, etc. The Uelrose Co:., Ltd., 618 
Fort street. 

HARDWARE— E. G. Prior ft Co., hard- 
ware and agricultural implemenUl, cor- 
ner Johnson and Government streetr. 

HAHDWARE^The Hickman Ty« Hard- 
ware Co., Ltd.. Iron, steel, hardware, 
cutlery. 30 and 84 Yates street, Victoria. 

IS. C. ' -^ , . ■ , '■•>:■,■■ ': '.■ . ■ •_,,. , 

TAMES Bay Window Cleaners and Janl- 
•' tors. H. Kelway, 341 Coburg iatreet. 
! iiono R166S. 

TEWELERS — A Petch, 1416 Douglas 8t. 
'.' Specialty of Engliai^ watch repairing. 

JL'NK — Wanted', scrap brass, copper, zinc, 
lead, cast iron, sacks, bottles, rubber. 
Highest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1020 Store slrcol. Phone 1336. 

I VERY — Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. Tel. 
■^ 12». Ui'st service lii the city. 


LITHOGRAPHING — Lithographing, en- 
graving and embosBlnK. Nothing too 
large and nothing loo small; your station- 
ery is your advance agent; our work Is un- 
eriualled west of Toronto. The Colonist 
Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. 

PA I NTBR — T. £ Prlchard, painting, 
paperhanging and Interior decorating. 
ii:i4 John street. Phone L3111. 

PATENTS — Rowland Brittaln, registered 
v.. I ?.",°,''"''^/, , ^''tents In all countries, 
i'^.rfi^tu bliiidin^, vi>p4>j9flt> P. O., Vitncouvor, 

POTTERY Ware — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots. etc. B. C. 
I'nttery Co., Ltd., corner B road and Pandora. 

IJLl'MBING — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
ing Co., Ltd. For first class workman- 
slUp in the above line, gl»e us a call. Tem- 
liorary office, 7S5 JJroughton street. Phone 


1>LI;MBING— R. Smith. 1942 Oak Bay ave. 
Phono 3360. Stoves and ranges con- 

IJUBLIC Stenographer — Stenography and 
typewriting promptly and accurately 
1 xecuted at the Public Stenography Ufhccs. 
f'Sl Broughton street, near corner of Lang- 
ley. No te: All work guaranteed. 

SHORTHAND — Complete stenography 
►O course; reasonable rates. Phone S91. 

^HOR-IIAND — Shorthand School, lTo» 
f-J HroaU strret, Victoria. Shorthand, Type- 
«rUlnK, bookkeeping thoroughly taught, 
liraduivlps fill good positions. K. A. Mac- 
.^llllan, principal. 

t^TBNCIL and Seal Engraving — General 
>0 engraver and stencil cutter. Geo. Crow- 
iher,_8is Wharf street, behind P. O. 

8M1TH, Russell, shlnglers and slate roof- 
ers. 2203 Sprin g road. 

^IIAMI'OOINO and manicuring at ygur 
►o ,,wn homo by lady expert. Box 1433, 

I 'Dlonlst. 

TTNUERTAKING— B. C, Funeral Furi^lT 
\J Ing Co. ( finyward's), 734 Broughton 
street, ITompt iittenlion; charges reason- 
able, r-hones 2235, 2236, 2237, 223S. I'has. 
Hay ward, prenldent; It. Hay ward, secretary; 
l\ Castleton. manager. 

\\'^HQLS?ALE !>ry Qcnd-— Turner. H»eton 
-* «£ Co,, lAii., 'whotcsnie -ivf g'.>i}d3 ini- 
;...i-Trr« nn'T mp n'.i'nctiir«r», msn'" lurnlsh- 
.iigB, lents, ' MIg Hnin" brand shirts, over- 
■tUr. Mali ordcia allendod to. 

W'OOD — Cheap fuel. Try a heaping double 
' » load of ahoi-l cut mill-wood, delivered 
to any part of the city at %3 C. O. D, by 
ranieron Lumber Co., Ltd. Phone 804. 

I't^'HOLE.SALE Wines and Llquors~Tur^ 
' ' ner, BeiMon Co., Ltd., Wharf street. 
\|( mrla- wholesale only. AH (he leading 
iTnndu of llt|uors. Direct Importers. Write 
fi'i lists and prices. 


,\ ncHITECT — Jesse M. Warren, 503 Cen- 
■^"J- tral BIdg., Victoria, B. C. Phone J097. 

VRCillTECT— C. Elwood VVatklns, roiims 
1 and 2. Green Block, corner Trounce 
iivi-nuo and Broad. Phone 2188; residence 
, lione 1,1JU8. 

\ HCHITECT — Thomas Hooper. In prac- 
•*'*- 11(0 In B. C. fiir 28 years. Plans and 
. ;>rc|flrat;<:ins furnished on application. Of- 
li-e ,S'fiW Royal Bank Bldg. Phone 9J7. 

A HCHITECTH— Plans prepared for apart- 
■^J^ irient houses and bungalows. P. O. 
Mox 107'1. 

AROHITR<'T— 8. B. Birds, A. R. 1. B. A., 
802 Central Building, Victoria, B. C; 

lihone 3H.S2. 

ARCHITECT — H. 3. Griffiths. 1008 OoY- 
ernnient street. Phone 1488. 

/^IVIL Engineer— George A. Smith, British 
V^ Columbia land »urve'--or. Office at AU 


CANAVAN and Mitchell, l.^lvll Engineers. 
Offices, i-:'i-:iH Pemberton Block. Tel. 
laH'J. IV O. Hox i'j. Examinations, and He- 
ports, Irrigation and Drainage, Hydro-Klei 
trie Uevelopincnt Waterworks, Sewerage 
and Sewage IMspoaal. 

C'lIVlL Engineer— H. M. T. Hodgson. Ass. 
-y »lem. Inst, of Civil Engineers and Pro- 
vincial l,and SUiveyori. Office. Port Al- 
bernl. H. C. 

C1IVIL Engineers — Gore A. McGregor — Brll- 
^ Ish Columbia land surveyors. land 
aKenlii. timber crulsern; I'. A. Lundry, J. H. 
McCregoi. J. K. Temiileton, T. A. Kelly, 
limber department. Chancery Chambers. 
Langlev street, Victoria. B. C. ; I", O. Box 
J52; phone |g< ; McGregor building. Third 
street. South Fort George, B. C. 

CMVIL Engineer— Topp A Co., Civil Kn- 

■' glneers and land atirveyors. room 211. 

i'embertoii Block. I'hone 2»»8. P. O. Box 

C11VIL Engineers — Green Bros., Burden & 
■' (?o., civil engineers. Dominion and B. 
C. land surveyors. 114 Pemberton Block. 
Brancti offices in Neison, Fort George and 
Huzelion, B. C. 

C 11 VII, Engineer — Clarence Hoard, member 
' Can. Soc. C. K., member Am. Hy, Engr. 
AsBoclatlon. Steam, Electric. Logging. Hall- 
ways, Engineering and Construction. Office, 
401 Pemberton Bldg.. I'hone 9S4; Res. 
Emp ress Hotel; Phone 1680. 

CiONSULTING Engineer — W. Q. Wlnter- 
-' burn. M. I. N. A., receives pupils for 
examination fgr certificates. Stationary and 
M arine. 616 Bastion Square. Phone 1631. 

"TJENTIST^-Dr. Lewls~H^ll, dental ~n\i^ 
J-' geon. Jewell Block, corner Yates and 
Douglas streets, Victoria. Pbonaa: Office 
857j Ret. 1 22. ' 

TAENTIST— -W. F. Fraser, D. M, C. Office 
-*~^ 782 Yates street, lia.esche Block. Office 
hours; 9.30 a.m. to 6 p .m. 

Surveyors^Dart ft Francis 
i«uantity ainjoltyora, ra- 
ng gned. Oinaa. Saard 
>,, «»«- tlsor, roaoi tt. FMUa 

■State jtSutt* • **• *•* '•'• *•*** 

A Noakai), pamintoi^ and B,;C 


»vmi iwm nr 

MISS Mario* H. CanpKMI, JliHMtaatad 

corner ToMflt, 


O F. VHTBRINARY College begins Sept. 
^» IS; no profession offers equal oppor- 
tunity; catalogue free. C. Kaone. Pre»., 1818 
Market street. San Francisco 


ANCIENT Order of Foresters, Court 
Northern Light, No. 8985, meets at 
Foresters' Hall, Broad street, 2nd and 4th 
Wednesdays. W. F. Fullerton. Sec. 

T OYAL Orange .\!isoclatlor.. Premier Loyal 
-l-* Orang-e l.radge. No. 1610, meets 2nd 
..and 4th Mondays, at the Foresters" Hall, 
Broad St. J. -C. Scott, 943 Pandora street, 
Worshipful Master; W. C. Wtrren, 39 Cam- 
bridge Street. Secretary. 

VJOMS of England. B. S. Alexandra Lodge 
^^ 116. meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 
K. of P. Hall. 11. G. King, Shelbourne St., 
president; Jas. P. Temple, 1053 Burdetts St., 

SONS of England, B. S. Pride of the Isl- 
and Lodge No. 131, meets 2nd and 
4th Tuesdays In A. O. F. hall. Broad street; 
president. F. Wast, 657 Hillside avenue; 
secretary. W. H. Trowcsdale, (20 Williams 
f't.. city. 


HOTEL Blackburn, A. E. Blackburn, 
proprietor. This well known and pop- 
ular hotel, entirely rebuilt and refurnished, 
is now open to its patrons. Steam heaf. fine 
commodious rooms, nrat-class dining room, 
best attention to comfort of guests. Amer- 
ican plan. 81.60 ' to $2,00 per day. F;uro- 
pean plan, TS cents upwards. 818 Main 


AMAN In every locftUts to get Ilstlngt of 
ecrea,ge for aale, Gordon Bros., 1011 
Douylas 8t. 

BUSHELMAN and tailor wanted; steady 
work. 1421 Government St., Chicago 
Tailoring Co. 

1>LU.MBERS wanted, Cnion pluTn'bera to 
attend regular meeting at Labor hall, 
Tuesday evening, risgarils to Labor Day 

' u 

i)A.ST and vest makers at once. A^ply 
Alex^ Peden, Sayward Building. 

SMART young map 'wanted for office. Ap- 
ply manager, B.C. Telephone Co., Ltd. 

THIRD class engineer for small turbine 
plant at manufacturing works near Vic- 
toria; wages 8100 per month. Apply room 
28, Boa rd of Trade building. 

THREE salesmen, high class proposition; 
able men make good money. Call be- 
fore 9:30, Grlswold. 813 Sayward Block. 

'VNTEiD. two solicitors at once. Apply 
1203 Langely st.. Monarch Cleaners. 


\'l''E have a vacancy for an ener«etip and 
'V experienced real estate salesman. Ap- 
plicat'.ans nriuot Im able to prove previous 
experience. .\pply the manuKer, .Messrs. 
Beckett. .Ma.lor & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort st. 

XXTANTBD. FIrsi-clasa be»ch hand for 
' T Bftsh and door factory. R. A. Green 
& Co.. 1155 North Park st. 

X'l'ANTKD, a Junior stenographer for a 
» ' temporary engagement of a few 
iveeks. Apply the manager. Beckett, Ma- 
.lor A Co.. L td.. 64S Fort St. 

\VrANTED. high rlass stock and syndicate 
' ' r.alesman. Good paying proposltioii. 
-^ppiy by letter stating experience and qual- 
Ifl cnilons to p. Q . Box flOB. 

\\7iANTBD at once, live, experienced 
» V man, flrst-oJass proposition — not real 
estate. Highest remuneration. Apply 6ol St.. between 8.80 and 8,80 a. m. 
Box 2003, Colonist. 

XTTANTED— Managing clerk for law office 
' ' Apply In person to C. V. Davie, barris- 
ter. Room 203 Pemberton building. 

WANTED, men and women to learn the 
barber trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing; IIS to $36 per v.cek when qualified. 
We l»»u« the only recognliod diplomas In 
the world; learn a trade and be independ- 
ent; the most complete college In the west. 
Call or write for free catalogue. Molcr 
Barber College, . 84C MoJn st., Vancouver, 

B. C. 

TT^'^ANTED; carrier for The DaMy Colon- 
V» lai; two good Colonist routes vacant; 
chance to gel a good route before seliool 
begins. Apply at once. The Dally Colonist 
I'U'culatlon liepartiTient. 

Vy^ANTED — A general agent for Vancou- 
>t ver iBlanil for n utraighl lino life In- 
Kiiiani'p company; « goort contract will be 
given to a firsi ilnuB man, Applv bv letter. 
.\ddreBS, manager, Emprem hotel. Victoria. 

W 'ANTED — Itellable agents to handle high 
class forty-acre farms on easy terms; 
flel'i not-^.^ supplied; attractive literature; 
llbernl rommls.'lon. National Finance Co., 
Ltd.. Vancouver. B. C. 

Y\7A.NTED. two well dresaed young. mir\. 
>» Call between f and !i a. m., lOOti Gov- 
erument st., room 9. 

\t''A.NT,BD. carrier for Daily Colonist route, 
*' Fernwopd rd. and Edmonton rd. dls- 
frlcr. Apply Circulation Deal., The t,*o,l- 

¥■1 WNTKD. a farm hand to drive team and 
>> help milk. E. Harrsp, Braetooi Farm, 
fedar Hill. 

TANTED — Shingllag don* on church. 
Strawberryvale P. ,0. 


IV'ANTED — At once two good agents; 
W prnmollon for good salesmen. .Vppiy 
•824 Pemberton block. 

PvfiA >'S^ wanted to eit at Good Bau Cair. 
OUV 846 Cormorant St.; 7 white cooks; 
good dinner lor "tiro blta ." 


A PPLY Devereux Agency for v-dtMatlonal, 
,1*- domestic and farm work of all descrip- 
tion. Phone 447; 1814 Fort st, Hours 10 
to 11 morning; 4 to « afternoon. 

A GOOD cook wanted, English woman 
preferr«ill. Apply St. Helens, 828 
Courtney st. 

A RRRPBCTABLB married la9y 'vtabaa 
.iV position as general housekeeper with 
•mall ramlly. Box ]<*i, Colnaigt. 

UELr WANTEO^IVliaALK— <Ca«tbiati4) 

A T Esqulmalt in September, experienced 
■^^ governess, dally or resident, for iwo 
girls, eleven and thirteen Apt>ly Mrs. Frits 
v\'alter, Gungea Harbor, Salt Spring Island. 

once. Ap- 


epresentatlve wanted at 
ply 324 Pemberton block. ' 

/ ^OOK and housemaid wanted. Apply by 
V-.^ phone L1787. or call 516 Michigan St., 
evenings, 7 to S.30. 

DHE-SS.MAKlNt; -Wanted an experienced 
waist hand; also apprentices; small 
wugca given. .Madame Itaybone, 'I'ii Fort 

DHBKHMAKl.NG— Wanted assistants, im- 
provers and apprentices. Mrs. Stuart, 
5Ui> Michigan st. 

/ \ ENEKAL servanjf, plain cooking; other 
VT help kept; good> wages. Box 168S, Col- 

GENERAL servant; no cooking; good 
wages; se\&n rOomed house. Box 1690, 

/A iltl-S wanted for ladles' tailoring; muat 
VT have experience. .American Ladles' 

Tailors, il07 Government st. 

C^OOD home for girl attending high 
J school In return ("r llghi services. 
IJox 1713. . Colonist. 

^ i , 

AND Ironers and girls wanted. Apply 
.Standftru t-teain Lu-uiiilry, (ill View st. 


ITALIAN -wanted. Italian lady or gentle- 
man to give lessons in Italian convcrsa- 
tlon. Box 1468, Colonist. 

MILLINEHY apprcnti^es wanted nt once. 
-\pply The Crown Millinery I'arlors, 
921 Fort St. - 


JURSEMAID wanted. 'Apply at 648 
Niagara St., corner of Clarence st. 

STBNOGRAPHKH — Substitute for one 
. moQtti, wUb experience In real eatate 
office. Apply P, O . Box 686. 

VANCOUVJGU Islaud Empluyment Bu- 
reau, liii Douglaa 9t, Ualp wanted 

i il ; ii » i » »ii t m il 

V V YotV In th« fvm 
the mornlnjt to Mnk'j 

tflF'iMtKt houMWorlt at 


WANTED, by younv married 
bousaworli:: two raorninv* » 
19CX U4»r^^O<M«kl«t 



.OlBlag -iM» . 

,{ imuMi, ti%. ,A»: 

_Ji' M^M, »M aWril 

'•y> Sayward block; m3*fji<s^t^»^ 

«iMr;t"p>i!iir ilMir 

^^iNTED-W.ltr... ^ '"S^" ^^l^^^jfegi 


WANTED, K thoroughly experienced hotel 
housekeeper; must have had hotel 
experience. Apply phone 3760. 

'\.S'TKD, girl at once, experienced, as 
".liiress. Angel Restaurant, • 1218 


VATANTED — Expert dressmaker to demon- 

VV strate catting out, fitting and etc.; 

would be required to travel for two 

months. Apply Mrs. A T. Watt, Box 799, 

IVANTED, experienced girl for fruit' and 
'V candy atore. Apply 1428 Govern- 
ment St. 

wrse girl for aftornohns. Ap- 
Blanchard at. 


'-\N'i'Kl.', experienced house and parlor 
maid Ai)i)ly Miss Macklem, 1126 


\\' . > ■. -!ii!iig li"U«ekeBper; good 

T \ ua.nni', none but ii capable person 
need apply. Phone X36«6; addre«» 24 
Pleasant ave., next street to Hampshire rd. 

\"'t;>AXTBb, nurse for young baby, must 
»V be fond of children; also some house- 
work and a little washing; wages tl5 to 
J20 Apply 1114 FaliJleld rd., or phone 
R2239. ■ ' ■ ' • . . 

AV'ANTRn, ledy or Ti""! or ."Wife, for gen- 
'' eral house work. Apply' 1023 Cale- 
donia ave. 

\TTANTED, young lady for general ttllce 
VV work; mii't ' n-- some Knov.ledge <if 
bookkeeping ai. >■• nt the typewriter. 

Apply .1. >. Hh I,. 614 Toil s pf. 

WANTED, athletic girl for vaudevilia 
learn, must be good hand balancer; 
gr> rist Apply Box 1078, 


AOARDE.VER requires a ateady situa- 
tion; can lay out a new place If re- 
qtllred and make rock gardens, herbaceous 
borders, etc., and do ftrat-dass work. Box 

1(>»S, Co'.onisf. 

, — _— — _— ^ ill ' i I — - , — __... — ^ 

AS cake baker's helper, by young man 18, 
,< years' experience; disengaged. W. 
Hurr, general delivery P. O.. Victoria. 

ACCOUNT books written up or audited. 
Terms moderate. V. C. Martin, Assoc, 
Chartered lust, of Secretaries. P. O. Box 
1157, Victoria, 

I71IRST-CLA83 carpenter and Joiner wants 
work in country; middle-aged, well 
up m all kinds of building work. Box 
1168, Colonist. ■.; _ :_ •:. . 

JAPANESE wants steady work on farm or 
garden, wootj. Apply Tako, 616 Fla- 
guard St. 

JOSEF HInton, late professor advanced 
technique College of ^tUl^' Toronto; 
singing iind pianoforte; lermswrom HInton 
and lialcs, accountants, 318 Central build- 
ing. Victoria. 

POSITION wanted by man and wife, to 
take charge of gentleman's house or 
boarding rooms; moderate terms; distance 
no ob.lect. Box 166B, Colonist. 

I>LAWTERBR, competent wants job. H. 
Passmore, n4 Rcndall st. 

^MAKT youth wanted to drive a wagon 
^ and inake himself generally useful 
around a grocery store. Acton Bros., Doug- 
las St. 

TATIONARY Engineer — Bxperleneedi 
American, wants work. Box 1416, Col- 

rpWO first class carpenters want houses to 
X build, contract or day. Box 1489, Col- 

7ANTED, situation on ranch for boy )4 
years old. Apply Box 2002, Colo- 



WANTED — Position by young man, age 
IS, In real 'estate, or office of any de- 
scription; good penman and quick at fig- 
ures. W. A. B., 1624 Wuadra st. 

V\TANTED — Position as bartender, or In 
VV liquor storep references. Write to J. 
E. Pigeon, 631 Hereward. Victoria. 

\\^ANTBD — By middle-aged man. position 
VV a.i caretaker, janitor or wntcliman; 
good reference. Apply 609 Wilson St.. west, 

'or Mhone L2A20. 


7ANTJSD, by experienced man, cleaning 
offices, hotels, etc. Box 1603, Colonist. 



'lANTED. young girl to assist wtlh 
hou»'>w<irk; good home and wages. Box 
1736, Colonlsf. 

;\7A'NTED. a genera,! help: no washing. 
Box 1733, (^olonlst. 

IXTANTED — Situation aa timekeeper, care- 
VV taker or lanllor, night or day. by 
smart, active man; ago 40; best of refer- 
en<'e«. Box 1392, (.'olonlst. 

\\7ANTED — Experienced driver for city; 
V only good men need apply. The West 
End Grocery Co.. Ltd., 1002 Government st. 

XXT^ORK wanted (stranger), plasterer, by 
VV the day or contract, clly or country. 
2616 Fernwood rd. 
_* . 

YOT.'NG man wants position In machine 
shop or as fflurth engineer. Box 17J0, 

YOUNG man seeks employment as team- 
ster; used to horses. A. Weekes. t04 
Ciledonlaa venue. * 

"VrOUNO man seeks position In store; ex- 
1. perience In grocery. Apply nnx 1581. 

AT'OI'NO gentleman, with a lUtle Vnowl- 
JL edge of chlrk^ns. d»»Ir»» work till 
spring on a thoroughly up-tn-daie chlckeit 
ranch: must he a paying concern, and run 
on a sfrictiy business basif; would be will- 
ing to accept ■mall salary and board in re- 
turn for services; good experience' main ob- 
ject; Duncans district preferred. Box I8<^b, 

irrcA'noN waktvu—i-bhals 

A YOUNG lady wants poaltlon In Pro- 
feaslanal office or other ilfht occupa- 
ilon. 8»ine experUnce In koatfUal work, 
X'ery moderate salary 
1482, Calonlat Ofrice. 


■ITl/ATiemi WAIfTKP^.— .* «— Caat'd. I PROPBBjry POR SALK— (CMittaaad) 

A CAPABLE colored lady wishes posi- 
tion as working housekeeper for genile- 
iiian ur private family. Adtiress iiV biuugh- 
tun St. 


REJftSMAKlNG— -M.-s. J. Robert. 
Gorge rd.; ternis ni>derate. 


DRESSMAKING — Exclusive designs; cut, 
fit guaranteed. Miss Watts, 707 V» Yates 

DRBS8.MAKI.NG, day and evening gowns, 
good style and fit. Phone .M-83tl. 
Woodlawn Crescent, Monterey avenue. Oak 

I .(EXPERIENCED woman desires position 
-^ In office, accustomed t6 bookkeeping, 
■ typewriting, and general ofCioe work. Box 
1SS2, Colonist. 


1.UOD lessons in Spanish by lady who has 
resided in Spain. Box loll, i.'olinlin. 

J.VDV would like to take i are of Infants. 
-^ Terms reasonable S2,S irulediinia ave 

JAUY des:res housework, few liours d<iliy. 
■J Hox 16IS, Colonist. 

1>I.'BL1C Stenographer — Work called tor 
and dellvaied; moderate prices. Phono 
L1S42. Residence. 321 Mljtiilgan St. 

1>OSlTIUN winled as experienced house- 
maid In private family. Box 171iJ. 

OITUATION v^anted as general servant. 
So Box 1268, Colonist. 

SCOTCH girl wishes position as nurse to 
one or two children in refined family; 
'Mages 825. AppJy 1114 Fairfield rd., or 

phone Ri23a. _^______ 

SITUATION required as working house- 
►3 keeper, country uot objected to. Box 
858, Colonist. . ^^_^ 

ORK wanted by the day, plain waah- 
Ing and Ironing. Apply Finlayson 
street, corner Graham. 

for bouae'work. 1041, 

M.^VNTBD— Girl 
>> Colli 


tTflUflrtiWv' iaaWnt, 'or 

Collinaon al^ 



[rred: referaticea. 

t r o UM O (a d i F i i t*0t9% > d w rtt a t 

mil<Mry' «overn«i«. 'V^&l^-'l^^^^ 

rnani M «tty «t 


YOUNG lad .Ike i.i take In or go 

out dressmaKijig. 27 dimcoe street. 
Jame* Bay. ^__^ 

W'ANTED — Young lady as stenographer 
V V and assistant bookkeeper, beginner 
might suit. F'ullbrook-Sayera Stationery 
*'5>., 1220 Government St. ..■; ' 

\"I7ANTKD — By educated lady, position as 
' ' housekeeper where liolp kept, or mat- 
ron of boys' school; thoroughly experienced, 
energetic and domesticated. Box I6S0, Col- 
onist. ■ 


* BIC, snap, for one day only, 3 lots. 
X\. Bowker ave., »170» 'each, now be 
quick; the new car line passes these lots, 
double tracking Fori,' at. _ Wise >< 'i. ">' 
Pemberton Block. 

A GOOD, high, grassy lot. fronting on 
■J^ Sanlch road, a Knap. J115»; 8*00 caah; 
also a large lot (nearly six acres! front- 
ing on Lake Okanagan at I'eachland. only 
JS.OOO. }50(i cash, a rare opportunity to 
oi-qulre this valuable lake frontage at ao 
small a price; might consider goo.d launch 
as part payment. W. H. «Aarp, Kelvin 
road, .May wood P. <3- . ■ ' ' , • 

A MONEYMAKER — ISO acres at Sooke, 
->■■»- for a few days at 114 only nn acre; 
very easy terms: values rapidly rising here, 
141 Bberta »t.. off May. . ■ ' ' ' ^ 

\ BK.CUTIFUL, Cheap lot P. 2., block S. 
-^V Hollywood f"re.»cent, no rock; J200U: 
JSOO cash. Enquire for Flefchor. owner, at 
Chavaa' Grocery, comer Corey and Hoieskin 
rds. . 

A GOOD business corner. Tilliiium rd. and 
Obed ave., J1250; $«oO cash. Enquir* 
for Fletoher, owner, at irhavcs' Grocery, 
corner Carey and Boleskin rds. ' ' •■ 

A FINE lot overlooking the Oakiands 
school site. Just a block from Hillside, 
for I960. This is a remarkable snap, (.'ain- 
• ron Investment A. Secu rities Co.. Ltd. 

A BARGAIN on John St.— V-ot 10, block 
W., size 60x124; producing 830 a month 
revenue; price for quick sale, J7500; third 
cash, balance 1 and 2 year*. Cameron In- 
vestment A Securities Co., Ltd. " 

ABSOLUTELY a big bargain, J-roomed 
house, Fairfield: panelled, den, fire 
places, built In seats, buffet, plate rail, very 
attractive home, on a desirable site, ihodern 
basetnelit.. Price »5ToO. Wise & ( <,., I0» 
Pemberton Block. 

•^ ler. Ipt 60x115 going for lieoo; tlilid 

cu»h, balance 6, 12, 
Sayward bldg. 


ovc.-looklng 'wa 
for lieoO; 
E. M. Jones. 


i--' car 

LD St., 


minutes Irom 

Ilu -nslde 



|2UU, balance 

2 scars. 


Marrlner * Cheeseman, 130 

) Blancti- 

aid St. 


., large lor, 68x170, Inside 
kwater. with 4 houses produclcii,- 
|i}5 monthly: |26jOU(^, on easj lernis, also 
large lot on .'s'lagara st. with house, flo.oou, 
on easy terms. Hoom 8, 606 Yates st. 

lot iOx 



DANDY acre on Lantpaon st . only |4000; 
a big snap; terms easy. Acre almost 
udjoliilng held at »lu,500. Apply box 1035, 
(.'olonlsl. ^^ 

J.'^OUL Baj road, close to Fort, 
. 120, price 11250; ooe-lblrd 
ijivner. Box 1258, Colonist. 

,. Sale — On Hurrulde car line, one rtne 
lot, iit)Xl2« or 88 Sunny vll|f subdivis- 
ion. I'rice 8650; cash 8126; balance 815 per 
month. Owner. 1361 Cailln st. 

1."EOU Sale — 84 acres of good lat'd close to 
■ Hfiyal f)ak and near B. C. Electric Uy. ; 
make good subdivision; only 8725 an acre; 
easy terms. Holland * Horn, 622 Trounce 

FL-ORE.NCE rd. trackage, lot 158x132 at 
J.950a; quarter cash; this offer good 
for 10 days only. Union Real Estate Co., 
Law Chambers; phone 2709, 

iriOR Sale — A double corner, Parkdale, 
close to Douglas car; lot 1, block 2, 
size 60x112; price $650; terms f2B0 cash, 
bul. 8, 12, 18 and 2 4 months at 7 per cant. 
Owner lias clear title. Uox 267, Colonist. 

I7\OH small farms .and chickoii rancAes, see 
Grimason ft Bunnett, isa Pemberton 

building. .. 

J^"V)R sale, 1J8 fet on Government Btfoet,, 
half block from Government building: 
^MPjl B||t|; JtrOBJt j^OOjl, Box 2005, colonist. 

Coast waterfront, |20 
tfn, Colonlat. 

W'1llll»$^M..ll4*> liorcg clufe to 
avjirMMr Cbtaot, «sa pur a<M!ai, 
termg. ykMtt^LtP: U Anderton, Opr 

Cal(>)B?at- '■,' 

It, Jl*120, 
i IX 1487, 

xrit'Jbm UuBrt—BO avrj«,^i.,tjja. ttgwt land 

A COOK St. corner cheap — •»& feet on 
Cook St. and 111' feet on SutleJ; Al 
business corner; onlv J9O0O for quick sale; 
easy terms. Apply Bulld(|ng & Finance, Ltd., 
733 Fort St.: phone 2803. 

BBAl'TIFCL waterfront lot. 52x244 
deep: all cleared; price 81.675. > . 1. 
Curry. Phone 3273. 

LBBRTA ranch, Calgary district, sunny 
climate, new furnished house, horse, 
stable, 300 tons hay crop, etc. ; sale or trade. 
Owner, 578 Yates st. 

A GOOD buy; cash urgently wanted, 50x 
121, next Bay St.. corner, level, no rock, 
on terms 81,SiO: also 40 acres west coast, 
very easy terms. G. W. H., P. O. Box 981. 

A LOVEIiY home, with garden and 
jvTl flowers, 7 rooms, basement and fur- 
nace, in Oak Bay; price 85250; 8150 cash. 
Box 1780, Colonist. ^^ ■ : 

V~~ LOVELY island of 28 acres, close to 
Sidney, nicely wooded- fine bathing 
beach, good bay, all good soil, good fish- 
Inn;, make a fine summer residence. 82.500. 
Eaglen * Co., Room 4. Imperial Bank 

AB.1G snap In Uplands, 8520 cash, bal- 
ance over 4 years, price »2,200. Wise 
& Co.. 10.1 Pembert on block. 

.IIjBEHNI lots— (If you have 160 here'" 
J.\. vour opportunity to sei'ure a splendid 
lot, close In. P. O. Box 119, clty^ 

A CLIENT who paid 8760 for a lot and 
J\. needs money S.-1I! sell at a reduction. 
Pee us at once. May * TIsscman. 7 30 

Fort «t. 


AN unusual chance, double corner (104 ft. 
frontage) on Fort St.. with modern 
5-room house, for 86000, on easy terms. 
May & Tisseman, 730 Fort St. 

A BUILDER'S proposition, 180x120 on 
I^e ave. for $4 BOO, on terms, May & 

ANH'E grassy lot, hijli and dry. on 
LInkleas ave.. Just by the golf links, 
81200, on good terms May & TIaaeman, 
730 Fort St. 

A FINE big lot. 54x125, on Pleasant are., 
near Oak Hay ave.. for 11676, on 
tnrma. May A Tlsseman, 730 Fort St. 

E.''T double corner on (Jak Bay ave., loux 
120; only »-5fl0. Box 1435, Colonist. 


BARGAIN— 8700; 1100 down, balance less 
than rent. buyi> quarter acre, with com- 
fortable place to live; 20 minutes front 
Douglas car; free water and wood. I'houo 

BBACHWOOD ave.. Foul Bay, R-roomed 
house; dining room 23 feet long; mod- 
ern throughout: fine sea view; for quick 
sale. Apply to owner, 188 Beerhwood ave. 
On easy terms, price |«800. 

BURLBITH and Cralgflower roads, a fine 
double corner, 100x130, only 88,760: 
easy terms. Ap^ly to Stewart Land Co.» 
Ltd., 101-2 Pemberton block. Phone ISSl. 

BEECHWOOD, corner Lillian, splendid lot, 
close to sea, $1600; one-third cash. 
Coast Investment Co., 118 Pem>herton bldg. 

CiMOlCE location, double corner Harriet 
J rd. and Obed ave., 95x140, 12900; third 
caah. Evans, P. O. Box 1124. 

HEAP Lots for Bale— Wa have sevan lots 
on Finlavson. ' ranging from 8»A0 to 
81,280 «ach; also 8 lots nn Cook, naar Fin- 
layson, each 80 feet fi-untage, from 1950 to 
81,210 each; double corner In Clark sub- 
dlvllon, 81.(21, quarter cash; also listings In 
ail parts of ihf elf)', Afiply Beaver Realty, 
Room 421, Sayward block. Phone 8888. 

CIORJJRR iN.wichan and (iuamlchan streets, 
^ .*1,800,: easy terma. Phoenix Realty Co. 
1828 Douglas it. Phone 818 2. 

CHEAP lot. Pleasant «ve.. near' .Sara- 
toaa, 818*0: oue-tbtrd caah. Apply 
The Bawsag RaaH^ in M»4fm*r* Block. 

]7\OR Sale— 14 acre f 
- Okanagan Valley, 

ga a a l i Bt t a i iJSSlt^^ particulars. 

*«, llOxI^O, Blllston ave., 

•tables, barn, hayloft, cow 

tank, chicken house; fine 

\reCv;"Ji;rS?. Box i4 l», Golonlst'. 

fruit lot ut I'eachland, 
7 acres uti4er 10 year 
old trees. Exceptlonallx fine crop of 
peaches and apples. t'rop and all 8(>.000. 
Further particulars and terms 650 Harbin- 
ger avenue; orchard has been well cared 
for since planting, 'and '-la free from ull 
p eals. '' " ■ :' 

T^IOR property In (^ralgdarroch see' us. 
-L Cameron Investment «t Securities Co., 

LHJK sale, ten, twenty or fifty acres of 
-L land In good locality; Ideal place for 
chickens, fruit, vegetables or mixed farm- 
ing. For price, etc., apply ^to Box O.W., 

I7<OR Rent — Furnished housekeeping rooms 
■ 938 Flsguard. 

G10RGE waterfront, adjoining the reserve, 
8 See u's immediately. Cameron Invest- 
ment & Se c urities C o., Ltd. 

r^ONZALES ave, — A Wicrlflee at 81400, 
vT beautiful, level lof, no rock; a splendid 
buy. Rolland & Horn. «iS Trounce ave.; 
phone 8753. 

TTlLLftlDE ave 147 feet on HJUslde to 

-O. 256 on another street, 88500; th^- 
pavement and car line will he completed 
past this property immediately; a buiider'a 
turgalii; a aplendid investment. Holland 
& Horn, Ii2a Trounce ave.; phone 3753. 

HERE'S a snrtl> — Level corner lot. Gorge, 
1 block off Tllllcum rd.; site 50x120; 
price ts50; J2a0 cash, balance' easy. N. 
Benneck & Son, 19 Green Block; phone I.Tnn 

HIGHLANDS District— 164 acres, three- 
roomed house, barn and outbuildings, 
tjood land for fruit growing. Plenty of 
wivjer. Good Importing country. Price, 8M»00, 
on easy terms. Wise & Co., 105 Pembw^iou 
Blo ck. 

HAVE your own home — Doble will locate 
you on Government Jand' either pre- 
emption or purchase. Room 16B, WeMholme 
Hotel. ■ " ■'''■.■' 

HOLLYWOOD Crescent,- 6-roomed resi- 
dence, modern throilghout, with rarage 
at back, close to sea -and having a splendid 
view; for quitvk sale on ea»y terms, price 
$6.ion. Apply-^o- owner, 1610 Hollywood 
Cres cent. . ■ 

OLLYWOOD, Foul Bay; beautffui treed 
lot on Wiidwood, south of Rose, ncvv 
shack, with pantry aiul outhouse. toJlet 
connected with sewer; price $2200; 8500 
cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. Tf sold 
present owner would like to rent for two 
months. Apply 131! Wiid wood. 

HOUSE, modern. 6 rooms, very high and 
dry situation, one block from car lute, 
e.\celleiu condition, furniture if desired: 
several lots all enclosed within fence could 
be offered therewith forming complete 
estate. Box 1722. Colonist. 

HOUSES our specialty, "tsying In listings 
and see the nouae men, 620 Yatea at. ; 
phone 3713. 

I WILL sell my IJeautlful waierfront lot 
^ at Hollywood Crescent tor good part or 
whole cash; size 50x176, about; what do you 
offer? 141 Eberts St., off May st. 

PBOnCBTT FOR SAI4B— (Cd»8laaad) 

OAK Bay suap. One week only. l.ot 80 
x30. next to corner of Central avenue. 
Iiaoii, t75'J cash, balance .March, liilJ, and 
March, 1»H, at 7 per cent. Box WBS, Col 


line lots, 

:ES8 Ave. — Next City Park. 61x126, 
third cash, «, 12, 1«; Phoenix 
Ueaity Co., 1328 Douglas St. I'hone 3352. 

'.-.r salt. — I V» mile clri-!> , i».i 
60x120. facing two sireeta. 
Hlghvlew and Mars; fSBO each. Terms, own- 
er, 1018 McClure street^ 

Ql'ADRA St —Inside IH circle, fine build- 
ing lot. 81,800. C. L. Curry. 201 Cen- 

tral building. 


Park — Double corner. lOOx 
;«, King's road and Avebury; three 
good lots 8250 below market value; for 
prli'e and terms, apply owner, 1351 Fls- 
guard St. 

( PROPKRTT worn aA Ut— (CanMaaad) 

* HE.AU'r.lKUL « roomed bungalow, just 
J. a. rinislied. close to Uoclilaiid ave.. and 
Dak Huy car. pane'loU and tinted wall(. 
lieamed ceilings, fireplace. furnace and 
laundrv tubs; an Ideal homo on large lot; 
price only 84,900, Apply W. Randall. 1807 
Fell St., clly. 

VB.\Kt;.\I.N, house on Manchester road. 
7 rooms, fully modern, ful sized base- 
ment. Urge lot, chicken house, etc.; for 
Immediate sale 8B0OO; easy terms. Box 
lHf>«. Colonist, or Phone S3S8. 

A DESIRABLE 7-roomed house Iri Rock- 
land Park, on lot 60x129. at a price 
considerably below the market ; all modern 
convenlenceii. concrete basement. 2 toilets; 
built bv day labor; »4.S00. on very easy 
terms. Herbert Cuthbert & Co., 835 Fort St. 


^HAWNIGAN Lake, l',i miles from 
Koenlg's, about 71 acres, 9 cleared, 15 
slftinheil, 30 acres good bottom land, fenced; 
over 200 fruit trees, about 100 bearing; half 
acre St rav. berries and small fruits; «-ruomed 
house, Uvg- liurii. 1 chicken houses, well. 
creek and spring; price 87000; cash J2500, 
balance 2, 3. and 4 years. Also adjolnlne 
above, about It acres, 12 slashed, 20 acres 
good aider bottom, good spring, new 3-room 
house with pantry and scullery; price 
83(60; c.nsh *!75i), balance 1. 2, and 3 
year*. Apply owner, W. H. L., 842 Alplm 
St.. city. 

►O J3500. S 

and Hampshire. 110x120, 
Hampshire. Coi'ner t" 'ane. 
50x180, 81600. Pleasant ave., 50x120, 81250. 
Gonzales ave., 70x210, fine site, 81800. Fin- 
layson, 50x120. 8875. David and Bridge, 
120x160, $14,500, You cannot beat these. 
Gordon Broe., loll Doiivlas' st'. 

K? BUlldiligo, 
8500 every 6 months. 
:?12 Douglas St. 

to Government' 

. iua }500 cash, 

M. FrancU , Kane. 

cleared and fenced, within 36 miles of 
_^,li,Vlctoria, "1 mile from station, house, barn, 
B8a i riMlthouses, etc, water piped from spring to 
Jijipuse; aplendld^ chicken and fruit ranch; 


m th^ 

tantiM #ji9w ' 

ijtf 160 acres each 

nd agrlcuUucal land 

the rixer and only 

logging railway. 

to 40,000 per. 

«, report, prlca 


• -4wa »i^) i> 'iW i j i M i ii< .ii » . .ift . 

Ot th* <u«at " waterfront 
ijita, or aoreage, see Grlm- 
itlj Ki Pemberton building. 

SNAlP't Snapt Snap It quick. These tots 
are iltuated where C. N. R. divisional 
point will be In Albornl Fouitecn lots for 
the ridiculous price of 8700. 'Ihls chance 
wul r.cYcr come aifain. Gordon Brou,, loii 
Douglas street. 

VJ200 payment buys t roomed bunga- 
low, (.'loverdaie ave., ,Room 8, 606 
Yates St. 

A SNAP for quick sale, I room modern 
x\. bungalnw, on Stephen St., one 
minute from Hillside car. -•Vpply owner, 
25!»0 Cedar Hill roud^ , 

ACT Quickly — Must go east; my 4 room 
cottage. Just oft Humslde car. city lim- 
its, fenced lot 60x177, barii, chicken house, 
pony, hariiesa, liuggy, milking cow, 50 
chickens, good well; all for price of lot 
when car run.i, 82,600, terms; clear titles. 
Mr. (/anneaux, , first cotiago on Mlilgrova 

A REAL bargain— Ne'A-ly furnlahed, fully 
modern bungalow on an improved 
street, water and sewer all connected; largo 
rooms and everything to make one com- 
foriaible; only 82000, terms. 2011 Byron si.. 
Just oft Foul Bay rd.. Oak Bay district. 

BE5LOW market — ^Four 5-room housea in 
Hollywood, close to sea; fhey have full 
basements, panelled' dining rooms, built-Li 
luffeta and bookcases, beamed celling.'!. Ore 
placee and are piped for furnaces; prices 
and tenns exceptional; expert examination 
Invited as to construction. Coa>-t Invefc:- 
ment Co., builders, 118 Pemberton bldg. 

BUNGALOW — 5 rooms, Cloverdale ave., 
for $200 cash . Room I, &0» Y ates st. 

#YAK SUT'^'^aw, exceptionally well built, 

^tji #> )"0lj8ttllHftiil>in II". lot S0xl20, large ver- 
'8aidEallt;rjpp|iH|^pOni< with bullt in buffet, 
large ^PtHtilMgfm fireplace In llv<r; room, 
beamed eMmJMf^nlce bathroom and .pan^D'. 
good cupttMTWWlrarywhere, cement basement 
furnace;" <||iii|nti <4airtk to front and back 
entrance; '^a'lHlMito from ear, five min- 

ii t ae f l iia H N tl 

I am forced to sell my two lots on Wood- 
land avenue. These are level and have 
no rock on. Mile and half i'lrcle. 5 min- 
utes from car for fSnfl. one-lhlrd rajli. bal- 
ance 6, 12, IS, 24 months. Fhone 2I>08. 

KINGSTON at,— 60 feet close to Parlia- 
ment buildings; only 84,500; easy terms. 
Apply owner. Box 1232, t^olonlst. 

KING George 'i'errace — T>;vei lot, fiOx'.'SO. 
ail cleared, overlooking Foul Bay. in- 
vestigate this at once, it will pay y^^ i 
82100; third cash. J. C. Linden. & Co.. 73- 
Fort St. 

IFORD — Colwood, splendid chicken 
ich. 8 acres, six-roomed bungalow, 
garage, stable, chicken houses, fruit an<l 
vegetable garden. City water laid on. few 
minutes' walk from station. Genuine snap 
at $7500. on easy terms. Wise * Co.. 109 
I'embcrton Block. 

■^ ranc 

LOOK! 2 lots, each 60x150, with new 
six-roomed beautiful house, costing 
$3000, and stabling, poultry houses Ji;oo, 
Alblna and Burnslde road; all fenced In. 
A bargain; rMvner must sell; cash $2750; 
price $4750; hnlan<p I. 2, 3. years. 217 
Central building. I'b nne 1446. 

T' OT for sale. In Burnslde Gardens, corner 
J Hampton and Seaton roads, one blo.U 
from Itnrnslde car; BO feet frontage; $£50; 
$200 cash, balance easy. See ovcjier on 
premises. Oraef. 

LINKLEAS Ave. — A splendid lot for sain 
bv owner; price 81,200; third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 18. J. B. T., Box 1628, P. 
U. , _c 1 1 y . 

IOTS In Rnsedale are 1100 cheaper than 
J stirroundlng property; yovi can buy a 
great big lot there today for $500; a big 
profit In a short time Is assured If yoc, buy 
In Rosedale. H. E. Maddock Co., 1210 
Douglas St. 

tITT St.— A nice level lot, one-half 
)ck from ("ook St., 60x120, only 8775: 
$250 cash, bal. easy. J. C. Linden ft Co. 

close In; rent 
may purchase. 


(.^HAKESPEAUE at., splendid lo'., $1040. 
O Owner, Box 14S8, Colonist. 

\2T. PATRICK St. — Do you know of any 
K? lot on this street approaching such a 
.cheap figure as 81375 7 I can, however, 
deliver one at this price; terms 8600 cash", 
bal. «. 12 and 18 months. This price will 
not allow any commission. Box 1236, Post 

i^N.-VP — Lot corner of Saanlch road and 
►O Easter road; size 60x120; price $750, on 
terms. Apply D. Lewis <Jo., ll'J Pember- 
ton block; phone iisti. * 

SHAKESPKARB and SCOtt, five lots, 8760 
each. Hox 1550, Colonist. 

SHOAL Bay. beautiful position, 1 '.a acres 
with 5-room bungalow; would subdivide 
into several lots; 810,500; third cash. Bvaus. 
P. O . Box 1124, , . 

SOUTH Saanlch — 116 acres, or lass, 75 
cleared, best farm or dairy land, run- 
ning stream, about 10 minutes walk from 
V. & S. Railway; 11 miles from city, 8425 
per acre. |For particulars, apply 921 Em- 
press ave. 

CJNAP: Snap" Snap! — .New 1-room bunga- 
^J low, openflreplace, mantel with glaaa, well 
.finished, electric light, hot und cold water; 
cash $450, balance $28 per month; no In- 
terest; price only $2050. Brain ft Sim Co., 
787 Fort St. 

QM.-VLL farm Koenlg's, 12 acres, seven 
>0 cleared and part undO'r cultivation; 
7 roomed house, outbuiid'iu/, otc. I'i miles 
10 station, on good road, j'rice, en 
tej-nis. Further particulars.' tpply CtUn 
P<*weil, 280 Pemberton block. 

CJCNNYVALB— We have buyers for lots Irl 
KJ Sunnyvale, Brain & Sim Co., 737 Fort 

rnwo lots Fifth St., 120x135, $4200. One 
-*- lot Fifth. St. near Bay, 50x135, $1800. 
Lot Shasta ave.. $3850. Two lots Cadillac 
and Parkdale, 8650 each. Lot Princess ave., 
$3000. Lot coiner \nctorta ave. and Hud- 
son $1500. Lot (Corner Ryan aind Shakes- 
peare, ^J20». Lot Amphlon and Foul Bav 
rd., 87xl2S <i front'agesl, $4500. Lot Scott 
m.. $850. , lyji corner Suffolk and Dalton. 
$1S50. Three lots corner Madlsnn and 
Metchosin, $4150, Hodgson Realty, 120S 
Government St. . 

rpwO lots, Finlayson and Mt. Stephen; 
-X. price $1,000 each. Phone 3272. 

rpo real estate dealers, tiiy property on 
-1- Lee St. has been sold. John Kenny. 

\''ERY choice 10-acre corner on Gordon 
Head road, suitable for subdivision, 
at bargain; no rock, level. Owner, phone 

\rERY Cheap— Nice 
rich soil, vail fenc 

30 level lO-acra block; 

iced and partly cleared: 
located on two roads within city limits of 
Port Angeles; price $1600; terms $500 cash. 
.\.ddresB owner. Box 1275. Colonist. 

\\ ■'ANTED— From 
VV Oak Bay: glv 

Ine hu.ver. 

owners only, lots In 
e full particulars: genu- 
Box 1684, Colonist. 

VX'ANTED, to purchase, from owners only, 
'' agreements foi;^ sail-. Hair & Floyer. 
.Mci.'alluni block; phone 766. 

tXTATERFRONT- Cheap 3 and To acre 
'» lots. $100 a/id $150 per acre, Gallnno 
Island. C. P. R. boats. Box 1309, Colon- 

i«v.- - - — "" 

Y\'E are specialists for Cralgdarroch prop- 
' ' erty. Cameron Investment & Securities 
Co. Ltd. 

AA'ATCH prices Jump in James Bay dls- 
' ^ trlcl when work Is cciinmenced on 
breakwater.' Here is an opportunity to mak« 
Slime easy money; H0x240 facing on three 
Blrepts, only one block from Government 
buildings on c,ir line; price }20,000; easv 
terms For further partbulnrs, apply to 
Wm Dunford &. Sons, Ltd., 231-232-233 
Pemberton Block, Victoria. 

VV'^K just have a fe 

V V \^• nod lands. Red 

few more lots left in 
d Deer; we are advised 

julies are lo be advanced September ist; 

now only $125 lot; $10 down and $6 per 

month. Mettler-Reohllng Co., 843 Fort St.; 

phone 3514. 

\ y ARRH OUsk sit'ea— Warehouse and fac- 
V V ler.v sites convenient to water nn.l 
I lose In are gel'lng scarce: we have a 
I'.-inple of sties nt $1S00 and $2000 
cannot be beaten. Rolland & Horn 
Tronnc- ave.; phone 3753. 


dg.^nn CA.'lH for lot Inside mile ilrile; 
«lP»'''v/ price not more than $1000. might 
pay up to $1200 for soTiefhlng good; own- 
ers only. Box Ktlil, I'olonlet. 

Beaiil'lful large lot, high. dry. 

(^Mieil ave,. close to Gorge; splen- 

iVUI lifvcslment ; lern.g. P. O. Hox il», city. 


$900 ":?r 

MODERN 7 room house, 
about $30 monthly, or 
Post Office Box 461. citj'. 

MONKV Made on These — Two lots on 
David St.. size 60x120 each; finest fai-- 
tory site In the district; price for 'the two. 
$3000, or $iOOO each separately; usual terms. 
Cameron Investment * Securities f'o.. Ltd. 

I^OTl'.'-E to Heal Eatate Agents— My five 
-i^i acres at Cadboro B«,v Is listed exclu- 
sively with the Canadian Tiome Builders, 
Ltd., for one week from August 20th. F. 
M. B. Newton, 

NEWPORT Ave.— Lot I0\'ll0, treed, r.ear 
Golf Links park; $1100, terms. l7v>x 
144 3, Colonist, ' 

OAK May sna*) — .tiazet St., near car line, 
$1100. Coast Investment Co., 113 Pem- 
berton bldg. 

OAK Bay — Opposite OaK Bay Hotel, and 
a few feet from (he sea. 180 feet on 
Saratoga bv 111 feci on Deal; 291 feet of 
continuous frontage. This is one flf Ihr best 
remaining sites In Oak Bsy, whether for, 
apartment bIo>-k. stores or renl-lence; prias 
812.000; terms arranged. Owners, Qveraeas. 
Investment Agency, SOI Petnbertan block; 
Phone 880. 

ET — One of the choicest lots in 
'rescentwood. on Cook St.. 50x1 RO. 
all Improvements will soon he laid; this Is 
a sacrifice as this lot will then be worth 
$1200; small shack on the Int. Owner, 
Box 1714, Colonist, 

d>QKA cash. 8 rooms and bathroom, moH- 
^•yO\f ern house. Willows car line. Oak 
Bay district, paved road, low taxes; p.lce 
$4,150; balance $40 monthly including every- 
fhing. -\pply ■'^.. care' Box 631. Victoria 
P. O. Phone 3761. 


VBIG Bargain — f rooms. Moss st.. large 
lot, n'pw bouse, -Jvell. built; price $5,800; 
$1,300 cash, balance easy terms. Wise & 
Co.. 109 Pemberton block. 

Bargain — Inside mile circle; 

AN absolute 
lot 53x147, 

trees, splenddd garden, one block from ears 
and stores; can you heat thie? Price $8,875; 
$900 rash, balance essy. Wise ft Co., 109 
Pemberton block. 

A GREAT Snap— 7 roomed house, near 
Belmont ave., one block from cars, well 
^ullt, gond finish, a bargain; price $4,200; 
cash H.("^0. balance 1. 2 and 3 years. Wise 
4k, Co.. 108 Pemberton block. 

A BARGAIN in homes, on Pernwood rond 
7 .ta»m». fully modern, large cement 
basement, for $(,600; this la a good buy. 
•lAV, Butlar ft Bayly. 1601 Oavaramanl at. 

lartnf ; tto 

t'«tta^lMlte from ear, five min-^ 

I i ' I I j j ^ii i M jitiiW— 

HdrsEs FOR Hasitil ' 

FOR rent, an S-roomed house, newly dec- 
orated, witli bathroom and closet: two 
—minutes" walk from Spring Ridge car: only 
$30 per month. -Xpply to owner, W. J. 
Carmoody, 1721 Blanchard st. 

UVJR rent, two-roomed shack with large 
J. chicken run, twenty minutes from. . 
City Hall, Apply 715 K ing's road. 

JjV>R Rent — 3 roomed coUapo. 140C Pom- 
broke st, 

Ij^OR Sale — Contents of 6 room house, with 
- option of renting same; price $225. 903 
Col llnson St. 

THE contents of a well furnished 6 room 
house for sale, and house is to rem for 
one year; bath, gas rangp, large yard, good 
neighborhood, % mile circle; rent $30. J. 
C Linden & Co., 738 Port st. 

rpp lot, H roamed new house on car line. 
-1" Box 1689, Colonist. 

rno Let — 6-roomed bungalow on Fell St., 
-L Oak Bay, dose to c.\r. w^ill give opticii 
to purchase. $60 per month. Apply Wm. 
Dunford & Son, Ltd., 231-232-233 Pember- 
ton Block, 

O' lef, 4-roomed bungalow Just com- 
pleted. Apply 827 Pandora ave. 

1 DjiWR-ROOM for rent, $10 per 

11 C Business Men'o Clear- 
Ind FXi liange. Bank of Mont- 
phone 3S04. ,- 



fTiO Lel^— 12 -roomed -house on Lampson 
-L strifiet. E."qulmaH: 1 1-5 A-re i^t, 
per month. Appi.v Wm. Dunford i Son, 
Ltd., 231-232-233 Pemberton Block. 

flMTpr PER month for new, 7-room,"fur- 
^!>00 nlshed bungalow at 87 Hume st. 
Phone 2473. ^ 


OWNER of two lots on Rudlln st. ■wants 
a loan of $5000 at S per cent, to build 
two houses. Union Real Estate Co., Law 
Chambers; phone 2709. 

YtHaNTEdI $500 private money; will pey 
VV exceptional rate for short time loan; 
good security Box 1629, Colonist. 

\^''I.A.NTED, $2000 to $3oTo for a short 
VV time on second mortgage: security 
O. K. ; will pay 10 per cent. P. O. Box 
718. city. 

■d for higli class business 
proposition, good for $.100 per 
mnnlh or better; balance can be paid out 
of profits or wil take good real estate. See 
T. Bertp f'milth at Dominion hotel. 

f4i>.lUUU propositi 


I,"^I'RN1.SHED _ housekeeping rnotiis or a 
furnlahed fiat wanted within next two 
weeks. Write Box 1529, Colonist office. 

17^1'RNISHBD housekeeping rooms wanted 
. by man and wife in northeast section 
of city; mention terms. Box 1484ii Colonist. 

MARRIED couple without children -n-ould 
like two unfurnished roomii; wife will 
Klvo narl service for use of same, or will 
lake charge of house In absence of owner. 
Best city references. Box 1641. Colonist. 

"VfEAT youn,g couple want housekeeping 
J^ rooms. In answer give location and 
price. Box 1477, Colonist^_ 

RESPEt?T.ABLE young man would like 
room in private home. Box 1549, Col- 
onist. . 

\\'(ANTRD, furnished flpt or small tur- 
V ' nlsho-d cDltage to rent; $25 to $3(1 
monthly. Box 1.';2(i, Colonist. 

t'l RANTED — -Furnished room for- young 
VV ladv; central; references required. Box 

l.iBl, Colonist. . ' 

Xlt^'ANTED — Furnished bedroom, near Bea- 
VV con Hill for single genUemsn. Apply 
stating terms. Box IBSS. Colonist. 


A THREE roomed housekeeping suite, 
with kitchen and batli room to let; 
also one lurnlshed suite. Mt, Edward* 
\Bncouvei- gi. 

IrsOR lease, a. brand new 7-roomed housn 
. on Ordiard H»f. ; rent $42 per month. 
Beckett, Major & Co,, Ltd., 648 Fort St. 

_ — -_a 

rno Rent — Modern, 7-roomed house, for two 
.L months, inrnlshed, or will lease for 
one year without furniture. For particulars 
apply 550 David al. 

rpWO furnlahed housekeeping rooms,, elec- 
JL trie llgtit, bath, gas range. In private 
home; rent $25 per monlli, 1410 J'cmbroke 
nt. (near Stanley ave.) Take FernwooU 

\\I'A.NTED to rem. house of 10 or 12 rooms 
VV furnished or unfurnished, (close in). 
Hox 1701, Colonist. 

WANTED- To rent a first class modern 
house near St. .Margar'it's school; eight 
or nine rooms. Alvo von Alvensleben, i^id. 

\ % ' A.NTl!.I> to rem, smali unfurnished 
V V bungalov*. near Cook or Fort. Box 
1708. Colon.'iBt. 

WANTED — To rent for one year or longer, 
4 or 5-room bungalow or cottage, 

close in. Box 1454. (."olonlst. 

■tV/ANTBD — In September, for four months 
VV smsll furnished house, near Esqul- 
malt. Full particulars to Mrs. Fritz W^alter. 
Ganges Harbor, Salt Spring Island. 

I'ANTED-^o rent i or 4-rnomed cottage. 
Box 1440. i:'olonist. 


WANTED to rent. 4 or 5 roomed hous^i, 
for not less than 12 months. Particu- 
lars to Box 1B48, Colonist. 

W^ANTKD — To rent a small furnished 
VV house, from 3 lo 5 rot>ms; must be 
reasonable. Apply A. H. Paul, 1080 Yates, 

\'\/'ANTED — To rent for month or •»« 
VV weeks, small furnished house or 
ground floor suli,«. In good dl^telct; refer* 
ences given. Phone Frank MacDonatd. roptti 
382, Empress hotel. 

— — —-_—_—«. — » 

\\;'ANTKD to rent, a flve-rotnned bUQ'ffa- 
VV low. close In. State terms. B<rtt 
1784. Colonist. 

■~— — ' " ' ' ■ I . , 


TENDERS will be received for Ihe stip^ly 
of coal for the Lampaon at. school, bjr 
the undersigned. To be In by August llsti 
1912. A, Muicaby, aecratUT tahoM, b«ard. 
Thoburn V, O. | 

i- * g j WT'«*^-*-*'rl»'%--«"Wr»*"a-^'il.yT^.rf*--'ly>»^-<W*.- 


Tussdayi August 20, 1911 



H013E8 FOB SAI.K — ((ontlnued) 

r7»ORCBD to Bell — 6 room, modern bun- 

X. nalow, onp n)liiut« front 
Apply 26!>« Ccdtti Mill Id. 

Hillside car. 

1,"^AIRK1ELL) Snoy — New 6-room bunirBlow 
on Wrilliigton a\c. ntai Mu) . iliU 
h'luae In precl»cly bulllion gi>od sUed lol. 
with all modern convenlcnceH; inlet' »5600; 
JUOO ..ash. bttlaiii-e vury easy. Apply Mr. 
Wumrl'. O. Kcx SS3, 

IpOl.'R h'jusea oil \uti)rl«. nvenue. 4 room* 
each. tiZbO I1.1 }300«. M. FraocU 
Kane, K'l;; Jjauslas at. 

FOR 8.\I.E— MI»CKI.I..\XKOlS (Cont'd) 

SAtiOON Men Attention— For aale, a big 
payInK salnoii and riife. looated in om; 
i-,f Seaiiit-'a iirituliial eiiHeia; lonis lease, 
well »Hnl<<>il; no lii'uiiibran'.t'; rraaonablu 
.enl; owned by ilie proprleior and «very- 
ihliijs In rim class LM.nrtllion All^rhnl 1» 
neifss;n.\ Is lo take tu 1 Iv; money; I want 
lu r" '■'Ut of IiusIih-sk; price llllrty liuiusanTl 
dollars; two-tlilr<l» c&sh. Kor further In- 
fniniatlon address A. t*. Johhaon. 1308 
f^evcnth avo.. Soatlle. Wash. 



N office or library suite, massive leather; 
no dealers. Apply phone iZi'i. 

1,'^OR Sale — New, modern. 6-room dwelling, 
-T near Kort st car line; on tasy terms. 
flOOO cash payment, tKOO. The UrltfltU 
Co., Mahim block. 

"L"10R Sale— New. strictly raodorn, nln»- 
-T roomed house. Kort St.. next to corner 
• 'hestnul avc ; price ♦SOOO on t«rnis. Alsu 
two new. modern, seven-roomed i.uii^alows, 
corner Moss si. and VVuodland avc; 1,1 ico 
lo760, on terms. These properties only re- 
quire Inspection to bo satisfied. McCarter 
Bros., ti6 Hillside ave, ; phone H25J*. 

J7\OR Sale — A new 6 roomed cottage, on 
■ one of the best located lots at Sliawnl- 
gi\n t.ake. closti to Koenlg's Hotel. K, El- 
ford. Hhawnlgan l<akR. 

"IT^OR sale cheap; new 6 room house, full 
J- basement, and modern throughout; 
choice aclghborliQod, near the car and 
water. Enquire owner, 118 Boechwood. "r 
I'. O. Box 1464. 

I^OH Sale — Oak Bay. new 6 roomed house, 
lot 60x103; modern conveniences. 1 am 
leaving (or the east, and must sell; price 
t'-'JOO; 11500 cusli balance on easy terms. 
Apply 1716 Duotieaa at., or Box IGIK, Col- 

-New, 6-room house, iHMUUJCuUjr t |j 
ilshed and lit ted with «V4Mlr '•'^IP' 
M'nlence, close to sea and: ono llh^ (nm 
car. on Oeorg* «(. XM«t«*)«>. . *Wt#»»|»' 
OUvc An 

Tj^OR Sale 

i»B4U» trnyme* Wf^ncSiL I>h«M ^W-^^ 

. 'urn M roffOMd lioiiMb with 
iMBpliili pereh, V\eriMr9oa roAtl. 

^. „ «v«ry pvtwntar; «n*>l oMb 

^^aii Mttanee «MQr unnti «t wttl •»' 

dtiWM iNdMK!« for nal eatet* in good .Io> 

•^- (Mrv* vUtHui iMtb. »*atnr. hot Mid «oId 
-wmur,- ajvetdo lUrkt. good bMement, lot 
(jHt<tB> mtir, vary tttht lira* two 

nMWttM pavMku car; tSO'OO: tSOO caah, bal 
cue* «t ttialSt 7 p«r c«pt. S. Chapman, ssos 
Ttock Bay avo. 1 

IT^OR sale Dtf «*tt«r— A wal home; new .«- 
. room . Ma^. l|«*l)tf(Hl Vlaw» oa tHrUt 

part ot ~Vm§St-i "" "^" 

wtmk ' a a *. ptak :*ni ' '*imn 

well built afld" BffeeV arrahged: '^•znAtwrn* 
hardwood floors in vestibule, lecepttoii hat), 
den, livliiK and dining roonna; built-in bufCet 
and beamed celling, three flroplaces, . pantnT: 
ivlth cupboards and cooler, light. :'M!mpi^- 
kltchen; alao lavatory on first floor; fWwNfi: 
bedrooms, rtreplace In one, sleepliis p:>rt!>i, 
very nice bathroom with medldue <rhe»t; 
cement v.alks and basement, *urnuce and 
l.natory ■in basement; will sell adjoining ;it 
If desired. C'all afternoons. 78 Linden avc 

I^'^IVE-room modern house, lot 45x120, 
near Fort and Pandora; price 14500; 
$1000 caah .balance easy. M. Francis Kane. 
1-'12 Douglas St. 

I^Oli sale, new modern tlve-roomad house 
on car line, just outside city limits. 
ii\s small, lot 63x15.5. In fruit of best va- 
!• ^; good borne, moderate price. . Terma 
I'l. application. Box 1689, Colonist. 

i:^OR Sale — 10 roomed " bungalow, with 4 
bedrooms, stone foundation, hot water 
furnace, garage, with flxe-slxths of an acre 
on the best part of Iballas road; uU modern 
conveniences; view unsurpassed; |'J6,000, on 
terms. Apply Lcemlng Bros.. Ltd. 

IriOR snlt-, fl-ronnud I>ouk< , Rosv St., with 
bath, rented at t25. Price 73.200 oaah; 
JS.oOO terms. Owner, 726 Discovery. ,, ,, 

FOR Sale Or Rent— 
7 roomed house. 
Rock Bay avo. 

■Comfortably furnished 
Apply. to owner, 2T1S 

HERE'S your chance; a ..fine modern six 
rooiued residence, with cement cellar, 
piped for furnace, close to car; owner needs 
money, |i3,800; on terma Gordon Bros.., 
lOil Douglas at. ■ 

HOUSE^ for sale, -T1BW, -:inr,Jlnr.r»r-.-^!sJit— 
rooiils, particularly well planned: will 
lie nnlahed In two weeks; llmpresa avc, 
near Xorth-.^Ward'Tpttrk; Apply owner, 1026 

Kinpres ave. , 

JAMES Bay — 9 room house, turnUhed, 
large, grasay lot, $T,«00; good lerma C. 
L. Curry. aOl Central ijulldlng. 

A St. — Nine-roomed house, fur- 
ilshed. bath and all modern conveu- 
lencoB. .Situated on car line near Jleacon 
Hill park. Make good rooming house. Bla 
snap at $7500. on easy terms. 'Wise & Co., 
105 Pemberton Block. 

-i> nl. 

OAK Bay — Fine home; new 7 room ho-use; 
lot 60x100; all Improved; reasonable 
terms. Particulars, I'hone owner, 1,3373. 


10 Pandora st 

for quick sale — 2 bouses, one on 
$4360. and one oft Foul 
Lay rd.. In Meadow place, {3350. Apply 
1113 Blanchard St.. or change for amall 
car and small payment. 

^MALL cottage. (100 to (160 cash, balance 
10 J2S monthly. Box 926, Colonist, 

^.NAP. Cralgflower. Just past Ann street, 
>0 7 rooms, fully modei;n, full sUod base- 
Ihone M-3028. 

^NAP — New a roomed house, quarter acre, 
KJ 18 fruit trees. tl,S26; third cash, bal- 
ance arranged. Apply Smith, Orchardvale, 
Blenklnsop road, off Quadra. 

SIX roomed new house for sale; $300 cash, 
and balance as rent. Address owner. 
Box 1403, Colonist. 

$i)AA BUYS 6-roomed bungalow, Clover- 
^\J\J dale avenue. Room 3, 60S Yates 


^A buyr. Improved lot and two small 

houses with well, Parkdalx dls- 
tnci, $.15(1 ca*1i. balance easy. M. Francis 
Kiinn. 1212 Uoufflas st. 

(to r^A(\- FOR Bale new house, modern, 
^>y,0\J\f 4 rooms. Cornwall at., off Rlch- 

Mt.lson .1; 

Owner, 10(6 Flsguard at. 

ffl«TAA/k buys a fine buslnos.-) corner with 
nP ' wv/v/ a house (hereon paying 

pT month, easy terms. 
1212 IJmiKins st. 

M. Francis Kane, 

Sill'/'-'^nn — ^'"^ 15-roomed house In 
'^±ju,0\J\J Falrfleld; quarter cash, hal- 
Bnce 714 years. Beaver Realty, 421 Sayward; 
phone 3:i63. 



GRBEMENT of Sale lor sale. Apply Box 
1453", Colonist. 

A L'TO delivery truck for cala; g >o-l pow- 
-«.'*- erfnl engine. Jtobcrts. 464 Uorgw rd. 

.t I Tu.M<JBli.!i for sale, Everett, 36 h.p., 
ji-\. 1912. first class order guarantee<i; 
price (fi.'iO; appointments after 6 o'clock. 
Box 1592. Colondst. 

BEAfTlFUl, little English piano for sale; 
price only $12.5, on terms of $10 cash 
and balance $5 monthly. Harmony Hall, 
7.15 Fnrt St. 

C CORNICE brake, also JO foot rollers; or 
'' win rent. Address J. A. Colcock. Gen- 
ernl Delivery, Victoria. . 

i^'^OR stile, a splendid set of ofllce furni- 
ture at less tlian half cost with option 
of renllnji cniraly located nfflce at low 
rental. Apply B-ox 1612, (lolonist. or plione 
1:1940. _^ 

I^OR sale — Gasoline launch, seating ca- 
pacity 86. upholstered in car plush nud 
leather, electric lights, speed 10 miles, two 
jiars running «nd never missed a trip; a 
burgaJn. for full particulars, address. I'. O. 
Box. 10S4, Tacoma, Wash. 

1."\OR sa.l« piano, splendid upright grand 
c«l»lnet. ainioat new. Apply 74:'. 
Wueen's ave. ■ 

I.'^OR Sale — Launch 20 feet, good condition, 
guaranteed In perfect running order; 
iomplete, only $1:60. 319 Sayward bulld- 
Ing. . 

Ti"<OR Sale — Desks, chairs and filing oab- 
-I- Inets; cood values; low prices; at 921 
Douglas *I. 

IRISH JaunUng car, nearly new rubber 
tires; first class condition: nearly new; 
will sell cheap. Apply 210 \fary si., Victoria 


E\V 2«-ri. teak launch, Hongkong 
built; aacriflce. Box HOI, Colonist. 

OWNER leaving the country must sell 
"41" Island Tnvesttne'nt Co. shares. go- 
Ins, ffr $220 heln'a- market price. See B. M. 
J^ies. 411 .'Jayward bldg. 

OA MP. Mrl.jiughlln Bulck car fcr sale; 
**'*■ recently overhauled; $4 60 for auick 
•ale. ^H. A. Davte. 617 Vancot-.ver at,; 
phona t*St. 

\X^1LL give liberal discount on short term 
VV agreement. I'. O- Box 119, city. 

110i :SEt> WANTKD 

1H.VV10 .ivveral vli«!iil» f'lr houses, small 
cash payments, balance $25 per nnmtli. 
A. Bruct* PowU-y, rnoni 4 IS Pemberton blk . 

\\7ANTBD — 6-rooni bungalow In Oak Bay 
»> or Falrfleld Estate, from owners only: 
small cash payment preferred. Box 842, 
Colonist. ■_ 

W'ANTBD to buy, _ 5-room house, small 
»V payment down and balance as. rent; 

what have you? Write o l»-tter to Box 
1629. Colonist, etatlng fijll particulars . 

"W/E have several clients Who want houses 
Vy on reasonable terms. 4 to 6 rooms; 
send particulars of yours to Gordon Bros., 

1011 Do uglas St. 

$100 to J2B0 
balance $26 monthly. Box 1622. 

\VANTED— Small house, 

< 'nlonlsl. 

•YXTANTED — To purchase from owner, six 
tV or sovcn room cottage, or house; price 
not to exceed $4,000, on easy terma; ^re 
full particular*, P. O. Box 632. city. 

«d house for I60<> 
•nth lncJudln»" In-, 

Mtk 1684. Coloftlyj, 

.•9 .... 


# . m0i$Q4kd 1 

«« on. '««H>- io*!*. 

., ,S room buncan 
in» ftrat payment: 
H9, Culonlat. 

w of a 6. 7 or 

fwo lota or 

M lj»r«» and 

•ur 4?lMKt wtl t* t» MIlMM' #*■>$"*. *' 
asonta pleaae bommunictaie ^lUt. oetkatt. 
Maior ft Co.., 843 roit #t. Telaphonn* 
«t«T wd »»s. i ^ 

VXTAKTaO — E)ulldlnr to it«iBemmodate p«f> 
VT QianonDy'^ about 100, »e«litait m«tt$ 
outer whs"(, «• Oottntaa *nd Pititdor^; tflfut 
tcrtna Box K47, Colonlat. • ' 

VV**'TB1>— To purotiMo wow i'^-'fhtm 
■ T ibanaai naaa oa» IliWr athlnl> llflOi oaall 

will handio on terma 7S7 Fort .a*. 

H I l i 1 1 u ii'i 


'ANTES— S or 7 room MttM |l<n 1^ OOU 


Box 1074. Co)o«|fA,-, 


.Booai Am, fMHUm 

I I ^1 I mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiarmmmm/mitmimum. 

AT BlU KOInM-Htnr CWatofjl'. «t* WWrtttf 
room UMA M<«d. BMtM^.jMMtMi Itlcb- 
•at, baalthlaat podttaa ta l»li|j71m»oaJta 
~ ■ Mvai;, terma moderate; ;newaltiin* 
^NBd amoUaK room JUat added. Phone 

AT St. Helen's— A vacancy ocoura for a 
young Bngllsbinan to Join another In 
a. room; terms modeVate. 


OARD and rooms, overlooking Beacon 
«tH Park. 649 Avalon road. 

BOARD and room for Xour young men. In 
large single room; rea sonable. R172 4. 

BOARD and room for three or four roung 
men. 860 <jt»een s Ave. • ■ ' ■' ' ' 

BOARD and room for two gentlemen; ae- 
Ifcot locality; ivii mJnuivi walk irom 
town; 2B2S Work, corner Bay St. 

C'^OMFORTABI.E rooms and board; very 
^.moderate. 1842 Johnf on. 

CAHALAN— Opposite Beacon Hill Park; 
under entirely new matiagement; ex- 
cclleut cuisine; moderate prlcea^ I'bone 
3183. 326 Douglas St. 

CIOMFORTABI^ room for one or two gen- 
J tiemen, breakfast if desired. 1226 e>un- 

nv'slde aVe. , ' 

/ •<UMFOHTABLE! room and board witff 
\~J nice English family on car line, 1341 
Gladstone ave.. Spring Rid ge. 

OUBLB room, with board. 1134 Fort *U 


lyOUBLE room for two. 

phone L1767. 

616 Michigan; ■ 

JAURNISHED rooma and board; reaaoa- 
. able. 1012 Richard*on St. 

IpCRNISHED rooms with board, one mln- 
' u(e from Douglaa atreet car, |6. $6.uO 
und $7 per week; alao 2 housekeeping roorna 
760 Topaz ave. ' 

I" ,'rUHNISHED bedrooma to let, double or 
■ single; breakfast if dealred;' terms $6 
month. 22 5 Bowk er ave., WlUowe. 

TTOUSEKEBPING room at 1128 Maaon at., 

JAMES Bay Hotel — South Oovernroent St.. 
family hotel, splendid location, facing 
Leacon Hill park, four blocks from boat- 
landings and post office, 10& rooms, modern 
throughout, singly or en suite. apeclal 
weekly and monthly rates. Excellent 
cuisine. Phone 2304. __. 

LADY would be pleased to ooard 3 or 3 
•mall children; term* reasonable. 
Apply S2!( Caledonia ave. ^__^______^_ 

LIGHT front room, suitable for * gentle- 
men, with breakfast and dinner, liai 

"VJ'ICE front room and buaivl, suitable lor 
J.^1 three chtims, at 1136 Ma»oa St., one 
block from Cook »t. oar line; call .-inytlmo.. 

"VriCELT furnished front bedroom, with 
-IM board, tu private family: auit 2 friends. 
KitiO Pembroke St. 

PRIVATE home, large pleasant rooms, 
good board, English oooking, bath, 
phone, nice garden, near park, sea and Bea- 
con Hill car, 148 South Turner St.; phone 
R1212; also fine rooma In beautiful new 
home on South Cook St., opposite park; 
garage, hot and cold water; phone as 

ROOM and board, on car line, h. and c, 
bath and phone L3158. 104 Menzlea 
St. Terms moderate. 

ROOM and board; vocancles for ono dr 
ttvo boarders. 1621 Quadra street, 
Just off Pandora. Phone L-S20. 


OOM and board, hot and cold water. 
932 Pandora ave. 

OOM and board $7 a week, lOil Pan- 

ROOM and Board — Beautifully situated on 
Gorge, close to car line. Miss Chnm- 
bi'.rlain, rtunnyside,-; off Cralgfiower road. 
Phone R3126. 

— ■ ^ ' ' ■ — 

OOM and board for young men; 121 
South Turner st. 


OOM and board. Phone V360a. 

THE "Aberdeen," 941 McClure St.. oC 
Vancouver, high cltuis board and renl- 
denp«, steam heated, hot and cold walur 
Ll)r..ughout, elevator; seven minutes irorn 
P. ■ terms on application to .Mrs. Gor- 
don. ■ 

rPBRMS moderate, • lOH .McClure at., off 
J- Vancouver. -" 


ABLE board. 516 Hilalde; phone L608. 

"^rORKKHIRE boarding house, 44 Pan 

X ,Iunn. off Dnllnn rd. ; highly recom 

mended. Phone R',;806. 


SCRAP Braas. copper, xlne, lead, cost Iron, 
sacks and all kinds of bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cash prices paid. Victoria Junk 
ABency. 1«J1' Store street. Phone 13B. 

■^■i TINTED — An hotel situated on Vanrnu- 
VV \er Island.- Give full particulars and 
price. P. O. Box 1828. Victoria. 

TT'ANTED, by man with small capital, to 
»» meet another, well aequnliited with 
giocer-/ business. Box 1123, Colonlat. 

W^ANTED — ."» h.p. Gasoline Engine and 
'V Pump: must be In thorough order, and 
mndaratc price. Mtisselwhlte. Post Ortlir, 
n oy gi Oak. 

'ANTED. llghl delivery wagon and 
hi'ise. Address, stating price. Pony, 
O. Box 318. 



i-\alX, Rent — Esquimau rd,, naar bdrrarks. 
' good furnished house. 7 rnoms. all mod- 
ern, nice garden, good view; rent $60 per 
month. Btta«hawe & Co., rooms 224-226 
Pemberton BIdg . , ■ ij-.' ■!'■ '■.i; I 

TO Rent — Furnished hou»e, 8 rortms, for 
1 or 1 months from Ist Sept. Apply 
2616 Roae »'• Phone R1674; rallabla j»r- 
tlaa; no chtldran. 

BALWJAOK promptly na.-idltd at current 
rates by the Victoria. Trai>sfsr Co.. 
pliune 129. udlce opur. night and day. 

BllLDl.N*.; iroposltluns- -t'un»uU Wolier 
Houghton. 2 MauGri'gor bloik, View 
stri-et. Phon« 928; late architect and bullu- 
Ing superintendent to Brlllsli Canadian 
Home Bulldem, LtH. 

B11I,U a "Coverdalo" honi«; last word In 
style; nothing iuartislic. exclusive 
class, makes ready seller; everything lu- 
cludid under one (eauonable minmlasion. 
021 Hastboi street, first Iloor, room 'it. 

Brn.D your own launi'h — Tor sale, full 
size paper patl'ms and Instructions 01 
a Jo-footer; pri.-e $5.00. Box 1609, Ci-I- 

BL'.NGALOWS t\)Uilt, plans p.-opared. estL 
mates furnished,' by cur,ieiiter; conlracX 
or ilay work; pri .'es right. Box 1741. Col- 
onist. '* ' ' 

HIKOPODY and pedicure. 821 Fort kt. 


DANCERS Attention — Robert Caves'- or- 
chestra (union musicians) are now look- 
ing for enKAgemenls for the winter session; 
English and American dances. Box 1428, 
Colo nlat. ' 

Ir'MPRESS St.— 7 rooms, 14.850; $2,000 
•i cash; Ht. Patrick St., 6 rooms, $4,750: 
$700 cash; .North Pandora St.. fi rooms. 
$4,750; $760 cash; Oxford st , 5 rooms. 
14.600. $1,000 cash; Point St.. 6 room«. $4,600 
|l,OD0 rash; Chambeilain st . 5 rooms. 
j«,KIO. 'Jl.OOO cash; Olivo st.. 6 roomn. 
^3,0(0. $700 cash; Ir\lng road. 6 rooms, 
tl.TdOL "•040 caah: Richmond ave., 6 rQonib 
»l,tfA. JfMO caah. Wiae A Co.. 109 i^ i |I H | tr ^ . 

ton ^yimtat, , ■^*iS' " ■ 

outidrilol fl^ 

ita, ftitsiNfc,'.'! — _^. „ — , y.- _.™, ,. -_ -., — 

OraM tniiUl >»otf tc. X saw m^in ta «(< 
readjr b«Mk# «t Vort ftfuwr, two tonat^tf 
Btona vrm innauit. %■ iwi««pap«^ ,V>ta Fort 
Fraaer Nomi tiM boM Martatf. vMk, doaeiw 
of »th«t' fit«cuEpriaai< sm aiMme t» oom» 
mana* lnt«U»«aa. Vw ift«Mn«a> • M^room 
hotal la .h«lB« to«m 'sow« tbi "Blnk irt Vm: 
ooinror la^«etef ^t« opa« • taimh hi tlia 

Ooveramartt B«l«4«u*rta»9 '4^lr tm IMatrlct. 
a Uu-Ko ~wi»t <tt tMte «« ««<* «l«arliur Joto 
*! > < tW » .— — .--r-_j^ . ^_ — 


#t«aM| tl,^ ^^_ . 


irtU «a 

atart«t,alila li»tt— tHa Iwinej 
tia 8t«rtilHt 'fti^ !•»•-" 


' W U f'iH wni 


^br more -partfeutani 
tor you to locate in, 
copy of The Fort Froaer^^ 
sent you.. Fort Fraaer Develojmient Club. 
W- A. Matheaon. Secretary; VsLooouver Of- 
flcc. 102 Winch Building. ' , 

Ii^OR cement sidewalks, basements, aeptio 
. tanks, etc.. see W. Paddlaon, 15IS 
Douglas St. 

FOR Sale — Hupmoblle (4 passenger) In 
firat claaa condition, $600 cash. Apply 
Pacific Motor Co., 836 Yataa aC;: phone 
3336. , ■ . . 

Ij^OR sale, ono team of heavy horsea, 
wagon and harneaa, very little uaed. 
H.Bruck.» Col wood. 

I TIRELESS Cookors — Don't needlessly 
■ waste hours over the kitchen rcnge, the 
"Caloric" will do the work without atten- 
tion. It bolls, bakes or roasts. Prices and 
particulars from R. Harris & Co., Ltd., 
1107 Langley at. 

T OST — A Bull Moose; answera to naine of 
•*-' MlUah. Finder kindly report by tetter' 
to Box 2(»06. Colonist. 

LARGE roomy motor boat for hire. Special 
rates for picnics and large parties. 
Phone 1294. 

LIBRARY — If you wish to read all the 
newest books published this year, call 
at the London Lending Library, 426 Say- 
tvard building, DousUs St. 


ABKAl riKCL. 4-room flai for rem, ela- 
ganlly luri.lshcU uliitiig ruoia In early 
U:nsll»h (jUHrit-r luwed oak, U>alher sial 
cbaira. bedroi'lll In muMlvu 'i-\.^ca m;iliog- 
anj Buliv. \V llton velvet ruga, pariur in 
Ivmlur %i:''' bHOdni'ine lurkiuti ruckir. 
ia>i>'s wi'.i.iiti desK; goini' ^ouih, i.iukl «<.:. 
ut uiu'c, u . lugether or by piece. Phout 

\ Nloh; cuilr, suitable fur couple. AH 
.^Vconvenleni-es, 4 Alma I'ldce. Phone L- 

lu'^OH Rem — Two uufurnlshod huusekeep- 
X. ing rooms, 609 Wilson kt, , 

T,>CJl>i.l'SHEl» housekeeping rooms, alj coll- 
ie vculencea. 1036 l-Hllalde ave. 

-IV 'iirnHshed houaekeeplim 
aledunia avc, Phunu 

1r»ou rent, 

U-.7 74'J. 

1,10U Renl- 
- light huu 

A nicely furnished room for 
aekeeping; llltf Fort. 

HOi:.SElCii:BPl-N'<i rooms, l^wo or ihreo 
newly fuinilBhed rooms, ' suitable for 
il<«ht houaekeeplritc, modern house, nice lo- 
cation, four minutes from Kort st. or Spring 
RlflCf rar line; buth, hot and .cold water, 
l-'iifi l'l.syuurd St. 


ot'tsEKEEPlXO aad furnished rooms. 
b06 Coolc 

MODERV hotienkeeplng suite; one minute 
Fort CL<r; new house, 1769 I'emBroke; 
near Richmond. 

^VTEl\TLY furnished housekeeping suite, 
-X-1 bath and telephone; good situation. 
131 Houth Turnir st. 

THRBE-roomed suite, nice locality, private 
homo. t,uil I ■■11,11 d < jJiiii. «'3 .u p*" 
week. Uiadatoat^ near Belmont. Box 1476, 

&M>i!»a. ' <«|- 


rno BanfeoxIfoA^m f«n^i(ih<^. ««4lHHkif;a«pi$ic 
A mHX», %m^ wooma. kitohen^jnMi WilNIi 
bSttu hot Mtd.eotd: contrai, Xhft ComSS. 
rilSBtidora, ' 


rpo Mt. f urotatMid faoaaakaaipbis: rooma. Coi^) 
A jbar mcHmomd »a4 Oak BIttr,***. 

nio n«a»-rl'vrniiMi«4 apanmant. 9m P6Nr* 
X ttculara atidPly 1*0 Mnialair at. 

TWQ van fumtatMid' tioiuMkaapMic rdoitta. 
naxt door to QM«iAlMi{wa. 'fiaauliMIlt tA.. 
aJ$ aftof » p.ot.. w BiiMisrK 


in Bbrdatta Mooaa. utcaly fumial^wd 
hflimplnwmtng wrtmnnti 1 1 1 llu i „ Bnri 

(atta »v«. 

npk} Raatr^Fturqlahad hooaokofptas ro^a, 
X. )U Cran at.; off HiAcar*. 

n I ■ TT i I .1 II > I » I ■ I I 

rflO I«ae— H4fKMIta«Mnf roam^" aaar'UVMt*' 
A MHa; tanaa reMonaMaf , Qjtt Owla 

and 961 Jo<nnson at'. 

i l .i)iii tf «<t«iwi 

»■ ■ ■ I 1 1 I i| |i aiitfi l a^i Ml— Mwumwwf— ■ 

Cheery furnlahajfr' '^ i i ^t ^ i m i Ui* 

The Boj'd, 8i|v IfuMlaMt- Ikya. 


USIC and pairiting, 76 Linden avenue. 

MANCRE wanted taken away regularly. 
Golden West Bake ry, Uuadra at. 

i^ WINERS what have you? Am ready to 
^^ buy lot In Falrfleld. not over $1500; 
must be. good and rock bottom price; give 
full particulars. P. O. Box 1111, 

PLEASURE launch, carry 10. rosewood 
and oak decks, bruas nttlnga. detach- 
able half cabin, arnlng. oars, lamps, anchor, 
etc. 1036 North Park St., after 6 p. m. 

RBAL estate agents take note lot 6, block 
6. Pleasant ave., and lot 6, block 8, La- 
fayette ave., are sold. Brans. Box 1124, P.. 

O. ^ ^ 

RED Croas Closets— Modem, Hanltary, 
odorlesa No fliuihlng or aewerago re- 
quired. Does away with the necessity of 
outhouses. Full particulars and ;. rices from 
R. Ha rris H Co., Ltd. 1107 l^ngley St. 

OTAMP.S — i:;oller.tors' duplicates. 2280 (S96 
^ varieties), over 90 countries and 
Slates; Include 140 Gold coasf !!4 varieties,'. 
230 «outh Anicrkans, ilii diffsrent Ameri- 
can and 36 Canada and Newfoundland. Ac 
cumulatfd many yeara. clearance sacrifice, 
$15. "S," 432 Gorge road. 

^NAP! Snap.' Snap!— Ne-w 4-room bunga- 
fj loiv. open nreplace, mantel with gloss, wr.i 
finished, electric light, hot and coW woter; 
cash $460. balance $26 per month; no In- 
terest; prl<-e only $2060. Brain * i^im Co.. 
737 Fort st. 

SOOKE auto leaves Sooke at 8.80 a. m. ; 
leaves Dixl Ross' at 4 p.m. datly. H. 

SHOW Cards — For your -A-lnaow display 
show cards, see Nichoils, 17 Uaynca 
block. Vic toria. 

ri"VJ Automobile Owner* — If you want car 
-«- repaired calj at .fames Bay garage tor 
prices. All worlc'done guaranteed, at lowest 
prices. James Bay Oarage, between yu<>- 
bee and Klngaloii' Sts. Sam MoOrmond, 

rpHE best business chance in the C:\\.y for 
-I sale; real estate business on ground 
floor, in beat btisiness street; will sell right 
but purchaser must also buy ear; no rea- 
sonable offer refused. Box 1689. Colonist. 

rPHE Poplars — Brown & Bell, proi>«., 808 
X. Belleville st.. board and room $7' per 

week In advance. 

rpo Jet, two housekeeping rooma; modor- 
-i- ate terma. I>2< Pandora ave. 

UNFURN.ISHBD housekeeping rooma for 
rent. Appij' 1143 Princesa ave. 

UNFURNISHED housekeeping rooms Par- 
adiee at., Snd hoiiae off Read at., terms 
moderat e. 

VXTAVERLHiT Apartments, I>ouglaa st., 
' ' near city hall, under new ; manaK«- 
ment; bath adjoining every room; $1 up, 
-IncludlnET bath; apeclal rate* by weeli. 
Phone 2786; 


AT 76 Menzlea at;, a large well-furnished 
btdrowm, suitable for married couple 
.or twri friends. 

AFBW furnished rooma in new modern 
Field Apartments; Douglaa, : near 
Wueena; phone 1386. 

AT f 21 Parry atreet, cluae to Parliament 
Bulldinga. Room $2.60. 


ri"KJ let. 2 rooms, use of bathroom; no chll- 
X drtn. marrl«>d tuupie oi tuo ladles, 19 
pi I month. Murley. Uuadra Hlxlenilon. 

ri>0' rent furnlslnd. frnm October Ist 
J- I<-rm, two silling and Ihiv bidomms. 
buth. furnace, etc., modern, iirll furnlsheo; 
$55 pir month. I'embtiton & Son. tort at. 

L.\lit;ii; oomforlable front room for two 
fc'eutlemen; every couvenlente; private 
fanill.\. 2858 Douglas St., opposite Wood- 


rpo rent, two excellently furnished bed- 
X rooms, with bath.' 2116 Chambers at.; 
Phone L8i:2. 

Bl'SI.N C IIANCEH — ( «nf d. 

rpo Let — Bedroom In large, well appointed 
-I hunse, In good loc allly, on ^:arlln/e. close 
in; breakfast oinional. Phone L3081, ur 
write Box liOS. Colonist. 

n>J riTit- -Furnished apartment. For par- 
-L tii'ulars apply 190 Meniles St. 

rpo Let — Large furnished front room, sult- 
-*■ able for two ladles; use of piano; 346 
Michigan st. 

a"\0 let, superior, ne-wiy furnished rooms 
and breakfast If dealred; modern con- 
veniences; close In. on the car line. 619 
Niagara st. 

rT\0 rent, largo double front room, suitable 
-»- for two young men; also single rjom. 
Apply Bel.!. 1139 Burdetto »ve. 

rpo let, furnlahed front room, suitable for 
-I- two ladles. $3 a week. 30 8 .Mary st. 

rpo rfnt, furnished front room, aall busi- 


ness lady. 488 Parry at. 

rpRY Sylvester rooms; cleanllne»« and 
JL comfort Combined; moderate prices, 
central. 716 Yatea stren.t. 

VERY nicely furnished rooms, cloae t«i. 
reaaonablo. Phono L-8JS7. 

7ANT|Sd-*-Two alatera or frlenda to 
roMft (F'Ort); ^brrtkfaat and 

» a^ tP fc .'<to>o niat. 

— iiaii I ' iT ^ 'i it i i " ' " ' ' 

liV. |t.00 a w«aK add 

IW I II I < " 

AM tHHgm ta tvmC SMteA «( Trada l/mt^ 
lB«;^ ji»»iy iaaorwaiiry. ^ ; 

OR i^aiU>« ' vB^iHlghoA %nMit rooava'W 
>t»» Wi<ltaa p.i»PaJfe off FiSbtipica. 

■ ■ I. il II i> m I 11 III n ti ; i j i i sTiiT i i ni n i | i ii um » 

^ — lcat,o)iMH« «* fwW pi«a^>|Ioof^ «f 



•^^H^^M^^^^^HS^^^^paP^H^^^M^^^^^^^iMWSi III IS 1 

7\im<nB ta raat. larfa i^pami:* roorii. lt%, 
\J 4vMr Roam I. iA titcifaL 

< i.lii w I I I I , , I I I > n i iii n I Mi it III I I I m ii* 

rymtniKiA to rMit. yar^ aaAtrair MtefOil ««A 

VT iai» .canMl. a4n| a>a«l|^ jnitti « M* af 

Ssfeuy^ jiil 

"tkm^ ,-^_ 

or pitoita SMOto 


___ ^g* 

VSJRY comfortably fu.- 
rq,om. 1119 ^'orth Park at. 

A DOUBLE and a Wngle nedfroom on 
Fort near St. Charles: every, conveni- 
ence; breakfast if deslrtid. , Phone 2881. 

A DOUBLE and a aingle bfcdroom on Fort 
D«ar St. Charles; every convenience; 
breakfast If desired. Phon e 388L 

ARLINGTON Rooms, 819 Fort at., ateam 
heated; hot and cold running water In 
every room; modera te rates. 

" Woat- 


EALTIFULLV turnlahed rooma 
mount, 830 quadra st. 

BEDS, 26c and 36c per night, »L60 and 
$2.00 per week. Oakland Rooma, 1226 
Lan gle y.' ■ ■ ' " .; • ' :■•: ■''■-,-'.•,;• - . ■ 

CtOMPt-ETE Stenography course ; reaaon- 
J able ratea Phone 891. . ■ 

COHFORTABLB front room, suit one or 
two gentlemen, private family, . opi-.!! 
fire place, bath, electric light. Terma rea- 
sonable. 134 Menxles. Phone L 4047. 

C^OMPOR'r ABLE rovni board, close 
-' in, modern convenience*, private fam- 
ily. Ap ply 1251 Flsguard. • 

i''\CHNISlIF:D ri.o>i\ to let, 1621 Quadra 

J^ at. 

FINE ;>.b 
. able. 


.'. u or three: reason- 

looii Yatea 

FURNISHED housekeeping room; gaa 
atove. 1029 Burdette avo. 

riUUNlSHED light bouaekeeping room; 
near car. 1219 JS'orlh Park st. 


Ir^URNISHED room, suit two gentlemen, 
' private homu. U62 Niagara *t.. 

Ei^URNlSHED rooms for rent, with an Am- 
erican family, 45 Eri c st: 

[."BURNISHED room, all modern, new man- 

agement; itaodorate purlci:*. 

nKl St. 

643 Uer- 

rriL'RNlSHKD room .to lot, three minutes 
J/ from post office. Apply In mornings at 

bi;. ael]i viiie SI. 

TO let, from beglnninff of September, fur- 
nished three-room cottage on water- 
front. Inquire 1889 Crescent road. Foul 
Bay. ' . •■ _^_^^ 

rpWO front room* to let, unfurnished.. Ap- 
X ply 820 Dunedln at., off Dou«las. 

mwo unfurnlahed room*. Parfltt block, 
X Spring Ridge car tarmlnu*. Phone 

L175S. ■ ■ ■■ . 

TO rent; throe or four room suite, or small 
half house in Victoria Weat, from Sept. 
1st; permanent. Phone 1122. 

TO^8 unfurnished rooma la new bun- 
galow, St. Patrick St., Oak Bay; light 
houaekeeping Apply "Croft," above ad- 

dress. ■ ' 

TO Rent— Real estate office In good local- 
ity. Box 1150, Col&nlst. 

rpo let — Three unfurnished rooma with 
X cook stove, cheap. 1221 Whlttakor 
street. Phone R-3264. 

rpo rent, line store on .Douglas St.. be- 
X tween View and Johnson. Apply Box 
1437, Colonist. 

rpo Let — 1 wo offlces (Upstairs) fronting t\\ 
X. Johnson st. ; apeclal rate to isteady 
trnant. Apply Watson & McGregor. «i7 
Johnson st. ' ■ ;•■ 

rj'^O Rent — 2 or 8 furnished or unfurnished 
X rooms in new house. Oak Bay, near 
golf links and hotel. Apply M. Q-, St. 
Patrick St., Oa k Bay. ■ . 

TO rent, unfurnl*hed flat or single rootns. 
suitable for couple. Box 1471. Colonist. 

TO Let— ITnfurnlshed, two very nice front 
.pooms, and one smaller. on ground 
floor; use of bath room; modem, on car 
linn, clone to park and aea. Address 619 
Niagara at. • \ 

TO Rent — Furnished office; best location 
• In Victoria; low rent and good lease. 
Box 1619, C.-Jlonlat. 

TO let, store, 

I AM a corpentcr by trade, and want a 
bit lo build a home on; can pay $150 
I uah. iKilanco $20 o month. Must be wllh- 
iii 2 I'iuvks of car line, and prln- not over 
$1.0U0; give full information. Addrnts Box 
1117 2. Colonist. ' 

i\V.\.\r I., purchase liiU acres moru or 
less on San Juan or Jordan rIverK for 
farming purpoxns Box 1626. i 'nlonlsl. 

IWA.N'T a lot on North Douglaa at.; 1 have 
from $6,000 to $10,000 to put on first 
liHyment. Send uu lot number, and best 
price at once. Box 1535, Colonist. 

^H A WNli.;.V..V Lake vaterfrom — 1 want 
^ one or two ocre», reasonably priced. 
Box 1018, Colonist. 

\1'"ANTIEU, Improvart farming lands near 
'» S'lclorln city; on suit water pre- 

ferred. Wll exchange Vancouver property 
up to $100,000 In value. Address P. O. 
Box 404, Vancouver B. I?. 

\\ '" 

;>HAT have you to offer for $500 as first 
payment. Box 1234. I'oionlsl. 

\X 'ANTED at once for ms eastern client, 
' ' a good buslnevB corner or Inside lot. 
but must be good and bottom price, direct 
from owner. Moltler-Reehllng Co., 848 .»ort 
St.; phone 3514. 


V\7E have many enquiries for chei4> acre- 
Vt age, large and amall quantities. If 
your price Is rigl'il, wu can sell yours. Full 
par'.lculars to Gordon Bros.. 1011 Douglas 

WANTED — From owners only 6 to 10 
nice building lots. Oak Boy or Fair- 
field district preferrad; not necessary en 
bloc, must be good value; also 5 or 10 
acre tract close In; aultable for aubdlvldlng. 
Give price, terms and location. Box 444, 

WILL buy direct from owner, genuine 
•nap up to 16000. Inaida «Mmabii«^ 
Victoria West, with amall t>l^mSmm& 
Box 941, Colonl*t. r^^- .^Z^M 


Real Batata, Timber, Minos and Coal Lands. 

Phone 2999. Box 660. 

1J6 Pemberton BIdg., Victoria B. C, 

Vinu..Ukfi Ofllce, Winch BIdg. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

$1*00.000 ';[pT' 

$400,000 '"' 

base ag.'eomeals 

blocks, etc. 

on office 

IJOK'f Hardy Is tbu uuly deep water town- 
slte on Hordy Bay. The government 
wharf la ai I'oM Uoidy. All passungors 
and freight for Uaidy Bay und surround- 
ing couiury mo landed at I'ort Hardy 

"l>ORT Hardy lots at the present time can 
-t be bought from $115 vach; tenu* ».;,/ 
cash und 4>i6 per quari«r without Interest, 
itu! price of theuu lots may at any time b« 

KUPERT district, went of Port Hardy— 
12,000 ocres at $8 per aero; aplendld for 
coioulxatlon. • ^ 

WANTED— A projeoHiK..,^|t. 
^ watar. i|t joak Sijr> ad«a , , . 

-« ««Mt * ctted kvdUifos W to 

1^ w fr«St''S?Sr.**wW «i 

kft. ^ 

WAKTSD .inwnediataiy. lot l» Vool Baqr 
ar (Mar 4|;!Ii|imwo aamirtanr; aouat ba 
iMMTgaiatatata ftill-paitlpalara la flrat Hfttar, 

wnijr J I M. gBismw^ <»!«» 

I i 9^ III i n. I I iiI H k lu ll 

Vrr. «»-~4Ma matm, aaaaa Maaaad. fa~ 

^C»-m* mourn, rnvm^ 
dkajr «aa«e«lty. 

. falh^liattaa. 


stato tfsnoM, !Bo«-l7 

Id bun- 

920 Pandora ave. Apply 


A FEW good breeding polrs of Homers 
for ,aale, 2231 Fernwood coad. 

ASPLENDOD 4-year-oJd driving horse, 
buggy and harneaa for «S26. Enquire 
for Fletc:her. Chaves' Crocery, corner Carey 
and Boleskin rds. 

A GOOD serviceable horse for sale, about 
1,100 Iba, or will exchange for a good 
cow. Apply Wm. Carey, .Maywood P. O., 
Victoria, B. C. " 

BUFF Orpington rooster, pure bred; im- 
mense bird, 16 months; splendid stock 
raiser; a bargain at $X; also laying hens 
$1 up; 116 Menxles. 


"Ij'OB Sale — Airedale terrier pi 

X bred, $15 each, three months 

C. Oldfleld. P, O. ftox 929, city. 

"Tj^OR Sale — Well known' brown pony; 1 
i. offer same for sale, as 1 have now got 
a car. Apply to Thomas Ellis. 101 Gorge 

Ir^OR Sale — Bay mare, city broken, not 
afraid of autos or cars; good worker, 
gulet; owner has no further use for her; 
prlco $120. Apply 134 i,'larence at. 

FOR Sale — 6 Southdown ^ii««:- and ram, 
roElstered. from McEw'en flock. On- 


T^irR.VIHHED rooms, good locality, private 
■ : \%'i Hilda at.. 

rpHE Victoria Window cleaners. 
-L L-28d7. 


\'^ ICTOKIA Businoss Institute has moved 
to 547 Michigan »t. Shorthand, type- 
wrltltiK. bookkeeping, Mr. Day and eve- 
ning classes. Phone 2266. 


M^TJ3D — Timber Ie,as6, (00 to 10.000 
acrca, Ma^lden,- 9tlr live., Calgary. 

%T''HY pay renf -vVe will advance the 
' ' mr.ney tn bnild or buy a home at 6 
per cent.; write for partlcelars. 324 I'em- 
herton hfock. 

\'\'Ol't,n the afntleman who was kind 
> » enmwrh lo Riv- n party a lift on the 
old Esqulmall road, please phone .T. S. Mar- 
Lachlan, R-aOBii. re ovrrcoai left' in his car. 


1,'^Ui^^'l.'^HliD rcoms to rent, double and 
single; uae of telephone and bath, 101 S 
i .Maso n at. "_ 

1jM;RNI.SI1ED front room; breaxfast or 
- use of kitchen it dealred. 340 Coburg; 
oil liendall, bttween dimcoe and Niagara. 

I,''«OR rtini, bedrooms, alectrlc light and 
. bnth $2 per week close in. 942 Collln- 

IrtCRNISHED bed sitting room, oaa oi 
kitchen; private house. 1210 I'ori. 

ITMJR.NISHL;!' rocun* 10 rent; reasonsible. 
. 7 25 Courtney st. 

JA.VIE.S Bay roorrui, 416 Parry st.. oft To- 
ronto and Michigan. Large front 
rooms, nli-e,;:.- furnished, new ho-jne; gents. 
business p.-ople and othera; prices right. 

LARtlE furnlahed bedroom to let. Suit- 
able for one or two gentlemen. Phone 
and every convenienoe, 1023 tj utlej «t. 

I' ARG'K front room for two, every convo- 
-V nience, with Scotch family. 146. Croft 
St., off SImcoe, 

HIGH school teacher wanted, to take 
charge of the Prince Rupert high school 
to he opened at the close of the summer 
vacation; state salary expected," and oxiieri- 
eni e. Recnmmendnllons and referencei" re- 
quired. W. D. Vanc<>. secrelary. Box 42S. 

TEACH Ell Wanted— For Mayns Island 
school; salary $60 per month. Apply 
to J. W. Bennett, secretary. 

rpH.Vt.'HKR wanti'il (cr We(<t Sooke school; 
1 salary $65 per month. Apply to ,1. S. 
Mulr, sen Mary, Sooke P. O., B. <"•. 

tT'A.NTlOD. a teacher for Mntchostn 

' * public scliofvi, .\pp:y J. Foster, Ab- 

bey Farm. Mftchosln. The Secretary. 

^''ANTED — Mnle tea. ler. Cowlchan achoo! 
$85. Apply K. GUIS, secrMnry. 



AUTO In exchange for rnal estate; 30 h.p. 
Regal, with all accessorlos. lamps, 
spare tire, top and cover; .lust been over- 
hauled and repainted; In splendid running 
order; exchange for valiio $1000. or spot 
cash. $900 This Is a snap. Edwin Frnmp- 
toii. McGregor Block, opposite Spencer's. 

AM moving to building with vault, will 
exchange ray large safe as part pay- 
ment for amall vault safe. Box 1134. Col- 
oMiit. - ' . 

FOin Si;ichaitpr<> — OakMI aer*»t« In South 
Saanlch at $725 per acre; will accept 
vacant or Improved Iralrte property. Hol- 
land * Horn, 6}t Trouaca ava. 

1AIIGE front room to let. furnished, 2 
!i beds, use of bathroom; men only: 6 
irlnutes frcfin city ball; $9 a month each. 
9 IS Green st. . Off W uadra. 

X'I'IW. furnished, double or single rooms; 
-l-N host part in thu c ity; 114 8 Osoar st. 

"Yr'''I''I'Y furnished rooms, reasonable, 313 
-IN KlnKSlon st.. James l*'\y; 

"VJIi'K big airy front rooms by American 
-iM family; they are only 6 minutes' walk 
from P. O. Ca ll up 3514. 

ONE large fr.liit room with fireplace, suit- 
able for two or three men; terms mod- 
erate. 730 Caledonia ave. 

OOMS to ie'.. $2 and $3 per week. 1116 
.North Park. .Mra. .'.tilrf>od |ii oi i i^ti--R». 


OO.M with or without board, for gentle- 
man, In modern home. Phono 1771. 

QUPERIOR furnUhird room«i. single and 
io double, every convanlence. 6 mlnv.trs 
from poatoff lo*. 

9'Z4 Colinson st. 


rpo re-nl. furnished bedroom and slttlng- 
-L room, modern house, central. f.i4 To- 
ronto St. 

SirPI^RIOR roon:a to rent, EngHsh '.ixdy's 
home. 54 4 Almroe at. , pho ne Rl"98. 

O Rent— Comfortably furnlahed bed •It- 
ting room, beakfaat If dealred. Phone 
Hil -;^ __^ ', 

TO i*»-i^Jce1j( turnlkihed rx)om fbr ohe 
or twc gentlemen; al*o three room 
fl*t unfurnlaried. with ga«. ■water and elec- 
tric light; Ave mlDutea from Sprint Rldga 
ear Una. 1461 Taunton rd. 

registered, from McEw'en 
tarlo. J. D. Reld. Metchc,g>n. 

FOR Sale — A goon, uarful horse, about 
1,100 lb*., $100. Apply 1826 Govern- 
ment at. 

TTIOR Sale — 2 cows, l Jersey and 1 Ouern- 
JC aey; good milkers. calved recently: 
price $80 each; also 1 pure bred Jersey bull, 
3 yeais old. Hirch-Jones, .Metohosin. 

I^"^OR Sale — Imported Irish Setter dog and 
bitch, also dog puppy 10 months old. 
All ftro well broken, and will be shown at 
work by appointment. Dr. Medd. Mt. Toi- 

I.j'rOR sale, young cow, fresh April next, 
$70. Mrs. D, McCrualg, corner Quadra 
and Tolmle ave. 

Ij^OR Sale — Pen of White Wyandotte hens; 
good layers; also Black Minorca*, 102i< 
(.'oUinsft'n St. 

I^^OU sale, mare, 4 years, one express 
X wagon, one buggy and two sets harness. 
■Apply 64 1 Harbinger nve. ; phone R3272. 

I^i.)\\ sale. good, general purpose team, 
guaranioed sound, with set of rtreech- 
Ing harness oiid wago.i; ran be Inspected 
In ^'Icloria by appointment. F. W. Alns- 
worlir.. .^ooke. B, C' 

1.10R sale. February and March hatched 
. Rhode Island Red pullets. W. H. Va.i 
.\rum. 2390 Cndboro Bay rfl. 


i^Oft Sale Cheap — Horse, almost new rub- 
ber tired buggy and harness; or will 
sell horse separately. Apply to J. Cherry. 
i.aniimon ».., bclo.. r..tquimalt rd. ; or 
Phone F2962. 

HORSE, nine years old. quiet good ranch 
horse; weight about eleven hundred 
pounds. Price $120; also rig and harness 
very cheap. Box 1486, Colonist. 

HO'rtSEiS for sale— Have on hand 10 head 
of heavT' horses, also one saddle horse. 
Can be Seen at our sale barn, corner 
Cook and Pembroke streets. Stephenson ft 
Derry, props. P. O. Boa 1119. Fhonea 
l'..;,-,7« an'l Y20P. 

SALE!— Pen typical light Brahmaa; ex- 
change turkey*. duck*, greae. Box 

\'i'c'', ' olo-. I«t. 

"^rOUNG Ayre*hlre cow for - aale; good 

X milker. Wllklneon. Ker avenua, Gorge 

View Park or Box IHI P . O. 


HOUSES our *peoiNlty. Bring In lUtlnga 
and aea the houae men, 620 Yatea at.; 
phone 3718. 

I HAVE t60a caah tor invcai m raa.1 ea- 
tate; o'wncr* pleaae communicate with 
Box 10««, Colonlat. 

I1(riLL buirdtract from "owner on* aora 
with good watar'rontaga on Portage In- 
let. Mata full pwrtteolera r« loeaMen. prlea 
and unaa. or do aet anaarar. Boa lOlO. 
ColoaUt / 

\ \*ANTED, lot near achooi cheap far caah. 
»» Box 1598, ColonJst. 


A UTOMATIC card printing press, almost 
■i^ new, at half price; big money In street 
work; no experience needed. Apply R. A. 
Rogers. 134 Abbot t at.. Vancouver. B. C. 

A WELL boring outfit for aale; a money 
mnking proposition; no.- hard work; any 
man can moke good money with thla out- 
fit; nearly new. Applj \\ m. <;ttrey, May- 
wood P. O.. Victoria. B. C. ' " ' • 

rpiMBJBtt. lands, crown grant, 6000 acres, 
X 200,000,00" feet crown grant. 2uo million 
foec avoragen about 80,000 feet per acre; 
Queen Charlotte Island^ timber, several fln-j 
tiropusltiona; in thv interior of British Co- 
lumbia neur lall, two billion feet. 

"VTEAR Elk Lake, about UOO acres at. ine 
XN low price of $235 per acre, large port cul- 
tivated; upleudld for subdivision. 

-J O MILES fj-om Victoria. 834 acres, about 
j~^ 15U acre* good land, few acres cleared: 
splendid gioueo shooting, for Quick salo 
onU uci e. uasy terms. 

Materfrunt In i.ultivatlon. Union 

Bay, iSaanich, wltli house, etc. 


nORT Hardy — Land *ultabla for agrlcul- 
'^Jai' Cure, easily cleared; $26 per acre; terms 
.jiiLBor aciu cuBh und $1 per aore monthly , 
;j|i^|«[ gold in amall block*. 

''I'ffl^'MOA land*, several large' bloolsa In 
Jt "fM^ia' Bl'MT country, alone tha Una of 
tha 4mMl.VnMk and Skcena River, 

,- ' 'f ^ < n i 11 

^KStSgSf. MMiM(-^W'4crea. 14 milea 
T>JM^IUI» 'j^laitoHS a'rea near 
X^li**^:'^'^^^^^-'^^^^^^^^^ amall house. 

CHOICE Alberta ranth. Calgary dlitrlct, 
160 acres, about 300 tons hay. new 
furnished hjuae, stable; a moneymaker; 
owner a teacher; will exchange. What 
offers? Teacher. 836 Broughton st. 

IAOR sale, rooming house, big snap, 8 
rooms furnished, 15 beds, low rents. 
1122 Mearn it, 

FOR Sale — A small restaurant doing 
splendid business; rent only. $15; c«.n 
aeat 50; will sell for $260 cash. Apply 41 
Ontario st. .. ,. - . 

KOOMING House . Snap — Tweaty-flvii 
rooms clearing $200 monthly; very low 
rent: centrally located; always full up; this 
is the best buy in Victoria; halt cash, easy 
terms. 217 Central building. 

OO.MING boarding houae for aale. Apply 
728 Cormorant at. 


ROOMING house, 10 rooma, good location; 
$400 cash. Mettler-Reehling Co., 848 
Fort St.. Victoria, B. C. 

ROOMING house* to aell, 8 rooms, well 
•furnished; xell cheap; S rooms, suitable 
for board and room, with lease; low rent; 
10 rooms, close in, suitable for board and 
rooms, with lease, will sell cheap for a 
quick sale. Mettler-Reehling Co., 848 Fort 
St. Phone 3614. 

QJCJKJOL teacher, owns beautiful. Alberta 
''^ ranch and $1,000; would consider ex- 
change. Box 122 1. Colonist. ■ 

\X 1ANTBD. twelve partle* to form ayndl- 
'? cale to provide funds to prove placer 
claim on shares; sample can be aeen m 
209 Pemberton block. Phone 1841. . 

VX/ANTED — A lady or gentleman, with 
VV $2,000 or $3,000. ' as partner with a 
good firm of 'generol contractors and build- 
ers; good investment. Enoulre Hox 1554, 


old established, aound 
ew««; fully equipped. 

$"> Ann BUYS old 
^^^\3\J\3 city busln 
Box 1569, Colonlat. 


FOUND — Came to "Stadacona" a fox ter- 
rier; owner will pleaae take him away. 

IjVDIIND. on corner of Stanley ave. aftd 
Fort. Kold nugget pin. Same can be 
had by oaklng at imperial bank and giving 
reward. , 

IRISH terrier, not above one year, 902 
Blanchard st. 

LOST — Will person who found black ter- 
rier pup and advertised same under Bo,m 
1192, please telephone at once 2901, or 3367. 
.Shorto. Will pay expenses. 

LOST — Liver and white English Setter 
Dog pup; reward, .1040 Empress Ave. 

LOST — Black water spaniel on Johnson, 
between Slore and Government; tip of 
tall white, also tip of nose. Return to 
512 Johnson st. Reward. 

LOST — A bright PlBld shawl between 
St. Saviour's church and Fernwood road. 
.\pply Stlglngs, 1335 Edmonton road; re- 

I OST — 6n Wednesday, 7th Inst., on Oak 
-i Bay beach. Beach drive. Bellevue. New- 
port or Oak Bay ave., silver christening 
mug with Inscription and date. Reward. 
I'hone X38S5. • _^ 

LOST — Gold watch, with Fleur de Lis en- 
graved on case, also fob. Please return 
to 1315 Government sti _________ 

LOST — A lady's gold watch, hunting Ci,s8 
face, engraved. P. K. H.. Alth S^enttle 
Exposition foil. Apply Bo.x 1670 Colonist. 

^TOLKN — English Setter pup, smooth 
^ haired, white with black spots, leather 
collar. T. F. Young ingr.-ivcd on It. $5 
reward for Information leading to recovery. 

fcJTOLEN — Or strnynd from 3008 Douglas 
^^ St.. 2 ponies. 1 black, one .sorrel. Any- 
one harboring same will be prosecuted. 

YtTOIJLD the gentleman that was kind 
VV enough to give a party a lift Inst 
night on t)io Esqulmall road please phone 
,1. S. MncI.aohlan, RSOnri. re overcoat left 
In hla car. 

agents" WAN-rKDr 

ONE reliable man th every town lo take 
-irders for best custom-made clothes In 
Can -la. HIgheat commission. Rax Tailoring 
Co.. l^lmit<-d. Toronto. Ont. 


IHAX'E $1,000 as first payment on house 
and lot not too far out. In anavvorinR 
give all partlculors. Address Box 1648, Col- 

MONEY to loan on approved security at 
current rales. yVgrecmenls of o.iln 
bought. Swinerton & Musgrovc. IJ^R Gov- 
ernment St.; phono 491. 

MONEY to loan, and agreements bought. 
Apply to E. A. Hftrrin, ft Co., 122D 
Dou glas. 

\X7ANTEDto loan. $1800 on first mortgage, 
Vt Fort George rrsi estate; good security 
and liberal Interest. Apply Box 1460, Col- 


]14> Oo'rernmaot aU Taiopbena 1161. 

1>RNDBR <l*iand. 868 acraa, mlla and a 
XT^ half water-front. Phone on property, 
Includlnc tiAOO of aa-ar log* and ooai rlghtr, 
|« par acra. 

'POWnaBSI.T ava.._«obd lot 40x120, with 
* anoalt houa a; |180»; »86 Q caah. 

SIfpSt lUth and Summit, 60x118; $2000; 
" 1ft»mrt frfejfr 'S mon th*. 

t23i (3-4 aoro); |6000: 


BUJtLETTH Park, Cralgflower rd., 50x120; 
$1750; third cash, 6, 12, 18 montha 

NORTH Saanlch— 14 miles from dty, 240 
acre*; <76 per acre; third cash, bal- 
ance 1 ' and 8 years. 

E& N. tracka«9 — Two large pieces with 
• 154' feet and 187 feet on railway. 

SPLENDID aeml-buslneas lot one block 
from Esquimau rd. and railway; $4000. 



McOragor Block, Cor. View and Broad 

House Phone X.V2123. Phono 92$. 

, — Cadillac ave., 60x110, n<;ar Carey 
rd. ; third caah . 

-Garden City (Burnslde rd.i, close 
to store and car. $160 cash. 

•(i.>?r — One lot off Cloy^rdalc on Bethune 
5<7— »J ave.; $276 cash, $75 quarterly. An- 
othti. iiricu $000; $250 cash. , 





Carrol st. ijust oft): quarte'- 
cash, balance 6, 12 and is 

cash $600 and terms. 


vjljl -J / W V -IJtnman at., high lot, on mllo 
•Ifl 1 ULf circle: third 6. 12 and 18. 

(Ijj-j 4/w'A FOR the two — Esqutmalt. close to 
'IP-L'iv/U ^.ur 'and water; third cash. 

dU-j j^.'-'/y -Chandler ave.. deep loti 44x161; 

same terms. Thla Is far below 


(Ift-J ."rfrri— Richmond avo., choice lot, 50x 
•4PX I »V" 110; cash 1675, 6, 12 and IS 

months for balance. 

(Jjj-j f'iU\ — Right on cor line, 44x150, Burn- 
tJpXUUU side; third cash and balance 2 


fl»-[ AAfi cash will handle 4 lots on Leo 
tlpiVJUU ave., between two car Jlnes: 
price $420U the ■; lots. Builders attention! 



iirAPPELLE St. — House, 6 rooms, fully 
modern, good drainage and water, $600 
cash; prlco $3160^ 

BED Ave. — Fine 7-roomed house, lovely 
position, city water, every convenience, 
$5600; $1000 cash and teinta. 

HUMBOLDT St. — Choice position. 7-room. 
modern house on 66x140 to a lane; 
$3500 cash will secure. This is only few 
minutes' walk from Biupresa hotel and Post 


218 Gaywar* BIdg. ., Phono 8074. 

HOi;SE and 2 lots on Pembroko. A real 
bargain; good 6 roomed house, splen- 
did garden and Iruil trees; revenue produc- 
ing, $5,775; $2,000 cash, balance 6, 13 and 

FULL sUed lot 6n Fernwood, beautifully 
treed, $2,626; cash $l,00O,abalanca 6, 12 
and 18. 


FINE largo lot, 60x180, on Smyth *t, Just 
off Hampshire rond, only one lot from 
the corner, with good two roomed house, 
only $1 400; third cash, bnlance easy. Bee 
ui at once about this grand opportunity. 
The lot alone Is fully worth the money. 


THESE lots are being speedily taken up; 
We would advise you to call at 1212 
Douglas St., and mnkn your selection at 
once. Every lot a sure money maker. Im- 
portant railway announcements are expect- 
ed which will send 



tooke and Otter Point Real' Batata Office 
Boo>ie. "B-C. 

-j C\*\ ACRES sea front and ha'bor front, 
X'JO on section 
ler acre. 

6. Sooke District. $200 

•>'>/t ACRES OoUUf.eom- District, 40 cords 
OOU of wood per acre. Price, per acre, 


per acre 

W AND 10 aero chicken ranche 


:12 I'embcrtun llUlg. 

rhona 1621. 


NE acre ovorloqjilng Foul Bay; price 

HA.-kNICH farms In small or larg-s blocks, 
with or without improvementa. from $80 
per acre to $600 per acre, 

t \,'A'ri':-'RFRO.NTAt;i'; in .Vi;bay Point aub- 
VV dlvlsloi., North Saanlch, the bcKl values 
in Ihn market for bfttutiful summer homes, 
good roads to each lot and splendid boat 


Real Estate Agcnta 

-J n«4 Ai.'RBR. 6H chain* sea front»«ei 
-l-«.* house, 10 ro omal pric e $8600; term*.' 

4)jr ACRES, all cleared, part cultivated; 
*-fy houae, i\ rooms: price I1S,«>00;. t«rm». 

-|.C ACRBB, ell cleared, part ctlttlvatadt 

.LD price $275 per aero. ., ■ ','. j( 

ALT Spring laland tarma a«< amkag^B'J 







Tuoaday, Augutt CO, 1912 


R«arl E«lft(* aad loauranea, 

Talcphon* IStl P. O. Box «91 

100» aovarnmant ■(., Victoria. D. C. 

ABBAUTlFin^ home «lte, 12 acres, about 
12 mllee from Victoria, with 8 acre* 
under cultivation, hcuae, chicken houio, 
barni. etc., etc.; all fenced; church, elore 
and achool In vicinity. Price l«.300; one- 
quarter caah, balance 6, 11! and 18 monthi. 


1121 Broad St.. Victoria. B. C. 

LAKE Dlntrlct — For Sale — 100 acrea of 
land, suitable for auhdlvleloi, within 
i-asy reach of tlie city, midway between 
the V. an4 S. Hallway and B. C. Electric 


514 i>ayward BldK.> Phono 2i\>i). 

MT. Stephen ave., 40x160, nicely treed, 

TRMA at., BOxlSO. fUSO. 
TT^OUt, Bay rd., B0il20. $1150. 
TTAMLEY at., 50x148, tliOO. 

\rOSS «t., 60x126, J1900. 

TTOWB at., 80x116, 12000; 





«MtfM|«> * M*B" 

Wi i n <i«ii j ^ 1 r i l <.i > ; i i >ii^jli#Mi>^iii«*<S>*l**'*^ ' "" '■i'i'> 

.MMiM ftll. W|,iljKP»#|i! 

i tm li f II 




SUal 8*t«u'' Brokers Ia«ur*nce and 

Pinancia.1 Axenti 

737 Kort Street. Victor!*. B. C. 

FOUL Bay Snap — 100 feet from ica front, 
a fine homeslte commandJnj: view of 
■ea. Facing Gonzales and Crescent, H2x 
147x168, back to lane. A lot on other aide 
of street held at jaOOO. This one can be 
hail on good terms, for a few days only, at 


Real Eatata and insurance. Cotrlchan Cod 
Cobble um 

-f f\ ACRES, 100 yaros scafront, two miles 
XU from Cobble Hill, good new, 
»tab.le, unlimited water laid on to house and 
stable. Price $6600, terms, . 

-J A ACRES close to, Cowlohan station, 1 
-L\J acre cleared, on good road, all good 
land, and good water. Price 11500. 

rnWELiVE and a half acres fine open land 
■i- easily cleared, 1 mile from station, 
^od road. Price $12F. per acre. 


TWO acr»8, 2 minutes walk from station 
and 7-roomed fully modern house 
with gas and water laid on, beautiful spring 
water, stable and garage; land all cleared 
and part In garden. Price |5B00. 


Real Estate and Financial Agent. 
Mahon Building, Government SL, Victoria, 
B. C. T»lephon« 174». . /. r V 

THREE good *lots on Shelbourne at., close 
to Edmonton road. Price |9Q0 each; 

GOOD lot clQso to Douglas St. car., only 


Real Estate und liisiiiancs 
Chancery Chambers 1218 Langley St. 

SAANICH— 150 acres first class land. 75 
acrps cleared, 30 acr:"S slashed and 
seeiled, near B. C. Klec. Ry., good for sub- 
cUViAio'i. i'ric* $450 per ricid. 

I7<.SyUIMALT — Very large double corner; 
-^ about third acre; two good houses, well 
I' nted. Price $10,600; third cash, balance 1 
:: und 3 years. 

T>ORT Renfrew — 160 acres, half mllo from 
XT wharf, no rock, black soil; timbered, 
J0,JJ3fl feel to the Rcre. Price $30 per aero. 


Duncan, B. C. 


ACRES bush land, under 2 miles 
from Cowlchan station; price $400. 

ACRES* on good road, with 3 acres old 
sla&hlng. good sou, ample water; price 


101 Central BIdg. 

Pbon* <llt. 

LOOK bhea* over carefully, they are ex- 
ceptional buys. 

ASIL •( . lot (iOxllZ, no rock, block from 
Hlilalde ave.. $1660; quarter cash. 


Cook St., nsar 
ma ; 


QEAVIEW ave., corner CooJi St., r 
^ HUslde ave., lot 6«xi:0, $2000 on tor 
good location for store. 

PRJOR St., between Bay and King's, lot 
50x104, $1S00: third cash. 

FLORE.NCE St., lot 50x120 to lane, close 
to Fort St.. $1250 on terms. 

\riI.TOX 81 . Oak Buy. near Fnul Bay rd.. 
ItX i^vel, b'rassy lot, 50x125; price on terms 

T^R.VSIDE ave., quarter m->ns lot. ao-foot 
road frontage, $750 on terms. 

COOK St., lot 50.\122, near Beacon Hill 
Parle, $8150; third cash. 

CHAD-CER •i., oak Bay. new house, 5 
rooms nnd hath, dining room burlapped 
and panelled, built-in huffel. cement base- 
ment, etc ; lot size 50x120, fenced, lawn; 
price $4000: $ii00 cash, balanop $35 a month, 
Including Interest. 

OLIVE St. Fairfield, new Broom houB«, 
well finished, open fireplace, electric 
flxtJres. etc.. lot 50x120; price $3950; small 
cash payment. 

METOHOeiN — 9V4 acri-s on main road, »H 
acres cleared, 2-room house, chicken 
and brood houses, 32-foot well. 7 acres In 
(all wheat; near P. O.. church, school, etc.; 
$4700; quarter c ash. 

P HINDER Isiand — 368 acre* w«gt »Jdo of 
IslanA: $66 an acr«; flna tMBlgi 'apal 
rlirhtt, etc. 

GA.ljIA>fO lalana.1.160 acris «« 
Harbor; prico on t*r 


,« for sale exclusively a (atfh 

iry Btore, with flr«t claw trade In 

4i«triet. wbtoh It would pay 


-t (\ A'"RES wfth small house and barn, 4 
JLty acres under plough, nioio slashed, good 
creek runs through property; price $1600, 


^ ACRES, partly logged off py sawmill, 
some good swamp land; price $750. 


617 .^ayward Building 

Office Phone 2979. Residence I"hone R-4044 

Member Rea| Estate Exchange. 

^TANNARD Ave. — .Near Brooke, for only 
O $I,6B0; this Is a reduction of $200. 

MOSS St. — Near,, Dallas, for only $1,900; 
this Is a reduction fif $100. 


Branch Office: 

North Douglas St. nnd Saanlch Rd. 

Phone H234B. 

THREE roomed house, just off CloverAale 
ave., and close to Douglas st, car; fine 
high lot; sue 50x120; hot and cold water, 
electric lights; $350 cash and balance easy. 
Prioe $1,^00. 

BURNSIDE Road—Just off Douglas St.; 
lot 50x110; this Is way under value at 
$2,800; easy terms. 

JUST beyond the city limits on North 
Douglas St.; corner 141 feet on Douglas. 
209 feet deep: good 6 room house, with all 
modern conveniences, also stable and gar- 
den; this will soon ho valuable business 
property; the Douglas street frontage alone 
Is worth the price asked for the whole pro- 
porty. Price $10,000; one quarter cash. 


Book* Real JSsUta Ofttoik 

SOCKS harbor — Furnlahed bun«al«x«r ynth 
18{t- feet waterfrontafe; tSOOO. 

1 AQ AORBS Otter district, quarter of a 
JLUij mile seafrontage; gooA cre^k; Ave 
aeree in email frulfs; $70 per acre. 

\XTB«T Sooke — 10 aoree with I-* mil* of 
W aosfrontage; $4 par acre. 

'OIVBIurnpNT acreage lote cloea to aile 
£*> cf'^flhrtfay etatton. ^ , 

#.^OfW^heilwr*of building lots from bklf 

acre up. 



.^ four yeara 

newTy^tiltt cottage 
with large living room, bedroom, kitchen, 
hath, pantry and good basement; lot 50x 
130; near to car; price only $E250; the old 
saying, "delay is dangerous," is well ap- 
prtcd here. 

(».4prn HANDT..B8 another new and well 
tlp^«-)v/ finished bungalow Just outside 
the mllo circle. 4 rooms; stands high wifh 
good vle^-; only requires seeing. 


Contractors and U«ml Estate 
19 Green Block. Broad St. J'Uous L70». 

53x120; price $700. 


(^.i^/'ifv CASH — Nice level lot. First St., alie 
WOV/U 30x106; 

price $760. 

CASH — Nice lot, Joseph St., Just oft 
car line, size 50x120; price $1300. 

CAPH — Four-room house, modern, 
one block jfC Edmonton rd. ; price 



•fiiXnn CASH — Flve-roo-m modern house. 
tipOUl/ Oak Bay. one block oft car line, 
nicely treed; price $3200. 


B want your listings. 


Successors to the Brain Boalty Co. 
1306 Government St. Phone 194. 


LOTS in this beautiful subdivision from 
$300 up; ten per cent, cash, and $10 
per month and up; no interest; this prop- 
erty lies on the new Haanlch car line, and 
has beautiful surroundings; in fact. It Is 
the most lovely piece of land ever subdivid- 
ed in or aroiind Victoria; come quick as 
they are going fast, and if you want one 
you must act at once. 


nr XHJB stnpKEUB vovnr or bbitish 


la Ui« Oooda of Cathertae Harterjr,. Da- 
ceaeed. ' 

, Take notice that Probate of the Will and 
Codicil of Catherine Hartery. late of the 
City of Victoria. In the Province of British 
Columbia, has been ordered to be Issued to 
Edward w. Hartery. the Executor, in the 
said Win named: 

And further. Take notice that all per- 
sons haviug any claims against the estate 
of the said Catherine Hartery are required 
< to send full particulars of the same duly 
verified by declaration to the undersigned 
on or before the twenty- fifth day of J^- 
gust. One thousand nine hundred and 
twelve, and all persons owing any money 
to the said Deceased are requested to pliy 
the same forthwith to the said Executor; 

After the twenty-fifth day of August, 
One thousand nine hundred and tweiv«>, the 
said Executor will proceed to distilbuie 
the Estate of the said Deceased according 
to Ui» said Will and Codicil, having re- 
gard only to the claims of which he shail 
then have received notice. 

Dated this 24th day of July, 1912. 

Solicitors for the Executor. 

513 Central Building. Victoria. B. C. 


In the Matter of the Estate of Harry DislUs 
Helmcken, late of the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, deceiucd. 

Notice ie hereby (jlven that all persons 
having claims against the late Harry Dallas 
Helmcken, who died on the 6th day of 
July, 1912, are required to furnish particu- 
lars thereof to the undersigned, duly veri- 
fied, on or before the 2nd day of beptem- 
ber, 1912. 

After the Jnd' day of September, 1912, 
thd Executrix will proceed to distribute the 
assets of the said deceased among the per- 
sons entitled Ul9Mt«L,baving regard only to 
the claims «!> <i|iM$ aha abail then have 
had notice. • v*>t- 

Dated at Vioiorli^ )3. C,.' thl« Snd dear ot 
Aucust. 191S. 

wvnv^mt » ,l«jW 9yys 

.^Jjiror SoM^tew* fm^fi* Kjnratrix. 


Notice Is hereby 'given that application 
will be made at the next sitting of the 
Board of TJoensIng Commissioners for the 
District of Saanlch to sell spirituous and 
fermented liquors at the Cadboro Bay 
Hotel, located at Cadboro Bay. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 15th day of 
August, 1912. 


' Tenders will bo reclved by the under- 
signed up to 3 p.m. Monday, August 2«th, 
for the erection of two wociden buildings, 
with concrete approaches, and other work, 
one on Woodland avenue, east of Moss St.. 
and one on Queen's Ave., between Cham- 
bers St. and Spring Road, as per plans and 
specifications, which can be seen at this 
office. The lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

Supt, Public Buildings. 
City Hall, A ug. 17, 1913. 


NOTICH id her«by given that appli- 
cation win be made at the next sittings 
of the Board of Llceaelnff Gommis- 
Bloneri!, after the expiration of 30 days 
from the date hereof, for a transfer of 
the licence to sell spirituous and fer- 
mented liquors on the premises known 
as the I'rince of Wales saloon, situate 
at the corner of Johf^on and Broad 
streets, Victoria. B. C, from Joseph 
Henry Brown to Mary Jane Brown and 
George Andrews, and for permiaslon to 
change the name to the "Tourist Bar." 

Dated at Victoria. B. C, thla »th day 
of July, 1912. 


Kxecutrlx of the estate 
of Joseph Henry Brown, deceaaad. 


Notice Is hereby given that the reserve 
existing over Lot »,!47, Group 1, Kootenay 
District, by reason of the notice ptibllahed In 
the British Columbia Oasette of the 2Tth of 
December. 1907. Is cancelled. 


13eputy Minister of Landa 
Lands Department, Victoria, B. C, 18th 
May, 1912. 

OAKCKUuiTioir or mBsmiTB 

Kottea Ie baraby civan that tha reearra 
•etablished by- notice dated *th July, Itll, 
•nd publlehed ,l|l th* British Columbia 
Oasette of the istb of July, 1911, Is 6aa- 
celled In ao far bS eame relatae to Ijot a,*ll, 
Qroup 1, ifew "Vreatnilnster DIatrlof. sltitatad 
aa Qarabter Island,, la order that the gale of 
the said L«t 1,911 be made to rraA Murrair. 


I>«»uty Minlklar of Landa 

L«ndB Departiaeai, Victoria, •. O., lltb 
Mar. 1911. 

an action has been co«i> 
In the Suprama Cwitt 
«f British Colum'bia (VIcti 
Ernest A. Scoit and JohQ-VanfM!.,^, 
on business under the firm tltlSSS W-ttSbtt. 
& PPden. dcaleis In hay. grain, feed, etc. 
Store street. \ ictoria, B C , for the sum of 
$1,202 iO, being the amount duo by you to 
the said Ernest A'. Bcott and John Peden, 
and, that unleisv an appearance is entered 
by you or on your behalf wltoln two weeks 
from date hereof. Judgment may be given In 
your absence. 

Dated at Victoria. B. C. this ISth day of 
August, A.D. 1912. 

Edllcltors for Einest A. Scott and John 


Notice Is hereby given that SippUoa- 
tion will be made at the next sitting 
of th<« Board of Lilcensln^ Commls- 
aloners after the expjratlon of 30 days 
from the data hereof for a transfer 
of the llcenaa to sell spirituous and 
fermented liquors on the premises 
known as Levy's Restaurant and Chop 
House, 1816-1318 Government street, 
Victoria, B. C, from me, the under- 
signeu Henry Emmanuei Levy, to 
Thomas L. McManus and Albert Coop- 

Dated at Victoria. B. C, this 14th 
day of June, 1912. 



Notice is hereby given that applica- 
tion will be made at the next silting of 
the Board of Licensing Commissioners 
after the expiration of thirty days 
from the date hereof for a transfer of 
the license to sell spirituous and fer- 
mented liquors on the prtmlees known 
aa the Manitoba Bar situate at 610 
Yatea Street, In the City of Victoria. 
B. C. from ue the undersigned. to 
Homer Alexander, of Victoria, B. C. 
Dated at Victoria. B. C, this 9th day 
of August, A. D. 1912. 




In the Matter of the Kstate of Edgar 
Bamuel Smith, Deceased Iniestate. 

Notice is hereby gl-en pursuant to the 
Trustees and Executors Act. that all 
creditors of the estate of the- deceased. 
Edgar Samuel Smith, are required on or 
before the thirteenth day of August, onu 
thousand nine hundred and twelve, to send 
yartlculars of their claims, duly verified, to 
the undersigned Solicitors for Edith May 
Smith, administratrix of the said estate, 
and all persons Indebted to the said estate 
are required to pay such indebtedness to 
the undersigned forthwith. . 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, th<s twelfth day 
of July, 1912. 


Law Chambers. Bastion Street 


Notice is hereby given that application 
will be made to t.ic Boar 1 of Mcmso 
Commissioners of Victoria, British Colum- 
bia at Us nett sitting for the transfer ifrom 
Charles B. Maldment to J. F. Llns and W. 
J Bradley of the license to sell spirituous 
and fermente'1 liquors, issued in respect of 
the Bodega Saloon, situate at the corher 
of Douglas -and View Streets, Virtorla. B. 
C, and for leave to transfer such Ucensa 
from the present promises to No. 1107 
Douglas BlTeat. In tho 3amo bt'lldlng, and 
to convert the said license Into a hotel li- 
cense, such license to b« hereafter known 
as tho Balmoral Hotel license. 

Dated the 1st day of August, 1912. 


By his .Attorney In fact. 

By his Attorney in fact. 
M. J. O, WHITE. 


Tenders are required for a frame School 
Building for the Saanlch School Board, to 
be built on the Corner of Carey road and 
McKenzie avenue. Tenders must be sent 
to the office of the undersigned not later 
than noon, Thursday^ August 22, 1912. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 


M. B. C. 8. A. 
Architect to the Board, Room 1. McCalluin 

BIdg., Douglas Street. 


Public notice Is hereby given that the 
Canadian Northern Paclfla Railway 
have deposited In the Land Registry 
Office, of tho City cf Victoria, the plan, 
profile and book of reference of that 
part of tholr railway b^lng construot- 
•d on Vancouver Island In Cowlchan 
I^ake District, from station 4S X 00 
to station 821 X 00.7. 

Dated Vletort*. B. C. July 13, i»li. 

The Canadian Northern Paclfle Ry. 
. By T. H. WHITE, 

Chief Bnftaaar. 


Suffolk and Shelbourn.e streets, 
40c evbic yard in the pile* ^ 

En<|aire City Engineer's Wflcc, 
City Hall. 





Victoria Transfer 


Horses For Sale 

We have horses of all classes for sale and are ready at 
all times to exhibit such to intending purchasers. It will 

pay you to see us before purchasing- 


1-f5IT*11tf>CC frfc"P dsilo ^® ^^^ "^^ ^"^ siecond-hand sets — double and single, 
"•^"■- i-1^^^ Ivrl ^dll^ fQj. S5^je ^^ reasonable rates — Farmers should see these, as 
they are suitable for light driving. 

/^*l ]6^^ l>o you know that our Glass Front Carriages are at your disposal at tHe following 
^***'^ charges — Four Persons, single hour, $».oo ; -Four Persons, an hour and a half, or 
over, at per hour, $1.50. In four hours a party of 'four can see the principal points of intisrest in 
the City of Victoria for the mf/deratc charge of^6.oa 

^/iptnvi^C If you wish, we can furnish a Victoria, at per hour, $2.00; single hour. $2.50. 
^ *^»"1 l€li3 These vehicles accommodate three persons and are most suitable for ladies 
doing afternoon calling. 

F1I 1*Y1 f til 1*£> Tl^ltf^l^C Furniture moving is an- important undertakhig. 
*******"***^ ** llVl%3 -^g jj^ye ^gjj ^ho do nothing else. Our charges 
are — By the hour, $1.50. With an extra man to help the charge-will bu increased to $2.00 per 

Baggage and Express 

In this department prompt delivery is the 
important factor. If you are catching a 
steamer or train you like to know that your luggage or packages will be at the wharf or station in 
good time to depart with you. What is more annoying than searching for your belongings a 
minute before your steamer sails or your traii^pulls out? This is off-set by our claim checks. Our 
drivers check your baggage at your residence. You present the clafim check to the baggage- 
master — show your ticket — he then gives you the railway of steamer check, and that is all. You 
then go on your way rejoicing. If we cannot attend to your order we will idU you and thus avoid 

Express and General Drayage 7JJi:;r.T^, 

Delivery Wagons. For the use of one of these -we "make a charge of — Per Hour, $x.oo. 

¥ l¥f £>!•■%/ ^^*^*^ Single or Double Traps cannot be found on the Pacific Coast. Single 

Horse and Trap — Morning, $2.50; Afternoon, $3.00. 


iTi£^M<M>^^ We are prepared to supply teams for Half a Day at $5.00, excepting Saturday, 
*■ '^d***^ Sunday and Holidajrs, when the charge will be, half a day, $7.50. For long 
distances, the office will furnish particulars. 

D^ A 1«|1 ^m^ We board your horse, look after your trap and Harness — Per month, 
*^^ T** ^* ^* ^ $25.00. Our object is to please our patrons. We are responsible to them 
as to safety or damage done .to furniture or goods. Our drivers-, we believe, are civil and careful, 
and seldom knowingly overrfiarge. If by any chance a mistake occurs, come to the office of no- 
tify us at once. In other words, g^ve us an opportunity to put right anything that displeases you. 
















-1 - - . . •» 

I iii'iiiiaitiiir " I 











f i »- ^ o »...» w «'»-»»'— "K".' 

Tu«*i<lay, MUQust 20, ytM 



Stock Mffiirkets aimdl 

Fmaincial News 

C. p. R. Makes Substantial Re- 
covery From Last Week's 
Weakness — The Demand for 
iteel Shares Is Active. 

NEW YORK, Aug. 19.— Midsummer 
dullness was llio most characteristic 
feature of torlay'-s market, and opera- 
tions in the btock SHi;dl9); were unin- 
teresting:. The loxutt'ltitimt from Ir* 
riKular to .h^avy. ^lAt^fl^^ of the 
coalers was acccrapuii«4 lljr, rumors 
that the InUut^U'Commere* ecHpnljl* 
sion -will sooh agaSn direct lUi taatgl/^ 
against th« ooal carrytov rftilroadB, but 
^Q|blnc; in confirmatlOQ of this matorl- 
iS "iDwdl ta \h& courae of tb« day. . 

' Canadian railway aharea were onca. 
more to the front. C. P. R. making a 
!r«ry aubatantlal recovery from the 
w«al9i«aa exhibited In the latter part 
«f last week with conctirrent strength 
In 800, «tie of its atUed roads. ' Am- 
•Kfcan catmara atoeks. Induatrl*! and 


Wt l l w a y d l y t a l e n a , ela o re uuHlwi b e tt e i ' 
pHptg^l^ American Tobacco repeated 
Ita emttto eotirae of recent daya. 

Best quotatlona were made In the 
1»»% houf. wJbtQ akumalva deatinga in 

a)^''<Att«JU «iii 'i!i^^<»t in tfaaCai^lc 
with a general attitCeAlnr of pirleaa «te«h 
where. The demand for Steel Aharea, 

-which seemed to be based on legislative 
developments at Washington, was met 
by offerings of other stocks and soon 
r^.suUed in a general reversal, which 
un.«(ettled the close. 

London followed its local support Of 
the New York market with some fur- 
thfT purchases here, these belns: fol- 
lowed by sales which practically left 
an even balance on the day. Unofficial 
cables from abroad indicate *an Increase 
01 the American bull account in Lon- 
don and Paris baaed on easier mone- 
tary conditions across the water. 

Bonds were irreRular, with a sharp 
decline in Wabash fours. Total sales, 
par value, $1,300,000. United States 
gcvernment unchanged on call. ; 


(Furnlsliea by F.' W. Stevenson & Co.) 
Stock— High. Ijow., Bid. 

Amal. Copper &!•% JI4li 8S% 

Amn. Ki^et Sugar ... 7H« Tl 7iH 

Ai-n. Can ll.?i . 41 . 41H 

Amn, Car. anil Fdy. . . filVi 60% ■ 60% 

Amn. Cotton Oil .... 54?i" 84^4 64>4 

Amn. Ice Securitleg .. 28*4 SHH 26 

Amn. Locomotive .... .. .. 45% 

Amn. Sm»ltln!r 'id'^ 85% $a\ 

Amn. Sugar .. 128^ 

Amn. Tel. and Tel. .. 14«U 146 146 

Amn. Tobacco pf<l, . . . :to 269^ 289 H 

Amn. Woolen .. 28 

Anaconda 43»i 42% 43H 

Atthlson 109»4 109% 109% 

do ptd .. .. 102^ 

B. and O .. .. 108 '^ 

B. T. H. 92^ 92% 92% 

C P- R . 279\i 277% 278Vi 

Central Leather ..... 20% 29% ' 29% 

Ches. and Ohio . «2% ,<;2 A2Ji 

C. and G, W. ... .. If", is»l 19' 

do pfd. ... 3f, 35>4 35Ti 

CM. and St. P. ... 107% 107 107^4 

do pfd, .. .. 141 

Colo. Fuel and Iron . . 31 14 

Con. Gns .' lie,\ 146 145% 

ni.tlller« See i^m^mWX. M% 

^'f'" •...-..... »TH '87% 27% 

do 1st pfd. ....... CS 54% 54% 

do 2nrt pfd. .. .. 4514 

CoIdfJeld Cons • S% 3% 8% 

Gt. Nor. pfd. 141% 140% 140% 

Gt Nor. Ore. r.t(n. . . '464 46% 4<% 

Tlllnoi« Cent 131H ]8l% 181 

Inter-Metro 20% 20 20 

do pfd «0 59% 59% 

ICas. City Southern .. 28 27% 27% 

T-ehlirh Vnlley 171% 170 170% 

>Tackay Cn/n gsi^ 

M. S. P. and S. S. M. 1fi<H 1R3% 158% 

do pfd. IRS 1S7% 157 

M. -K. and T. 29 28% 29 

<1'> pfd S3H 

Mo. Parlflc' .; 3SH 3« 9«% 

Nat, Bl.<irult 146 ' 

Nnt, Leart SI 

Nst Rvs. Mex, 1pt pf^l cS 

A'< 2nrt pfd .?TH 

Nev. Coni! ;2% 22 22 

N. V. fentrol II'H 117% 117 

y. T. O, and W 8S% S5^<. 35« 

Norfolk and We«t. ,.. US n7«4 117% 

Wnr Pbc 180% 129 129% 

■Honnsylvanla ........ 124% 124% 124% 

P»'oril'-'« Ga» .. 11«<% 

Prepsed Steel Car ... 87% ,17% !>m 

Pnllvvay Steel Spir .. :i7% 

T>»adlnic I7'>S 119% 170% 

Bep. Iron and Steel .. "'', ■'P ^70; 

do pfd tnu. 

Bock Inland "R^ 

do .pfd. ... S1 % 

Sou. P.irlfir 112''4 112'; 112^l 

^ou. Hallway 71% snt^, . si % 

''" pfd R2 81!>4 ' 81% 

Tonn Copni»r 4'>V 

"T-xiim Pxririr yoij 

t'nion Psrifir 17S% 17'<'. 17^% 

^' ^- Step] 74% 7S% TSH 

'l" pfd, ... 118% 11.-? 11 ?■'* 

T'rnh Conner K^ 62% 6'«i 

■'■-' Cnr ("hemlcnl 4,^ 

■U'nhiiBh 4 i^i, 

do pf.\ 1(^ 14 1/. u t,/ 

■"^••tern T'nion f fi*, »•>% 

■""'iitlnBhou'e :-', snn ),7 

-V\'l«rfin.iiln Central .. . ^(^ 

>fon'<v nn rnV 7 «< p^.- r^nt. 

Tol.^1 nalen. 818.000 (hnrefr. 


f""'^l«— Bl,]. A»ked. 

Amal. Dev .04 

Amer. -Cnn. OH .. [jg 

'an. North- We»t OH 10 

'.'an, Pao, Ol of B. C .1: 

I'mWg Ne»t Coat 72.00 

Inieriiallonal C, and C 38 .43 

McGflllvary Coal .lli% 

Nicola \'alley C. and C in 

Hoyal Colllerlos • nu 

H. C. I'aokern Com 100, nn 

C, N, P. Fluherles ...,,,., 3 ;5 

• 'an. Puget Bound I,br. Co 4 nn 

i.'ftl>ltal Furniture Co ,-, s 

S, S, Tb . ("renmery 7 "'1 

VIrt.-Phoenlit Pren-ery linfin 

Iinmlnlon Trust Co 122. On 

(1 V,-. Perm (a) 13(100 ISS 00 

Htewart Land 08 1 .«> 

Inland Invenfmcnt Co Rl 00 

H. C. Copper 6. BO 

Granby BS 00 58.00 

Coronation Gold 40 46 

Lucky ,Tlm Zinr IS 7n 

NuKjfffl Gold 38 

namt>lrr C.irlboo 66 Tf. 

Plandard t^ad 1.30 176 

<iltrl»r ("reek 01 

Portland Canal 01 "4 04 

B»d Cliff . 2S 

Klewart M. and r> OR 

Pnowntorm .SO 56 

American Mareonl 8.8/> 8.00 

fanadlan Marronl 4 50 8.00 

-^'Irtorla Steam Liundry 9 00 

Can -W. Triiat 109 00 

LONDON, Ens., Auif. 19— Money was 
easier. The bulk of the business was 
QUlet and ifirm. The banks isect^ired 
n.ost of the 11,500.000 South African 
Kokl offered In the open market. The 
slock market tstart'd the week quietly 
fcnd irregularly. Home rail!" eased off, 
but a few buying orders Improved Con- 
Kolp, arvd l":anadlan Pacific Railway im- 
proved on Berlin and local buying. 
l>lamond .shares were firm features 
whilti the foreign section wa.s not af- 
fected by the peace negotiations. 

American securities opened steady 
and were about unchanRed; Trailing 
was llRht (luring the da>', but the 'un- 
dertone was firm and prices advanced 
under the leadership of C. P. R. The 
close was steady. 


tho ml4.M«Mf6n. .ttut o}«bad ^iiiiMm»»t9r 
Mlniaavel^* broHe S^« i» t-to aHA 
cioaed ' va(y«» w«iJL. 

- Cbloaco ' clo««d l-Se-«^ T-to Wm^ 
whit* lllnneftpoUa 8«pt«mlM»»' eontmaed 
to aell under WlliUilpac October. Mln>'^ 

neapoiiB Pecember Ja i J«4e. Irtiha»»<mn 
Winnipeg Z)ecemb<fr. ' ; -* • . -^ y 

The. teature in the catrb deptMnMilt 
waa the atronv InQulrlea for *n. tr*$w 
■ttff wheat and no ^CTartng .to 4H>ltt>a 4e- 

Qata w«i>e ate«ay and fhw Mda wlitle 

f?ftx was ii^|fMM«»#|yN>d pHcee un- 
changed. './.,'^ ."^^imM 

Receipts "were heavier todaj , 200 cars 
being in sight for Inspection. 


Butter still contlnuen to ■ rise In price, 
that from Comox. Salt Spring Island and 
Northwestern creameries standing now at 55 
cents per pound. Fresh island esgs are 
cents dearer, at 60 ceujts a dozen. Apples 
are easier, running fp6m $1.80 to 12.50 per 
box, but aprloota, both for the table and 
for preserving-, now cost SO cent« per 
basket and J1.75 per crate respectively. 
Preservingr peaches are now comlnir in at 
$1.00 per crate, and also crab apples at 
$1.50 the half box. Sweet potatoes may be 
bought for 25 cents for 3 pounds, and out- 
door tomatoes at 20 cents for 3 pounds. 



Alfalfa Hay, per ton 22.00 

Timothy Hay, per ton 20.00©22.uo 

Barley, per 100 lbs f. rs 

Bran, per 100 lbs - 1.6O 

Chop p>ed, per 100 lbs...... 1,50 

Corn,' per 100 Ibs.T. 2.20 

Cracked Corn, per 100 lbs... 2,30 

Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs 1,58 

Crushed Barley, per 100 lbs.. 1.85 

Feed Cornmeal, per 100 lbs.. 2.30 

Feed -Wheat, per 100 Ib»...1.75 2. 00® 2. 25 

Oats, per 100 lbs 1 ss 

Straw, per bale ■.^ife^aiv .75 

Shorts, per 100 lb. »S^"to 

Alberta, per lb;'^^^i^^pi|j'^ ' .80 ■ 

B. C. Butter ............ 40 

Best Dairy, per lb "38 

Cowlchan Creamery, per lb.. .60 

Comox Creamery, per lb. ... S6 

New Zealand Butter ;, 

Salt Spring Is. Creamery, lb, i«S 

Northwestern Creamery, lb.. 

Cheese — '""■B'''^i 

Callforna Cheese, per lb « WW»li^'- 30 

Canadian, p«r lb ra,vffif:Slf ^ jj 

Cream, local, each... ... 14 

Fresh Island Eggs, per dos,. 39. 

Eastern Eggs, per dor. .... '.35 

' ^e«t».>J;?Sia^K.:. ., ■ ■ 

Beef, per lb •aSyPSSiBr ■;■ 33 

Broilers, lb ^,^^^J¥^•- ' ^^ 

Fowl 18 

Mutton, per lb.; .08 (3) '20 

Mutton. Australian, per 'b.. 

Veal, dressed, par lb 12;ifi).25 

, Flonr„ 

Calgary, per bag.. , j.OO 

Drifted Snow, per sack...... 1.90 

Lake of Woods, bag 2 00 

Moffat's Best. pujT bag I'jj 

Robin Hood, per sack j.oo 

Tloyal Household, bag 2 00 

Royal Standard, bag 200 

Snowflake, p^r liag 1 no 

Three Star, per sHok 190 

Wild Rose, per sack 200 


App es, per b05( l.»o 2.60 

.\prlcots, preserving, crate .. 1.75 

Apricots, per basket .50 

Bananas, per dozen .35 

Blackberries, per basket .... .16 

Black Cherries, per lb .26^.36 

Cantaloupes, each 16®. 20 

Cooking Cherries. I'er lb.... .16 

Cooking Cherries, per basket .20 

Goosojjerrles. local, per lb... .15 

-VMctorla Grapes, per lb. ... .76 

California Grapes, per lb. ... .2* 

Grape Fruit, 2 for .28 

J..emonB, per dot .40 

Loganberries, per tMUket.... .18 

Oranges, per doz .10 .40 .80 

Preserving I'earhes, per crate 1.00 

Table Peaches, per basket . . ,."!6 

Crab Apples, half box 1.80 

Bartlett Pears, Cal., p*r bask. .40 

Plums, per basket sO 

Table Cherries, per lb ,2;0>.j5 

Watermelons, per lb .04 


Artlchokog, 2 for .JS 

Beets, per lb .04 

Cabbage, new, per lb .05 

Cat rots, per lb ,04 

Caullflow<'rs, each .10 Iff. 25 

Celery, per stalk .18 

Curly Kale, per lb ; .• .04 

Garlle, per lb .Jj 

Green Onions, J bunches..... !lo 

Lettuce, per head .08 

I.or,Ti Tomatoes, lb .35 

Outdoor Tomatoes, per lb. . . .20 

Local Fthubarb. 4 lbs .28 

,\'e\v Potatoes, local. 10 lbs... .28 
New Poratoes, per sack .... l.OOitriSO 

Sweet P'ltHtoes. 3 lbs J8 

(.irfgon Onions, 10 lbs. ... .25 

I'ariots. 3 hunches ,. .10 

Parsley, hunch .08 

Kpiliig Onions. 3 bunches... .10 

.Vew String Beans, per lb. .. ,10 

New Wax Heans, per lb, . , .10 

Broad Ilcans, per lb .!» 

Kxg Plant, per lb .28 


(Furnished by F. 

■W. Rtevenson A 





B. C. Packers "A" 


do "B" 


Can Gen Electric 

... 113 

Consumers Gas . . . . 


Dom, Iron pfd 

, . . , , 


Dom. Steel Works 

43 >4 


Dom, Telegraph 



Maple I-eaf 



do pfd. 



Mex, I, snd P 



Montreal Power 



Porto Rico Rv 


R. and O N«v, Co 


. , 

Rio .Tanelro Trsn^. 



St U and C. Nav. 

Co. ... Ill 


Rao Paulo Tram 

254 H 


Toronto Rsllwav 



Wionlpeg Bv. . 



(Furnished by F. W. Stevenson t Co.) 

Wheat — Open. High I.ow, Close, 

Sept ^i%- ;<4 93 U K.-. Vi 

Dee S3i« 'J3Vi 62 H !>2% 

May i'Kt 97 1^, »t'', !!«>* 

Corn — 

Sept SC-i 70 R!|ii 6<»S 

Dec 64 61 65 U 63 Vi 

.May 53% .■^J'ti 12\ 53*i 

Oats — 

Sept 32% 32 S 31 \ 31-',* 

Dec 81% 38^ 32% 32H 

May J5 36 H 34 H 34% 

Sept 1« 10 13.17 l!t,in IS. 12 

Oct 1« IT IS, 27 IS. 16 18.17 

t*rd — 

Sept 11 no 11 02 10 (17 10 97 

Oct. 11.07 11.12 11 .07 11 .07 

Short Ribs — 

Sept 10 97 11.00 10.92 10.05 

Oct .- 10.97 10.97 10.92 10 95 


MONTRKAI-. Que.. Aug. 19. — After- 
noon trading in slocks was dull and 
there were but ellght changes In prices. 
C. P. R. was firm at 270 1-8, but Soo 
was inactive but firm. Power was 
quiet but steady at 237; Cement hold- 
ing at 30 K2 and Textile at 71. Ottawa 
Power continued ita advance, going to 
164 1-3. I.rfiurentide developed an up- 
ward tendency at 198. 

ttf^^ FN HEART or cm 

SB BB uiS EcD 

Hotel Sav«9 

"Twelve stactaa «# 
Solid ComfiMrt.". , 


end for free wi4p 

■f Seattle'^ Busi- 
ess District. 

Yates Street 

Between Vancouver and 
Quadra — This is the best 
buy on the market. For a 
few tlays only. Cash 1-5, 
balance easy.' Price 

...... . .$33,000 

Abbott & Sutherland 

William Locke, Manager 

5 and 6 Green Block 
1 2 16 P. road St. Phone 3243 


Messrs. Edwards 4 Fuller 

Have been instructed to sell by PUBLIC 
AUCTION at Oak Bay the contents Of 
a. beautiful home, comprising some 

Genuine Sheraton 

Tables, sideboards, chest of drawer-s, 
toilet and ladles' work tables, ladles' 
v.'ardrobes, etc. 

Chippendale dining table, screen and 
-gentleman's wardrobe, dinlnjr ch.alrs and 
arm chairs (Adam's style) topethor 
with some crystal and cutglass, old 
china and old silver, pictures, prints 
and ornaments. ' 

The auctioneers bejr to call the atten- 
tion of all interested in Antique Furni- 
ture to the aboye sale as they feel sure 
that never before has such a quantity 
of really 'first class furniture been of- 
fered in the city of Victoria. 

The date of sale will be announced 
In a few days. Further particulars may 
he obtained of the aurtloneTs nt fht»lr 

Phone 8149. 

1109 Port atr»«t. 


A reception will be tendered to the 
members of Convocation of the Univer- 
sity of British Columbia by the Provin- 
cial Government on \Ve<3ne8day evening, 
August 21st. in the Legislative Assem- 
■bly Hall, Parliament Rulldings, from 
8. SO o'clock to 11 o'clock. 

His Honor the Lleutenant-Oove.rnor 
and Mrs. Paterson have signtfled their 
pleasure to be present. 

The public Is invited to attend. 

Provlni!lai Secretary's Offfce, Augugfl 
19th, 1912. 


Notice I* hereby Itlven that ine reserv* 
•xlstlng on crown Isnds In he T-eace River 
Land District, notice of »iil;h Ix^a-lnif data 
April »rd. 1»11, was published in the Brlt- 
Ikh CoIumbl% Gaxelte of the <th of April, 
Itll. Is cancelled in so far as the same re- 
lataa to Townships 111, lit and lit. Peace 
RIvar Land District. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Lands Danartment, V.letorla. B. C. Ilnd 
July, ttlt. 





His H"nor the I.l'utenant-Oovernor has 

en plessed lo appoint. 


ty of New Westminster; 

le r-itj- of Victoria, and 

ALFRED EDWIN BCI.U barrlster-at- 
of the City of Vancouver, Commls- 
lorn-rs to InqulrH Into the present system of 
municipal novernment In the f'rovlnce, 
whether such system Is authorliefl by Spec- 
ial Act nf the Lealslaiurc, or by any gen- 
eral law relating to municipalities. Includ- 
ing wHhln the scope of their inquiries the 
constitution and powers of municipal coun- 
cils, the ijwollflcailons of voters, and the 
adnilnistrailon of lustlce within the muni- 
cipalities, and, generally, to Inquire Into all 
matters municipal 

The said Commissioners will hold their 
meetings on the dates and at the places 
mentioned hereunder, namely: 

Victoria, August 13 and 1», Parliament 
ulldlngs, 10 a.m. 

At the Court House at the foUowInt 

.N'anolmo, August 15. 10 a. m. 

Vancouver. August 26, 27. 28 and 29 10 
1. m. • ■ 

Netv Westmihater, AuKuat SO and 81 10 
i. m. 

Knmloops. .September 1, 10 a.m 

Vernon, .September 3, 10 a.m 

Kelowna, Saptember <, .1.80 p.m, 

Pentlctoii, Septeipber B,; 10 a.m 

Grand Forks, September 7, 3 ^.ttu 

Roialand, &epteniber 10. 10 a m 

Nelson, September 11, 10 am ' 

Cranbrook, September II, ift «.«,. 

Fernle, September 18th, T p,m7 ' 

Bevaiatoke, September 1«. ip «,». 




tk» (JMMoniE 8et«| 

goods. Including: — Ammonia, Quaker 
Oats, Pipes, Walking Sticks, House- 
hold Furniture, Wine, Writing Desk, 
Fruit, a quantity of Glassware, Rice, 
Chocolate, Sago, Books, Music, Pencils, 
Hardware, Enamelware, Golf Goods, 
Baths, Baskets, Tea, Electrical Goods, 
t Wheel Barrows, Pictures, Confectlon- 
iffiry, 'Phonogra,ph, Paint, Medicine, 
^eana. RJveta, Confetti. Rlt>botMi^j^ 
Motor Carbon. Stationer)', complete GMB 

- . • ^ '^-... .^at^ ... ^ 


TAKE NOTICE that thirty daya f^m 
the date hereof we, the undersigned 
residents In that portion of Elsqulmalt 
District bounded on the east by the city 
limits of the City of Victoria, on the 
north by Victoria Arm. on the west by 
the new Indian Reserve, and on the 
south by Esquimau Harbor, the Straits 
of Fuca and Victoria Harbor, Intend to 
make application to the Lleutenant- 
Governor-ln-Councll to have the said 
district Incorporated as a municipality 
under the provisiohs of the "Municipal 
incorporation Act." 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. the 16th day 
of July, 1912. 







Take notice that at the next sittings of 
the Board of Licence Commissioners for 
the City of Victoria, the undersigned In- 
tend to a.pply for the transfer of the re- 
tall liquor licence held by the undersigned 
in respect of the Grand Central Hotel, 
Johnson Street, Victoria. British Columbia, 
lo the Grand Centra! Hotel. Limited, a 
Company duly Incorporated under tho laws 
of the Province of British Cblumbla. 

Dated at Victoria. B. C. this 2nd day 
of Auguat, 19 IC. 


Witness: H. B. Robertson, 


Coal mining rights of tho Dominion. In 
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the 
Tukon Territory, the Northwest Territories 
3I.& *r* a. pcrtloii o* .t.iS * rovincw Ok CrtuS*. 
Columbia, may be leased for a term of 
twenty-one years at an annual rental of (1 
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres -will 
be leased to one applicant. 

Applications for a lease must be made by 
the applicant In person to the Agent or Sub 
Agent ^C the district In which the rights 
applied for are situated. 

In surveyed teiritory tho lanii must be 
described by sections, or lecal sub-dl\ isloni 
of sections, and In unsurveyed terrl.ory tha 
tract applied tor shall be staked out by the 
applicant himself. 

Each application must be accompanied 
by a fee of }6 which will be refunded if 
the rights applied for are not available, but 
not otherwise. .\ royalty shall be paid on 
the merchantable output of the mine at the 
rate of five cents per ton. 

The person operating the mine shall fur- 
nish the Agent with sworn returns account- 
ing for the full (luantlty of merchantable 
ooal mined and ptiy the royalty thereon. If 
the coal mining rlghls are nut bulng oper- 
ated, such returns should be furnished at 
least once a year. 

The lease will Include the coal mining 
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted 
to purchase whatever available surface 
rights may be considered necessary for the 
working of the mine at the rate of $10.00 
an acre. 

For full Inforrastlon application should 
be made to the Secretary of the Depart- 
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, o' to any 
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion I>ands. 
W. W. CORT. 
Deputy Minister of the Interior. 

N. B. — Unauthorised publication of this 
advertisement will not be paid for. 


Indniifrlal School for OlrU 

Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender for 
Industrial School for Girls," will be re- 
ceived by the Hon. the .Minister of Public 
Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Mondsy, ?th 
dsv of September, 1912, for the erection and 
completion of «n IndusirUl school for girls. 

Plans, specifications, contract, and forms 
of t-nder may be seen at the offices of the 
Government Agents. Vancouver and New 
Westminster, and the Department of Public 
Works. Vlctorle. 

Intending tenderers r»n. by applying to 
the undersigned, obtain a set of the draw- 
ings and specifications for the sum of 
twenty-five i"25> dollars. 

Each proposal must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of 
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, 
msde payable to the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works, for a sum equivalent to 10 
per cent of the amount of the tender, which 
shall be forfeited If the party tendering 
decline to en<er Into contract when called 
upon to do so. or It be fall to complete the 
work contracted for. The cheques or cer- 
tificates of deposit of tinaucceaaful tender- 
ers will he returned to them upon the 
execution of the contract. 

Tender* will not be cenatdered unleaa 
msd* out on the forms auppllad, signed witiv 
the actual signature of the tenderer, and 
enclosed In the envelopea furnished. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 

J. B, ORirriTH, 
Public Works Hegl^eer. 
Department of Public Works, 

Victoria, P. C. 14th AJtgait. IfH. 

fe-r .'■-''; "^^^ 

Preliminary Notice 

Messrs. Stewart Williams 
4 Co. 

Duly Instructed by John C. Newbury, 
E.sq., collector of customs, will sell by 


In the basement of the 



Thursday, Aug. 22nd 

At in..'in 

-■^harp, a quantity of 

* * ...a. V t *-t - 

;[ ii i i | t t >g t < 4^. to y l%^^ w ^ii ^|^l pt» ;-a^M^s^•<^w^■ 
win sell 1^''^ ^.liiiii'''«Mi t)i* 



(% mile from Barnaide 

Today, 2 p. m. 

Farm Stock, Poultry 


Consi.<?tlnB of 500 Chickens, all Al 
Birds, and include White Leghorns, 
Wyandottes and Plymouth Rocks; 1 
good 7-year-old Horse, 1 Mare, In foal; 
two other good Horses; about 6 tons 
of Hay, almost new two-seated Demo- 
crat, 1 Road Cart, set of Harness, 
Chaff Cutter. 2 Jubilee Incubators, 1 
dozen Brooders, Hot Water Broodpf 
Heating PLint, Cream Separator, quan- 
tity of Wood. FariTi and Garden Tools, 
S Heating: Stovfts. etc. 


ft 80KB Auctioneer «, 

r26 view Street 


Household Effects 



August 29 


p. in. Particulars later. 

Auctioneer - 6i0 Cormorant StT««t 





Every Tuesday 

Ir. City Market, Flsguard street. Pres- 
ent entries: 3tx good horses, r)\irham 
cow and Jersey heifer, both good milk- 
ers, 150 head of fowls and ducks, 
waggons, buggies, harness. 

Auotlonaar 610 Oormorast 8tre«t 




Take notice that I Intend to apply to the 
neit sitting of the Hoard of Licensing Com- 
missioners for the (;ity of Vk-torla, for the 
transfer of the Helsll Liquor License, now 
h.ld by me-, for the Klondike Saloon, slluate 
at tho corner of Blanchard and Johnson 
Streets, to F. W. Kostenbader. • 


Dated this 15th day of July. 1912. 


NnTlgable Wafers Protertloti Airt 

.Notice Is hereby given that Norman 
Hardle and Marlort Whitworth HardI* of 
Victoria, Hrltlsh ilolumbia, are applying to 
His Excellency the Qovernor-General of 
Canada In council, for approval of the 
area plans, site and description of works 
proposed lo be constructed In West Bay, 
Victoria Harbor, Victoria, B. C, and being 
the lands situate, lying and being In the 
city of Victoria aforesaid and known, num- 
bered and described as part of one acre 
block of section thirty-two (12), Esqul- 
malt district ns shown upon a plan an- 
nexed to Certincate of Title No.'2H«lf, and 
have deposited the area and site plans and 
the proposed works and description there- 
of with the Minister of Public Works at 
OllawB, and the duplicate thereof with the 
Registrar General of Titles In the L,and 
Registry office at the City of VIctrols. 
British Columbia, and that the matter of 
the said application will be proceeded with 
at the expiration of one month's notice 
from the time of the first publlcntlon of 
this notice In the Canada Oaxelte. 

Dated this »th day of July, A. D. t»12, 




We have JUBt received * larre ahlp- 
irent of sample designs of Teebeeon 
Flbroua Plaater Decorations, and you 
are Invited to call at our offices and 
inspect same. It wlU pay you to do 
K<> If you are figuring on any plastic 
drrorating for any buUdlna, l&rca or 


403-404 Central Bulltllnr, Phona 11(6. 
r« 'O^ VrtLVtx 9««. 

Western Dominion Land and 
Investment Co., Ltd. 

With which is Incorporated BEV.A.N, GORE & ELIOT, Ltd. 


Wanted to Buy 

Corner Fort and Broad Streets Phone 2470 and 2471 




Stock Exchange 

4 ' ~ < I Ml | I ^ I K illiili K >) > n (i l|l | i III 


5(06lc«ill9iid% pMb, CottM^ i^cwl 


flin ili Si 

I "".""T ' f 

Private Wiin fn ChJyiijrfK Mew Ygjfc B<Hrtaii4iHl Ij^jjl* 




e city. 

Stit^trMik-n Lake, 6,= feet water- 
frontage, backing on good road, 
directly opposite Koenig's hotel. 
Price, only . ............ fSO(» 

teeming Bros.L- 

524 Fort Street 

Phone 748 

iifiiW. iiniiiSi^Mii 

210-211 Central Bids. 

rbona 2M». 


In tho Estnfe oj J<ihn Nicholson, I>ecea8ed. 

AU persons having claims against the 
estate of John Nicholson, who died on the 
.^2nd day of May, laia, aJe required to send 
particulars of the same duly verified to the 
undersigned on or before the 25th day of 
August, 1912, and all persons indebted to 
the said deceased are required to pay such 
Indebtedness forthwith to the undersigned. 
After the said 26th day of .Wigust, 1912. 
the Administratrix will proceed to distrib- 
ute the estate of the said deceased among 
the persons entitled thereto, having regard 
only to the claims of which she shall then 
have notice. 

Dated t>il» !>«th day ot Jaly, 1912. 
Of Bank of Montreal Chambers, Bastion 

Street, Victoria, B. C, Solicitors for the 

Administratrix with the will annexed. 

duly appointed by ordor dated tho 4th 

day of June, 1912. 




Notice is hereby given that a special 
meetins: of the shareholders of the 
Wellington Colliery Railway Company 
will be held at the Head Office of the 
Company, No. 315 Pemberton Building, 
Victoria, B. C, on Friday, August 30, 
1912, al 10 o'clock a. m., to elect Direc- 
tors and • pass bylaws for the govorn- 
ment of the Company; to authorize the 
Directors to Issue stich debentures as 
may be approved by the Minister of 
Hallways, and to dispose of same as the 
Minister of Railways may .xuthorlz?; 
and to consider the dosirahlHty of ac- 
quiring other lines of railway. Also to 
receive the report of the Provlalonal Di- 
rectors and to con.ilder the contract? 
and the expenditures made on behalf of 
the Company by the Prnvislonsl Direc- 
tors, and to consider such flnanclal ar- 
rangements as may be nece.'s.sary. also 
to consider any other act. matter or 
thing affecting the Company. 

■riBMC ENQiriRlES ACT.- 

Notice Is hereby given that th" Commis- 
sioners appointed to enquire generally Into 
Ihf question of the sale of milk, and the 
tnnnageiTient of dairies, cowsheds, and milk 
shops, In thi Province, will hold their meet- 
ings on Vancouver Island at the places and 
on the dales mentioned hereunder, ntmely: 

At the City Hall, \'lctorla, on Tuesday, 
20th August, at 8 p.m. 

At Duncan, on Friday, 5Srd August, at 1 
p. m. 

At the Court Hounse, Nanalmo, on Tues- 
dav, 27th August, at 8 p.m. 

At Comox, on Thursday, 2»th August, at 

^' A. cAMPniSM. REnmre, 

Deputy Provlnrlil iFteeretery. 
Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria, 
ISth August, 1»12. 


Take riotlce that the partnership formarlr 
existing between John u. Cook and W. H. 
Derrldga. carrying on business as Therran- 
tlle and collection arenta at »01 Times 
Building, victoria, B, C.. under the name of 
"International Mercantile At Collectien 
Aganey," waa. on the ttn. day of August, 
Itit. dlaaolrad. 

Tha buBlnaas of tha aald i»artner*htp 
be carried on under tha. aatna nama by W. 
M. Berrldc^ to whom all menayt due 
should b« mM. 

r>at»d at Victoria. B. C. thia »th d*jr of 
Aucuat. A. D.. 1*IS. 



"k /, 


New, modern 8 roomed house, fur- 
nace, cement basement, good 

grounds. Price |li1,3S0 

$1,000 cash, balance on easy tersis. 

Oliver St. — Oak Bay, new modern, 7 
room house, basement, furnace. 
Easy terms $8,000 

60 Acres — Waterfront, West Saanlch. 

Per aero .... J315 

Easy terms. 

E. A. Harris & Co 

Phone 3631. 

1239 Douglas St. 

James Bay 
Good Buys 

100x120, a Manziea Streat Comax, 

with two eisht-rooined resi- 
dences, o<ie of these is hand- 
somely finished In native and 
Spanish cedar, ahd is heated 
with hot water. The two J)ulld- 
inps .►■epresent a value of over 
J] 2,000. Immediate possession 
of corner residence given. With 
the development arranged for 
in this district, the property is 
distinctly a chenp bvy 

at 921,000 

60x90, B.W. Corner of Supariox 
and ISenzioa Streota, well adiipl- 
ed for severe 1 stores. Prlc* on 
terms fl8,000 

60x113, South Turnsr Street, va- 
cant, near Dallas Road, a fine 
buy at $3200 

laOxlSO, With Prontara on Blm- 
ooe and Brie Btreeta. The ocean 
dork extension with the cer- 
tainty of railway facilities 
makes this a fine iuveslnienl. 
Residence on properly will rent 
for $60 per month. Price and 
terms on application. 

53x130, With Handsome Modarn 
SaBldaaca on H'las'ara Btraat, 
near park. Price $7200 

79.6x113, B.II. 'Vacant Oomer 9i 
aovoriuaant and Wlagara 

StraatB. This is a finely situ«it- 
ed property for apartment 
house, and can be purchased 
for a few days at a very mod- 
erate price. Particulars on ap- 

Various other James Bay prop- 
erties, vacent and Improved, on 
the list. 

Ail of the above are good buys, 

as they are well sltwated, in 

touch with the car service and 

ten to fifteen minutea" walk from 

- the bualneas centre. 

L, H. Ellis 

Cor. Tat«B Ukd BroMi «iiyi > p ^. 
Phono »40. ■ ;^'Jl)(»(^(i, 






1 M«td«y> August 20, 191f 

Even the 


Woman \yith a Very Limited Income Can Buy a Really Fash- 
Costume or Long Coat in the New Fall Styles at the Spencer Stores 

Men's $5.00 Street Boots 
Are Marked at $2.95 



'O clean out the balance of our stock of Men's 
Street Boots that were really intended for 
summer wear is the reason for this big reduc- 
tion. You have your choice from Tan Calf Button 
and Lace Boots, Black Button and Lace Boots or 
Lace Boots in patent leather. 

All arc rcaUy high-grade boots that will please 
the niost exacting men, and as there are many men 
who prefer a light shoe no matter what season of 
the year it happens to Jiiiis offer should Wl^S^pi-^- 
ceptionall) popular. - *'^>'' " •* 

per pair, $3.95. 

i ii) }ti| ^i^ j | i | » " ■ ' * ' '^ I I ■ ' ;" '■ ' » ' 

Stylish Fall 

Reach of 

at Prices Within 

that IS most reasonable and really low 
when compared with the quality of the goods we are 

offering. Here are^a few of the items, but we pre- 
fer that you see the goods either in the windows or 
in the department, in preference to. merely . telling 
you what we think about them. 

Men'B Shlrtt »n<i Srix-arara, made of a goixl mixture of lamb's 
wool and cotton. They are to be had in all sixes and *re 
excellent (rarment* for fall wear. Thsy are warm, com- 
fortable and exceptionally well made. Per garment, 75c 

• and fl.OO 

Men'B Outlny Bhlrt«, in a variety of fancy stripes. They 
h,ve turndo-nn collars attached, soft cuffs and are to be 
1-Ril In all slzpf. A very fine value at 7.■^<^ 

OeylOM Flannel Outl&ir Shlrta for men. Made with turndown 
rever>i!I)le collars and soft cuff.?. To be had in colors Krey, 
i,lui» and tan stripes. A Spencer value at $1.25 

Work Blilrta, made of a stronK blue cambric and have a turn- 
down collar attached. All sizes are to be had and this g-ar- 
meni i.s easily worth Jl.OO. .Spencer'.'s special 85^ 

Cotton 8oz for men. These are a ilsrht weight and are to he 
had-.ia blcrk or colors. AM size.*. -Special. 3 pairs for 25<i 

SilUc arackwa&r, in fancy utrlpes. four-ln-hand and wide-end 
.styles. There la a wide range of colors to choose from. 
Full- length. Prices, 26c. Sdc and T."i< 

LARGE shipments of useful and well designed garments have been pouring into 
this department during the past week, and now we have a fine showing, including 

grades that will come within the reach of the average woman. 

We have marked 
them at a very close margin of profit, and you cannot do the garments justice if you 
judge them merely by the price. 

No, we are not afraid that you will come to the store in a too expectant humor, the 
goods are all that you can wish them to be and arc well above the average for style and 

At S17.50 the|if.jiie beautifully tailored garments made of a high grade of Venetian cloth, and are ta 


had in colors nai 
the semi-fittii^ 

Vi " ' ■ ' ' '' 

ton© , 

^ 1 JUitts iuPt 

The skirts are 


ft ("i'^fi^if ■ 


with stitched seams. 

The coat^; 




cnetian cloths 
tailored styl< 

' A4 iaftJM ^m l^y 


^15, V|^W 

.„ j*rein „.^_., 




Some are trimmed 

They are: 

with dash< 


100 Pairs of Oxfords and 
Pumps for Women 


THIS is a bargain that many women in Victoria 
will appreciate, and although the season is 
well advanced, the price is so much cut down 
that it more than compensates you for waiting. 

You have your choice from Oxfords and Pumps 
in tan calf, Oxfords and Pumps in black calf and 
glazed kid. Chocolate Oxfords, and Oxfords and 
Pumps in patent leather. 

Every pair is a value that we sell regularly at 
$3.50 a pair and are as stylish, well finished, as com- 
l fortablc and well fitting as the most expectant shop- 
per can wish them to be. 
.We invite your inspection and draw your atten- 
"'^* "'■* e window display on View street. Your 
Wednesday at $1.95. 

silks and buttons. 


The skirts ar^ 

[Acting shoppers 
"back and front. 

are looking for a desirable costume at a moderate price, ask to see these groups, and you'll be 
pleased with the style and value that they represent. 

A very wide assortment of fancy costumes are to be had if you prefer them. 

Beautiful and Serviceable Long Coats, New Styles for Fall 




Afg^mmm Our 

lanket Values 



ND as the prices start as low as $12.50 and range up to $45, there should be a garment here that will 
suit your figure and come in line with your purse. 

Heavy coating serges, light and heavy blanket cloths, heavy tweeds and Persian lamb are the 
chief materials, and we are showing such a wide range of colors that the most conservative or the most 
dressy and fashionable woman will have no difficulty in finding a coat that will please her. 

The military collar is in strong demand in the fashion centres, and a choice assortment of them are now 
on the racks in this department. Some are to be had with large collars cut in a variety of shapes, and many of 
the garments have a pleasing one-sided effect. 

PRICES ^12.50, $15.00, $17.90, $20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $32.50, $35.00, $40.00 AND $45 

T is an eai>y matter to make general claims about 
the qualities of our goods, and it is just as easy 
to substantiate the claims that we make for 
them. The goods themselves tell their story to all 
discriminating s'hoppers better than is possible 
through the medium of an advertisement. 

vniit« Wool Blankets are to lie had In fuH or three-quarter 
size. They are a well finished blanket and are a quality 
that We can safely recommend. Three-tiuarter size are to ba 
had at $3.00 a pair, and the full eize comes at only ^3.60 

WlUte Woollen Blankets. These are an extra fine quality for 
the money, have a nice, nappy finish, pink and blu« borderi, 
and have a amall quantity of cotton mixed with the wool 
to Khe the blankets a better wearing value and to prevent 
shrlnkaitP as much aH possible. Full size and a ba-gain it 
per pair V- ^S.TS 

Kea^T Wool Blankets. Here is a blanket that will last for 
years and ploase you all the time, it is true that they B-re 
a Uttle more expensive than the grwneral line of blanket, 
but the extra is more than offset by the better value 
that they reprc»sent. The prices start at, per pair, $10.00 
and ranjfe down to 9^^.00 

Ore7 Blankets. ICither light or dark grey blankets are to be 
had, and there is quite a range of different weights to 
choose from, ranging in price, per pair, from |6.75 down 
to f 2.60 

Household Necessities at August Prices 

Kitchen Furnishings at Attractive Prices 

Read this list carefully. 
There are some items 
here that you require. 

stove Polish, large tin.-^ . lOt' 
X.amp Burners, .style .\ ,<n1 

K lOc 

I.emon Jolce Sztractors 10(^ 

»ripl8ss Strainers 10<> 

Pokers 10<J 

StoTe Lifters 10<^ 

Chain Pot Cleaners 10<^ 

Japanned Plonr Dredgers 1 0^ 

Carpet Beaters lOC 

Btove Shovels 10<^ 

Skirt and Pants Hanfsrs 10<^ 

rancx Bound Trays 10<* 

Wire Toasters 10^ 

Flesh Porks, wood handles — 

each 10<J 

ngg SUcers 10<? 

Parlnj Knives 10<? 

Pot Scrapers 10<i 

Taek ■ammers 100 

Apple Oorers lOfft 

Paney Plae Stoppers . . .10^ 
7apanned Dust Pans ...lOc^ ! 

Wooden Spoons 1O0 | 

Candlestloks 10^ 

Kother Pon'a Sad Iron fCeld- ! 

•rs 10< I 

Klxlnr Spoons 10^ 

Bat Traps 10«^ 

Corkscrews and Can Opaners, 

enrh 10^ 

Folding Coat Haa^'ers . . .10^ 
Tin Keasurlng Cups. . . . lO^ 
Betlnned Plate Keldera lO^ 
Tin of Purity Metal PoUsh, 

for 10<> 

Betlnned Kllk Skimmers 10<r 
Salt and Pepper Shakers, glass 

with tin tops, . . . 1()^ 
Olass Prult Saucers, each 1 0<? 
Paaoy Oak* and Dessert 

Plates 10< 

Porcelain Kllk Jurs, 1 pt. 

Hire lO^ 

Paney Mora lO^ 

Bottle Specially Prepared Ma- 
chine Oil io< 

Sheet Steel Bread Pans, asatd. 

.«lr.-s 10<^ 

Sheet Steel Ihrlp Pans, 8x1 n, 

P«Ci\ 1 O^ 

Tin »• Plates. ». 10 nnd !1 

Inches 1O0 

Tin Jelly Qftk* Plate, square, 

each 10<* 

BctlBBsd Sauee Pana. . . . XO^ 

Chopping Xnlvea 10^^ 

S«ap Shakers 10^ 

Potato Mashers lO^ 

Scap Trays lO^ 

Wire Teapot and Battle 

Stands 10<^ 

:agg Whips 10^ 

Dover Bgg Beaters lO^ 

Bowl Strainers 10^ 

Dish Mops 10<^ 

BaU Brushes, 2 for. .....R^ 

Clothes Paga, 6 do?;, for 1O0 
Asbestos Stove Mats, each 6^ 
Brass Plated Moulding Kooks, 

1 do7,. for ."i^ 

Spring Clothes Pegs, 3-doz. box 

for 16^ 

Japanned Salt and Pepper 

Shakers, each R0 

Onp Strainers 5<^ 

Tjfi Scrubs 5^ 

Bgg Whips, wire ti(0 

Plash Porks 5<^ 

Cookie Cutters 5^ 

Taoks, all, packet .... ?S<J 
Sura Catch Mouse Traps . .S^ 

Bgg SUoer .^C 

Brass-BCeaded Taoks Ti^ 

Blettle Knobs, 2 for n<t 

Tarnish or PaiB4 Brushes, 

each H4 

Sink Serapara 60 

August Values in Bedroom Furniture 

Gravenette Overcoats 

A Very Fine Line at $15.00 

LET us introduce you to the nrw. styles for the fall sea- 
son. They are a fine sample of the skill of specialty 
tailors, every little detail being finished in a style that 
beats anything that an all around tailor can possibly turn out, 
especially at .such a moderate price. 

.'\.s to the fit and finish, they are all that a man can wish 
for, and as there arc all sizes in stock from 33 to 44, the aver- 
age man is sure to find a garment that will give him satisfac- 
tion. > 

Greys, greens and fawns are the prevailing colors for this 
season, and at this store you'll find them in a pleasing variety 
of patterns and shades. 

They are positively .shower proof and are made of the 
best of cravenctted materials. Your choice at, per garment, 

A Strong Fir Dresser in the Early 
English finish. It has three con- 
venient drawers fitted with oxidized 
handles, neat standards and beveled 
plate mirror 16 x 20 inches. The 
top is 34 inches long and 18 inches 
wide. A very fine value at.. 1^7. 00 

Surface Oak Dressers, in either the 
Early English or the golden finish, 
are to be had. They are made of 
v.ell seasoned birch and will stand all 
kinds of rough wear. The tops are 
34 X 18 incifts, have three serviceable 
drawers and have paneled ends. The . 
standards that support the glass are 
neatly shaped and the bevel edged 
plate glass measures 22 x 13 inches. 
Price fS.OO 

A Handsome Dresser in surfaced oak. 
It is made of well seasoned hardwood 
throughout, has one large drawer 
and two short drawers. The top 
measures 36 x 18 inches, and neat 
standards support a beveled glass in 
a plain frame. The glass measures 
30 X 18 inches. August sale ^14.75 

A Fine Chiffonier in fir. This piece 
has five full sized drawers, all fin- 
ished with oxidized handles and the 
top measures 31 x 17 inches. It is 
finished in the Early English style, 
has panel ends • and neatly shaped 
standards. The beveled plate mirror 
is mounted in a frame with a shaped 
top and is finished with carving. It 
is a splendid value for 910.7S 

Buy Your Hearth Furniture While 
Saving Prices Prevail 



NOW is the time for all w'ho are building a new home or re- 
modeling their rooms to buy the most arti.'tic and ser- 
viceable hearth furnisihings and new-fashioned fire 
grates at a'big saving. 

There are so many different models to be seen' in this depart- 
ment that it is an utter impossibility to describe them all and do 
justice to the goods, but one glance over ihe showing that is now 
to be seen in the View street win<low will satisfy you that we are 
well within reasonable ground when we 9.ay that the values ar^ 

We invite you to visit the department and inspect these goods 
at close. range, and we furnish you with all information that you 
may require. 



These are mfcie of split bamboo canes and are 
in three sizes, with swin^ bale hindUs, each, 
<^, 50c and S5^ 

August House Furnishing Sale News 

To Introduce You to Splendid Bargains in 
The Carpet and Drapery Dept., Wednesday 

DU you realize that the August furniture sale is rapidly advancing and that 
your chance to secure the materials that go toward making your home 
cozy at a modest price is slipping away very fast? 

Here are some of the bargains that Wednesda}- has in store for you, but if 
we haven't included just the lines that/ you want, ask for them in the department 
and we will quote you prices that you'll readily see is a saving to you. 

Nottingham Curtains, 59 x 60 inches 
wide and from 3 to 33-^ yards long. 
Thev come in white and ecru color 

Brussels Squares. Only 16 are to be 

sold at this price. They measure 
9x9 feet, are made with interwo- 
ven borders and are to be had in a 
variety of very handsome designs 
and colorings. If you want a really 
serviceable carpet that is really 
worth .$20.00, this is you chance to 
get it for only ^14. 75 

English Linoleum. About 1,000 yards 
of this well seasoned material in a 
choice assortment of patterns and 
colorings, all 2 yards wide, will go 
on sale Wednesday at, per square 
yard 35< 

Japanese Squares. Size 9 x 10 feet, 
and made with only one seam down 
the centre. They are to be had in a 
fine assortment: of stencilled pat- 
terns that reflect credit on the skill 
of the Oriental artists. Only 23 
squares to be sold. Wednesday's 
clearance price ?1.95 

and in rich designs. They are fin- 
ished with liickstitched edges which 
give them a longer life than the av- 
erage curtains- Regular values, $2.00 
and 5?2.5o ^ pair. Wednesday's 
price 91*B0 

Tapestry Curtains. .\ heavy quality 
that comes in reversible patterns. 
They are 45 and 50 inches wide and 
3 yards long. .All arc finished with a 
fringe at both top and bottom, and 
the prevailing colors are reds, greens 
and browns. Just the thing for ser- 
vice during the coming winter. 
Regular value $2.75. Wednesday's 
price fl.OS 

Yamatoria Rugs, size 27 x 54 inches 
and to be had in many smart designs 
and color combinations. They are a 
very servicealile rug and are a very 
remarkable value at, each 45^ 

Hundreds of Useful 

Lounges to Choose 


H«>re are two samples of the excellent 
values that the AiiKnst sale has to offer you 
In stylish an,d substantially hnllt Fiirnlhire. 
They are built to last fiml give you soliil 

One of them Is finlsheil In the Kaily 

. Zngllah style and Is deep tufted. The seat 

and scroll are In one continuous swe^p, and 

the lounge has a very attractive appearance. 

PHca, flff.78. 

Another excellent lounr* '■ coverM 'n a 
darK trew leatherette that ao nearly repre- 
sents the real leather that It Is difficult to 
tell the difference when the two are ap»rt. 
The aeat »nd scroll are covered In the plain 
style and the borders and facings are neatly 
Dsdded and nnlphsd with piPinv* Th« frame 
Is ftauhtd witK e«rygf out mnutdints «nd 
elsw shaped feet. ,4 b«^t»l« »t il9.ta. 

Artistic andComfort- 
able Grass Chairs 

AND f 3.90 

From the large range of alses and different 
shapes that wp are now offering, U should be 
an easy matter for you to select a style that 
will prove of great service and comfort In 
your home. 

While the price In quite modest, the qual- 
ity of the chairs Is well up to the mark that 
discriminating shoppers expect to sc*. And 
for solid comfort or artistic appeantaee Ihsy 
surpass all furniture that o&n be purohsved 
for at least three times thetr coat. 

Being light, sanitary snd not so IlsMt tor 
hold dust Ilka upholstered furniture. tbV kHt 
particularly convenient and desirable ektlM, 
Arm Chairs are marked at ttMf *ad Itodliffi 
are only fa.f«. Burely tbtgs ^r|«M ■%*% ivp 
enough to t«mpi even th« m«at t»iHHiiTi)l